19 weeks* (It’s a boy!)

Self-portrait, 19 weeks, Berkeley, CA, Canon Digital Rebel XSi

It’s a boy! ANOTHER boy!

When I think about my future life, I think of a minivan I saw parked in the neighborhood a couple years ago. It was covered in dust and dirt and someone had written this on the rear windshield in the dust: “Fart party inside!”

That’s totally going to be my life. πŸ™‚

We are still stuck on boy names… What are your favorite names out there?

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Hi, I’m Andrea

On this blog you’ll be learning with me how to use our voices, share our creative superpowers and live life in full color.

As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO β€” β€˜cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. carey

    Finn (but maybe too close to Ben). Liam. Cael (sounds like ‘kale’)
    Hmm. choices, choices.

  2. elizabeth

    A brother for Ben!
    I like Finn also, but I am not so good at thinking of names. πŸ™‚
    p.s. You look gorgeous.

  3. Imene

    Congratulations! My two oldest are boys and i love the dynamic it gives a family. And get ready for a lot of poop and fart jokes ;0)

  4. Laura

    Congratulations!! We have 4 sons who are just wonderful!!! I never imagined that I would become a Boy-mom! They are so supportive of my art and are just genuinely nice people. I don’t miss having a girl at all. Even though I had planned on a family of feminist girls! ha. Feminist men– even better.
    I never got to use the name LuKe.
    I always liked the name and then I found out it is the patron saint of artists.. which made me love it more!

  5. Tiffany

    You look fantastic!!
    congrats. πŸ™‚

  6. celisa

    i agree with Finn or Finnigan…it’s always been a favorite of mine, and maybe maybe one day i can use it. I also love Jackson…or Jack for short.

  7. Shannon

    Congratulations! You have the glow! Your story made me laugh out loud – we have twin boys and I often think of all the things that boys bring along and how amazing it will be! So full of laughs for sure! Friends of ours gave their son the middle name of Elliot which I now love. Our sons are Jack and Nate (Jackson and Nathaniel). Best wishes to you!

  8. Jacki

    Congratulations, you look amazing!
    Not so good at picking out names but I do like the suggestions of Finn, also a fan of James.

  9. Katherine

    Congrats! I love the names Ezra, Seth, Joshua, Mason, Baron…
    It is your lot in life to be surrounded by handsome men. Enjoy!

  10. Susannah

    weeeeeeee! a boy! congratulations, love πŸ™‚
    i like Elijah or Eli… good for boy or a man, you know?
    then there is my nephew, who i call Mr Wobble Head, but his parents call him Noah πŸ™‚

  11. Sarah

    We have two girls, so never got to use our boy name, which we loved. It’s become a sort of mission to find someone expecting a boy who loves the name as much as we do. Maybe that’s you. Anyway, the name is Felix Julian.
    I also love the names Oskar/Oscar (I had a favorite uncle Oskar. We considered Felix Oskar but both of us grew up watching reruns of The Odd Couple…), Milo, and Ezra.

  12. Polin

    Congrats!!! Boys rock!
    Names, lets see. I like Alexander, Eric, Christopher, Brian and Michael.

  13. Meg

    I’m pretty old school in the name department, but I like Jacob and Noah. It’s funny though, the names in the comments are pretty old fashioned too.
    Congratulations! How far you’ve come…

  14. Kate

    Congratulations! I have two young boys myself, Emerson and Charlie. I love those names, of course. Finn is a great name, that and Ben were both tops on our lists. And I love having boys. I have always been surrounded by sisters and girlfriends. Boys are a new and wonderful world.
    I first discovered your blog when I was pregnant and came across a photo of you with a pregnant belly on your blog. I read for hours that day. At the time I didn’t really read blogs, and through that chance encounter I discovered a whole world of creative women who make dreams come true. So it seems appropriate that with this belly shot post I post my first comment. I’m doing Mondo Beyondo right now, and one of my actions is to start reaching out to those who inspire me. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. Chana

    Mazal tov!! You look beautiful.
    Well, my favorite boy’s name is Ben, but you already got one πŸ™‚
    Here are a few Hebrew ones I like –
    Yehudah / Judah
    Samuel / Shmu’el
    Mayer (means roughly “brings light”)

  16. Syd

    Our son is due any day, Brennus Edain (Bren for short) but here are a few names we aren’t going to use: Ian, Boden, Ogden, Jackson, Shepard, Darby. A bit off the beaten path but I thought I’d share anyway.

  17. Abigail

    Boy names are hard! We were all set for girl names, but were stumped when we had a boy. We went to the hospital we had about 20 names on our ‘short’ list, and we were determined to name him before we walked out the door, which was actually difficult! We thought about Theo, Miles, Emmet, Will, Ezra, and a few others pretty seriously before we settled on Elijah. It’s a good one! All the ones we liked turned out to be pretty popular, though — I think I’ve heard every one of them at a baby class or the zoo or somewhere. It’s hard to be unique these days.
    p.s. — Your minivan comment reminded me of my sister’s recent blog post — http://tinyurl.com/hooligansmother . She’s funny — enjoy!

