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I feel the need to add a postscript to my last entry. I’m afraid I gave a bad impression of my doctor! who is truly the best of the best, whom I trust completely and totally adore. When I miscarried a couple of years ago, she called me at home each day to see how I was doing. She remembers everything I tell her and always gives the impression that she has plenty of time for me (even when I know she is on the clock just like everyone else) She is total superhero material. She is a nurse midwife, a mother and part of a group at UCSF that gives conscious care to their patients. I am in good hands!

A few hours after posting that entry, my curiosity got the best of me and I called them to confirm my pre-pregnancy weight. Turns out my suspicions were right. The weight I started out with was written wrong in their books. They thought I had gained double what I have actually gained. Her reaction was reasonable. Anyway, it was interesting to watch all of my food issues come up, right there like they were never very far away.

It felt important to go through those weeks and in the end reclaim my joy and trust in my body… I appreciate and love it when you share your stories. I remember them all and have them in my pocket. We are all going through this together in that time-is-not-really-linear kind of way.

Sending you love this weekend and a stumble upon a community garden that you didn’t know about…

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  1. Lindsey Alyce-with-a-y

    I stumbled upon one this morning on a bike ride. Well, actually, I already knew about the garden (it’s a beautiful one, on the bike trail by Wabesa street), but I had never seen it so full of hollyhocks and rasberries and the first sunflowers of the year. It was a re-stumbling so to speak.
    Enjoy your peaches. 🙂

  2. debra

    I didn’t stumble across a community garden but I did take a lovely walk through the neighborhood early this morning. The weather was perfect and I spent a good deal of time photographing 7 little ducks who were swimming in the creek that runs behind my house. It was the type of morning in which one could find beauty everywhere.
    You look like the perfect picture of blossoming motherhood. Wishing you all the best!

  3. Boho

    you’re doctor is an angel. it makes me feel all warm and mushy inside that you are being so well taken care of.
    beauty finds you…because you are beautiful.
    love you, friend.

  4. stef

    i agree those nurses, midwives and dr’s at ucsf are all beautiful people who really care ~ you are in such good arms 🙂

  5. Jennifer

    Boy, it’s a good thing you made that phone call after your appointment!! Miscommunication is a real pain in the neck….

  6. nina

    you are a perfect bellymama! i loved looking at your 17 week picture. it’s wonderful that you have such great care. every mama deserves good people watching over them!

  7. tiffany

    Your belly is PERFECT! I’m glad you called. Eating with total abandon is good for the soul = good for the baby. 🙂
    I had no idea that I cared about my weight until I was pregnant last summer and found myself feeling more gorgeous than I ever had in the summer time. The freedom from sucking in my stomach for one whole summer was incredible! And kind of sad, so I’m making it a point not to be so hard on myself this summer.

  8. mary

    I thought you looked perfect for a tad over four months!! Glad it was a snafu! You look beautiful.

  9. estea

    okey dokey, now we’re talking! bring on the produce!
    *this little one has a kazillion good vibes heading his or her way every day*

  10. Jenn

    Lovely photograph. Just looking at it makes me want to run outside. I am so glad you share your process with everyone. It helps so many.

  11. kelly rae

    your little bump is perfect. glad you are feeling better about it. now get yourself back to that berkeley bowl!

  12. Anali

    I love sunflowers! Wonderful picture!

  13. Felicity

    Isn’t itinteresting, the mental games we play and the way others’ input can impact…

  14. Victoria Winters

    I’d love to stumble upon a community garden I don’t know about! And you look fabulous to me! Listen to your bod, girl. Seems to be just fine to me. 🙂

  15. Jason

    While dropping off the recycling yesterday we ran across a community garden that had once been a blighted vacant lot…every single square foot of space has now been taken over by six foot tall sunflowers. Where they came from, I’ll never know…we were there two weeks ago and the lot was covered in beer bottles and garbage.
    You look great! Thanks for sending the garden thoughts our way…

  16. beastmomma

    It never ceases to amaze me how close my issues live to the surface. I am so glad that you were able to reclaim your joy and trust in your body. Happy 17 weeks!

  17. Piper

    I didn’t find a community garden but I did experience love this weekend…I am constantly amazed at the beauty and love and goodness that my boyfriend possesses. I am so very blessed! And enjoy your belly – you do look wonderful and perfectly healthy! Enjoy your pregnancy! You so deserve to just sit back and savor all that it brings.

  18. Pritha

    Hi there,
    I love that you wrote about setting yourself free from your *body prison* thoughts. My wish is that we can all do this, where ever we might be in our lives. This would be bliss.
    You’ve always looked lovely and at 17 weeks, even lovelier!!!

  19. Kim

    You are beautiful! This may be premature for you, but was so helpful to me:
    Women have so may body issues and then when you put your body through the wonderful and amazing process of becoming a mother . . . sometimes so hard to see the beauty!

  20. Moe Moe

    I miss Berkeley…. that is a great picture. and congrats on the pregnancy!

  21. Robin

    Be proud of your belly. I was exactly the same, sticking it out, showing it off and letting people touch what has always been a loathed and forbidden zone, wrapped up in shame and guilt. Embrace every moment and feeling and don’t let anyone tellyou different. I love my Doctor too, but managed to have a similar experience when she told me not to gain too much weight because I was “starting a little large”. I was crushed initially, but turned it into a self affirmation after a while and now I almost love the comment, because it is just who I am! And she was just telling it like it is – and this helped me to know that she was honest and did not beat around the bush and, during labour and delivery I had no doubt that she had my interest at heart. Go with your gut and trust yourself, you were made to do this!

  22. belinda

    Well, everything you’ve done so far looks beautiful, so it only goes to say the very best is yet to come. I should know I have two.

  23. emily

    Hi Andrea,
    I love this photo!
    I hope you are well – you sound happy :~)

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