Cosmic low

orchid, Nikon Coolpix 4500

Having a low today. (Okay, and yesterday too.) Not even my yoga class could fix it.

I was, however, heartened when a couple of friends said that they were having a crappy day as well. Are we having a cosmic low?

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  1. anissa

    yes, yes, and definitely yes.

  2. akk

    i was in quite a funk yesterday too.
    felt like all the good energy was sucked out of me.
    today was murky as well.
    is the full moon near?

  3. Kathleen

    Maybe it’s just that you had so many wonderful events to look forward to, and now they’ve played themselves through. I experienced that after I was married. In fact I’ve gone through so many “funks” in my lifetime…I couldn’t count.
    It’s just that darn “equilibrium” rearing it’s head…from “bliss” to “boo-hiss”!

  4. Jenn

    Just wanted to say thanks. I’ve been having an extremly hard week. It came out of nowhere also. I feel better knowing everyone’s feeling it and it’s not just me.

  5. Julia

    OH WOW!!… I thought it was just me in need of an attitude adjustment. I feel better knowing the “blue funkiness” is going around, and we’re all in this together.

  6. jen

    oh yes. funkarama.

  7. meg

    You know, I’m on vacation, with my family and friends in CA, FINALLY, and having a extrodiary and beutiful time. BUT I’ve been crying out of nowhere when left alone.
    Are we in a weird astrological time?
    Mercery in Retrograde or something?

  8. empress

    OMG! I’m having a really really low moment/week/month as well.

  9. h

    not quite a low perhaps, but im deffinately feeling stale… so, its not just me?

  10. mint tea

    Thanks for posting this Andrea it makes you seem a bit more human somehow.
    If its any comfort I’ve been in a low spot for two months!

  11. Amanda

    all week has been low for me, I’m all irritable. now I know I’m not alone. there must be something in the air, lets hope it blows past us soon.

  12. Heather

    I’m definately having a bad week too! Everything just seems to be happening and i’m feeling really sad and depressed when alone. Glad to know i’m not the only one!

  13. Susan

    Count me in as well. I can’t count how many times I’ve deep sighed in the last couple days. Pooh.

  14. virginia

    sorry guys, I’m definately coming out of my funk. I’ve been in the pits for weeks, but finally started getting busy and making myself feel better this past weekend. Hang it there, you’ll get through it!

  15. Jennifer

    I’ve not been in any kind of funk lately myself (at least not for the last couple of weeks), but isn’t not to know that you can admit that you are, and have other people understand? Kind of a relief!

  16. jenn

    count me in….my life has suddenly started to feel bland and negative

  17. brixton

    i had an incredible weekend – then came home and couldn’t sleep and have spent the entire week stressing on decisions that i must make, though i don’t want to. so count me in too…

  18. moon goddess

    I know how you feel. It’s been gray and cold the past week and my energy level is zilch. I have to force myself to go to yoga. Even the teacher noticed the whole class was totally low on energy Tuesday. Weird cosmic funk indeed.

  19. Rachel/Tchatchke

    I think so. Mine only sort of lifted this morning.

  20. anissa

    I have been trying to find back a specific site I wanted to let you know – it’s quite a good site on, well, astrology I had found on another weblog. The reading there states that, in general, this is not much of an energy-loaden time phase right now. I read that back in May/June and was just wondering then if I’d find things to become true. I am not much of an esotheric dudette, but I think we must not put aside forces that are around us and influence our living. I’ll give my best to find back that link…

  21. Andrea

    I am amazed by all of the comments! I usually refrain from writing anything at all when I’m feeling all funky and uninspired.
    Thank you for your words. They make me feel less alone.

  22. h

    oh, also, i forgot to say… the photo’s great. i love seeing something like that on a dull day. makes everything seem so much cheerier. the colours are absolutely fantastic.

  23. Stefanie

    ME TOO – I just have been in a funk and not feeling like me or just feeling yucky!
    what is up?
    it’s feels good not to feel alone out.
    Thank you for sharing Andrea!

  24. opiatewinfrey

    you need yummy snacks and pillows and blankets and movies and sodapop and kleenex!

  25. Lena

    Me too. I actually took a nap after work yesterday. Not even a yummy Indian dinner helped. This whole week has been crap. I hope everyone feels better soon! I’m starting tonight with a doggie social hour with a sweet friend who is always uplifting. Thank goodness for those friends!

  26. Jennifer

    Wow….. I no longer feel so hideous (misery loves company ya’ll). It definitely must be cosmic because I’m WAY cross-country here in Florida’s liquid sunshine and have I been in the pits for the past week! Trying to self-actualize only led me down paths I’ve been before, and none of them were particularly self-redeeming. I came home from work 2 days and hid in bed and my endorphins from gym-time didn’t even last the trip home before I was, again, anxious and moody, stressed and depressed.
    This must improve….but glad it’s not just me!

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