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Treasure Hunt: A brand new offering!

Treasure Hunt anyone? Remember how much you loved treasure hunts as a kid? We’re bringing the joy of that time back. Further your creative practice with photography, get a spark of inspiration directly in your inbox each day and share the...

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Creative Superheroes Interview: Maya Stein

So delighted to bring you the next installment of my brand new interview series! If you have read my blog for any length of time, you have probably come across one of Maya's poems. This one called Believe might be all time my fave... but...

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Nothing you’ve ever done is wasted.

The lost art of the friendly letter When I was in grade school, we were taught the art of the "friendly letter." Although I can't remember every detail now, there was a structure to these handwritten notes -- a place to put your return...

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The many faces of a five year old.

Originally, I was just going to post this shot above. It has the best light, Ben looks happy and his eyes have that bright spark... If you have taken a Superhero Photo class you will recognize those as catchlights! Anyway, as I loaded...

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