13 weeks

self-portrait, 13 weeks, Canon Digital Rebel

By popular request, a photo of the “bump” as my friend Denise likes to call it. The bump is currently hijacking all of my regular clothing, so I used the Bella Band for the first time today. It is brilliant and simple, and allows you to wear your regular pants (with the top button unbuttoned just a wee bit longer) This is one of those things you wish you had invented yourself!

Inspiration for a Monday morning:

I stumbled upon David Maisel’s work at the CCA graduate show a few weeks ago. His series of photographs called Library of Dust (large vivid photos of copper canisters from the early 1900’s holding the unclaimed remains of patients who died in the hospital) is surprisingly beautiful. The very next day, someone pointed me to his web site and I fell in love with his project called Terminal Mirage. These will truly take your breath away.

Take a trip through China with Benjamin Collier.

Weird little short films here and here.

One of my favorite photos from the awesome site called Mexican Pictures.

Guerilla gardening will delight you.

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Hi, I’m Andrea

On this blog you’ll be learning with me how to use our voices, share our creative superpowers and live life in full color.

As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO — ‘cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. cindy

    you look gorgeous! is that your new berkley living room?

  2. Pritha

    Hi there,
    I am so happy to see you featured as *the pregnant lady* in one of your awesome pregnant lady portraits.
    You can’t imagine how much hope this image brings me for everything that I’ve always wanted, worked so very hard for and haven’t really tapped into fully. Thanks for sharing, Andrea!
    Wishing you happy belly,

  3. beeb

    Embrace yourself… I’m lovin’ the bump…

  4. amanda

    What a beautiful little bump you have! 😉

  5. Molly Hart

    Oh Andrea-
    You look so adorable.
    c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s ! ! !
    Oh baby, oh baby.

  6. blackbird

    I’ve been waiting for it to be YOUR turn for the belly picture…and am so so happy to see it today.

  7. ejjjik

    Oh, you’re so beautiful! 🙂
    I’m so happy about you, and my frinds as well. They don’t even read your blog but we talk a lot about you and we’re sending you all the best!

  8. kristine

    awhhh, so sweet!

  9. Sarah Pezdek-Smith

    YEAH! what a great pic! I am so happy for you 🙂

  10. eileen

    Your lovely lady lump! My oh my, you are too precious!

  11. Lynn

    Awwww! Such a lovely bump! 😀

  12. bimacs

    you go with yer radiant self!! wooo! xoxoxo

  13. Laura


  14. Heather

    You are too cute. I was wondering how that bella band worked, just yesterday I tore threw every piece in my closet desperatly trying to sqeeze into something, I’m at the inbetween stage, to small for maternity, to big for my own cloths..ug. You look beautiful.

  15. stef

    OMG! You are so adorable!!! Love this; you have to keep going; every month. I loved that I did that and it’s such a treat to look back and see how you and the baby change!!!

  16. hummingbird

    You are so glorious!!! Congrats to you and Matt!
    So many miracles await you and your family..so many “firsts”…so many wonders!! So many vivid delicious moments!!! Joy to you and yours…

  17. susan

    horray for bumps and bella bands!

  18. Milena

    Andrea & Matt,
    I haven’t checked up on you in a long time and my eyes filled with tears as soon as that WONDERFUL photo loaded!! Congratulations!!!! I believe that the last comment I made on your blog was in regards to your Misery Loves Company Post- Ahh.. I am crying again.. I love to go back and read the way I felt and the positive energy a group of friends shared with me during my trying time and well here is my post to you during your trying time- Just proof that your child is so very loved that OUR children have a huge story to tell because there lives were a process that we anxiously waited and longed for…
    Positivity your way for the months to come.. CONGRATS!!
    I feel your pain I’ve lived through it and just like you I choose not to go thru it alone. There are so many women going thru the emotional rollercoaster that is infertilty, and just wanted you to know that I am here to listen to talk to be your company when misery hits.
    I know the infertilty scar too well. The probing the feeling of not having what it seems everyone else has, the depression , the guilt for not being happy when a friend gets a positive test.
    I had support in my husband but he didn’t know the pain, the toll it takes on us woman, I turned to the internet and found a group of women who I LOVE they are amazing each with a story to tell and all in search of one thing life, http://www.theob.net and of course as previous posters have mentioned http://www.alittlepregnant.com.
    Although I am no longer an infertile as I have a baby boy who was concieved thru IVF, I wanted to let you know you aren’t alone and these feelings are normal.
    Positive Thinking Superhero,

