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Let me start by saying that I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions. They don’t work! I find that they are short-lived, totally uninspiring and make you feel really bad about yourself. Resolutions are a setup for failure!

I believe it’s because we are not inspired by deprivation… “I will stop drinking coffee this year! I will stop yelling at my kids, stop smoking, lose weight, and work harder” All those things sound like a big drag and imply that there is something WRONG with you.

I propose a different way. Instead, create lists of intentions that get you truly inspired {remember that the word “inspire” is about giving breath, giving life} “I am committed to exploring the most delicious varieties of organic black and green teas from around the world” or “I intend to create a peaceful, nourishing home life for my kids.”

Simply reframing your intentions make them so much more inviting and fun to pursue. They are also much more likely to get you moving.

These are some lists I often make at the end of each year:

– Things I learned in 2004
– 10 things I am grateful for
– 10 things I intend to create in my life in 2005
– And finally, the whopper – the Mondo Beyondo list. My friend Adrienne introduced me to the Mondo Beyondo list several years ago. This is the list of things that are outrageous, wild, and may not even happen for 5 or 10 years from now. This is the list of things that are SO JUICY and unlikely to happen that you are afraid to even write them down. This might be the most important list of all!

{This is where the trip to Tibet goes, the gallery show for your paintings, meeting your favorite movie star, owning a home in Switzerland, or whatever makes you grin and feel jazzy just thinking about} If this list isn’t really fun to make, you’re not using your imagination. Think big! This is your mondo beyondo.

I have always been amazed at the power of writing things down. Anything I have ever manifested in my life began as a thought, then made its way into a list in one of my journals. I posted this photo of my husband Matt because he started out as just a gleam in a mondo beyondo list. There was a time when the idea of finding a life partner, getting married and creating a family seemed really outrageous to me. {I remember I was even scared to write it down because deep in my heart I knew I wanted it so badly.}

The great thing about these lists is that you don’t need to believe they will happen as you write them. Simply the act of writing is a show of faith… even if you’re thinking “yeah, right” as you jot them down. You will be amazed by your ability to manifest. You will astound yourself with what you can create by putting pen to paper. Post your list somewhere you can see it and read it every few days. Maybe put it in your wallet in that little window where the photos go? or in your medicine cabinet.

You can even post a few of your intentions for the year here on this site.

I dare you.

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Hi, I’m Andrea

On this blog you’ll be learning with me how to use our voices, share our creative superpowers and live life in full color.

As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO — ‘cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. Lu

    I intend to live a more authentic life.
    I intend to be true to myself.
    I intend to learn to bellydance.

  2. Anonymous

    One the darker side:
    I intend to release my adopted brother.
    I intend to accept that he will probably always be mentally ill.
    I intend to do my very best to not be afraid of him anymore.
    I intend to let his future be not my responsibility.
    On the lighter side:
    I intend to learn how to use the huge body balls to help my back.
    I intend to play music and dance around making messes in my new studio.
    I intend to wear my clown costume whenever the urge strikes.

  3. Anonymous

    One the darker side:
    I intend to release my adopted brother.
    I intend to accept that he will probably always be mentally ill.
    I intend to do my very best to not be afraid of him anymore.
    I intend to let his future be not my responsibility.
    On the lighter side:
    I intend to learn how to use the huge body balls to help my back.
    I intend to play music and dance around making messes in my new studio.
    I intend to wear my clown costume whenever the urge strikes.

  4. Anonymous

    One the darker side:
    I intend to release my adopted brother.
    I intend to accept that he will probably always be mentally ill.
    I intend to do my very best to not be afraid of him anymore.
    I intend to let his future be not my responsibility.
    On the lighter side:
    I intend to learn how to use the huge body balls to help my back.
    I intend to play music and dance around making messes in my new studio.
    I intend to wear my clown costume whenever the urge strikes.

  5. Anonymous

    One the darker side:
    I intend to release my adopted brother.
    I intend to accept that he will probably always be mentally ill.
    I intend to do my very best to not be afraid of him anymore.
    I intend to let his future be not my responsibility.
    On the lighter side:
    I intend to learn how to use the huge body balls to help my back.
    I intend to play music and dance around making messes in my new studio.
    I intend to wear my clown costume whenever the urge strikes.

  6. Anonymous

    One the darker side:
    I intend to release my adopted brother.
    I intend to accept that he will probably always be mentally ill.
    I intend to do my very best to not be afraid of him anymore.
    I intend to let his future be not my responsibility.
    On the lighter side:
    I intend to learn how to use the huge body balls to help my back.
    I intend to play music and dance around making messes in my new studio.
    I intend to wear my clown costume whenever the urge strikes.

