Valentine’s Day pillow fight

pillow fight, sf, Canon Rebel Xti

As promised, here is evidence of the massive pillow fight in downtown San Francisco on Valentine’s Day. I sprinted along the Embarcadero to get there right when it started (as you can see below with others) but it already looked like this when I arrived. It was very exciting and only a little bit scary. If you’ve ever been in a mosh pit, it was a lot like that- mostly playful people with pockets of angry boy rowdiness that you tried to avoid.

running to the pillow fight, sf, Canon Rebel Xti

feather storm, sf, Canon Rebel Xti

The most beautiful thing was the down that flew through the air and exploded in the sky… it looked like snow or shooting stars, and at the moment when pillows burst there would be a wild cheer that filled the air. I loved it.

Matt and I got burritos with our friends afterwards, laughed a lot and then got salted caramel ice cream at Birite Creamery in the Mission (you must try this if you are coming San Francisco) I was never the long stem roses type of girl. This was my kind of Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Mandi

    That sounds awesome! I’ve never participated in a pillow fight, but I was in the neighborhood for one in Union Square in New York. In the subway station beneath the square, feathers were falling like snow through the subway grates above and onto the tracks. It was a magical sight!

  2. Jen


  3. mary catherine

    Every bit of that sounds like so much fun. Putting the ice cream on my list for the next visit!

  4. Jenna/The Word Cellar

    It sounds magical, delicious, and well, just perfect.

  5. Meg

    Mine too. That’s exactly what we did, minus Bi Rite. Then, when we came home a collaborative art valentine was waiting in the letterbox for David, and he was so surprised and delighted.
    It was the best kind of Valentines day.

  6. liz elayne

    oh i just love this…i am imagining all those feathers swirling around you all like little pieces of joy. beautiful…
    and a perfect valentine’s day.

  7. stacy

    clearly why san francisco is the coolest city ever.

  8. stacy

    further evidence as to why san francisco is the coolest.

  9. jenn

    Sounds like so much fun! Especially the burrito and salted caramel ice cream. There’s a place in St. Paul, MN called Izzy’s that makes salted caramel ice cream and it’s such a treat! Fun!

  10. ModernMom

    Brilliant. Love all the photos on your blog. Just got an XSi Hope you don’t mind if I follow along for a while!

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