monkey business

the curve of the earth, Canon Digital Rebel

Hey folks, you know how I mentioned in this post that they were going to auction off the right to name the new primate my friend filmed? Well I’ve got some good news and bad news.

The good news is that the name was auctioned for $650,000 which all goes to help conserving their habitat. The bad news is that a casino bought it and it will be called the monkey.

Yes. It’s true.

You are not reading the The Onion.

P.S. In creating a link for the Onion, I saw this very silly headline on their site that made me laugh: New, Delicious Species Discovered.

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  1. Jodi

    I so want you to be joking…

  2. Donavan

    Mayday, Mayday, The ship is going down.
    The Ship Is Going Down!
    Online casino’s buying monkey species names?
    I feel like I’m living inside the movie “Back To The Future”, only this time, Marty loses and Biff wins.
    Oh well, smoke em’ if ya got em.
    Anybody for a round of Blackjack?

  3. William

    The monkey retains its dignity. The casino goes down in history for the stupidity and inappropriateness of its self-promotion. What a bunch of idiots.

  4. Steph

    Oh, I am so sad. Let’s just hope that the $650,000 is enough to keep development out of their habitat (and thus, internet casinos).
    Couldn’t they at least have named it the Golden Palace monkey? The .com part is what makes it so awful.

  5. Kate

    I think those golden palace weirdos also paid $15,000 to some couple to name their child I remember reading that they also bought Britney Spears pregnancy test. (Ew.) I think that these guys must have charred black souls. I really wished you were joking….

  6. Ann Benoit

    thats sad about the monkey… but your picture of the hill makes me smile. it reminds me of doing egg rolls 🙂

  7. Ann Benoit

    thats sad about the monkey… but your picture of the hill makes me smile. it reminds me of doing egg rolls 🙂

  8. cheryl

    they also bought a ghost from a woman and a grilled cheese sandwich with the image of jesus on it I believe…there’s gotta be something I could put on ebay for Golden Palace to pay me ridiculous amounts of money for.

  9. natala

    they also were behind the guy at the olympics, that was on the diving board in a tutu, and they are responsible for the streakers at the super bowl and so on…. and people getting tatoos for for advertising.

  10. Leonie

    maybe the dotcom phonemenon will take off… maybe i’ll call my kid lifeispreciousdotcom just for fun 😀
    Besides… I don’t think someone would have paid $650 000 just to name the monkey “Harry”
    love and lighter,

  11. Carrie

    Oh my gosh.

  12. joy madison

    people are IDIOTS!!! How dumb…I’m sorry!

  13. max


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