Sponsor Giveaway: Thea Coughlin Photography (in Albany, NY)


For summer, I am launching a series of sponsor giveaways! and I am delighted to kick off the series with the talented Thea Coughlin’s photography.


As I pored through Thea’s blog looking for images to dazzle you with, the only hard thing was choosing just one! I am in love with her tender, romantic style and found myself wishing Thea had been closer by when Ben was a newborn. It’s such a classic shot, but that one of the dad’s arm holding the baby in a football hold brings me to tears every time. Well done, Thea. You are rocking these mamas worlds and giving such a sacred gift to these familes.


One lucky winner will receive a Spring Fling Mini session and 11×14 mounted print! Thea is of course on the east coast, so if you are not able to visit her there, she has generously offered to make the gift transferrable. (Imagine being able to gift a friend or family member a session with her!)

Giveaway Guidelines:
– You have until 9pm PST on Friday, June 19th to enter this giveaway.
– Just make a comment ON THIS POST to enter.
– One entry per person, please. (Just push “post” ONCE and wait a few seconds. The comment should appear)

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Hi, I’m Andrea

On this blog you’ll be learning with me how to use our voices, share our creative superpowers and live life in full color.

As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO — ‘cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. Amanda

    I so wish I had found someone this talented when I was first expecting. Thanks for this; I live near Albany and will be looking her up!

  2. andrea

    Oh, I love these photos! I so very much wish I had had professional photos taken when I was pregnant and when my son was an infant, but I didn’t have the money. Now my son is six, and he is so beautiful–I’d love to have some portraits taken of him.
    p.s. love, love, love your blog. I hope you can check mine out sometime–it’s about the issues that adult adoptees face: thesoughtafter.blogspot.com

  3. Andi

    These are gorgeous. The 1st one really took my breath away!

  4. Kristen Kramer

    Beautiful photos…I live about an hour from Albany so I would be so excited to win this!!!! I will certainly let friends know about her work.

  5. rachael s

    beautiful work, i can’t stop looking through her images! i would love to win {though just a bit sad i would probably have to give the session to my sister in law!}

  6. gem


  7. Leslie

    Is that the beautiful Schmoopy? Just gorgeous pictures.

  8. Milly

    Wow! What a great give-away. Beautiful photos!

  9. Megan

    Thea has such a fabulous eye for color and posing…very natural. I would love to give this as a gift to my friend Annie, who is herself a photographer and a mom. This would make her squeal!

  10. Anna-Marie Still

    How fun! I am an East Coaster! These are beautiful!

  11. laura

    Beautiful! and right here in my own back yard! : )

  12. Shelley Noble

    What spectacular new mother photos! And how nice to see talented professionals supporting each other. Rock on.

  13. Cayden

    a long time follower of Thea’s…and since just having a baby in December-it would be such an amazing gift. love her work.

  14. Nina

    Of course I just moved away from the East Coast…but, I would love to give this to a sweet friend! BEAUTIFUL!

  15. nicole

    right near me and a perfect thing I need right now.

  16. lisa

    beautiful work.

  17. Jennifer

    So happy you’re blogging again! Love Thea’s work…just beautiful!

  18. Michelle

    Her photos are just lovely. I would love to have one of the daddy and baby in football hold! 🙂

  19. whitney

    I’m in Buffalo but would love to win this for my boyfriend’s sister and her husband. They’re expecting their first child in October.
    Beautiful work, Thea!

  20. Aik

    I love the 3rd photo in which a baby is sleeping peacefully in his daddy’s arms. It looks so nice.

  21. patricia

    yay! a photo session with thea would be the perfect reson to go back to albany!

  22. kathygrace

    thea’s photos are absolutely lovely! i would absolutely love to be able to gift a close east coast friend with a session with her.

  23. Shannon

    Omg! I didn’t realize that Thea was so close to me! I’ve loved seeing her photos here and there all over the web and would be thrilled to BITS to be able to sit for her. Omg. She is *magical*.

  24. kristin

    I am in NC, but I love those photos and would adore having them taken by a colleague of Thea’s.

  25. emily lyles

    oooh that would be so nice!

  26. pixiemama


  27. Shosh

    Beautiful : )

  28. Kelsie

    My boyfriend’s sister is due this December, and she and her hubby just moved to the east coast! What a magical gift this would be for her!

  29. Braidwood

    I can make it to the East Coast! It would give me a great excuse to visit my family there and make an awesome gift for them. I hope I win!

  30. Jena

    Sounds fun!

  31. Elizabeth Stark

    Thank you, Andrea. You teach me how to look at the world with your own photographs, and now you are expanding my vision further with these lovely images.

  32. echo

    I live on the East Coast, so this would be perfect!

  33. Karen


  34. Kate

    I grew up on the east coast, but live in Alaska now. However, I still have so many friends who live there and love the idea of SURPRISING one of them with this photography session!

  35. katie

    Whoever wins will have to pinch themselves to make sure it is real! Incredible work…amazing.

  36. beth

    She makes creation come alive…

  37. Erin

    What an amazing gift!

  38. dharmamama

    It would be an honor to have this wonderful artist capture my son and I.

  39. cheryn

    oh how i would LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!
    Thea’s work is amazing!
    As a photographer myself, of course I am never in any of our “family” photos, and have never gifted us with having someone else capture us or my lovely little girls, something I’ve been longing to do for too long now…..this would be awesome!!!
    what a generous giveaway!!!
    thanks for the chance!

  40. Tammy

    Wow, how wonderful! I LOVE Thea’s photography, one of my very favorite photographers. I’ve bought several of Thea’s prints (for those who don’t win this awesome gift, you should definitely consider buying one!!), and I just LOVE them!
    Would love to win this so that I have an excuse to meet her in person!

