The Road to Hana

rear view mirror andr#F944D.jpg
rear view, Canon Digital Rebel

We arrived in Hana thursday and marveled at the beauty of this place once again. Our dear friend Chris picked us up at the airport, leid us in bright tropical purples and immediately took us to Costco! (which seems like a total buzzkill except that I was fascinated to see boogie boards, hawaiian shirts, surf boards, macadamia nuts and board shorts in lieu of winter jackets.) I’ve always had a thing for grocery stores in other countries and Hawaii really should be considered another country.

Chris and Jacques live in beautiful Hana, one of the most exquisite jewels on planet Earth. It is also remote and takes at least 2 hours to get there by car on a windy magical road. People who live there have to shop for their food and other supplies in town (hence the trip to Costco) If you haven’t been on the the road to Hana, imagine Big Sur, (that wild, unmanicured beauty, dramatic cliffs overlooking the ocean) gone technicolor. Lush, green bamboo forests, red ginger and rocks and waterfalls on every curve. Rainbows sit in the clouds over turquoise water.

rainbow in clouds 72dpi.jpg

It’s ridiculous really. A totally ridiculous kind of beauty. And one that I feel so blessed to enjoy this week.
I always say that I love Chris and Jacques so much that they could live anywhere in the world and I would think it was the best place that ever existed… but I totally approve of their move to paradise.

Andrea, photo by Matt Passmore Canon Digital Rebel


I am reading a fantastic book called Moloka’i while I’m here and a book about business that is blowing my mind called The E-Myth.

So honored to see the post about me and my work on Danny Gregory’s site. I must say I love the drawing… Thank you Danny!

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  1. Krista

    Aloha Andrea,
    I am so glad you are getting the chance to Hana-Hou on Maui. I will say a little prayer for you that God will bless your quiver while you are there.
    You may remember I lived on Kauai 12 years and spread my Super-Hero girl power everywhere I went. My husband and I struggled with starting our family, but I finally was blessed with my little “Hana” (or Hannah as we call her in Haouli-ville) and have a precious son as well. We have been back on the Mainland one year now and as I read your post today….I can feel the warm sand under my feet, I can smell the Plumeria Lei around your neck and the trade winds blowing across your Lanai. From here I can only imagine that you and Matt will have some “Lei-ing” around to-do. Blessings to you and my prayers are with you. ALoha Ke Akua

  2. españa

    Enjoy that sunshine and that warm water, you lucky thing…

  3. moki

    First off, I love your blog so much. I always explore it if I’m having a really funky day for an uplifting message. Second, I love the post Danny did! The “gist” he posted really spoke to me, I have been thinking a lot a bout my definition of the word artist…how it applies to my life…and especially do I need to stop playing around in all the different mediums and just focus on one thing or just accept that I do alot of things. So your “gist” words were very inspiring! Thanks

  4. Christine

    Watch for the whales, they’re there now…Maui is the most incredible place…been to Hana and we came back the unpaved road to the other side of island! Have a wonderful time and be safe.

  5. Linda

    Hello Andrea ~
    Your photo of the Hawaiian clouds brought back one of my best memories of Kauai. My husband and I got up one morning before dawn and watched the sun rise over the ocean. The clouds were hot pink and canary yellow…..and hard to believe even when we were right there under them. It was like standing in a Maxfield Parrish painting, and I will never forget it. Enjoy the magic of Hawaii…it’s really like no other place in the world.
    Best to you, and thank you for your journal!

  6. Sue

    i love the photo of you running towards Matt, gorgeous.

  7. delia~rose

    eye went to Hawai’i*****
    one year ago~by myself: just how it WENT, but scary cause of AutoImmunestuff to deal with while moving arnd on my own@@@and I called my friends crying. I WAS okay enuff to soak in the Earthtrancedance Bee-yootee. Oh YES. Brave Adventuring Woman on Her OWN. Mye eyes changed colour~into a deeper sea green““““`Many great people I met and artists I talked to & tried SURFING for the FIRst time!!!!!!!! (missed the swing w/ the dolphins &close-UP whale seeing for various rzns. no , not RAisins). Even tho’ I was lonelyMuch of the time~~~Upon returning, I Knew that it changed my soul. AND I found one of the Best Goodwills I have seen in my lyphe in Honolulu!!!! ……and I’ve seen some goood 2nd hand shops ; )
    Loving to you and yours~

  8. Southern Bird

    Hey… came hither from Danny’s blog.
    Wanted to say what a fabulous pic that is of you running! Really too cool.

  9. Swirly

    Wishing you endless rainbows and laughter in the ocean!

  10. jenlemen

    andrea, i’ll be interested to hear more about what you think about the e-myth book. it seems to me you represent a whole new era of business more similar to what hugh mcleod talks about with microbranding. here’s a link:
    you might not need to play by the old rules at all. in fact the old rules might really not be nearly as effective as your own intuitive path to success.

  11. bohemiangirl

    you look so free and happy!! yay.
    have a lovely, whimsical and refreshing time in that gem of a place. xoxo, denise

  12. rachel

    So glad you’re getting to be in one of your favorite places. Just had to let you know that I loved Molokai’i too, and read it while honeymooning on Molokai’i! (I love doing that, the most recent example was reading Henry Miller writing about Big Sur while staying at Big Sur. Which you mention too!)

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  14. Jenn

    You are in Hana again…. yeah for you. I love the rainbow picture. What a lovely blue sky. Have a wonderful time with the boys.

  15. Kelly

    It is also the most expensive place to live in the entire world… I am SO jealous!
    Have you gone on the chocolate lava cave tour yet? It’s run by a nice eccentric man who collects player pianos. I went a few years ago and he didn’t flinch at all when I threw up in his trash can. Spelunking (and driving those hairpin turns) are definite superhero activities!

  16. Knoxy

    Hiya Andrea.
    I read your blog almost daily. Had to comment on Hana. Isn’t it one of the BEST places on earth? I went there for the first time about two years ago. I was hanging out in Kapalua for a week and decided to spend a night in Hana. I left wishing I would have spent the WHOLE WEEK THERE! The scent of wild ginger and the honor code roadside flower shops… the lush jungles and the winding roads… the simplicity of the small village and the smiles on people’s faces there…
    Thanks for bringing back the memory. I am glad you had a wonderful time.

  17. G-Man

    Wow..great pix…the rainbow amongst the clouds is amazing!

  18. surcie

    Hana is one of my absolute favorite places. I hope you have the best time ever!

  19. Caroline

    Ooooo, so glad you’re having a great time!!!! the pics look fantastic and i’m jealous i’m not there with you! HUGS to you and all the boys. BTW, I love saying “waianapanapa”, don’t you.
    xo, C

  20. Beth

    The E-Myth Revisited is one of my top five favorite books! What an amazing and inspiring read for any business owner.

  21. Tickled Pink

    I still have my “I survived the Hana Highway” T-Shirt from my first and only trip to the islands. I remember driving in our rented jeep, top off, and being blown away by the incredible waterfalls and the big cross. I felt God’s presence everywhere we went. My envy meter is over the top! Lucky girl! I have a good friend who grew up there and is eager to return with her husband to raise a family in a few years.
    I bet your seeing all kinds of beautiful color schemes that will show up in your incredible jewelry!

  22. corey

    If the sky didn’t tell me, if the rainbow didn’t tell me, if the blue ocean didn’t say it, then certainly it was you running in the middle of it all…LIVING HAPPINESS!

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