Blanca & Humpy

Blanca & Humpy, Canon 300D

Two little highlights of our trip were Blanca & Humpy {pictured above} They found us on our way to the Baths, {a maze of enormous rocks & water with wooden ladders winding throughout}. The dogs followed us while play fighting with each other the entire way. We fell in love with them instantly.

When we returned to the villa for the evening’s festivities, Blanca and Humpy followed us and were immediately fed pieces of meat and hors d’oeuvres. They appeared at dinnertime each night for the rest of the week, always with an enthusiastic “Blanca! Humpy!” by the crowd.

On Humpy’s tag it said:

I wander.
Feed me
Love me
Release me

and we decided that we all need to wear tags like that.

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  1. mr. andrea lewis

    mans best friend synopsizes all mortal’s needs: feeding, loving, release.

  2. shelly

    Andrea, If you make the tags I will Buy!

  3. emdot

    I’ll buy too!

  4. Susan

    Wishing we were all still wandering the island with Humpy and Blanca.
    Glad to see you arrived home safely…it was a long day!

  5. malaika

    what lovely adventures you go on Andrea…thank you for sharing.

  6. Julia

    I need a tag like that! Blanca looks like such a sweet and adorable dog. I just love the dog tag idea…..Thanks for yet another great post. You made my day. 🙂

  7. The Other Andrew

    I’d add “Make me a gin & tonic”, but aside from that – perfect!

  8. Anke

    My husband actually wears a ‘feed me’-tag…

  9. lena

    i’ve often thought i’ve learned some of my best lessons from my dog: kiss people you’ve missed, run every chance you get and have a treat when you’ve been good, among others.
    sounds like a wonderful island away.

  10. JC

    I like the tags also. Good stuff. I might also add “cuddle with me” and “accept me”

  11. Meg

    I’ve been thinking about relationships lately, and when they do and don’t work. And I’ve been thinking that one of the most important things is allowing someone that you love the freedom to be who they are… the freedom to wander. To not try to hold on to something tightly just to make it yours. And that can be tricky to find…
    So it sounds like someone really loved that dog in a fantasically rich way.

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