  18. Sarah

    William…Liam for short is probably my favorite lately. I never knew Liam could be a nickname for William.
    I love Max as a name, though with Where the Wild Things are on the front of people’s minds, I suspect there are a lot of Maxs out there. Max in italian is Massimo.

  19. Lisa

    Gillis, Gannon, Luca, Jasper, Finley, Quillan, Noah, Jonah.
    Good luck! Last time I was stuck for girls’ names, so I get it!

  20. Megan

    Andrea, you glow-ey gorgeousness! You look amazing! And I’m super stoked that you’re having another boy. We all need a world with more creative, sensitive, feminist boys and men in it!
    As for names, I love Kipp, Arlo, Gussie, Tate, Archer, and Will (who would, of course, be called Willie). Ezra (Ez) and Elijah (Eli) are great Hebrew names to go along with Ben, too.

  21. Steph

    I just had a baby boy last Christmas. We named him Miles. I love the name as much as I love him.

  22. CLH

    You look so lovely, Miss Andrea! You two will be raising brothers . . . and the world has always needed more silly, kind, dancing boys.
    Jack & Henry are faves. Marlowe, too.

  23. Jill

    We’re still a few years away from babes of our own, but I love the names Flynn, Asher, Reilly, Finn and Avery.
    Good luck with all of your preparations for baby #2. πŸ™‚

  24. Jenna

    You look beautiful!

  25. vivienne

    that such brilliant news!
    and the fart party cracks me up. cause its so the truth with a little crew of boys! the other day i was so excited to read “the paper bag princess” book to the 3 little dudes to take care of. they loved it too, but only because it ends with the word BUM! little dudes are so awesome.
    and you look so beautiful pregnant!

  26. Mamie

    Congrats and welcome to the land of not only two kids but boy children at that. It holds lots of penis talk and sword play and dirt and fun. And since it is all that I know I love it!!!!
    Boy names, huh? I am partial to mason and Owen but that is a given. Wyatt. That’s all I got. Congrats, Andrea. Totally awesome news. Xo amiee

  27. Nina

    You look wonderful, glowing! I’m at a loss for the name faves…I’ll bet Ben will have some great ideas!

  28. Kirstie

    Whatever his name that is going to be one lucky little boy to be born into your family!! Congratulations. You look beautiful.
    I’ve always loved Eli,Liam and Emmet. Influenced by my love of Emmet and Elijah Gowen’s photography.
    I can’t wait to hear what you name him!

  29. Betsy

    I think boy names are harder than girl names. We had picked out Henry for our boy many many years ago, but were worried it had become too popular. We tried and tried to come up with an alternative, but the only one we could come up with was Leo. In the end, we went with our hearts and named him Henry, and he’s such a Henry now I can’t imagine him as a Leo. Naming is tough.
    Henry is pretty popular, though, especially here in the Bay Area. We just met another one yesterday in the elevator at Target.
    I’m so happy for you. Yay for boys!

  30. deezee

    Congrats! Boy names…Must say I like Finn and Liam as others have stated. Also like Cole, Ryan, Aidan, Luke…I could probably go on and on…

  31. Susan

    Isn’t it obvious? Baby boy #2 should be named Jerry…Ben and Jerry, get it?!
    Other names I am partial to: Will/William, Matthew, and Sam.
    Here’s hoping weeks 19-40 are good ones!

  32. Sharon

    My son is Graham Alden; his Hebrew name is Gavriel Avraham. If our second child was a boy, he would have been Hayden Alexander. Naming is so very much fun and so very profound. Best wishes!

  33. Jess

    Congratulations!! Two little boys will be a wonderful thing! Brothers!! I like the names: Gabriel/Gabe, Luke, Cy, Sam, Liam, Ian, Wes, and Henry. Congratulations again. πŸ™‚

  34. Catherine

    Many congrats! I’m at 20 weeks and we just found out we’re having a boy also. yay! So glad to hear everyone’s name suggestions. We’ve been stuck…

  35. Marianne

    For reasons that I only partly understand, this picture of you made me cry with joy. You are beautiful and I absolutely agree with CLH, the world needs more of the kinds of boys that you will raise: playful, kind and unafraid of their own heart and dreams.
    I like the idea of one of Benjamin’s brothers: Asher, Dan, Levi, Judah, Reuben, Simeon, Joseph etc
    I’m fascinated that so many people love Liam and Finn, since Liam Finn is one of NZ’s best loved sons (Neil Finn’s son)

  36. Beth

    i love boden mentioned above……
    ben and bo……oh, i love that !
    but i also jack….it’s perfect for a baby, a teenager and an old man !