  7. Anonymous

    One the darker side:
    I intend to release my adopted brother.
    I intend to accept that he will probably always be mentally ill.
    I intend to do my very best to not be afraid of him anymore.
    I intend to let his future be not my responsibility.
    On the lighter side:
    I intend to learn how to use the huge body balls to help my back.
    I intend to play music and dance around making messes in my new studio.
    I intend to wear my clown costume whenever the urge strikes.

  8. Anonymous

    One the darker side:
    I intend to release my adopted brother.
    I intend to accept that he will probably always be mentally ill.
    I intend to do my very best to not be afraid of him anymore.
    I intend to let his future be not my responsibility.
    On the lighter side:
    I intend to learn how to use the huge body balls to help my back.
    I intend to play music and dance around making messes in my new studio.
    I intend to wear my clown costume whenever the urge strikes.

  9. Anonymous

    One the darker side:
    I intend to release my adopted brother.
    I intend to accept that he will probably always be mentally ill.
    I intend to do my very best to not be afraid of him anymore.
    I intend to let his future be not my responsibility.
    On the lighter side:
    I intend to learn how to use the huge body balls to help my back.
    I intend to play music and dance around making messes in my new studio.
    I intend to wear my clown costume whenever the urge strikes.

  10. Anonymous

    One the darker side:
    I intend to release my adopted brother.
    I intend to accept that he will probably always be mentally ill.
    I intend to do my very best to not be afraid of him anymore.
    I intend to let his future be not my responsibility.
    On the lighter side:
    I intend to learn how to use the huge body balls to help my back.
    I intend to play music and dance around making messes in my new studio.
    I intend to wear my clown costume whenever the urge strikes.

  11. Donavan

    Are you ready?
    I intend to create a childrens television show.
    Little adults will enjoy it too.
    It will have puppets.
    It will have make believe.
    It will have brave artists.
    It will be different.
    It will be crazy, satirical, absurd.
    Zany even.
    I will combine my talents as a writer, voice-over guy, puppeteer, director, actor, healer and madman.
    I will enlist the help of other champions of the imagination.
    I will.

  12. melissa

    I intend to sing the leading role in an opera. For an audience. To favorable reviews.
    I intend to reclaim control of my body/health.
    I intend to find a circle of creative and supportive friends in my city. (I have many already, but so few in this place I call home.)
    And although this may or may not be the year that a child comes into our lives, I intend to create the groundwork (mentally, physically, and financially) to start a family with my wonderful husband.

  13. Deanna

    mondo beyondo eh, 2005-15
    first of all ‘I will stay in shape’.
    I will find a job in design/new media in the new year to launch these two things:
    I will be a success as a published editorial/journalistic photographer,
    I will run a successful business from home
    while having a family.

  14. Kate

    I will spend a week in Iceland in July.
    I will write without fear and self-consciousness.
    I will take up belly-dancing again.
    I will stop and breathe.
    I will move to Chicago.
    I will stand on my head.
    I will begin to accept myself.

  15. jill

    I will remember that I am living my dream, and that I should appreciate every day how lucky I am.
    I will step outside the safety zone, and tell him what I’m thinking.
    I will take a photo every day. At least one.
    I will start trying to figure out the next step.
    I will stop wasting a perfectly good webpage by having nothing up on it.
    I will be who I want to be.

  16. Ali

    I intend to get outside more.
    I intend to write another book.
    I intend to branch out of my creative style.
    I intend to really nurture myself.
    I intend to learn more about the places I travel to for business.
    Andrea…you are just so cool. Thanks for always inspiring me to different levels. Mondo Beyondo here I come. Love that photo too.

  17. katherine

    I intend to let a genuinely loving supportive man love me, and I intend to open up and love him back . . .
    I intend to finish the novel I started seven years ago . . .
    I intend to finally let go of the twenty pounds of protection weight I’ve been carrying around me the past ten years. . .
    I intend to get up earlier so that I can enjoy that gorgeous part of the morning when everything is still and crystal clear . . .
    I intend to practice more loving fake-it-til-you-make . . . 🙂
    Thank you Andrea . . . this was lovely and just what I needed . . . I’m going to post my invitation to do a mondo beyondo list for myself in the next few days . . . very cool 🙂

  18. jackie

    I will tell those I love how important they are to me
    I will get my laundry mat/cafe off the ground
    I will refer to myself as an artist
    I will take pictures of the “real OC” so that people don’t think the OC is like the tv show and post them on my website at least once a week
    I will update my website and I will not feel guilty when I don’t
    I will be more sure of myself
    I will make positive thinking a constant in my life
    I will not let others keep me down anymore
    My art will be featured in galleries and it will sell well

  19. bluefaery

    -I will meet Nicole kidman and eductae her about the plight of refugees/asylum seekers in Australia and ask her to become a True Human Rights Ambassador (true as in an advocate for those that the world would like to forget about)
    – i will meet Arundati Roy and say “you are my hero”
    – I will finally go to the place (an indigenous Island off australia) where my father died, lived and loved, get to know the man that died when I was 3 weeks old, and write a book about his life.
    – I will make sure that there are no children ever again put in Australian immigration detention centres.
    – I will somehow be involved in a revolution! where governmnets rule with compassion! and Justice!
    – I will have the baby growing inside me now and raise it to be creative compassionate and free.

