21 days of letting go of struggle and finding your flow

So many of us are addicted to struggle…

We think that life needs to be hard or that struggle is somehow more valuable than ease.

What if life was more fun & easy?

I believe that when I am creating from a place of ease and buoyancy, I am actually in flow – in alignment with myself and the Universe. Things feel more fun and playful. I enjoy my life more. I am able to be more present. I am in delicious co-creation with the Universe. Choosing ease helps me to be more resilient no matter what is happening in my life.

What if your life could be more spacious & joyful?

What if we let go of pushing, striving and efforting as a strategy to get what we want? What if we stopped glorifying being busy? What if we allowed space for our authentic yeses and no’s and were able to compassionately set those boundaries? What if our internal GPS was orienting us toward joy all along?

I’m calling in more ease this year. If you are too, join me for 5 weeks of letting go of struggle, stepping into your flow and growing your joy and self-compassion.

Choosing Ease is designed to:

Create a practice of pivoting toward ease – so that you are consistently inclining your mind toward well-being.
Help you clear space in your calendar, in your physical space and in your relationships so that you can breathe more easily.
Cultivate self-compassion so that you are more able to be kind to yourself inside of whatever circumstances are unfolding..
Help you understand the concept of right effort so that you are hustling less and flowing more.
Create a little sanctuary in your spirit, easing feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and stress.
Help you see where your perceived flaws are actually your gold.

In this course, we will explore

WEEK #1:

The Mindset of Ease

What if this was fun and easy?
This is a question I ask myself all the time. It immediately rights my ship and helps me find an elegant solution to whatever I am wrestling with. This week will be about shifting our mindset from one of struggle to one of ease.

WEEK #2:

Clearing Space

Clearing our physical space + our calendar to make more room for ease.
We will explore setting boundaries, perfectionism and we will identify where we can make space for simplicity. We will practice allowing things to be good enough, not perfect.

WEEK #3:

Cultivating Self-Compassion

This is possibly the most important of all.
Creating a habit of relating to ourselves with kindness.

WEEK #4:

Getting into Alignment and Flow

Alignment is the new hustle peeps!
We will look at creating from the quantum model – one where we get into alignment before we take action. It’s not about more effort equals more results, it’s about right effort equals right results

WEEK #5:

How Authenticity Creates Ease

Leaning into who we actually are.
Identifying our strengths + gifts and allowing what feels most organic and natural to us to be front and center. We will also explore how our perceived flaws can be our gold.

Seeing myself with kind eyes was my favorite lesson.

“I think I’ve stumbled upon the taproot of my resistance around ease -the story that ease is for other people: whose partners support them, who are not alone. My new story is that I will never be alone because I have myself. All of the friendship and mothering and love that I give with such care and generosity to others is also available for me. Seeing myself with kind eyes was my favorite lesson. It helped me flip my ease story not in an intellectual way, but in a cellular way. I literally saw what was there for me–in my own eyes. Thank you, Andrea.”
– Sage Cohen

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