  37. jlc12118

    wishing you so many fabulous blessings!!
    caleb, ian, dominick, david, marcus

  38. Anna

    I am super partial to
    Aureliano, my uncle’s name, though he went by “Pete” go figure
    Sabino, my grandfather’s name, though he went by “Sam”
    So excited for you and your family … boys are fun! πŸ™‚

  39. Jen

    Such a lovely picture! I was always going to call any son of mine Matthew – well, my brother stole that one… and anyway I only had one girl. I love the names Ezra, Noah, Ethan, and I’ve loved the name Theo since The Cosby Show! Have fun picking πŸ™‚

  40. alison

    Lovely! Those boys are going to be so cool!
    Someone mentioned Emmett, which I like. Once upon a time (a loooong time ago) I wanted to name a future boy Prairie.
    Other current likes are: Clark, Joseph, Tobias (or Toby), Claude, Eliot, Albert.
    Really popular boy’s names right now (in case you want to avoid having the same as everyone else) are Finn (or some variation), Luke, Jacob, Aidan, Jack, Will, Owen, Sam, and Ian. Some very sweet in the bunch, I know.

  41. abs

    I had a girl this year but Ezra topped my list of boys names. I also like Gabriel, Gabe for short, Reuben, Isaac, Elijah and Dashiell, maybe i will have a boy next time round!
    So excited for you!

  42. abs

    I just looked at the list, it is SO weird we all mention so many of the same names!

  43. Sandra

    Noah. It was my first choice for my son’s name, who we ended up naming Noam, which I continue to love, love (as well as love the boy).

  44. karla

    congrats! i love the name Ellison for a boy!

  45. Vanessa

    congratulations, andrea & family!
    from one(dare i say?) boy expert to another, let me tell you: raising a band of brothers rocks! and fart parties are just the beginning!
    my three are called liam, malachy and lorcan.
    i love the names jude and miles too.

  46. linda

    i have a 9 year old ben and a 4 year old henry. there is something so wonderful about boys. but, speaking about ‘fart parties’… my husband and i joke that when you end up having 2 boys in one bedroom it always ends up smelling like a hamster cage! :). enjoy.

  47. Chalaundrai

    Congratulations to you and your family, Andrea. I love the names Noah and Elijah. I am sure whatever name your choose for your son will be a perfect fit for him just like Ben’s name is for him.
    Mazel Tov,

  48. stacy kathryn

    Yay! I don’t have any kids but I think boys rock! Congrats, and you look amazing…
    I’m a big fan of the names Eli and Cael πŸ™‚

  49. rachel

    I adore the name Tobias (Toby for short). In fact, it’s what I plan to name my future son, but I’m totally willing to share the name πŸ˜‰

  50. tonya

    yay! two boys! I love the name Grayson but unfortunately I dated someone by that name years ago and it didn’t seem right to use it as one of my boy’s names. I also love George but that is because it was my grandfather’s name and he was one special somebody.

  51. Robyn

    Mazal Tov Andrea!
    We have 2 boys in our house! Boys rock. Sean & Mackenzie! We’re expecting number 3 on Sean’s 4th birthday (Dec 28th). Hoping for a girl this time! According to the Chinese Calendar, I’m having a girl. We’ll see what my first Ultrasound at 12 weeks says next week.
    If it’s a 3rd boy… we’re also screwed for names. Though, we still have our girls name from the last 2 pregnancies… hoping to get to use it this time!

  52. Catherine

    Horray Andrea! Boy energy! Love that.
    Well – we named our son Max Harrison
    Max because we loved that name and Harrison after Harrison Ford.
    But we also love these names:
    I hope that helps!
    much love to that belly and to you!!

  53. robin

    Wow! You look amazing with your cute little belly. You’re one of THOSE pregnant women, aren’t you? πŸ™‚ Hope you’re feeling great!
    My son is Benjamin too, so there’s that! πŸ™‚ I am not sure what I’d do if we had another boy since we named him after the two grandfathers we wanted to honor. In some ways, girls names seem do easier to me.
    I like Jacob (horribly trendy) Jonah, Jack (sensing a pattern here!), Elijah, Julian, Noah…
    Good luck!

  54. Pam

    Congratulations!! We also have two boys- Jake and Owen- so they are my favorite boy names!!
    All the best ~

  55. Ariel

    A few of my favorite “offbeat” names I’ve heard recently: Canyon, Koan, Rafa, Birch.

  56. Tory

    How about Gatlin? That’s my fave if we would add another boy to our family…. Congratulations!

  57. meredith winn

    you are mama to boys!! congrats! “fart party inside” indeed! ha! that made me laugh outloud. i am momma to a boy as well (i was always the only girl in the family) so i rather enjoy the potty humor πŸ™‚ you look great!

  58. simone

    Wonderful! Even though I have a girl, I always gravitate towards the boy moms! Here are my faves: Isaac, Adam, Kellan, Dean, Hudson, Joaquin and Javier .

  59. niki

    my two first are boys too πŸ™‚
    Gideon is one of my very favorite boy names. There are several in my family tree, i found them while looking through a family history book. Always loved it but, don’t have a Gideon of my own.
    loving belly thoughts to you <3

  60. Veronica

    I love the name Jack for a boy. It seems like a very rough-and-tumble “all boy” name to me. πŸ™‚ Of course, my own boy’s name is Jason, so I like that one, too.

  61. GailNHB

    Daniel. I love Daniel.
    Have fun deciding on a name while growing him inside your beautiful, strong, life-giving body.

