Summer Giveaway: Mati Rose McDonough print*


I have been decorating my house these days, slowly but surely, finding great prints on Etsy and 20×200 to adorn the walls in unique and affordable ways. My favorite print though is the one above. (I have three of Mati’s prints!)

As you can probably guess from the banner on this journal, I have a thing for stripes and pyschedelic colors. Mati is masterful at both and I love her quirky, childlike, and sophisticated style.

Today, one lucky winner will receive a print from Mati’s Suspect Shoppe. Leave a comment and win!
And if you are in San Francisco this Friday night, we will be celebrating Mati’s work at the Curiosity Shoppe in the Mission.

Giveaway Guidelines:
– You have until 9AM PST on Friday, July 10th to enter this giveaway.
– Just make a comment ON THIS POST to enter.
– This is a random drawing
– One entry per person, please. (Just push “post” ONCE and wait a few seconds. The comment should appear)

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Hi, I’m Andrea

On this blog you’ll be learning with me how to use our voices, share our creative superpowers and live life in full color.

As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO — ‘cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. Chessie


  2. Aleece

    I love how the negative space in the central area between the peacocks and antlers makes an upside-down heart! So clever!! And lovely!

  3. stef

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Mati and her art ~ and thanks for the tip on 20×200 – very cool 🙂
    see you Friday

  4. Aviva

    Fun/ky! Love it.

  5. Sarah

    This would look fabulous in my first apartment I get in August!

  6. Anne

    I have never heard of Mati, and I thank you for introducing her work to me through your site! Thanks so much for all you do, and all you bring our attention to.

  7. Betsy

    I love Mati’s work, and have been wanting to get a print. Winning this would be fantastic!

  8. Ashley


  9. ecogirl

    I have recently discovered and come to love Mati’s work as well. There is somthing both innocent and intense about it that I find captivating….

  10. Laura

    Mati’s work is so full of life. Love it!

  11. nina beana

    i heart mati rose. xx

  12. Michelle

    oh goodness! i’m moving into my very first apartment in a few weeks and i would love to start the decorating process with that piece.

  13. shokufeh

    I love these colors!

  14. heather

    Gorgeous! Reindeer and Rainbowed Peacocks? LOVE

  15. Lindsay

    So fun! This would fit right in at my place!

  16. heather

    i love mati’s work, count me IN please!

  17. heathre

    so colorful and fun – thanks for introducing me to her work.

  18. Laurel

    lovely print! i am love with her work!

  19. Deanna

    Oh WOW! This is an incredible piece. So brilliant.
    I have to add that I have been enjoying reading about your current journey because although our lives differ I feel as though we are discovering some of the same things about ourselves at the same time. Irony.

  20. Serena

    this would be adorable in my daughter’s room! Thanks for the opportunity ! I’ve had my eye on Mati’s art for awhile now.

  21. Tiana

    Please include me in the draw!

  22. michelle y.

    I am a big fan of stripes (and dots!) too! Would love to be a part of this giveaway!

  23. Kschwits

    This is magical!! It would be great for a nursery too.

  24. Sue

    I just bought beautiful psychedelic bubblegum colored stripey earrings as a present to myself which this print would match!

  25. Rachel

    Pick me! Pick me!

  26. Kristin

    This print is adorable! I love the peacock feathers!

  27. Cortney

    I love the colors! I just moved recently and could use this print as inspiration to decorate my new office.

  28. Gayle

    What a great idea!

  29. wn

    This print is GORGEOUS, please consider me “entered”

  30. Courtney

    What a vibrant and charming print!

  31. Tiffany

    I’m in need of some new beautiful artwork for my walls- please enter me in the giveaway!

  32. Jeannine B.

    I really love her Lucky Elephant prints! Very whimsical and fun!

  33. lindsey

    Oooh, I’ve been eyeing one of her lucky elephant prints for the nursery for awhile now!

  34. John Mark

    very nice!

  35. krista

    love it! thanks so much!

  36. Rhi

    Oh, yay. I love her work.

  37. Tawnya

    I LOVE the “there is nothing wrong with you” print.

