Week 4

The Library of Wonder

a place to record your moments of wonder

What are your most potent memories of wonder?

Maybe it was the first time you saw the night sky blanketed in stars, or that time there were hundreds of tiny sand dollars strewn across the wet sand. Maybe it was hearing a gospel choir for the first time.

Wonder taps us into the joy of being alive, opening our eyes to how much beauty there is in the world and how life can surprise us in the most delightful of ways.

The Library of Wonder is an audio project – a simple voicemail box designed to capture a whole range of wonder moments – that will be collaged together into an hour-long audio program.

your librarian

Andrea Scher, author of Wonder Seeker

Week 4


  • Think of a potent memory of wonder. It could be one of your first memories of wonder from childhood or something more recent. Where were you? How did you feel? What did you see or hear or smell? Tell us that story.
  • When you’ve thought of the story you’d like to share, call this number: 510-982-1226
  • You will hear an outgoing voicemail from me (getting permission to use your voice note) and then beep! You simply leave a voicemail. (Any length up to 3 minutes)
  • Don’t try to make this perfect! Just you sharing in the natural way you share is just right.

The Project

My plan is to stitch many of these moments together into an hour-long radio show about wonder. I will use the actual audio recorded in the voice notes – your voices! Which makes me incredibly happy.

CALL (510) 982 -1226

Week 4


  • A tiny mushroom in the forest that looked like a bedside lamp.
  • The sound of a gospel choir on a Sunday morning.
  • The time I got lost for hours in Venice, Italy in the wee hours of the morning. The milkman ended up offering to give me a ride in his milk boat along the canals to my destination – the only other person awake at 3am!
  • The synchronicity of running into a long lost childhood friend in the streets of a foreign country.
  • My first kiss and how he cupped my chin in his hand and held it there for the whole kiss.
  •  Catching hail in a jar with my nephew.



Will you be using my story?
I will be listening to (and loving!) every single message that comes through. I will be using many of the stories for the final project.

Can I leave more than one message?

How long does it have to be?
Feel free to share just a moment (ie. The first time I saw the night sky)  or a whole story. Any length is great up to 3 minutes.

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