  62. Rebecca F.

    I didn’t read through all the other comments but here is mine…
    First, you look fantastic! Pregnancy sure does suit you.
    The background of your pic looks so inviting. It looks as though I could grab a cup of tea and sit and talk with you for hours. Are you at your house? Maybe it is the soft focus that makes it look awesome? I want to come and visit…
    And finally, if I had a boy, I would have named him James. Not Jamie. James.
    Fart parties are wonderful! Family vacations will be great because both boys will have similar interests. I have two girls and wouldn’t have it any other way! Having two of the same gender is great. Congrats to all of you!
    Rebecca F.

  63. Leia

    Andrea! I am so excited we are both having second boys and I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you. The fart party in the mini van has me laughing hard over here! That’s my future now too;) I am 26 weeks and you know already we are naming our little guy Noah! Sam is already talking to Noah in my belly (he yells into my belly-“hi Noah, you can’t share my room but I love you!”. Little does Sam know, he will share his room!
    You know I LOVE Ben’s name and Ben is Sam’s middle name so we couldn’t use Ben for our second boy. Here are my boy pics; Samuel (Sam -our 1st born), Ben was of our top two choices (hence Samuel Benjamin), Noah, Nathan (Nate), Seth, Jake, Maxwell-(tossing this one around as a middle name-love it!!), Jackson (Jack). Just on our block alone we have a bunch of 1-4 yr old boys named: Henry, Spencer, Carter, Gavin, Griffin, Alex, Logan, Anthony, Vincent. We have friends w/ 2-4 yr olds named Brandon, Will, Max, Sam, Trooper, Fin, Tyler (Ty), Jack, Aidan, Andrew, Danny, (and newborn) Jasper. Little relatives/ young nephews: Nicholas, Talon, Ryan, Cameron. So, there are a list I am familiar with but for sure my faves are Sam, Ben, Noah, Max, Nathan, Jack, Jake and Seth!
    Here’s to all the boy fun! Your men will buddies who will love you and want to protect you and make you laugh your ass off:)!
    xoxo -L

  64. jen

    fart party! hilarious!
    our boy names were ben :), river, indigo, & django.
    good to see you… you look beautiful!

  65. Sarah

    My daughter’s two boys are Miles and Graham. She has another boy on the way! Talk about fart party! She won’t tell me what she’s thinking for the third one. She likes to keep it a secret until the birth.

  66. Leia

    Oh I forgot Liam! Love the name Liam too:) We also know a little guy (3-1/2) named Quinn. Just two more to ponder:) My husband just said Atticus (sp?). No, don’t listen to him. Good luck, can’t wait to hear your pic and how Ben is responding to all this exciting news:)

  67. Patricia

    We named our son David because all of the Davids we knew were kind, open-hearted, strong, humorous and articulate men. I added my maiden name, Hamilton, as his middle name… an option to consider. Two boys will be a grand adventure and – yes – fart jokes will abound: sleeping bag = fart sack. Congratulations:)

  68. Serena

    well I have to say I love Jackson, which is my son’s name, but Cole, Gage and Ryan were on our list.
    Congrats on a healthy baby #2. You look fab and just the thought of you remembering a dirt covered van that you saw years ago is a testament to how cool you are.
    no matter girl or boy, having a second child is a curious study of nature. It’s a kick and I’m sure Ben is going be a super big bro. Can’t wait to see the photos of them together.
    Best of luck,

  69. kolleen

    “fart party inside!!”
    i LOve it!!
    and might i say….you look gor-juss as ever….stunning soul that you are!!!
    hmmmm….boys names.
    i like samuel and cord and chase and kalen
    sending you a big squeeze and one for sweet baby boy too!!

  70. lisa

    I think Ben’s brother is Nick. Nick–he’s your buddy–he’s your pal.

  71. michelle

    u look purdy!!!! Yahoo! okay, so i like a lot of names, but i always like jude. i’ve liked every jude i’ve met… i bet you have just the right name picked out. can’t wait to meet the little critter!! SO FUN! i am so glad my girls have each other – they are soooo tight and each others beacon. it’s really sweet. again, you look amazing!

  72. Dana

    We just had our second boy last month – I was totally stuck on names until the last minute… girl names were easy!
    We decided on Griffin…
    but I really liked Henry or Harrison (hubby didn’t!).
    Good luck – you look amazing!

  73. 4erKette

    Congratiolation! WE from Germany, an we have 4 sons:
    Sean, Lennart, Tyler and Liam!

  74. julia

    Congratulations!!! Wonderful news and you look beautiful! Names stump me, big time. When I was pregnant I had so much fun visiting the Social Security Administration’s website and looking up the popular name lists from different decades:
    you can also look up names by state and year. It really helped us start brainstorming.
    Like another commenter said, no matter what his name, that is going to be one lucky little guy!

  75. another outspoken female

    You’re looking great πŸ™‚
    Some faves – Lenny, Otis, Nate, Paulo, Carlos, Finley, Bodhi.

  76. susanne

    congrats, you’re looking soooo good! πŸ™‚
    some boy names i like:

  77. lex

    I’m thinking Luke. Ben and Luke, they sound like brothers.

