stripey girl

striped tights, Ella, Berkeley Marina, Canon Rebel Xti

My favorite thing about the Oscars last night was not the fabulous fashions, the endearing speeches, or the magic tricks… although these things made the Oscars seem sweeter and more authentic than ever before. What I loved most though was their new tradition of acknowledging each actor. Didn’t that kind of blow your mind? For those of you who didn’t watch, for each person that was nominated for “best actor” or “best supporting actor” there was a fellow actor on stage that offered up a little love note just for them. (If any of you find a video of this online, let me know!)

Watching this year, I had the sense that the world might be a gentler place. Perhaps things have gotten hard enough that people are needing to soften their edges and be kinder than they were before. Maybe we are feeling less separate. Did anyone else notice this?

Also, my absolute favorite movies this year were Man on Wire and Milk… Two incredibly inspiring men.

And finally, I have a little interview up over at Old Soul Ink.

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  1. Heather

    I also loved the new way they gave out acting awards last night. I was so moved and don’t know how the ladies made it through without sobbing! So beautiful, personal and touching.

  2. Rachel, Testosterhome

    We have a tradition in our family — on someone’s birthday, we go around the table and everyone will “honor” that person, publicly acknowledging what we love about that person, or how that person inspires us.
    That part of the Oscars last night was a lot like our tradition. I too, really enjoyed the way the nominees were honored — it seemed like it meant a lot to them as well.

  3. Mariella

    Yes!! I was feeling the love last night. It was grrrrreat! I’m also still groovin’ to “Jai Ho” from Slumdog…can’t get that tune out of my head. 🙂 xoxo, ~ M.

  4. M squared

    hello, i’ve just recently discovered your blog and love it! i just wanted to say i also love the new format of the personal “Love Notes” for each nominee in Best/Supporting Actor/Actress – it was so awesome to watch the veterans and winners speak such wonderfully moving messages to the nominees…what amazing acknowledgment! i love acknowledging my friends this way and it’s great to see it being done in such a public arena. i hope this starts a new trend!

  5. Mina

    I absolutely noticed and appreciated that part of the ceremony. To me it felt like (more with the women) the previous winners were a circle of wise actors waiting to welcome another into their circle. It felt very archetypal to me.

  6. D

    I LOVED the Oscars last night. It was the first time I was really absorbed by the performances (Hugh Jackman is amazing) and really engaged by what the presenters had to say.
    It did feel different this year.
    Great photo of the Stripey girl.

  7. celisa

    oh i felt the same way! it was the women though that tugged at my heart strings….i teared up on every one of them!

  8. sas

    This photo made me smile.
    I have loved stripey socks and tights since I was a child. And at the age of 36 I still wear them whenever I can 🙂

  9. patricia

    woohoo! an online mondo beyondo class! i cannot wait…(it was a tease to put that in your interview although i remember you alluding to something mondo beyondo earlier in the new year)…

  10. siobhan

    Oh yes, this was absolutely my favourite part of the show too! A wonderful idea and one that I hope will carry on for years and years to come. The one-to-one speeches were truth; heartfelt and moving. I loved it.

  11. Genevieve

    Yesterday was the first time i watched the awards in a while and i was so moved. We (in Australia) are so proud of Hugh Jackman for doing a wonderful job hosting the ceremony.
    But more than that was how much honour and respect was shown to the nominees for best actor/actress/supporting actor and actress. It even made me tear and it was easy to tell that the nominees were very touched by what was being said about them.
    I hope this is one tradition that continues. Maybe we can all learn a lesson from this and be honouring towards the people we work with and live with. Everyone needs to be told just how special they are.

  12. Laura

    I liked your observation that maybe things have gotten hard enough and people are needing to soften the edges. I agree with you- I think this is happening. The West has had nearly a decade of conservative governments pushing hardline
    neoliberal economic agendas, warmongering and the attendant racism that feeds popular support for war. I think the extent to which these policies have failed- socially, environmentally and ethically- has gotten too much to hide; and the popular response has been heartening. I think people are saying ‘no more’, and making a conscious effort to soften- as you put it- as well as consider others and behave ethically. I think this manifests in all sorts of ways. Even Oscars speeches 🙂
    And Milk was fantastic. I cried like a baby.

  13. Puanani

    I was so pleased with that aspect as well. It was like a little love note, very moving. It did fill me with hope that a shift is underway…

  14. Abby

    I absolutely agree with you about Man on Wire! It is such a magical & astounding movie that I have shared with everyone I can. I am glad it was recognized as it surely deserved it.

  15. jessica

    i thought the same thing…it was so lovely and endearing…gave me more hope for the goodness of this great world…love man on a wire too!

  16. Cynthia

    I loved that part of the Oscars too! You can see it again on YouTube –
    best actress

    best actor

    I think that this more intimate setting of the Oscars was so much better:) Have a yummy day!

  17. Sarah

    A Mondo-Beyondo class – what a fun idea! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  18. mamie

    we missed a good portion of the show, but i caught those wonderful accolades and i felt much the same. it was beautiful to see each person acknowledged for their craft, in such a sincere way. i am usually not terribly into hollywood things, but that was a shining moment for all of the artists that night.
    and i wanted to say i really love listening to the interviews you have been posting. i have been reading your words for a long time now, but there is something about ‘hearing’ them through your voice. really nice.

  19. Leslie

    yes that part was a good change for the Oscars….I loved that “Slumbdog..” rocked the Oscars…great film…from a film destined to go directly to video, it was the exposure and acceptance at TIFF ’08 – Toronto International Film Festival that pushed it out there…now I’m off to Cuba for a week of white sand, turquoise water, and warmth, no snow…yay…and all my superhero necklaces are coming along with me :>).

  20. Gypsy Alex

    Loved the interview, girlie. That snippet you shared about Amelie is my favorite too. I actually just re-watched it last week ~ (you an your serendipity ways with me… always timely) 😉

  21. Brianna

    Man on Wire is the one about the man who walked between the twin towers, right? If so, it’s also an excellent book – your little guy might enjoy it.

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