Mighty Little


30 days of learning how to bring your podcast idea to life!

Your voice matters

You have something to say

Podcasts are an amazing way to share your voice with the world. But it can be very tempting to think — well other people have done it better and they’re already doing it and there is already too many podcasts out there. Who am I to start one

Here’s the truth:
You have a unique way of saying it because you’re you.
If you feel moved to create a podcast then it means it’s yours.
It’s yours to create because you want it.
People who podcasting is not for are not having the urge to podcast. If you are having the urge that means


It gets to find you. You get to create it.

Let’s get your mighty little podcast started!

Hi, I’m Andrea Scher

I’ve been podcasting since 2017 and my podcast The Creative Superheroes Podcast has been listened to 88,000 times! More than the success, it’s been nourishing for my soul and has become one of my absolute favourite things to do in my business now! You might just feel the same way too!

This is not your average podcasting course.
There are tutorials online to start a podcast. It’s not rocket science. But what I’m offering you is so much more.
It is my hand and a community of people all doing this together. Because when you’re tackling a new creative project you need support. We’ll also dive into a deeper understanding of what the message will be in your podcast and why. You’ll learn how to connect deeply with someone you’re interviewing and how to infuse stories into your podcast.

In this course, we will discover:

WEEK #1:

Let’s make it real

This week we will get clear on what our podcast is about, what our vision and deeper purpose is for our show, choosing a name and creating a description for itunes. We will also create a graphic for our podcast! And some fancy music for the intro + outro.

WEEK #2:

The technical pieces

Equipment, how to name your files, what software you might need. Don’t worry. I promise to make this all very fun + easy. We will hold hands when it feels overwhelming!

WEEK #3:

We’re geeking out now

Writing and recording your intro + outro. Show notes. Creating graphics for each episode. How to infuse storytelling into your work.

WEEK #4:

Recording, editing and publishing

Launching your show! And getting the word out. We will be bringing it all together in this last week and making sure you have everything ready for your podcast launch. Then we will celebrate because holy moly, we deserve it!

This class was the perfect boost I needed to bring my podcast into the world!

“I’m delighted to let you know that my podcast has gone live! My first three episodes are available and I’m going to have launch party of sorts this week to announce it to my audience. Thank you, Andrea!”
– Laurel

Do you have a little whisper of a podcast dream?

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