  78. Mel

    Congratulations to you, great news.
    I am totally in love with the name “Ellis”.

  79. michele

    you look beautiful!
    boys are awesome, rough around the edges and O so sweet and special…
    i love colors and bodies of water as middle names~
    blue, gray, lake, river, stream
    for first names, some that were in my basket were.
    asher-means blessed and loved, jai, lennon, noah
    shane, julian, axl.
    i loved asher lake or lennon blue.
    we went with noah lake and julian gray
    good luck!

  80. Rachel

    Congratulations! You look amazing. I am so happy to see this- I am 20 weeks pregnant and just found out I am having a boy too (I also have a two year old daughter) and we are also VERY stuck on names! All I have right now is Luca and Liam, which I like but my partner doesn’t like very much. Hopefully I can get an idea from here too!

  81. Heather

    We chose Ian and Colin for our two guys. They sounded like honest names, and open to all kinds of interests – intellectual, sporty, traveling, artistic.

  82. marcy

    I have a Ben..and his best buddies name is Owen, also Milo, Ethan and Quinn

  83. melissa

    andrea, you are truly radiant. congratulations.

  84. lori

    first let me say you look absolutely beautiful! I have 3 boys myself and they are such a hoot!!
    As far as favorite baby names go I don’t have any at the present, but I can’t wait to hear what you decide on πŸ™‚
    blessings to you,

  85. Alison Gresik

    You are rockin’ the pregnancy photo!
    We chose Nico for our boy (a Dutch family name). There’s an Arlo at playgroup — love that.
    One of the things I love about being a fiction writer is getting to name my characters. I’m working on a boy’s name for my new YA novel right now …

  86. jenv

    After reading most of the comments these are the two that stuck with me.
    I’m thinking Luke. Ben and Luke, they sound like brothers.
    I never got to use the name LuKe.
    I always liked the name and then I found out it is the patron saint of artists..
    so i guess i like luke.
    i also have a special place in my heart for the name carter. that is my son’s name and right now he is six, front toothless and whistles when he talks.
    congratulations on your boy! it’s going to be a great fart party!

  87. Lu

    A little man!! I am so excited.

  88. amy j.

    I like Evan, Eli and Amon for boy names.
    : )

  89. Lesley

    Congratulations! I watched my girlfriends boys this weekend (11 and 7) along with my son (4.5). I think you are right. Lots of farts, noises, and craziness…BUT so much love. Little boys love their mamas like no other. You are so so blessed!

  90. Charmaine

    Haven’t been to your site in a while and am reading your good news! How wonderful. And names… I love my nephew’s middle name – Mattias.

  91. Sam

    LOVE IT. Love the Fart Party Bus. Oh, it’s already a party like that at my house! But I am so happy for you. Boys are just amazing, as you well know with Ben, and I swear I would be happy with a houseful. I just love my own boy THAT much.
    Boy names ARE hard, because you can’t pretty them up like girls names, but you don’t want them to be babyish for when they’re grown men – hard. You’ve gone pretty classic with Ben, so check out the Baby Name Wizard book/website. She has great suggestions on finding a name that works with siblings, etc.

  92. Ami

    The boy names we have either used or considered or are used or were considered by others in our family are:
    Jonah, Howard, Avery, Scott, Finn, Lucas, Alec, Matthias; Dustin, Geoff, Todd, Paul, Kenneth, Phillip, Nathan (although I prefer Nathaniel, I think Nathan is a great name) Aaron.
    Three boys I babysat when I was in high school (whose names I love): Corban, Caleb, Levi.
    Boys names from my elementary-aged kids’ classes:
    Adam, Tyler, Connor, Kyle, Graham, Dominick, Nicholas, Timur, Mauro, Jarod, Jaden, Keaton, Ethan, Evan, Tanner,
    Lots to think about.

  93. katie


  94. Jennifer McNeely

    I like Callum or Jack

  95. Britta


  96. Vela Burke

    Wiley and Lucas

  97. connie

    banyan, hollis , hiram, charlie, jack

  98. Heather B.

    Awesome! Congratulations, Andrea!

  99. feva

    Milo … btw. congratulation πŸ™‚

  100. gizella

    you look luminous! i like Wyatt

  101. Emily

    I love a lot of the names suggested above. I’m sure you’ll come up with a perfect name for your little boy.
    I have two boys. And yes, fart parties do happen, but so do long afternoons filled with quiet and intricate Lego building, pockets full of snails and rocks and shells and sometimes what appears to be trash, spontaneous shrieks and gales of laughter… My life is so full, so fun, so silly, and so freaking INTERESTING, thanks to my two boys.
    Welcome to the club. It’s seriously the best.

  102. Kelsie

    Beautiful you! Such happy news.

  103. Leah

    Our friends just named their second son Nicholas. I could really see you with a Daniel, too.
    My son’s name is Elijah, which (and whom) I love.

