A new way into joy*

Summer stripes, Berkeley, CA, Canon Digital Rebel XSi

Okay guys, exciting news!

Over the weekend the muse visited me. And she had a lot to say! I was taking a much needed siesta and an idea for a new class came to me, fully formed. I pulled out a notebook and could barely write fast enough to capture it. But minutes later, there it was.

It is for a Superhero Photo class. (online)

Would you like to take photos with me this summer?
When I thought about what I’d like to be doing this summer, I thought about getting out of my head and into my body. I thought of sunshine and adventure. I thought of joy and gratitude. I thought of using my hands and making things. I thought of creating.

My vision is that the class will be a new way into joy, into gratitude, into celebrating your life. You will come away with a fantastic collection of photos (for your blog, your albums, your family) while also cultivating a deep appreciation for your everyday life. Photography is a powerful way into gratitude for me, of being present and awake and looking for what is beautiful and interesting. It is an inspiring way to tell our stories.
We will do it together. And it will be fun. (No fancy photography experience necessary)

Leave a comment below or email me if this calls to you! (No pressure to sign up, just want to get a feel for interest)
P.S. I will be sharing all my secrets for taking great portraits. πŸ˜‰

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Hi, I’m Andrea

On this blog you’ll be learning with me how to use our voices, share our creative superpowers and live life in full color.

As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO β€” β€˜cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. nina

    yes! yes! yes!

  2. Sundry


  3. Rosa


  4. Rosa


  5. Sharon

    Yes, please!

  6. Jen


  7. melissa

    oh yes, andrea. and just today jen lemen invited me to consider self-portraits as a healing process. maybe your class could help guide this journey, a radical new way for me to enter into joy, gratitude and celebration. love you and all of your offerings…yes.

  8. Dana


  9. chris

    Heck yes! Sounds like fun!

  10. charmaine

    This is great… I was thinking that I needed to work more on my photography last week!

  11. MSH


  12. elizabeth

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re awesome!

  13. Chana

    Sounds amazing!!
    Would a fancy camera / lenses be required or would something like a Canon Powershot ELPH be ok?

  14. Natalie


  15. Kari

    I would love this. I’ve taken a ton of photos in the last month and am bored by all of them β€” I need something new to shake up my style.

  16. Brian

    What a brilliant idea!

  17. Melissa

    Yes, I think I’d love this!

  18. Tisha

    Hi Andrea. I’m really curious about this! I don’t have any photography experience at all but I’d love to take more photos of my kids doing every day things. I’d love to work with you, too! πŸ˜‰

  19. Sandi

    very interested

  20. jenny

    sounds fantastic!

  21. Cinzia Ferri

    I’d love to!!

  22. amy

    sounds super interesting!!!

  23. LauraC


  24. Renae


  25. Rachel Balducci

    Would love it! Just got a wonderful new camera and I’d love to take some nice pics.

  26. theresa

    me! count me in!

  27. Melissa

    Yes! Sounds like tons of fun!

  28. Amy --- Just A Titch

    I have a nice-ish (non-DSLR) camera and am definitely a newbie—is that okay? Because I seriously just wrote in my journal that I want to learn to take better photos.

  29. Erin Wilson

    Yes, I’d love to. Maybe you could give a heads-up if the class would be a bit of a bummer for people without a spouse + kids. Some classes I’ve seen end up being very family-centric. Nothing wrong with that! lol. Just not quite my thing.

  30. Joanna

    I would love this!

  31. robyn

    i’d love to do this! i’d need more info first – pricing, how intensive the class would be, etc. – i’m assuimg you’ll be sharing that later, though!
    mostly i’m concerned about how time intensive it will be, though – almost 30 weeks pregnant, i’m starting to feel my body wanting more and more rest, stretching and sitting time, and less “moving around at top speed” time!

  32. Sam

    Definitely be interested!

  33. Nicole

    So, not to sound like too much of a “fanboy” but this would be super amazing. I am a huge Shutter Sisters fan (got the book for my birthday, hooray!) and just started my own little 365 day photo project and 2 weeks into it I’m already running out of things to take pictures of. πŸ™‚

  34. Liz C.

    Hells yeah! I’m in!!:)

  35. M

    I think this is a brilliant idea! I’m totally in, but it would have to be after the summer…hopefully you will be so exciting after doing the first one that you open it up for future registrations!! will we need to have a fancy camera or will any digital do?
    Good luck, sounds very exciting!!

