Hi, I’m

Andrea Scher
I’m an artist, author, and a big believer in the transformative power of creativity.

I want to help you

Create a life full of ease, joy, and deep connection.

I want you to feel more brave, more alive, and more connected to your gifts and your spirit. I want to create a place where we can forget the small talk and drop into what’s real. Where we connect to each other in deep ways, listen to our intuition and trust ourselves. Where we can remember the magic and not miss the beauty

I’m multi-passionate…

I’m a blogger. I’ve had an award-winning blog called Superhero Journal since 2003 (since the dinosaurs!) This is really where I got my start. This is where I learned to tell the truth. It showed me that I wasn’t alone. That none of us ever were!

I’m a podcaster. Many years ago, my friends told me I should have a radio show. I was like, wha??? Then podcasting became a thing and I finally understood! They were so right!

I’ve hosted the Creative Superheroes Podcast for two years. I interview authors, artists, and other creative thinkers. We reached more than 100K downloads this year!

I’m also a Facebook Live host for 1440 Multiversity. This is where I interview the big names in the personal growth world. Total dream gig!

I’m a life coach –

Andrea Scher, CPCC

All certified and everything! I don’t do quite as much one on one coaching these days, but my years of training make their way into everything I do. They inform all of my courses and in-person workshops.

I’m an artist

When I was a child, I drew and wrote books. I choreographed dance routines. I painted murals in my room. I arranged my toy mice with tiny costumes into scenes that I would paint for them. I even had a jewelry business making earrings out of rubber animals.

Things aren’t all that different now. I still paint, make jewelry (I had a jewelry business for more than 15 years!) and take a lot of photos. One of my Mondo Beyondo dreams is to be in a flash mob… so it’s possible that choreography days are not all behind me!

I’m a photographer.

I love taking portraits of women. I got my first real camera in junior high school and had dreams of being a fashion photographer.

For my birthday party every year, I invited my friends over, dolled them up, put a bunch of lip gloss on them and had them model for me. This is more or less what I do with grown up women now! It has always been one of my superpowers.

I’m an author

I co-authored a book called Expressive Photography: The Shutter Sister’s Guide to Shooting from the Heart. I have some book projects in the works that I am currently finding a home for.

I’m a single (ish) mama. I have two wild, beautiful boys – Ben and Nico. They are the brightest lights in my world and loving them makes me a better human. They open my heart wider, humble me, and help me stay up-to-date with pop music! I co-parent them with their dad who is quite amazing as well!

My hope is that my offerings will wake up your creative self – the one that might have been lying dormant. The one that you always knew was there but perhaps got lost in the busy-busy of life. My job is to wake her up again, the wonder in you. To help you find your sparkle again.

I believe in finding dinosaurs in the clouds,

in the soft light of the magic hour and that there are secret messages all around us.

I believe in ease and joy. I believe in kindness, compassion and building our courage muscles in tiny ways each day. I believe in an open heart and seeing the world through a lens of what’s possible. I believe that our gifts are sourced from our wounds, that the places where we feel broken are where the light gets in.

I believe that we are naturally oriented toward healing and goodness. I believe we have all the answers inside us and that we need people who can simply listen. I believe in cultivating wonder.

You will find a joyful, devoted guide in me,

a creative collaborator, a willing adventurer, a deep truth-teller and a lot of creative magic.

Fun Facts About Me

I’m a mom

But for a long time, I wasn’t — and wanted children so badly. Blogging about infertility showed me that I wasn’t alone. Photography shifted my perspective – both literally and figuratively.

I’m a Photographer

I got my first camera at age 12. I’d stage slumber-party photo shoots with my girlfriends. Then & now, I believe that taking photographs is one of the easiest, sweetest ways to celebrate your life.

I’m unabashedly playful

I love secret restaurants, stealth rituals, time capsules + treasure hunts. I giggle more than I grumble. Most of the time.

I’m a self-help nerd

I believe that our healing gives us more access to joy. And that we can find beauty + wisdom in the midst of the mess.

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What People Are Saying

“Andrea has taught me so much about the power of intuition

and the importance of being present. There is amazing clarity in the way she communicates vulnerability and joy in her stories and in her photography – it’s the best kind of truth-telling.”

Dr. Brene Brown, author of Daring Greatly, Rising Strong, Braving the Wilderness and Dare to Lead

“Andrea brings authenticity and beauty to everything she does.

She is a powerful storyteller, a brave warrior for vulnerability and courage, and as REAL as they come. Her practical wisdom, intuition and focused intelligence are unparalleled.”

SARK, best-selling author of 17 books about creativity.

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