  104. Sandy

    Congratulations on a second boy!! One of my cousins has four boys (Isaac, Elijah, Sam, Jonah) and their house is full of action figures and boys jumping from furniture! Energy!
    Forever and ever, my favorite boy names have been Ben, Joshua, Alexander, and Jacob. Since you already have one of those, perhaps you’ll like the others too. πŸ™‚

  105. Jennifer

    Whatever the sex of the baby, all you can hope for is health. Having said that, boy names that I’ve been thinking of lately are Hank and Hal for some reason….
    Many congratulations and I hope you and the baby are feeling well and healthy!

  106. Dr. S

    You might have had fart parties even if you were having a girl! My brother and I had fart parties (and blew arm farts and knee farts and armpit farts and mouth farts) *all* the time when we were little. And I was the older one! Whenever my mom tries to tell me that gender is innate or natural, she uses the example that men like gross stuff like farts. I say, “But *I* like gross stuff like farts!” She says, “That’s because you grew up with gross men!” And I say, “That would mean it’s not innate or natural.” Anyway: fart parties? Sure thing!
    I’ve always loved names like Christopher, Isaac, William, Seth, and Cyrus. Also Samuel.

  107. kage

    I have girls, but Ben was my first choice if they had been boys, so maybe I’m a good person to respond:

  108. michelle

    I have two nieces under the age of 3 and I can tell you girls fart just as much as boys! I have never met 2 more delicate pretty “crop dusting” tooters are my two nieces.
    I like the names Trey, Callum (someone else mentioned it but I am seconding it), and Henry (another second).

  109. boho girl

    you. are. divine.

  110. Jessica

    Since you and I both have Bens…I vote for Henry

  111. schmutzie

    I’ve always liked simple names like Jack, but if you named him something like Frank Pepar, F.P., you’d always remember Fart Party.

  112. Melissa

    Congratulations to you all – so very exciting!
    Ok – names:
    One of my brothers is a Ben and the other William, and they go well together as names and as brothers.
    My nephew is Harry so I love that name as I love him.
    When I was hoping for kids, I had these circled as possibilities…
    Nathaniel (to be shortened to Nate, Nat, Nathan..)
    Gabriel (possibly to be shortened to Gabe)
    Kit (I think he could only have been dashing with this name!)
    ….anyhoo, I hope you guys enjoy the process of imagining all the lovely names that are floating your way!

  113. Audrey

    My daughter’s name is Malie, so if we have a son, his name will be Eliam, which is a play on the letters of Malie.

  114. Annie Lewis

    Congratulations Andrea!
    For boy names, I’m going to have to throw Chris into the mix. You were friend with Chris C, who introduced you to Chris H. and I was friends with Chris T. who introduced me to Chris H. and then we got to meet. Lots of Chrises :).

  115. Julie

    The anticipation of new life is so very exciting! My sister introduced me to your site and I absolutely love name discussions, so I couldn’t resist joining in on the fun :-). I have a Ben and a Nik(las), but I also really like the names Matteo, Ian, Luke, and Liam.

  116. Julie Barthel

    The anticipation of new life is so very exciting! My sister introduced me to your site and I absolutely love name discussions, so I couldn’t resist joining in on the fun :-). I have a Ben and a Nik(las), but I also really like the names Matteo, Ian, Luke, and Liam.

  117. nina

    I know a Mateo, a Grayson, a Kaden and a Dean — all superheroes each and every one! My pregnancy days are over (sigh), never thought I’d miss them…Enjoy!

  118. Puanani

    We have been relocating to Portland and I have been offline for some time. Yippee!!! Another boy! You are totally going to live in a Fart Party Van. How fun!

  119. Moltomom

    What a blessing! Boys are so incredibly cuddly and sweet on their mamas…I have two of my own…Ethan and Ronan. Best wishes!

  120. Eileen

    I like Aidan and Merlin is so fun. πŸ™‚

  121. KathyB

    Congratulations on all counts. You look lovely and wonderfully healthy. I can’t wait to send out my fart party invites tonight and wait for the RSVPs to hit.
    My son’s name is Owen, and while I truly love it and can’t imagine him by any other name, it was a compromise on my part.
    My all time favorite name is Wesley. It was the name of a character in the book (and subsequent miniseries) “Rich Man, Poor Man,” which I read as a teenager. Somewhere in me lies the high school freshman, still in love with Wesley Jordache.
    (cue the heavy sigh and dreamy, far away look.)

  122. jess K.

    My son’s name is Gideon. That’s my favorite name πŸ™‚

  123. Jessica


  124. Regina

    You look great – all those awesome boy pregnancy hormones! I miss that part.
    Fart party so true and so funny.
    My boys are Ethan Marshall and Beckett Carter. Good luck.

  125. wen

    I like the name Ben a lot so maybe I’m a good name match…
    Jacob (can go by Jack or Jake or Jackie)
    Mikel (I have a friend by this name and like the alternate spelling.)
    Other people suggested: Liam, Henry, Hal and Sid (Sidney) and I like those too!
    You’ll know the name when you hear it…Good luck!

  126. Julie

    Omar, Felix, and Issac

  127. Dreaming Bear

    My son’s name is Elliott…..and he is the sweetest. Our neighbor’s son is named Henry…so sweet too.