  41. Christine Merritt

    Thank you for your sincerity and generosity – what a lovely gift to give!

  42. JustinV

    What beautiful work! Would love to win this…would be a great excuse for a little road trip & a wonderful way to document turning 40 next month!

  43. JustinV

    What beautiful work! Would love to win this…would be a great excuse for a little road trip & a wonderful way to document turning 40 next month!

  44. Dawn

    These images say
    Life is good.
    Hold onto it.

  45. Dawn

    These images say
    Life is good.
    Hold onto it.
    Many thanks!

  46. Jean-Ann

    Amazing shots…this would be the perfect gift for my best friend who travels to Albany a lot with her 7 yr. old twins! I’m feeling lucky!

  47. Cynthia


  48. Erin

    my best friend is pregnant at age 43 after 9 years of trying. winning this for her would be a wonderful gift.

  49. jen gray

    love thea!!!

  50. Megan

    just beautiful! Something about capturing those first few days and weeks that is breathtaking. Our family would love this!

  51. jennifer

    I would have loved something like this when my babe was born. Wonderful!

  52. jennifer

    I would have loved something like this when my babe was born. Wonderful! Maybe for the next one.

  53. jennifer

    Would have loved something like this when my little babe was born – wonderful. Maybe next time.

  54. Rachel

    I live in Albany and would LOVE to be able to have my 2 1/2 year old (who normally refuses to smile for a camera) photographed!

  55. Val

    Oh boy – the very not-so-photogenic family over here wonders if she could make us look anything like her pictures!?!?!?!?

  56. shell

    Wow, what a beautiful photographer. This is the first time that I have seen her work, and I am absolutely inspired by her lovely, natural portraits- especially the maternity, wow!

  57. sara

    What beautiful work! I’m local and would LOVE to have a mini family portrait session with our new baby girl!

  58. Monica

    I’m in awe.

  59. pixie

    oooh! me! I have a baby!

  60. Jamie

    She is just lovely, isn’t she? And her photos are just as lovely.

  61. Allegra

    so beautiful! would love to have had my pregnancy photographed by Thea! hope my little guy can now be her subject… 🙂

  62. Andrea

    the first image?? AMAZINGLY tender. Really lovely! Thanks for continuing to introduce us to so many talented artists, Andrea!

  63. gina

    woo-hoo!!! i love her photos!!!! this is such a great give away.
    each image of hers is more mesmerizing than the next.

  64. Zoe

    Jesse and I love the photos you took of us when I was pregnant and (spoiler alert) we’re hoping you’re around for the twins’ first birthday so we can have another photo shoot! I would love it if I won and could have my dear east coast friend Martha’s family receive the photo session with Thea. Lovely family portraits are a treasure.

  65. Maureen

    for some things, there really are no words.

  66. Isha Gary-Chari

    I am expecting my second son and have the most beautiful 2.5 year old already here. We have no pictures of us as a family and would be honored to win this.

  67. lisa cox

    such beautiful photos on her website!! , I would love to win!

  68. Jes


  69. Jes


  70. Mina

    What amazing photos of life and love!

  71. Cori

    Gorgeous photos. I live in NYC and would love to take a mini-trip w/my husband for a photo-shoot. How cool.

  72. Jen

    Absolutely gorgeous! I live in CT and am due with my second child on 7/18. I would love a mini session with Thea, including my new little one, my gorgeous 2-year-old and my wonderful husband. We haven’t had any professional photos taken of all of us (or of our first) and this would be such a treat! Thanks!

  73. Shannon

    I live in NYC, am currently 7+ months pregnant with twins, and would love a mini photo session with Thea! Fingers crossed and thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  74. Sarah

    Oh, I’ve admired her photography for so long, I would love to meet her and have a mini photo session!

  75. Megan

    I’ve always wanted a photo session!Pick me!

  76. Heather

    Oh please please please pick me! We live in Central, NY- only about 1.5 hours from Albany. We have two kids (son just turned 3 in May and daughter will be 1 in July) and we’ve been looking to get formal portraits done soon. This would be perfect!!
    Thank you!

  77. Thea

    Oh how I wish I could express in words the swelling of gratitude in my heart for all of your lovely comments. They make me want to grab each of you in a big bear hug.
    My husband and I are going out on a date tonight. I am super excited to get home and check in on the winner!
    Any super hero reader that doesn’t win but books a session will get a divine treat. Just tell me where you heard about me:)

  78. shawn

    I must have vaulted from your blog to hers at some point and loved her pictures-images. so count me in…i’d love to get some great shots of family!!

  79. Dianne

    Oh my gosh, these photos are amazing! I was just thinking today that I need to update the photos I have of my boys.I live in Massachusetts, but we are heading out to upstate NY for vacation. I will keep my fingers crossed. Thank you!

  80. Jen

    Such talent!

  81. Christie

    Of course this post comes up as we are about to get married and whispering , loving, and conjouring our baby spirits into our lives! Have a beautiful Summer Solstice Christie from Clinton Corners NY (upstate near albany)

  82. Ali Reed

    We live about 5 hrs away, but would gladly make the trip – Thea’s photos are beautiful! I’ve been looking to get pictures taken of our family for a while – I’ll keep my fingers crossed 🙂

  83. Hillary

    Hi Andrea – been a fan of your blog for a long time, and just happened along tonight by chance, as I haven’t been online in a while since having our baby boy 5 weeks ago. What a neat giveaway. I’m about an hour and a half out of Albany and would be thrilled to get some great shots of our Charlie. Best to you and your family. Thanks for blogging!

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