coaching circles


Experiential learning and deep connection with a group of like-hearted women.

Circles of women are powerful.

we nourish + heal each other.

For a long time I thought effort was the way. Deserving was the way. Being better. Trying harder. Striving. Not stopping. Until I realized that I was too anxious, too sensitive, too exhausted by all of that striving. I couldn’t do it anymore.

A friend of mine told me that her husband has a post-it in the bathroom mirror that says, “Be better!” and my heart sort of breaks when I imagine this. I think it motivates him, gets him amped for the day, but I can’t stop thinking about that post-it and how it’s pasted somewhere inside all of our hearts.

Be better.

No matter how good you are. You always need to be doing more. This is what the culture tells us – you are not doing enough. You are not enough.

We think we are lazy when we need to rest, failing our kids if they aren’t scheduled with lots of extracurriculars and failing at mothering when we don’t have a home cooked meal on the table every night. We are anxious and exhausted and as we scroll through our social media feeds, thinking our life isn’t beautiful enough or big enough, famous enough or successful enough.

One of the best things I’ve done during the last year and a half was lead a circle of amazing women every Friday. They are women just like you – who want to create more ease, more joy and live life in more vibrant ways.

We want to know that we are enough, just as we are. We want to strive less and enjoy more. We want to relate to ourselves with more compassion and feel more joy. We want dreams come true and also the comfort of knowing that right here, right now is all there is. 

registration open now

Spring 2022

Tuesdays 10am PST
Fridays 11am PST

2 circles opening now.
(Limited number of spots)
I invite you to join me!


Here are the details:
  • 3 – Month Group Coaching Circle (Weekly 90 minute sessions)
  • Experiential learning and deep connection with a small group of like-hearted women
  • Themes each week that allow us to explore different aspects of our lives + selves, in service to living a more vibrant life.
  • Group check-ins, journal prompts and exercises, small breakout sessions, coaching from Andrea + more.
  • Guest teachers to pop in throughout the program to inspire us.
  • May 3rd/6th, 2022 – August 2nd/5th, 2022
  • Tuesdays 10am – 11:30am PST or…
  • Fridays 11am – 12:30pm PST

Choose which time slot works best for you!


  • Group Coaching Circle member: 595- (3 months of the circle)
  • Deeper Dive Member: 997- (3 months of group coaching + 3 private coaching sessions with me)
  • If you haven’t done coaching with me, it’s a mix of process (going deep with where you are and what might be keeping you stuck) and fulfillment which is me guiding you toward what lights you up + is calling you forward. I also love working on projects with creative creatures like yourselves – branding, site design, writing copy, etc.

Hit reply if you are a yes! And we can arrange payment and your preferred time slot. (Monthly payment plans are available)

Feeling so much gratitude for each of you + trusting that these circles always come together with just the right mix of new friends.

With love,

Could you use a circle of amazing women?

I’m excited to support you.

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