  19. MaryBEth

    oh what a TRIPLE B ( Blessed Baby Belly)
    Take special care of YOU!
    MB in JT

  20. Sarah Pezdek-Smith

    P.S….if you have an H & M near you, they have awesome (and affordable) maternity clothes once you are through with the bella band 🙂

  21. Shelba

    Wow, you might be the cutest pregnant woman I’ve ever seen! Love that bump!

  22. Shari

    What a great picture! You are going to be such the cool Mommy!

  23. rachael

    Awwwww, how adorable. You’re so beautiful. 🙂

  24. blair

    First off, thanks for your candid and inspiring blog that has allowed so many to follow your journey. And, congratulation from a fellow artist who just celebrated the graduation of her son!! Cherish every moment, day, week, and year. They are precious beyond measure.
    When do you plan on releasing the necklace design (pink and blue?) to commemorate the bump? It might just be the perfect encouragement to hopeful future moms everywhere. Spread that mommy-superhero power.

  25. Anja

    Your bump photo gave me a lump in my throat 🙂
    I don’t know why your pregnacy touches me so much, but it does – I am so happy for you. And it’s such a lovely bump too!

  26. laura

    Hi Andrea,
    Congratulations! I am so happy that you finally got your wish. In your post about moving house, you hinted that it would be where you would start a family. Little did I suspect that you were already almost into the second trimester!
    Hurrah! You must take a weekly belly photo for posterity!
    I wish my non-pregnant belly looked as neat and toned as your! 🙂

  27. Keely

    Yay for baby bump! 🙂 Was thinking about you today as I was having an HSG done to see what’s going on with me. You’ve always been an inspiration, but now that I’m going through similar things I’ve been looking to your recent announcement as encouragement that we’ll be parents someday soon too.

  28. Leonie

    that is SO very beautiful.
    blessed be.

  29. Angela Giles Klocke

    WOW! I take off for a while to move and come back to see this! How wonderful!!!

  30. Debbie

    Ooh! I hate to admit that my belly looks just like that after I eat and I am NOT pregnant. 🙂
    You are too cute for words.
    Happy Baby Belly Bump!

  31. rebecca

    just adding many congratulations to the pile. i must say that your happiness is contagious… and as i continue to admire your courage and strength, i hope for you a season of so much sweetness and rest.
    here’s to dreams coming true!

  32. susanna

    Congratulations! You look so hip and beautiful. Love your hijacked wardrobe selection, too! The Mexican photograph of Kashgar Kids at Dusk portrays the sounds of laughter and of the skipping rope perfectly. I love the colorful clothing the children are wearing from head to toe.

  33. Mia

    Bump is lovely. It will be so fun to see if it is a he-bump or she-bump. Good luck. Relax and enjoy the whole thing

  34. emily

    Hi Andrea –
    I just wanted to say many congratulations on your wonderful news!
    Thanks too for the link to the mexican photos – they are gorgeous.
    Take care, emily.

  35. Tylene

    Congratulations Andrea!! You look absolutely adorable!! I’m so happy your wishes for motherhood have come true! Your baby is truly blessed to have you as a his/her Mommy! Enjoy your pregnancy! I look forward to following you in this amazing life journey.

  36. Michelle

    Congrats on your wonderful news. I had my first baby 12 weeks ago (a gorgeous little boy) and let me tell you, you are on the most amazing ride of your life! Savour every moment of being pregnant – hopefully you won’t suffer too much with all the yucky bits that can hit you, and that you will just feel bursting with love and anticipation as I did.
    And just a few words of advice while it’s still so fresh in my mind – when your precious baby arrives, please be gentle with yourself and don’t expect too much because trust me you will feel like you’ve been hit by a truck (physically and mentally). But this passes (by 8 weeks I started to feel close to “normal” again), and when it all gets too much (unexplained crying, exhaustion, poo everywhere!) remember that the baby is just doing what it does, it doesn’t mean to be difficult. If you feel stressed it’s because you are fighting the baby and yourself – take a deep breath and go with the flow. When I worked out that logic doesn’t live here anymore it has all gotten so much easier!! Now my sweet boy and I just take each day as it comes and try to have as much fun as we can.