  128. jill

    Ohhh, I love that you’re taking suggestions! My favorite names are:
    Addison and Levi. Not sure if they’re right for you all, but thought I’d just put it out there.
    CONGRATULATIONS… so excited for your Fart Party!! (wait, that didn’t come out right)

  129. Karen

    Congratulations! You look beautiful. Two boys! I’m partial to boys … wish I could have had more. Okay, I like everyone’s suggestions here. I like:

  130. Maura

    Devin in Gaelic it means brave.

  131. Claire Herne

    Quinn. Boys keep each other company…thats a good thing.

  132. Elisa

    My son’s name is also Ben. He is 32 now and always has liked it and received good comments about his name. Hard to top that one! My grandsons are Wyatt and Oliver and we always get good feedback, people say “Oh I love that name!” I also love that names Jude, Sullivan, and Finn. Simon is pretty cute too, but here in Southern Cal there are entire classrooms of Simons!

  133. Tammy

    Yay boys! I have a one year old named
    Henry Roscoe. He’s a sweetie pie.
    I’m pregnant again and while I think having another boy would be wonderful, we would be stuck on names too. It took us forever to arrive at Henry! Good luck and congrats! πŸ™‚

  134. Katherine

    Ooooh… I also like the name Eli. Smooches…

  135. April

    My little family totally had a little fart party while I was trying to get some extra sleep this morning! Apparently the “atomic fart” machine (an iPhone app?) is HILARIOUS. I had to get up to see what was going on because even the baby was laughing like crazy. He is eight months tomorrow. His name is Henry Cole. He is named for a special uncle. I call him Hank.

  136. M

    I love the name Luke – he’s my little one year old. And any form of Finn – Finlay, Finnigan.
    Congratulations! You look wonderful! hope you’re feeling good!!

  137. Sarah

    Congratulations. What wonderful news!

  138. Michele

    I personally like Riley, or Logan. Although there seems to be a lot of Logan’s around right now.

  139. beth

    Well, I see my name has been offered a bit- it’s my grandson’s name-Ezra. I also like Eric (my son’s name), Noah and Logan.

  140. Leslie

    congratulations….two boys are twice the fun…my ‘little guys’ are 24 and 26 and ‘fart party’ describes life with boys well.
    Now, a name; I’m pretty traditional – Adam David, and Ryan Joseph……it was a miracle I conceived and so I used my two most favourite boy’s names for son #1…made for some name scrambling when son #2 popped out. DAVID is a great name :>).

  141. Leslie

    congratulations….two boys are twice the fun…my ‘little guys’ are 24 and 26 and ‘fart party’ describes life with boys well.
    Now, a name; I’m pretty traditional – Adam David, and Ryan Joseph……it was a miracle I conceived and so I used my two most favourite boy’s names for son #1…made for some name scrambling when son #2 popped out. DAVID is a great name :>).

  142. Sarah Ford

    Boy’s names I like: Gabriel (Gabe for short), Piran (Patron saint of Cornwall in the UK), Merryn (popular cornish boy’s name)

  143. Stacia

    CONGRATULATIONS AND ALL THE UNIVERSE’S BLESSINGS MY DEAR! πŸ™‚ ( I want two boys as well- I dream of a twin actually! LOL…but I’ve some time until I finish my MFA)
    I’ve always loved the names Na’im and Noah. πŸ™‚

  144. Brooke

    I have a son and I love unique names so I named him Pacen (pronounced Pay-son). It’s actually becoming more popular (not my version of spelling it). I also like the names Liam, Lars, and Grant.

  145. Jodi

    Congrats, looking gorgeous as always.
    Name: Wolfgang

  146. krista


  147. L

    Congratulations! I have two boys as well (born sept 06 and aug 08). Favourite name: Leo.

  148. Molly

    Hooray! and congratulations. My whole life, I thought if I had children, I would have girls. Instead I have two boys (Charlie and Peter), and wouldn’t have it any other way. They are 6 and almost 4 – and I can’t believe how much I hear about farting (although they call it tooting), penises, poop and butts. It’s pretty funny. Fart party indeed!

  149. Anu

    congrats! I like Asa πŸ™‚

  150. jen

    My sweet boy’s name is Reed πŸ™‚

  151. janet

    you’re looking so good, andrea!! we just named our son jonah.

  152. Robin

    Joshua (Josh)
    Malcolm (Mac)

  153. jen

    I met a friend’s baby boy named Arlo! Cutest name ever!

  154. Elizabeth

    I like the simple and wonderful name WILL

  155. shari

    I have 4 boys named Ian, Asa, Sam and Max. Asa is my favorite name. Asa Charles

  156. lori

    Jerry- then u can have Ben and Jerry- maybe u’ll get free icecream out of the deal.
    but seriously, Silas, Noah, Liam , Caden

  157. Angie K

    Hi Andrea – you look amazing. Congrats. I have posted a couple times before – Ben and my son are only a week apart and I found out I was pregnant with #2 on your birthday in 2007 – ring a bell?
    Anyway – we have a very German last name and my husband’s family has this thing about first names starting with “G” and middle names starting with “E” (now 3 generations into this…) – so, our sons are Griffin Elliott and Gunnar Ellis.
    They are 18 months apart and the BEST of friends. My little vikings πŸ™‚
    My life is full of boys – even our dog (Dave) is a boy. I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. We skateboard, snowboard, wrestle, have dance parties and there is nothing like a little boy’s love for his mommy. πŸ™‚
    Side note: I have always liked Finn but it is OH SO POPULAR! Also like Grant and Brady and we have a friend with a little guy named Lincoln. LOVE that one.