  20. meli

    hey; I hope the idea of becoming a HUGE bestseller writer is in your mondo beyondo list, girl because you really have the power to inspire multitudes!

  21. Darcie

    All I came to say is. . .Andrea, you and your husband are so beautiful. What a handsome couple you make!

  22. Jill Valle

    Andrea, I concur!! I too, am not a fan of new year’s resolutions and each year I do a “things I learned list” along with my intentions and a “vision collage” of the things I want to manifest in the coming year…
    I have also had the experience of writing things in my journal and coming upon the entry months, even years, later realizing that I did it! I LOVE that.
    I am definately going to incorporate the mondo beyondo list…I have a “life list” which is similar but I like MONDO BEYONDO better 🙂
    Also, I have started doing new moon intentions each month with some friends to utilize the power of the moon and our connection to the natural cycles of things… especially as women. Farmers use the Moon Almanac to determine the best time to plant their seeds and so the new moon intentions work the same way.
    I have this fantasy of groups of women all over gathering to do their new moon intentions for themselves…and as a result eventually healing the planet. Now THERE’s an intention.
    There are a couple of great sites I have used as resources for this process:
    Jan Spiller has also written a book on the subject called New Moon Astrology. It has been so grounding and I look forward to it each new moon! Thanks for your new years suggestions, I may check back to share some intentions!

  23. Kate

    [swoon, sigh…] Does Matt have a brother? ;o)
    Okay, I’m being silly–I’m on this big kick to “live from the heart.” To constantly evaluate everything I do in my life and ask whether it contributes to what I really want. But I don’t think of it as restriction–I think of it as expansion because I’m not letting myself get distracted by too much TV watching, etc.
    I’ve been keeping a “Life List” for awhile now that sounds rather like your Mondo list. It’s always fun to go back and re-read and realize that some things have come true!

  24. Dawne

    *sigh* He’s pretty…
    I will be me 🙂

  25. katie

    andrea, thank you for this idea. (i think I’ll wear my superhero jewels on new year’s day to remind me. 🙂
    my mondo beyondo for 2005:
    to create a new, beautiful home with my new, beautiful husband;
    to corral my watercolor skills, and sell a piece of art;
    to stop thinking and just DO.

  26. Andrea

    I will be in a wonderful, warm, loving marriage, which may or may not be with my current husband.
    I will become a film actress.
    I will breed standard poodles.
    I will live in my dream home, in my dream town.
    I will take my dream RV trip across the Alaska highway.
    I will visit my family’s homeland, Serbia, with the man who loves me best.
    I will be spending the rest of my life with my soulmate, happy ’til the day I die.

  27. Eva

    * I will make my life more colourful.
    * and others too.
    * I will find my very own “Shrek” and live happily ever after
    * I will became a profesional photographer
    * I will design great knitted items and publish them in Vogue internationl knitting magazine
    * I will more often talk to my guardian angel

  28. Laura

    I will find a publisher for my children’s book.
    I will make beautiful jewelry and sell it.
    I will get control of my “spaces” and make them comfortable, beautiful, and functional.
    I will nurture my relationship with my husband and express my love and gratitude in loving ways.
    I will decide (with my husband) if we will have a child.
    I will enjoy spending time with my mom and dad, frequently.
    I will forgive and let go of weight that literally weighs me down — physically, metaphorically, spiritually.
    I will learn how to use watercolors.
    I will get a wonderful digital camera.
    I will learn to bellydance.
    I will visit my friends in Colorado and Arizona.
    I will go back to Scotland, for six months.
    Boy, you’re right — some are very hard to write down. Seems almost presumptuous! 🙂 I sometimes feel that I’m asking for too much, you know? But it’s also exciting. And important. Thanks, Andrea.

  29. Kate

    It helps so much to read everyone’s list. A resolution revolution!

  30. Amanda Woodward

    your husband is pretty!
    a few resolutions for me:
    – get more illustrations published, as always
    – draw more, as always
    – begin learning french
    – eat more citrus fruit
    – bake more food with flax in it
    – learn the harmonica

  31. stef

    I will be able to afford a house in the bay area
    I will be able to spend as much time with my child as I wish without worrying about money
    I will have my photography up in a coffee shop
    I will start my journal book
    I will travel to Peru
    I will road trip across the United States for however long I wish
    I will take a beach vacation for 2 weeks
    ….oh the list could go on.
    thank you for making us do this 🙂

  32. Jaimie

    Andrea – TOTALLY. I agree that resolutions often sound so horrible and soul-sucking that there’s no motivation to do them once the initial thrust of willpower wears off. I did a list of “Things to Do and Experience in 2004” which was a lot more fun. Here’s some of my list so far for 2005:
    – get a facial
    – make creme brulee from scratch
    – make an entire Indian meal from scratch
    – plan and enjoy my wedding
    – plan a retirement party for my dad
    – visit the zoo with my nieces
    – send a care package to a friend for no reason
    – go camping
    – visit a country I’ve never been to before
    – go skinnydipping
    – learn to embroider

  33. stef

    I will do work that I will enjoy getting up in the morning for.
    I will own my own home.
    I will start a family of my own with my Mike.
    I will have my folks move over to be nearer my brother and myself.
    Thank you for the dare, Andrea.