  38. Cristi

    Great print! This would look great on my shelf next to Kelly Rae’s prints! Thanks

  39. Mina B.

    Hooray! Love the print, love the art, love the stripes and shapes! Yay!

  40. Laura Brown

    Love it!

  41. pixiemama

    OK, my creative space NEEEEEEDS this.

  42. Sarah

    i heart this print! i could use some more whimsy in my life. please consider me for this fabulous work!

  43. LobotoME

    LOVE her prints!!

  44. Trude

    Her elephant prints are so fun! Thanks for doing this and enabling me on more artists! 🙂

  45. tekeal

    mmmmm…wonderful, magical and deep.

  46. Kendra

    Tenderness, sass, AND sparkle, all in one piece! Makes my heart flutter.

  47. Arwen

    Ooh the print is amazing. Would love this on my wall!

  48. Laura

    Loving the artwork!

  49. Darla

    Love the print called “believe”… pick me!!

  50. Katie

    Such fun colors…I like Mati’s work too!

  51. Hazel

    I LOVE this! I have been coveting prints from SuspectShoppe 🙂

  52. jill

    love her work and the brightness of it all. my living room could use a punch of color like that. 🙂

  53. vivienne

    this is my favorite print of hers too! well, other than the one i already have on my wall.
    and how much to i wish i could join ya’ll at the curiosity shoppe tonight! i love lisa congdon’s work too, so the two of them together sounds like such a dreamy show!

  54. devan

    love it! 🙂

  55. Stacy

    Love the print, it’s gorgeous!

  56. nadine

    I love the artwork. Brings me to a place where everything is bright and happy.

  57. Kelly

    I would love to win this print. i love the bright colors and the animals!

  58. Lauren

    So pretty! I’d love to have something so colorful in my oh-so-very-tan apartment!

  59. Tammy

    My daughter would LOVE a Mati Rose print! Her room is decorated with such a happy, bright, bohemian style so Mati’s work would fit right in! Her birthday is August 11, she will be 11 years old (her golden birthday!)…Perfect present for her, I think I will go over to her shop and take a peek now! Thanks Andrea!

  60. oregoncoastgirl

    That is absolutely amazingly beautiful!

  61. megbrothers

    wow, it is so lovely. i have always dreamed of having her work on my wall. what a fun giveaway, thanks!

  62. Denise

    oh yes, my daughter just said that was pretty. I am sure she would love it in her room!

  63. Jennie

    Mati’s art is beautiful!!

  64. Andi

    Ahhh, her pieces are such treasures. 🙂
    Happy Wednesday!!!

  65. Megan

    I would love to hang this at a child’s eye level at the child abuse evaluation center where I work! The colors and symmetry are fantastic!

  66. Sundries Sublime

    Please! Pick me! Pick me!! Please!!!! I love Mati’s work!!!

  67. Stacia

    I have been thinking about finally hanging some art on our walls. This would be spectacular!

  68. Susan S.

    What a beautiful print!

  69. Bethany

    Mati’s work is so great and really inspiring. Love her!

  70. Chana

    Hi, Andrea!
    If I win, I’d bring this to work to brighten up my space & add joy to my days.

  71. Nancy

    Love your blog, thanks for keeping us all inspired! 😀

  72. Erin

    Wow! That is beautiful!

  73. Krissann

    Beautiful, bright, and creative. Lovely artwork. Thanks for the chance to win.

  74. Izzy

    Love, love, love her stuff!!!

  75. Izzy

    Love, love, love her stuff!!

  76. mary

    Oh how I would love to add a little joy and beauty into my life right about now.

  77. amy b.

    love her work too!

  78. Kim McMechan

    Oh,love love love.

  79. Jena


  80. Jen in Ohio

    I moved into an apartment almost a year ago now, and I can just see one of Mati’s gorgeous prints lining the mint green walls of my kitchen.

  81. britt

    lovely & whimsical & inspiring!

  82. Marianne

    Oh I hope it’s okay that I’m in Canada…beautiful stuff!

  83. Aqua

    I am in love with those elephants, and i have everything crossed!

  84. martha ellen

    so pretty :O) I know right where it would go!