  37. snowsparkle

    ah andrea! thank you thank you… yesterday i was talking with maya about how wonderful it is to share in vital celebrations of love: most especially weddings and pregnancies. to find your beautifully lit “bump” here today was such a gift. thank you. i celebrate you!

  38. snowsparkle

    ah andrea! thank you thank you… yesterday i was talking with maya about how wonderful it is to share in vital celebrations of love: most especially weddings and pregnancies. to find your beautifully lit “bump” here today was such a gift. thank you. i celebrate you!

  39. yasmin

    Just beautiful – words fail me… love Yasmin

  40. pixie

    oh just so gorgeous! soon that wee bump will be a might glowing orb that vibrates like the full moon. i don’t have to tell you to enjoy these incredible short weeks. 25-27 more to go!! you will cherish every moment.

  41. Denise

    LOOK AT YOU!!!
    I giggled and cried all at once seeing this. Oh my gosh…too much cuteness to be had. It’s a perfect little bump, isn’t it??
    You’re going to be the sauciest, sexiest, loveliest, cutest, funkiest preggie mama around.
    Prrr kitty kitty!
    Embrace that lil’ belly!!!
    Love you.

  42. pixie

    mighty. ahem.

  43. alison

    eeeee… so cute cute bump! 😀
    lotsa love to cutecute bump! and momma too!

  44. Jenn

    I love your “bump” very sweet and loved so much already. I am just so happy for you and Matt.
    Thank you for the inspiration Monday. I loved the Mexican photos.

  45. Di

    Congratulations … the bump is so cute. I’m glad you’re back and writing, I’ve caught up on your archives and discovered a ‘feel good’ place for the bad days in Belgium 🙂

  46. Leslie

    Ohhh you have a cute little bump. If this picture was taken in your new home…it looks lovely; all settled in and organized.

  47. erika

    you look so CUTE. thank you for sharing your bump and more pictures to come. *hint hint* 🙂
    oh yes, and remember the lens talk we had a long long time ago? i am finally getting my portrait lens on thursday. woo hoo!!! next is a flash 🙂

  48. Michele

    Aww, Andrea what a beautiful little bump.:)

  49. muck

    aww, i love this picture. you ought to print your online journal w pics so you can show it to your baby someday 🙂

  50. Molly

    Beautiful. x

  51. Kate

    Look at your tiny little tummy! So cute!

  52. adele

    I’m almost jealous of this baby because of his/her wonderful parents. this baby is going to grow up to be such a GOOD person because of you two, and because of his or her unique abilities. and really, being a good person is the biggest and best and hardest and most beautiful thing to aspire towards, isn’t it?

  53. kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

    Oh My Gosh! I haven’t checked your blog for awhile and when I did…….the amazing bump was staring at me. I am so excited and so so happy for you and your husband!

  54. amy

    you look beautiful and full of life! enjoy this special time…it promises to be amazing!

  55. amy

    you look beautiful and full of life! enjoy this special time…it promises to be amazing!

  56. rebecca

    hi andrea,
    i love your picture – so lovely! i am pregant too – 10 weeks & wondering if you had any morning sickness. sometimes hard to get thru. thanks for being an inspiration!

  57. jen gray

    prettiest girl and bump i ever did see….
    love you!

  58. april

    you are so beautiful!!!

  59. Pamela

    Such a darling torso! Wow, so exciting to see you coming along …
    And I’ve added the photo sites to my favorites–they are vibrant photographs with stimulating and unique composition!

  60. Felicity

    BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, You rock right on, baby.

  61. Heidi

    You are beautiful and radiant!

  62. Julia

    You and the “bump” are simply lovely! Great self portrait and post today. 🙂

  63. jen b

    super duper cute bump!

  64. sara

    simply beautiful.

  65. Swirly

    Love your bump!!

  66. Bek

    so, so SO cute!

  67. amy

    SWEET BUMPAGE and super sweet superheroage

  68. liz elayne

    your bump…well, it just invites such joy in my heart.
    beautiful girl. love it!

  69. Sonia


  70. shelly


  71. kristen

    such a cute bump, you are sooo adorable!!

