pony nose

pony nose, Canon Digital Rebel

This is a horse.

This is a tiny horse.

It is real.

It is a horse.

On our way to Christine’s place in Solvang, I screamed when I saw what I thought was a horse statue/stuffed animal/lawn ornament come to life. Then I saw more. Tiny ponies everywhere! I couldn’t believe my eyes… Jen turned to me surprised, “You’ve never seen these before? This is what rich people buy!”

Do you remember the delight of seeing something for the first time? Something you didn’t know existed?

Something you didn’t even know was possible?

That’s how I felt when I saw those tiny ponies.

It might as well have been a field of white unicorns.

Or a wardrobe that was a portal to another land.

For some of us, it is seeing a double rainbow for the first time that brings us this sense of wonder. For others it is a shooting star. For this Californian, it was seeing fireflies for the first time (once again with Jen) when I went to Chicago.

It makes me think of something my dear friend Sara said when we asked her to be the officiant for our wedding. She said, “Wow! There are so many things I’ve looked forward to in my life. I didn’t know life included this!”

I didn’t know life included tiny ponies.

Tom Chambers
will blow your little head wide open.

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  1. Anja

    “I didn’t know life included tiny ponies.”
    That is so my quote of the week.
    So glad to hear you had a good time with your girls 🙂

  2. la vie en rose

    ahhhh…the simply joys of life…they make life worth living.

  3. bohemiangirl

    oh my goodness…i didn’t know they existed either!!
    what a wonder for you to see this.
    i do remember the first time i saw a tree full of fireflies in texas.
    a wonderland it was.

  4. christine

    oh my gosh, that’s how i felt when i saw the ponies too! and, coincidentally, i still don’t think i’ve seen a real live firefly. what do i get to see that others don’t? i wonder. movie stars, i guess.

  5. keri

    I’ve been to the tiny pony farm in Solvang. So many tiny ponies… I wanted to put one in my pocket and sneak out with it.

  6. Jenn

    I’ve not been able to do a bit of work this morning. I can’t stop looking at the photographs of Tom Chambers. I am completly blown away by them. So incredibly moving. I have a deep, deep love for horses and these just hit me right in that spot. Thank you for sharing.
    I love that you mention fireflies. This year was my first summer of them. I think I secretly didn’t think they were real. I spent many a dusk this summer staring, trying not to bother and thinking I felt like I was five.

  7. lori

    We have tiny ponies down the road from us, so sweet! Have you seen the huge godzilla like pigs they use in the circus? That was bizarre.

  8. MamaChristy

    Did you know they have tiny goats, too? They are seriously just as cute as the ponies (and you don’t even have to love goats like I do to realize this). Maybe after we move into ourr new house I can talk my husband into letting me get one… Maybe not! 🙂
    Cute picture: http://www.angelfire.com/az/sunpipergoats/images/Kk3.jpg

  9. pixie

    i love how this entry makes me feel. when life is crusty, dusty and rusty, i need only think of tiny ponies. i will keep this with me for those times. thank you!

  10. Laura

    Tiny ponies! Imagine! Just think what else is out there to see. 🙂

  11. Husband

    I felt that way when I met you, Andrea.
    A sap I am. A sap. Very sappy.

  12. matirose

    OMG tiny ponies! i didn’t know those existed either! tom chambers does blow it up.

  13. Julia

    I’ll bet you thought you were dreaming when you first saw those tiny ponies! I remember when I first saw them at a little farm near San Diego…I thought they were like toys come to life!! If I could, I’d love to have one. I hear they can be housebroken like dogs, and become “inside” pets…way cool huh?!! Also, I loved the link to Tom Chambers photo galleries. His work is brilliant, disturbing, beautiful, and creepy all at the same time, and it really draws me in….definitely a “mind blowing” visual experience! Thanks. Great post. 🙂

  14. KimC

    I can not remember my very first Texas thunderstorm, but I can remember every good one I ever experienced. Climbing on the roof in San Angelo and watching those huge billowing clouds moving slowly to me, lightning bolts against a blue sky. Thunder so loud that is shakes the house. The wonderful smell of dirt being driven to the ground by rain. My last visit to Texas, my son and I had were given a little thunderstorm gift from God. We sat and watched it in awe. I can never get enough of them! So, every time I experience one, yes, it feels like the first time.

  15. Wheezy

    I saw my first minature pony when I was about 7 and I was amazed then also.
    Your entry made me smile. (Which was good, except that I had toothpaste in my mouth at the time, which is now on my shirt.)

  16. Frankie

    awww tiny ponies! I don’t have a moment like this myself, but I remember watching the delight in my 20 year old friend’s face the first time she ever came north and experienced snow. It was wonderful to marvel in her awe.

  17. Frankie

    awww tiny ponies! I don’t have a moment like this myself, but I remember watching the delight in my 20 year old friend’s face the first time she ever came north and experienced snow. It was wonderful to marvel in her awe.

  18. Karen

    Did you know there are also miniature cattle and miniature donkeys? The donkeys are just toooo adorable. I bought one of your necklaces awhile back, and never did tell you how beautiful it is in person. It really is :o)

  19. chrissy

    i didn’t know that life had haagen daaz pineapple cocanut ice cream in it, i would have never tried it on purpose but had it at a party. oh my gawd! how could this have existed and i did not know about it!?!?!?!?!?

  20. sara

    I feel like such a rock star whenever something I’ve said or done makes it into your blog! Thanks for making my day (again)!
    More importantly, though, I thank you and Matt (again and again and again) for allowing me to officate at your wedding! When you asked, I knew immediately that this would be one of the most magical and wonderful things I’d ever be honored to do (I still vividly remember sitting on the floor of what was then the office and holding your hands)… But even so, the experience of being under that chuppah with the two of AMAZED me and will always shape my understanding of what true love is and does and can make happen in the world.

  21. G-Man

    As a hobby, my grandpa raises many exotic breeds of miniture ponies. It’s quite something else.

  22. Pamela

    Andrea, once again you’ve taken an amazing photograph. The composition and sweetness of that photograph brings me right back to riding the ponies at Griffith Park when I was a child. There is something about the horse as a symbol of spirit for (particularly) women.
    I love the abandon and enthusiasm of your discovery!

  23. Moose

    Is it awful of me to want to take that pony home, when it should be left for everyone to enjoy? But that velvety nose! Beautiful. And your photo is, again, lovely. Thanks! (P.S. Pygmy goats are also quite nice.)

  24. christina

    The tiny ponies made me smile, but your description of your weekend made me smile even more. And feel just a teeny tiny twinge of envy. In a good way.

  25. karrie

    I love double rainbows. And I love that you described your weekend retreat so well. Thanks for always inspiring me.

  26. karrie

    I love double rainbows. And I love that you described your weekend retreat so well. Thanks for always inspiring me.

  27. Mia

    i can remember the first time I met some miniature horses. I was fascinated. It was like they were from another world, maybe a world filled with those little people from Charlie and the Chocolate factory, lots of giant mushrooms and witches and warlocks. Can you imagine little miniature cats and miniature cows and sheep? Too strange….

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    pro enhance

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