  34. ance-Comment

    My list for 2004 is lost. Here are a few things I remember. I did start an excercise program and stuck to it faithfully. Which knowing I never exercised in my life unless forced to(except swimming)was quite a surprise.
    I visited one of a dozen neighborhood churches so I still have room for growth there.
    Last, not on the list or even thought of – studying Russian – has turned out to be mostly real fun.
    Afraid to admit I have a lot of those – just don’t do it resolutions – I’m clinging too. Well, maybe in 2005. Mondo Beyondo is new to me. Hope it catches on and people acheive their mondo beyondo dreams.

  35. jojobean

    I’m feeling so sad and disillusioned right now after a year of some heavy, unexpected disappointments that I just want to write down some really basic resolutions that I KNOW I can actually do this year: *sigh*
    1) get my teeth cleaned twice this year
    2)paint my walls a soft peach and others my favorite yellow
    3)get a sage green velvet sofa
    4)volunteer once a month for Meals on Wheels
    5)ask my elderly neighbor more often if I can get groceries or run errands for her
    6)separate from my husband if my gut tells me thats the step I need to take (that is one of the most awful things I have ever admitted- divorce must be the ugliest, saddest word in the human language)
    7)send more mini-care packages to my beautiful niece and nephews
    8)cultivatea daily morning meditation ritual
    9) light more candles
    10)hug myself way more often

  36. Sophie

    I think i’m at a slightly different stage in my life – but these are my resolutions anyway.
    I will pass my HSC and get into the course i want.
    I will go to switzerland for christmas.
    I will learn to drive.
    I will dance stupidly in my bedroom more.
    I will talk to my family more, and be rude to my parents less.

  37. kathryn

    Mondo Beyondo sounds great. These are the things I wish for:
    * my novel to be finished, published, become a best seller, the movie rights sold, the movie to become a runaway success.
    * to make more friends that support me emotionally and creatively – to not be afraid to reach out to these people
    * to achieve financial equilibrium, but cutting out superfulous spending (well most of it anyway) and maybe find part time work so I have more time for my other projects.
    * to find someone who adores me and I adore back
    * to be unafraid.
    I hope everyone who has posted achieves their dreams, that would be magical.

  38. Lindsey

    Oh the New Year is upon us again. This time last year I was packing up my things to spend a semester in Spain– how fast a goes. I’m ready and excited to embark on another year…full of possibilities. I inted to…
    *enjoy my last semester of college
    *find more time to ‘just sit’
    *stop saying “yes” to everyone, and start saying “yes” for me
    *allow more room for mistakes
    *take a trip to San Francisco
    *read more
    *start journaling again
    *speak spanish
    — just embrace everything…

  39. jacqui

    -learn french and german
    -find, apply to, and get into the perfect grad school programs that won’t eat my soul
    -find a community of likeminded friends in graduate school
    -live on cape cod this summer without being totally destitute
    -buy a car + a new laptop
    -get published in another architecture magazine
    -finish my thesis and achieve highest honors on it
    -find something fun, exciting, and fulfilling to do this fall
    -tell the people who have helped me how grateful i am for them
    -reconcile myself with my pain and grief
    -let go of shame and fear
    -read foucault + bell hooks

  40. jacqui

    oh, and to learn to respond constructively to people who tell me i expect too much + that things don’t change. to keep my open heart without hurting myself.

  41. Jess

    I made a list like this a long time ago, and about a year ago I came across it and had the hugest smile on my face as I put a check mark next to ‘go to Greece’ – something I didn’t really think I’d ever do. I’ll start working on a new list.

  42. Anu

    Thank you for the idea for these lists. I bought a beautiful handmade journal and couldn’t start it and your lists made me jump right in.
    Here is my mondo beyondo list:
    I will own a 32 foot catamaran sailboat
    I will be invited to participate in a boat parade and a sailing race
    I will own a home in new england and in florida
    I will study painting in Italy and France
    btw, your husband has beautiful eyes.

