water, Canon Digital Rebel

More water from the camera obscura at Ocean Beach.

I’m going away this weekend for a creative retreat with a group of women I have known for years via email. Some I have also met in person, and others I have only corresponded with. What we all have in common is that we are all creative business owners of some kind. We are writers, painters, designers, photographers, etc. and have used this circle of women for support, cheerleading and guidance.

We are kindred spirits and friends.

I am very excited to laugh, make art, eat, and dream with them.

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Hi, I’m Andrea

On this blog you’ll be learning with me how to use our voices, share our creative superpowers and live life in full color.

As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO — ‘cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. bohemiangirl

    ooooh…all of your lovely womyn together in one place will be divinely dynamic and delicious! enjoy, enjoy…(take pics!). xoxoxoD

  2. Ris

    I have been enjoying your blog for a while now and felt compelled to thank you for the wondrous images you post, and also thank you to the marvelous links you provide to other incredibly inspiring folks and sites. I always come away charmed.

  3. maureen

    wow. as i sit here at the job i hate, i am not ashamed to admit that i am INCREDIBLY envious. But you earned it. what i really need to ask is… what’s stopping me?

  4. jolene

    i’m jealous! i read a lot of these other ladies’ work and worked with penelope on a holiday project a couple years ago. she’s one cool cat. tell her hello from jo!
    enjoy, andrea!

  5. beeb

    I have almost all of those girls on my reads list. What an amazing experience it must be… post pictures!!

  6. wn

    WOW, what a great group of women, I’ve been to all of their sites on numerous occasions. Have a great time and have a drink for us. And don’t forget the pictures..:*)

  7. matirose

    wow that’s amazing! have fun! i can’t wait to hear the stories:)

  8. Anja

    So many nice people, all in one place!
    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. How amazing.

  9. jenn

    To be in a room so full of love, laughter and support. What more could one ask for. It sounds perfectly dreamy. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Pamela

    Oh I just love the multitude of colors and the way the surface of the ocean sort of looks like a frosted cake in that picture! So lovely!
    Have fun this weekend. My writers’ group has been trying to coordinate a retreat for a year–no luck with schedules. So glad that you all made it happen. I wish you much creative inspiration.

  11. Dawn

    I’m totally, utterly and blatantly JEALOUS! Have a fantastic time. Please take a moment with Jen G to have a long distance moment with me! Lots of love from me to you.

  12. brian

    love the ocean photo–especially the way is out of focus at the bottom–great depth.

  13. m

    maureen we can all organise a retreat. They are wonderful things take a train or a bus to a hostel somewhere in the county, carry a journal a change of clothes, a book of poetry when you return great clarity will come…

  14. Christine

    Such creative power all in one room! Have a safe and wonderful time…You must share after you come home…..

  15. lori

    All my favorite super sheroes in one corner of the universe at the same time? Have a great time girls!!!

  16. Jill

    Sounds wonderful! Have fun. 🙂

  17. Amanda Woodward

    I am so envious of your girls retreat!
    Have a great time.

  18. Corey

    In the words of Napoleon Dynamite:
    “Luc- keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”
    Just imagining your creative group, sharing and exploring ideas is a treat in itself…what a wonderful experience! I cannot wait to read and or see the outcome here in your blog!
    The image, of the Ocean speaks- as the tides roll in…all that is yet to come of your retreat!

  19. Carrie

    How fabulous!! Have a GREAT time.

  20. lucia

    how exciting!!! ohhhh can i join you?

  21. Krista

    Aahh, sounds wonderful.
    That picture of the water is breathtaking.

  22. Kristen

    as a wannabe creative person/writer etc..that doesn’t have many friends with the same interests, your retreat does make me, like many others it seems, a bit envious. maybe sometime this year your group can put on a workshop/retreat. i am sure many of us would pay to come if it was reasonably priced. 🙂

  23. rachael

    Oh man, does that sound like a fun time. I would be so excited! I hope you and all your beautiful friends have a wonderful time. I don’t doubt that you will. Take care. 🙂

  24. rachael

    And on that note… I think you all should change your retreat location, and swing by Alaska instead. You know you wanna. 🙂 Besides, it’s on the way I’m sure.

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