  36. abby

    I started taking more photos because of reading your blog. You tell such wonderful stories through your images and it would be an amazing experience to take this class from you.

  37. Jessica

    Yes, please!

  38. Aki

    Yep, yes, hai, si, oui!

  39. Misty

    I am in the middle of some other photo classes, but I would really like to hear more. Especially looking for anything that helps me take photos I would not otherwise take (if that makes sense).

  40. erin

    am definitely interested in hearing more!

  41. Marcia Francois

    I would love to… if the price was right. You are the one who got me to start taking pics of shoes and leaves πŸ™‚ so I think it’s a great idea!

  42. Paula

    Would love to if I can fit it into my schedule. Keep me in the loop. Thanks!

  43. MamaFeelgood

    i just might be into that.

  44. Krista

    Oh yes!

  45. bella

    Big YES!

  46. bella

    Big Yes!

  47. Erica

    I would definitely be interested!

  48. richele


  49. Kathleen

    Yup! Interested !

  50. Jessamyn

    Yes, interested! πŸ™‚

  51. Catie

    Definitely interested!

  52. Lindsey

    Yes! Interested!

  53. Lindsey

    Yes! (comment got lost?)

  54. brigindo

    I would love this. I’m doing a road trip cross country with my camera and laptop. This would be perfect.

  55. Jeanne M


  56. maura

    Honestly-I was just wishing for an on line photography class.

  57. Karen Travels

    I think I would love this…I have never taken a photo class and taking one with you would be wonderful. I would have to consider the price though.

  58. Michelle

    Oh this sounds like the perfect way to find, have, and spread some joy, this summer!

  59. Kelley

    Interested in learning more about this please!

  60. wen

    I’m in!

  61. stephey


  62. Jen Diamond


  63. Carolina Stumpges

    I’m interested!

  64. Sarah

    Am practicing saying Yes. So YES!

  65. Marg

    SO interested!!

  66. Michele

    Yes please.

  67. Hillary

    I would love to hear more about it. I think I’m in!

  68. Liv

    Yes please! I have no photography experience but I want want want to learn about it. I don’t even have a camera at the moment but need to get one in the next month or so before my trip to the States and Europe in Aug/September. This class would be perfect!! chrs, Liv.

  69. Sara A.

    Yes, please!

  70. DawnS

    Sounds awesome!

  71. Suzy

    I am definitely interested. I have been wanting to do a photography class, but with two little ones it’s hard to get out in the evenings. Online would be perfect.

  72. Andrea

    Yes! Most definitely!

  73. Amy

    Yes, Please

  74. cjm

    Uh, yeah! Great idea.

  75. Amanda Block

    Simply put, YES!

  76. Catherine Just Seiner

    I’m all the way IN!
    sign me up
    SO AWESOME!!!!!
    GO GO GO !

  77. lu

    i think it is a great idea, andrea.

  78. kathleen Warner

    I would be very interested in learning more about the class. It sounds exciting.

  79. andi

    sounds fantastic!

  80. jo marks

    yes!! i need some inspiration now winter has finally hit πŸ™‚

  81. Merry Sawdey

    I’m don’t normally think of myself as a photographer, but your idea sounds like a good one! Your words in particular piqued my interest. I’d love to know more about taking pictures of my family, of reaching for a camera more to record special moments.

  82. Claire

    Sounds amazing!

  83. alison

    if it is affordable, yes!

  84. Jane

    No Way! I was just thinking, like not 5 minutes ago, that I’d like to learn to use my real camera instead of just snapping pics with my iphone. This would be perfect, and there is a world of beauty to capture around me here in summer. Can’t wait to hear more!

  85. Kjersten

    Yes! Sounds fun.

  86. Amy Glass

    I am just starting to explore photography and I would love to learn more!:)

  87. Jane

    No Way! I was just thinking, like not 5 minutes ago, that I’d like to learn to use my real camera instead of just snapping pics with my iphone. This would be perfect, and there is a world of beauty to capture around me here in summer. Can’t wait to hear more!