  158. Kelsey

    Norman! Ben and Norm. Cute!!

  159. SK

    We had so much fun with boy names. Our oldest is now 3, and we have a little girl on the way – I was a little sad we wouldn’t get to use any of our great boy names for #2!!
    We named our boy August, we call him Gus. But we loved Milo and Wyatt and Elijah and Gram.
    So many blessings to You!

  160. Dana F

    What Beautiful News!
    I thought my babe deep down was a girl, yet very time I had an ultrasound, I got a strong sense I was having a boy.
    Nathaniel Elias was the name I had chosen. The first name means born at Christmas, the second means God’s gift.
    To my surprise, it was a little girl and she is now Natalia Elise.
    Many blessings to your growing family!

  161. heidi

    It’s my go-to name for either a boy or girl, actually.

  162. denise H

    My sons name is Noah Casson (an old family name on my husbands side) my nephew is a Henry and my dear friends son is Fisher (whose brothers name is Ben) all my favorites. Congrats and enjoy!!

  163. Heather

    Hooray for a boy!
    We have a baby boy named Theo.
    While trying to decide about his name, I loved Ezra and we both liked Oscar.
    I’m tickled to see those names mentioned here as sets. There are at least two msgs with Theo and Ezra listed together and there’s one with Ezra and Oscar…made me smile in the direction of those like-minded commenters.
    Be well, Andrea. Your news is so cool.

  164. Erin

    Hi Andrea,
    Congrats on baby number 2!! Boys are awesome no doubt about that! Crazy and awesome all rolled into one.
    I named my son Ryland. He is about a month and a half older than Ben.
    Can’t wait to see the little guy.

  165. sara

    well, our surname is Logan, so that’s right out. πŸ˜‰ I told my fifth graders when I was pregnant that we would be naming the baby Hogan. Ha! We went round and round with lots of names, but at the top of our list were Marek (Polish form of Mark), Emmett, Percy, and a few others. However, a few days before his birth, I asked my partner what she thought of Anders, and that joined the top two in our list of 3, and won when I asked what we should call him…
    There are a LOT of Jacobs, Ians, Jacks, Noahs, Braden/Caden/Aidans out there. Lovely lovely names, but as a Sara, I have to say, it’s hard to always have your last initial attached to your name.
    you look breathtaking, Mama. Blessings on you.

  166. Allison

    I have a 4 year old Jackson and a two year old Logan. There is a lot roaring (think dinosaurs) in my house and dirt on my floors but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Boys are the best. πŸ™‚

  167. Karen

    I’m so happy for you! And looking forward to Dream Labs.
    Extra names for you:
    I also love Henry and Finn.

  168. celeste

    I hesitate to write it here, because we chose it so that he wouldn’t have an initial after his name throughout his school age years. I did see only one other person had chosen this name on this comment list. He’s nearly two now, so any new boys will not be in his class πŸ™‚ And I regularly get compliments on the chosen name…Emerson. And chalk it up for another who chose mama’s last name for his middle name. (No hyphens here :))

  169. Imogen

    Here’s an unusual one that I think is beautiful: Ayrev. I believe it is Hebrew for “night.”

  170. amy souza

    we have an ezra and if we have another we will have elliott.

  171. Karla Scornavacco

    Xander (pronounced Zander…& from Alexander).
    Protector of Mankind.
    Our favorite…blessed with two girls, though.
    Have fun choosing!

  172. Meg

    We named our son Trusen and call him Tru for short. It fits him perfectly. Trusen is a little town in Germany.

  173. tj

    i jst hada bub 8 weeks ago we called him Jett we also like bailey, hunter, riley, phoenix, river, jakob, niam, brady, Jai (my partners name) kirstian, good luck x

  174. chelsea

    I like the name Harley or Ryder

  175. Karen Lee

    “Fart Party inside!”
    OMG! best laugh I’ve had in awhile!
    That is totally my van of 4 boys (including my husband)
    Thanks for that.

  176. Puanani

    Well, my son’s name is from the Bhagavad Gita. The midwife thought I could have twins, so we chose Nakula and Sahadeva. They were the two younger brothers of Arjuna of Bhagavad Gita fame. Nakula was the most handsome man on the planet at the time. Sahadeva was the most expert astrologer. We had one baby. Nakula Sahadeva. As a young teenager, he started to introduce himself as Nik. Until all of his friends heard his real name and said, “Dude, that’s sick.” Which is apparently a good thing. So now, he is Nakula again…Good luck with the names. I heard babies chose their own names, so let’s see what he comes up with!

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