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Comes out November 16th, 2021

“The PERFECT guide to help us slow down and find the beauty and wonder right in front of us.” -BRENÉ BROWN

wake up your sense of wonder
and find your joy!

Do you remember the first time you saw the night sky blanketed in stars? Or that feeling of magic when you found your first sand dollar on the beach? Maybe it’s when you rode a bicycle for the first time and it felt like flying… Wonder taps us into the joy of being alive, opening our eyes to how much beauty there is in the world and how life can surprise us in the most delightful of ways.

Who wouldn’t want to live a life full of wonder?


Our capacity for delight is also the gateway to our joy

Wonder Seeker: (wuhn-der-see-ker) noun 1. Someone who actively looks for things that delight them. 2. A person who is curious and inspired, vibrant and open-hearted.

Whether you already consider yourself a Wonder Seeker or you wish to become one, artist and life coach Andrea Scher introduces you to the art and practice of incorporating joy into the everyday. Andrea will show you how to become a Wonder Seeker too through personal stories, playful activities and inspiring prompts such as:

-Take a curiosity walk through your neighborhood
-Go on a wonder date with someone (or take yourself on one!)
-Arrange your world by color
-Host a gratitude party
-Go cloudspotting
-Make a wish tree

And more! Are you ready to experience and create more joy? This book is your portable magic maker.

Warning: Side effects of becoming a Wonder Seeker may include saying yes to life, noticing more beauty in the world, orienting toward kindness—to others and to yourself-  and being delighted more easily. Also, others may also find you more delightful!

Hi, I’m Andrea

Andrea Scher is a writer, artist and life coach whose work is driven by her belief in the transformative power of creativity for joy and wellbeing. For nearly two decades, through her award-winning blog Superhero Journal, her international workshops, her Creative Superheroes podcast, and her bestselling e-courses, she has thrilled others with their own power to find magic all around them.