  88. janet

    Yes please!

  89. Heather

    YES! I would love to do something like this – sounds perfect!

  90. Amalia

    Heavens yes!

  91. Nydia

    I would love to take part in this.

  92. Laurie


  93. Katrina Mitchell

    Beautiful. Yes.

  94. Erika

    Definitely interested πŸ™‚

  95. Naomi Wittlin

    Obviously there’s a great deal of interest! I love connecting photography with creativity and joy. I’d sign up too!

  96. Amy

    Yes, please.

  97. Corinne

    Yes, Please! πŸ™‚

  98. Lisa

    Sounds fun, sign me up!

  99. Amypdionne

    being behind the lens brings me into the moment to look at the little things and yes, yes, there it is the joy in both what I see through the viewfinder and in the process of capturing it. Oh, please do this class. I am in!

  100. tina


  101. Jennifer Gandin Le

    YES! I can take macro shots of flowers like a maniac, but with this new baby in my life, I want to know so much more about good portraits.

  102. Nicole H.

    yes please!

  103. Shosh

    Yes! I’ve been looking into online photography classes…
    Will it have any technical explanations? NOT the most important part, but I’m a newbie…

  104. rebecca


  105. Melinda

    This sounds fantastic! I am definitely interested.

  106. rachel

    Sounds wonderful ~ yes!

  107. Lindsay

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes! Also…YES!

  108. Betsy

    I’m interested.

  109. Jeanette

    I am in!?

  110. marcy

    I would love to hear more…

  111. Anna


  112. kristi

    this speaks to me!
    your classes (online) have given me such great things in the past.
    you’ve got a gift ms. andrea.
    so glad that you share your crazy goodness with us!
    love. love. love.
    all the way from switzerland.

  113. Amy Komar

    YES! YES! YES!

  114. Milly


  115. Kat

    Yes, yes, YES pwetty peas with chocolate and strawberries on top! πŸ˜€

  116. katrin

    oh yes, yes, yes … please… count me in…

  117. moyra

    yes it does sound very interesting. i love your photos. would love to join a group session!

  118. Elissa

    Would love to be a part of it!

  119. Amanda Susan

    depending on the price, I’d be interested.

  120. Trish

    Please sign me up!!
    Fabulous idea — thank you Andrea’s inner muse!!

  121. Kat

    Gorgeous idea!
    And so very YOU.
    Yes! YES!

  122. melissa

    I am interested!

  123. Amelia

    I would LOVE to participate in this! πŸ™‚

  124. LL


  125. Beth

    Yes! I would love to join in – it sounds like it’s going to be a fabulous summer πŸ™‚

  126. Kristen


  127. Molly Merrick

    It calls to me! Loudly.

  128. KathyB

    Everyone has to start somewhere, and this seems like just the place to do it.

  129. yasmara


  130. Linda

    Yes! I was just (YESTERDAY!) gifted a GC for a camera. I’d say the universe is telling me something. Thank you! -Linda

  131. Vanessa

    heck ya!

  132. Rochelle

    Hope – I mean really REALLY hope I can afford….. I’ve been telling my family that I want to do this all year (photography). Please do this! Thanks!

  133. Kelley

    Yes oh yes!

  134. Shannon

    I would LOVE to participate.
    (as a wish: I’m hoping it won’t be too expensive because owning a house and potentially being pregnant is expensive)

  135. Shannon

    I’d be very interested!!

  136. natalie

    i’ve been hoping for something like this πŸ™‚

  137. Steph W

    Very interested! Perfect timing!

  138. Karen

    Would love to hear more. You are so talented and I’m always in awe of your photos.

  139. April

    Sounds interesting to me, too!

  140. denise a.

    I’d love to hear more about it…
    I got a “fancy” new DSLR camera and have only conquered the very, very basics…but would love to start using it a bit more than I do now.

  141. connie

    I would be interested in learning more! I’m taking intro to creative photography this summer, but I miss getting out of my head and taking pics. I especially need help with portraits!

  142. Sarah Songer

    I’m interested!

  143. andrea


  144. Sue

    very curious!

  145. Katie

    So very interested!

  146. Carole

    Sounds great, Andrea! Cost will be a factor for me, but we’ll see what unfolds! πŸ™‚

  147. Katie

    sounds fun!