  43. Jodi

    Ok, my “might actually happen” list for 2005 is:
    I will read through the One Year Bible.
    I will become less of a consumer and minimize my junk in a BIG way. Major overhaul.
    I will finish my third novel.
    I will slow down and say “no more” or “no” more.
    My, as you call it, Mondo Beyondo List:
    I will take a week long road trip with my two kids and my husband and it will be relaxing and not stressful. (I’m laughing as I write it.)
    I will release my mother.
    I will move out of this town and begin a new adventure.

  44. Karrie

    Wow. I’m getting a lump in my throat just reading everyone’s lists!
    For 2005
    I will talk to people I am afraid of.
    I will take full bellied breaths.
    I will practice yoga with my boyfriend a little everyday.
    I will not shame myself for putting my needs first.
    I will take a photograph at least once a week.
    I will always write in my journal before I want to overeat.
    I will find some grand way to celebrate all the people I love.
    I will buy a bathing suit.
    I will not exist to protect others from themselves.
    I will cut my hair.
    I will stick with group every week even when it’s beyond painful.
    I will get my photo card business off the ground.
    I will trust.
    Mondo Beyondo!
    I will sell all those screenplays, stories and songs I have on paper (and in my head!)
    I will find a way to live off of my joy.
    I will learn to speak Spanish and French.
    I will direct a full length film.
    I will learn more about fine wine and olive oil.
    I will finish school.
    I will own a home in San Francisco.
    I will learn to how to surf.
    I will have (or adopt) a child I can love, teach and learn from.
    I will sing solo in front of an audience.
    I will meet Dave Matthews, Ani DiFranco and Ben Kingsley. (!!! that was a hard one to write!)
    I will choreograph a dance number.
    I will travel through South America on a motorcycle.
    I will live for six months in Italy.
    I will release my mother and brother.
    I will have a tea party with my inner child.

  45. Rachel

    This is just the beginning. You make me feel normal about all my listmaking! I dreamt big a few years ago, but didn’t allow myself to be very specific. After the year I had in Paris, specificity is in order! 😉 Thanks for the reminder to stretch my wish muscles!
    *I will write a bunch of songs and make my first solo CD!
    *I will finish my NaNoWriMo novel and send it to an agent who will get me published.
    *I will move back to Paris!
    *I will find my perfect apartment in Montmartre and decorate with juicy bizarre items.
    *Before I move back to Paris, I will order the two superhero necklaces I have been drooling over for two years now.
    *I will draw everday
    *I will give myself the tools I need to create and NOT WORRY ABOUT THE MONEY!
    *With one of these tools, I will start taking photos again!
    *I will sort through the flotsam and jetsam of 28 years of life and sort and organize and remember.
    *I will let myself grieve for the loss of my mother even though everyone says I have to be strong.
    *I will do my yoga because I love to not because I have to.
    *I will stop seeking approbation and permission from complete strangers.
    *I will try to be love.
    *I will try still my mind everyday.
    *I will try to accept myself as I am.
    *I will try to eat, drink, and breathe faith.

  46. samantha

    Mondo Beyondo!
    I intend to go to France, come home, learn French, and then go back so I can experience it all over again
    I intend to find the joy in housework and organization
    I will open my coffee shop and it will be wonderful, colorful, successful, a labor of love, and a unique expression of my transformation from the person I was to the person I am now
    I will find new and creative ways to express my love everyday to the most wonderful man on Earth, the one I am about to marry
    I intend to start trusting/believing in God or Spirit again, and put an end to my “divine estrangement” with The Great Healer
    I intend to give thanks to the Universe for the life I have been blessed with
    I will not only appreciate the good-for-me friends that I already have, but I will stop putting up barriers to new friends who are healthy and open to and engaged in life
    I will eat more raw foods, not neccessarily cutting out the things that I like (ice cream, donuts, etc.), just adding in more healthy foods as well
    I will find the PERFECT photographer for my wedding!
    My wedding will be a celebration with friends and family of the amazing love that Rob and I have for eachother and the support of the entire community for our union
    I will love my mother unconditionally, but be more aware of what energy I let affect me when I am around her
    I will love myself and treat myself with the physical, emotional, and spiritual respect that I deserve

  47. samantha

    Oh yes, and the first thing I intend to do after we have moved into our new apartment in January is to make out with my fiance on our new purple couch! 🙂 with an ending like that, who wouldn’t look forward to moving!

  48. megara

    Thank you for your blog, it is the only blog that truly inspires me.
    Today I woke up and my life had changed. From yesterday when I was in love and thought I was loved back, to today when that person decided it was too difficult for him. As I read your Mondo Beyondo, it gives me hope that good things come no matter what. Even with the pain I’m feeling right now.
    Thank you for your words Andrea!
    From Mexico, Megara

  49. Me

    I intend to spend more time with my friends.
    I intend to become a rockstars at the guitar.
    I intend to rededicate myself to my work.
    I intend to find my true passion and calling in life.
    I intend to love.

