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Taking gorgeous photos with your iphone

The very best camera is the one that’s with you!

In Capture the Magic, you will learn to rock your camera-phone — and discover that beauty and joy are everywhere.

You’ll experience 4 weeks of photography prompts, lessons, and simple technical tips to help you become a better mobile photographer.

My vision for this class will be a new way into joy, into gratitude, into celebrating your life. You will come away with a fantastic collection of photos (for your blog, your albums, your family) while also cultivating a deep appreciation for your everyday life. Photography is a powerful way into gratitude for me, of being present and awake and looking for what is beautiful and interesting. It is an inspiring way to tell our stories.

Lets do it together!

(No fancy photography experience necessary)

Grab your camera. Take a walk outside. All with the intention of training your eyes toward what’s interesting and beautiful. The way the lemons juxtapose against the blue of the sky. The tiny dandelion seeds floating by. The way you feel so small in that grove of redwoods. Wishing you beauty + color-collecting joy… amplified by sharing it.

xo Andrea

Here’s what you will discover inside:

Fresh themes, every week.
Portraits, selfies, hidden treasures, composition, color, and more.

No-sweat technical lessons.
Capture the Magic is focused on play & self-expression, but you’ll learn the fundamentals of composition, lighting, post-processing, printing and more.

Creative photo prompts.
Each day there will be creative photo prompts to inspire you to stretch beyond the ordinary.

Community cheerleading.
A warm & encouraging community space to share & admire our work.

In Capture the Magic you will learn:

All of those modes on your camera phone you don’t know how to use!
The basics of lighting and composition that will take your images to a whole new level
How to take flattering portraits and selfies
Post-processing with Instagram and other great apps
Dreamy depth of field and how to make your photos look pro even with your phone
How to see the world with more creative eyes

I’m enjoying it so much…

I feel like your lessons and encouragement have awakened my creativity and given me new eyes to see the world around me. Your teaching is wonderfully straightforward, and sharing with other members of the class on the Flickr community is just so much fun!
– Eliza

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