free hugs

Camie and Jeremy, Stinson Beach, Canon Digital Rebel

This made me cry happy, hormonal tears today.

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  1. Heather

    AHHHH, That was great, you got me crying hormnal tears too.

  2. Lori

    I got through the video without crying — just thought it was sweet, and liked the way it went from black & white to color when he got his first hug. When I read the comments on the video, though… THAT’S when I started crying.

  3. deezee

    thanks for sharing that link. you don’t need to be going through hormonal assault to tear up there.

  4. amy j.

    Linked it on my blog too! Thanks for sharing…I saw this right after hearing of the shooting of the Amish children. I cried hard just from that sad stark contrast to those events. The world needs a hug after something like that. Perhaps if that man who shot those kids had gotten a random hug from a stranger more often he wouldn’t have killed those poor children.

  5. amy j.

    Not only linked it…but sent it to about 50 other people!!!!!!!!!!!! Spreading this couldn only HELP…ya know.

  6. one black bird

    now look what you made me do… I’m crying too.

  7. blackbird

    I’m hoping that if we ALL link to it the world will just be a little better…

  8. kellyrae

    oh what a great video. more happy tears over here.

  9. Megan

    Wow. Thanks, Andrea. That took my breath away!

  10. genevieve

    That video was filmed in Sydney! It’s fantastic. 🙂

  11. Boho Girly

    happy hormonal tears along with you, my friend…
    this just made my day.

  12. Crissi

    It’s not just the hormones, though I’m sure they’re helping. I saw this last week for the first time, and I, too, cried happy tears. I yearned for a hug after watching it.

  13. Tamera

    Got teary-eyed when I watched this, too. Sent it to a bunch of friends last week and am using it as part of a lesson at the school where I am a teacher. We need more stuff like this on the news.

  14. Sara

    Awesome Andrea! Thanks for sharing with us!

  15. amanda

    That guy is a local here in Sydney. Thats our main pedestrian mall in the city. I actually met his mate that does it with him last year at something else before realising who he was.
    Its so weird that hes become a youtube sensation! haha

  16. katrin

    Me too… 😉

  17. Kate

    ive walked past this guy so so many times everybody seems quite frightened of him except the japanese tourists who go right in for the hugs.

  18. tongue in cheek

    Everyday we see people who need a hug…maybe this video will teach us not to be afraid to share!

  19. herhimnbryn

    Linked on my Blog too in Australia and two others in the uk.
    It is so moving is it not?
    The man was on Australian tv yesterday.He’s now trying to go for a world record. Hug on!

  20. nadine

    Love the video. Love, love, love the photograph. A perfect moment captured.

  21. tracy

    That was fabulous. Made me smile and get a little teary. I was so happy when he got his first hug! 🙂

  22. Keely

    Yup. Tears streaming down my face. 🙂 And I think it temporarily helped my morning sickness go away. Woohoo! Thanks for posting this.

  23. Molly Hart

    That’s not hormones, that’s humanity.
    I do think it’s telling that something so simple can be so profound. Why am I crying, and feeling my insides react? I guess it’s remotely connecting to how it feels to interact with strangers in a basic human affirmation. Being open and vulnerable is powerful stuff. Thank you Andrea. I hope you are well. Thinking of you. XO

  24. rougholive

    At first I thought “Who is Hugs and why is he not free”
    but then you see the uncompromising action of a hug from a stranger and you can’t help but smile and feel happy.
    Thank you it was greatly enjoyed.

  25. Cheryl

    I’m one of your many, many fans, and I’ve never posted a comment before. I just wanted to say THANKS for posting the link to “Free Hugs.” Watching it completely transformed my morning from a vague self pity to a sense of abundance and gratitude. You provide a true service to your readers. I am so glad you are on the planet.

  26. Laura

    I’m not hormonal and I cried. 🙂 Love love love that first little lady.

  27. Nina

    Still sniffling. So sweet.

  28. Amy

    So sweet! Thanks for linking it

  29. jenn

    so sweet andrea,
    i loved the first woman too.
    thanks for sharing.

  30. Jessica

    I am crying happy hormonal tears right along with you…thanks for sharing something so beautiful.

  31. kathleen

    deezee told me about this post and about you. funny because i just linked to this exact video today, too!
    you give me hope.

  32. Sage

    That made my day: being moved to tears by the public hugging, and then finding myself here among a like-minded and like-hearted sisterhood. Thanks, Andrea.

  33. alison

    love it! yep, me cried too. so much love growing inside while watching the video, waiting to pour out unto needed souls. thank you deeply andrea.

  34. Dale Smith

    Ahhhh… the body loves a good hug. This should be a world-wide movement. Imagine what could happen!

  35. Cam

    I love this photo! It beams with happiness.

  36. kat

    thank you, andrea. that was beautiful.
    i cried too. no hormones necessary.

  37. Erinn

    I do some wedding photography, too, and I just love this picture. It’s so intimate and triumphant. Well done! What a perfectly captured moment.
    The video was amazing. I think I’m going to have to hug people today.

  38. Heather

    I balled. Thank-you.

  39. liz elayne

    boho sent me this link and i have watched it several times.
    oh my goodness…such delight.

  40. johncurley

    Me too. Except for the hormonal part.
    Thanks so much.

  41. stef

    that’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a long time. it gives me hope

  42. Bianca

    Thank you for sharing this video….
    I couldn’t help but think about how much we guard ourselves from those we don’t know…..

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