  50. michelle

    I will find the man that I will fall in love with and he with me. We will live a fun, loving, peaceful life together. We will have a big beautiful house somewhere warm and sunny, near the water, and fill it with 3 beautiful children and lots of animals and art.

  51. Julia

    I intend to workout because it makes me feel so good and free when I am moving my body. I intend to take time out daily to meditate and quiet my mind. I intend to be less judgemental and more forgiving. I intend to dance more, eat chocolate when I feel like it, and most of all, to love fearlessly.

  52. Kate

    Looking at these lists have become my joie de vrie. Because there are SO MANY possibilities we don’t even know about, so many opportunities that will come our way because we have given them a name. In the spirit of new year’s resoulutions, my yoga teacher (Ana Pilar) said this: Instead of adding something to your life (exercise more, read more, do more more more), release something, like “i am not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, etc.” You are enough. I think this is so wonderful. It makes us look at the real reasons we make such negative resolutions. Read more because you want to open your mind. Exercise more because you want to move your body. Know that you are enough. I still struggle with this. Maybe the first item of my list is *KNOW THAT I AM ENOUGH*. And then take a deep yogic breath.

  53. Kate

    I release Meaghan.
    I release my father.
    I release Justin.
    I release my expectations of Paul.
    I release my not-good-enough mindset.
    I will say no.
    I will write like a dervish.
    I will start to bellydance again.
    I will stop buying so much stuff.
    I will pray.
    I will de-frost.
    I will cultivate content where I am whereever I am.

  54. jenn

    i must say this post has had me thinking for days. thank you for this. each time i sat to write my mondo beyondo list fear stopped me. i kept thinking if i write it down it becomes more real. i won’t be able to ignore it or run for it. i read keri’s post today and decided to face fear full on. i decided this fear attitude just isn’t working for me so here is my Mondo Beyondo list.
    i want to travel to england with my partner
    i want to have a child
    i want to be okay with my mothers illness, forgive her for our past, and release her to be or do whatever she is meant to be or do
    i want to take a trip to sf and ask andrea to go to glide with me
    i want to forgive my brother so i am open to getting to know the person he really is
    i want to create a space for my partner to feel more loved, supported, safe and free than she has ever felt
    i want to not be afraid of money, to let go of my fears and to trust that i am always going to have what i need
    i want to learn to quilt, knit and play the cello
    i want to become friends with my dad
    i want to become a better friend, returning calls and making the first call instead of always waitig
    i want to lose weight
    i want to journal more
    i want to reconnect with my spirit
    i want to learn to not be so hard on myself
    again, thank you so much for this great post. It has had me going for days and for that I thank you. sometimes we need an unexpected push to help us be the best possible us we can be.

  55. Amparo

    I love this! Here is my list in no particular order with Mondo Beyondo mixed in…
    I intend to:
    -Show the people in my life how much I love them.
    -Practice kindness to strangers.
    -Say hello to strangers in a confident way.
    -Organize my life.
    -Drink more water.
    -Breathe more deeply.
    -Exercise regularly.
    -Have less distraction/procrastination time.
    -Wake up earlier.
    -Get a commercial agent.
    -Land a national commercial so that the money can allow me to pursue my passions more easily.
    -Become a talented actress. Acting was once a passion that I let go of because I listened to too many people.
    -Get a theatrical agent and land “real roles”.
    -Continue photographing and working with mixed media.
    -Get a gallery show.

  56. denise

    intentions are the souls way of screaming it out for manifestation to take hold
    i intend to:
    GLOW . FLOW . GO

  57. Julie

    Great idea!!!
    1. Get a book contract for my young adult and mystery manuscripts.
    2. Find a non-profit job in 2005
    3. Visit Paris and Italy.
    4. Improve my writing and editing.
    5. Find new passions…
    6. Learn to knit.
    7. Journal more.
    8. Deepen my relationship with my husband.
    9. Exercise more.
    10. Visit Zen monastary in L.A.

  58. alice

    keri , i never really read any blogs on the net, but yours is an exception. although the time since i met your blog is not very long. but the influence you exert on me is , trust me , greater than you can imagine. perhaps it that passion in your life style and your words that every now and then give me some sparks of courage and excitement in this life, don’t get me wrong, i am not a person who dislikes life, but just found every today just the same as yesterday. and your articles make the days just a little bit different. thank you so much for this. and this is my mondo beyongdo:
    i want to take myself more seriously,while not analysing myself so much.
    i want to sommon up more courage on facing difficulties
    i want to put every thought of mine into action
    i want to open a restaurant themed in cartoons of my favorite
    i want to have a flower shop with a green house just at the back of it
    i want to meet a Mr Right who can love me
    i want to see my mum have a satisfied Mr Right and live a happy life there after
    i want to sing beautifully and with my own trade marks
    i want to be able to focus totally on anything i do and stick to it
    i want to do some kind things that can influence some one in some way every year
    that is all that i want, wish some day i can fulfill some of them