  72. Kate

    Just lovely.

  73. wendy cook

    oh andrea, i’ve been dying to see the “bump”. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  74. amy j.

    Aren’t you just too cute for words! So skinny with that little belly poking out. You’re gonna have a great pregnancy…I can just feel it. Enjoy it girl. So, you doing ok with the first trimester gone now…did you have morning sickness and such? You’ll want to take these self portraits regularly…and post them of course! Soooo freakin’ happy for you.

  75. Shelley Noble

    THIS is the most beautiful photo I have ever seen. Sniffle.

  76. colleen

    S W E L L !!!
    Andrea, you continue to be an inspiration for me, that all good things DO happen, eventually!!
    love colleen

  77. Sue

    So fabulous! I took these type of shots every week and now I have a fabulous collection! I’m sure you’ll do the same. You look amazing! Oh…and we’ve started to take photo booth pics with our 9 month old son. We’re going to do that once a month. You gave me that inspiration (with the photo booth pics)!
    Again, congrats! You’re so beautiful!

  78. Jennifer

    Pretty belly girl, way to go…
    By the way, if that’s your new house in the background, it’s totally cute!!

  79. Crissi

    Sheesh! I stay away, and this is my punishment! I’m the last to know! CONGRATULATIONS! I am so thrilled for you! And your belly is just the cutest thing. Enjoy it, at 9 months you will be missing it, LOL! Seriously, this is wonderful news!

  80. Kymberlee

    I have been waiting for this shot since I visualized it last spring when you asked for prayers and support. I have prayed consistently and had unwavering faith that one day I would visit your journal and see your beautiful, glowing pregnant self. Andrea, tears of joy fill my soul on this day and I celebrate with you and Matt.
    Welcome to the club, my friend. You have years of joy and pain ahead of you. Every tear you cry, every “owie” you fix up, every kiss you receive from little rosebud lips….all of it is pure heaven. I am so very, very happy for you, dear one.
    Love and blessings to you THREE!

  81. jolene

    suits you!

  82. Christine

    your belly looks so happy, andrea!
    if there was a way of being affectionately jealous right now, then that be me. lol. you take it easy over there. 🙂

  83. Teri

    Great photo!! God, it’s SUCH a spectacular time, these nine months. So happy for you! Hope you’re feeling blissful and beautiful!

  84. Marilyn

    Surely this is one of more joy-inducing photos floating around the internet…for anyone who’s been following along here for any length of time… So happy for you, Andrea!! xoxo

  85. surcie

    I’m reminded of this quote: “Life is a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen to hatch.” –EB White, Charlotte’s Web

  86. La'Saundra

    I just read your post from June 1st. We’ve never met, but I’ve been reading for a while. I am so, so happy for you! And I’m happy for your baby. I just think of all the wisdom that I’ve gotten from your writing and all the intimate details you’ve shared…your son or daughter is going to have such a benefit being the child of someone so open, creative, and lovely. Congratulations a million times!

  87. zangel

    your site in google

  88. Wanda Tucker

    I have been away from Blogland for a while and just read the news. Congratulations! May you all continue to be blessed.

  89. lela

    this photo makes me smile!
    such a beautiful miracle…

  90. Kat

    i’ve celebrated, teared-up, woot-woot-tooted, even shared the great news with hubby.
    then i realized i haven’t said anything to you yet!
    ahh, the pitfalls of a distracted mommy-of-3.
    WAY TO GO, ANDREA! Blessing, blessing and more blessings to wonderful you.

  91. David

    I was going to squat blog, but then I saw the photograph and got a huge smile and decided to squat somewhere else. Pregnant photos are often taken at the tail end of pregnancy, when the bump is more of a buldge. Your little bump is kinda hot. It’s beautifully accented by the coffee table and hte curve of the chair. Don’t know if that was intentional.
    Mozel Tov!

  92. Beth

    Congratulations on your bump! 🙂 I’ve been away from your blog for quite a while (computer dumped all my bookmarks), but when I used to read it regularly, I liked the little I knew of you, and wished you fertility. I just came upon your blog again just now and am so happy for you. 🙂 🙂 🙂 See? I look forward to reading more about your journey.

  93. Bianca

    You look great!

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