  148. Jennifer

    of course I would be interested. Everything you do is magical!

  149. Kathy

    Totally! Would love to do this!!

  150. jen gray

    right on! xxoo

  151. Jacky


  152. kathy

    i’d love it! cost may be an issue, but i’d love to read about it!!

  153. michelle a.

    Viola! πŸ™‚ And it came from a nap! OF COURSE IT DID!!!! Love this!

  154. Ali C

    Sounds wonderful!!

  155. izzi

    over here in oakland, a resounding YES

  156. laura

    I’m interested! If I could gather my mojo to be fully engaged in the class it would be a great thing. After a long struggle with infertility, I am finally newly pregnant– so, (fingers crossed) would love to document the the next stage of our lives more creatively!

  157. Amy Jo

    yes. yes. and yes.

  158. Sonia

    I am in! Would love to take part!

  159. Sonia

    I am in! Would love to take part!

  160. Caroline


  161. beth

    This sounds right up my alley. I would love something inspirational to look forward to and learn from this summer. Count me in. Superheroes unite!

  162. orsolya

    definitely count me in.

  163. amy

    yes, please.

  164. Susan Rosen

    Sounds wonderful!

  165. sarah

    Yes! I’ve always wanted to do an online photography course, but never understood how someone could teach me all their tricks from so far away. I’m intrigued and eager!

  166. Abigail

    I’m interested!

  167. Maggie

    yes πŸ™‚

  168. Cass

    Oh, yes, please. It’s on my 40 before 40 list and time’s running out:)

  169. Suzette

    I’m in!

  170. shines

    What a beautiful journey this will be!

  171. Jackie

    Yes! Yes! YES!

  172. Jill

    I’m definitely interested in a photography class, if it is not TOO expensive.

  173. Elicit

    Most assuredly!

  174. Nita

    Sounds like terrific fun! Would love to learn more about the class.

  175. Cynthia

    Yes!!!! Exactly what I have been looking for! : )

  176. mochimama

    Definitely calls to me – very interested! Will be watching your blog for more details and would love love love to improve the frequency and quality for photos I take of our family as I’ve really fallen out of regular picture taking since baby #3 joined us last year. I’m a bit heartbroken about having fewer pictures of my 3rd (& sibs!) and hope that a fun, helpful class could jumpstart my informal documenting of our little brood. πŸ™‚

  177. april

    oh wow! i would be soooooooooooo interested!!!! Please, more details!!! <3

  178. Alison

    This idea definitely calls to me!

  179. victoria winters

    Yes, yes, yes! As I am about to move to another state with my 3.5 year old and my 8 week old I need something FUN and UNSTRESSFUL in my life!!!!!

  180. Sommar

    I’d definitely be interested!

  181. ElizH

    I can’t wait to learn more but I’m ready to sign up now!

  182. Courtney

    I am very interested. Seems like a perfect summer project.

  183. Keri Thorkildsen

    sounds like the perfect inspiration for summer!

  184. Susan

    I’m in!

  185. acm

    Sounds interesting! Would love to hear more.

  186. Emily

    I’m interested! Sounds fun but I’m terrible with my husband’s fancy camera. It scares me. Could this change? I imagine so….

  187. Cynthia Morris

    I LOVE it when that happens – ideas come almost tied with a bow. Then you put it out there and people love it.
    Such a great example of the mysteries of the creative life!
    I’d take your class if I weren’t already signed up for the Light Hunters class by Vivien McMaster.
    Have fun with it!

  188. invest liberty reserve

    Superhero Journal: A new way into joy* Wonderful goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you are just extremely fantastic. I really like what you have acquired here, really like what you’re stating and the way in which you say it. You make it enjoyable and you still care for to keep it sensible. I can not wait to read much more Superhero Journal: A new way into joy* again from you. Thanks For Share .

  189. Mindy

    I’m interested…please send more details! πŸ™‚ mindy(at)theworldinmykitchen(dot)com

  190. Deanna

    I’m in!!!!!

  191. Trish

    Yes! I am most definitely interested in participating. Thank you for this opportunity!

  192. Snowy

    I thank you humbly for sharing your widsom JJWY

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