  59. sarahj

    -continue to make my body SUPER STRONG
    -develop my meditations so I can really explore my inner landscape
    -collaborate with other artists to come up with unique children’s theatre/music presentation
    -incrimentally assert that I am in charge of my existence and that I do not need a man or anyone to make me whole.
    -develop deep loving relationships with my friends and boyfriend
    -play with my cats more
    -find a way to afford a Digital REBEL…YOU’VE INSPIRED ME ANDREA!!!
    -find a way to afford a trip to Iceland
    -move in to a more creative work situation (somewhere where I can wear my fancy pants!)
    -eat more broccolli (spell much?)
    there’s a start to my list

  60. Kati

    This is my first time posting anything on the internet but I felt I had to give this a try. You are right, there is something magical about being able to write this down:
    * Visit Villa D’Este near Rome to see the biggest fountain garden (then design my own fountain)
    *Have another child as sweet as my first
    *Create a blogg of my own
    *Not be insecure about my art projects
    *Have a gallery exhibition
    *Find my true calling
    *Write a children’s book
    *Forgive my dad
    *Start believing that one day my sisters, my mom, and my dad can become friends
    *Start being absolutely sure that there is an afterlife and that I will see my brother (who passed away last year)
    *Fall in love with my husband again and again and again . . .
    *Train the cats not to scratch up the sofa (okay maybe I am pushing my luck here)
    *Meet the young girl in Africa who I am sponsoring
    * Become a better tango dancer and start teaching tango with passion!
    * Not be afraid to pick up karate and yoga again
    * Work out till I have buns of steel!
    * Find the perfect haircut
    * Go back to “motherland” Hungary and visit all my relatives
    * Learn how to make the perfect Salsa

  61. robyn

    i love lists … i find that i am somewhat compulsive with them. and i write them in various places. this list, however, i will save and keep forever! it’s my mondo beyondo list (at least, the beginning of it!)
    i want to …
    travel all over the world
    learn to speak at least five languages
    become a published author
    grow my hair out long
    get to the place where we don’t have to be in debt
    be a good mom to my cats and dog
    be okay with the fact that i don’t want to have kids of my own
    become “dr. robyn charles” by the time i’m 40 (almost 30 now)
    stop biting my nails
    do yoga at least 3 times a week!
    journal at least once a week (instead of binge journaling!)
    improve my writing ability

  62. Michael Nobbs

    Thanks for this. I’ve sat down and made a lovely long list of ideas big and small. Here are the first ten (the rest are on my blog). Happy Christmas Andrea.
    I want…
    1. to visit the library more.
    2. to only spend what I have (no more debt).
    3. to save more.
    4. to find sustainable ways of making money.
    5. to draw more.
    6. to enjoy drawing more.
    7. to not waste my time on things that don?t work.
    8. to become better at recognising what doesn?t work.
    9. to get better at saying “no” when I need to.
    10. to be less judgemental.

  63. Emily

    i want….
    *to learn to put money aside, and Save, sAve, saVe, savE
    *to spend more time on the things that matter and less time on the toxic things in my life
    *to be more open and honest when i need to be
    *to be less afraid to say how i really feel, even if it is too soon
    *to take a break and rest- take more time for myself before i *really need* it (part 2- to take better care of myself and my health)
    *to take FULL advantage of my experiences— in CA, Bel Air, and wherever i am led in life
    *to be thankful, and make lists to remind me of my blessings
    *drink more tea
    *work less
    *love more
    *WRITE more
    ** oh and i want to tell andrea that she is super sexy cool and that she rocks. **

  64. gone2canada

    Here is my list:
    – to live in every continent of the world for at least one year;
    – to learn to kayak properly and regularly do it;
    – to buy a grand piano and develop extraordinary piano playing skills;
    – to learn and become super excellent at making resin accessories;
    – to become a travel journalist;
    – to find an innovative way of helping those in need that inspires the everyday person to be involved;
    – to find the “soulmate” who complements who I am and helps me to be everything I’m meant to be (uber-me!);
    – to have a space where I can paint the walls purple with an orange feature wall;
    – to find a new spiritual connection or have it find me;
    – to complete a course in astral projection and astral travel;
    – get a 2nd degree;
    – learn to live in a more simplified way (de-need myself of things);
    – finally become vegetarian;
    – feel comfortable about my own body;
    – swim in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans;
    – see the earth from space;
    – read ‘War & Peace’; and
    – make an effort to go an see more local musicians live (the small, budding ones!).

  65. bethany

    what would i write…as i read, i think, what would i write…and this comes out….
    i will not be afraid
    i will be Truth and Love to those i come in contact with
    i will pray all the time
    i will be honest – in what i say, think AND do
    i will always remember the sick, the starving, the dying, the dispossessed…i will remember and not go on consuming and ignoring…
    i will be patient
    i will dance a lot
    i will not take myself too seriously
    i will love for Love’s sake and never for anything i would get out of it…
    i will be at peace

  66. julia

    I am so in love with this post and the comments. This is so inspiring! I haven’t really had a chance to think and dream about this next year or the next few years, but this made me pause.
    I will, both realistically and mondo-beyondally:
    – be myself
    – make a family
    – write
    – paint the guest room
    – throw lots of parties
    – tell everybody i love that i love them, as often as i can
    – put all my photographs into pretty minimalist albums and find a happy home for them in the living room
    – someday start a business
    – bake more. a lot more.
    – eat dinner at home more often, at the dining table with my husband. this seems deceivingly insignificant.
    – love people more freely, more unconditionally
    – acknowledge, and release, my inner competitive girl.
    – plant flowers
    – give lots of presents, for no reason.
    – always be mindful of those less fortunate than me.
    I honestly could go on and on. Thank you, Andrea.

  67. ilongga70

    I want ?
    1. to get out of the country ? and enjoy a continental tour
    2. to meet the man that brings with him African drumbeats and a sense of wonder
    3. a new car ? and oh, learn to drive
    4. See the leaves of autumn and be able to touch it
    5. To be debt free for the rest of my life
    6. To be a serious writer
    7. A massage (right now!) and some serious pampering
    8. To cook like Nigella
    9. To affect change ? for the better
    10. To use the word ?forever? and mean it over and over and over again
    11. To dance and sing with utmost abandon
    12. To finish college and more
    13. To be comfortable in a swimsuit again
    14. To take a picture of every good thing that happens to me, my friends and family
    15. To draw and not be afraid to show it
    16. To run and not get tired
    17. To love going to work again
    18. To love myself more
    19. To simplify my life and be content with it
    20. WORLD PEACE!
    Thanks for this.

  68. Trinity

    Thanks for a fabulous idea! I came here via Cheap Blue Guitar. Happy 2005!
    * Fall in love with the perfect (for me) guy, get married, and have children.
    * Buy a house.
    * Have a gallery showing of my photography.
    * Quit my current job and make photography my full-time (and very lucrative) career.
    * Take a cruise to Alaska with Mom.
    * Become 100% debt-free.
    * Learn to play the piano.
    * Host a massive blogger party for local blogging friendss and those who live outside of Phoenix.
    * Visit another country.
    * Clean the walk-in closet and get rid of all the crap I own that I don’t need.

  69. Micah Girl

    Here is my own crazy, random (maybe not so crazy, maybe not so random) list…
    To write for a living
    To beome an academic super genius
    To raise extraordinary kids (already doing this!)
    To grow in excitement and passion in my marriage every year (so far, so good, but how much more could we have if we worked on it?)
    To dye my hair red
    To run in a marathon (yet I hate running??)
    To live in spiritual freedom
    To live debt free
    To work for myself
    To grow in generosity to those close by and those far away
    To live as a family in Europe, South America and Africa, finally to settle on an island with fruit trees and chickens in the yard
    To become trilingual
    To return to acting

  70. Kerry

    This is truly a lovely way to gather the amazing intentions of amazing people together, as there is strength in numbers and sharing. May all your intentions turn to truths in your lives!
    I found it interesting how many of us are writers. Perhaps an online writing group could be started together? So here is my list:
    To continue feeling positive for my sweet mom who suffered a massive stroke three days before Christmas.
    To write each day, finish my novel and submit it for publishing.
    To create a more peaceful and nurturing home life for my two beautiful children.
    To believe that being a single mother is truly a blessing.
    To forgive…myself, my ex (make that plural) for all the heartache.
    To move on from my recent boyfriend of seven years whom I have said goodbye to so many many times in the past two years and still have not let go of totally.
    To be a more patient driver.
    To accept my job for what it is and be grateful that I have it.
    To get my finances in order.
    And for my Mondo Beyondo:
    To welcome into my life all that the universe has in store for me, and not be afraid.
    To choose caring and loving friends who will add to the quality of my life and not hurt me.
    To start my incredibly wondeful own business that I have been dreaming of for years and years.
    To move from this neighborhood with its’ bad energy.
    To live life on life’s terms…with a sprinkling of my own flair!
    Peace to all, have a wonderful new year!

  71. samantha

    so, update on the mondo beyondo and how it greatly affected our new year. my fiance’ and i, on new year’s eve and new year’s day were moving into our new apartment without any roommates, (which is symbolic and gratifying in and of itself), and so around ten or so, we decided to take a break. i told him about the mondo beyondo list and how i thought it would be cool if we made a list of things we had learned in 2004 and a mondo beyondo. although he seemed sketchy, we made the lists, read them out loud to eachother, and had a really great time! we then hung the great big lists of faith on our fridge as a reminder to live life to the fullest, even when it’s safer to remain at home. i think this might be a new tradition! 🙂 *all smiles*

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