  85. cathy

    LOVE her art!!! 🙂 Thanks for doing a fun giveaway!

  86. elizabeth

    something like this would adorn a wall of my new dwelling beautifully!

  87. Dawn

    My Mom turns 86 on July 10th. At 86 you should have, and deserve a piece of this beauty!

  88. Rebecca U

    I really like the elephant in the boat print. Very colorful and wonderful.

  89. Belinda Fireman

    I love the psychedelic style, too. It reminds me a it of Peter Max (another of my favourites).

  90. cynthia

    Her work is so inspiring!

  91. cynthia

    Her work is so inspiring!

  92. Tali

    love it!

  93. jenn

    Oh I love her! I look at her shop at Etsy all the time. I just decided to do my living room in this style. This would be so great above my couch! I wish I was in SF, I would love to see her work live.

  94. Lisa

    The colors are amazing! I could definitely see these in my hallway, brightening it up.

  95. Jen

    OH MY GOSH!! I love the print… also a fan of her work. I’ve been decorating too and this would look FABULOUS!!!!

  96. Bianca

    oh, this print will look wonderful on my wall.

  97. Catherine

    I LOVE that!!!

  98. chrissy

    I would love, love a print of Mati’s to go right next to my growing Kelly Rae collection. Love her talent!

  99. Val

    the colors in this are amazing! i love how the birds are resting on the antlers! lovely!

  100. Sam D

    I would LOVE to have something like this to hang in my son’s room! (Or in my room for that matter!)

  101. becky

    beautiful painting! i love her work and her blog. she seems like a vibrant and genuine person.

  102. Kari

    I look at this and hope that my little girl dreams such beautiful colours and creatures as there are in this painting.

  103. cath

    I’ve seen this gal’s work around and, gosh, it’s just so endearing. Fingers crossed for a lucky win!

  104. Sarah Y

    I love the colors in this print.

  105. KellyA

    Today is my birthday so I am feeling lucky!

  106. Chasinash

    Whimsical! And it’s my daughter’s 3rd birthday. Would look lovely in her play room. Fun!

  107. melly

    what a unique piece! who wouldn’t want a mati rose drawing?
    I would totally love to win this 🙂 *crossing my fingers*

  108. sara

    ooh! i love it! fingers crossed.

  109. lela

    love it!

  110. Shelley

    Love, love, love it!!!

  111. Shelley

    Love, love, love it!!!

  112. Shelley

    Love, love, love it!!!

  113. Shelley

    Love, love, love it!!!

  114. A

    Rotten day. I could use some supportive dears.
    Fingers crossed, a better day tomorrow.

  115. steven

    I really like it. And I really like Mati. And I have a perfect spot for it. And if you give it to me I will offer you my firstborn child or a chocolate bar, whichever you prefer. I suspect the chocolate bar will be easier to carry around, since I have no children.

  116. Abby

    Oh, I am in love. Head over heels in love. I already have a spot in my kitchen for this one!!

  117. Abby

    Oh, I am in love. Head over heels in love. I already have a spot in my kitchen for this one!!

  118. darlene

    so beautiful!!

  119. jenica

    so love mati
    and her yummy work!

  120. jenica

    so love mati
    and her yummy work!

  121. Laurie May

    ooh LOVE! Mati is another one of my favorite glowy arty crafty ladies! Would so love to own more of her prints; I have me a lucky “best” elephant, and another to complete the pair would be sooo lovely!

  122. Rachel K.

    So beautiful!

  123. Margaret

    I love Mati’s prints. I love the colors, the animals, the whimsy….yes I do.

  124. amy k

    oh yes, please. absolutely lovely!

  125. Amy P.

    what a fantastic piece of love! thanks for sharing mati’s work with us.

  126. alison koh

    wow! love love love!

  127. jeanine

    ooh oooh oohhhh! i love mati’s art. so playful. pick me please 😉

  128. Sarah

    wonderful art by a superhero artist! woohooo. amazing! xxx

  129. lisa

    adorable print! I have a wall free!!!!!

  130. Amanda Susan

    I recently found Mati’s etsy shop and love it!

  131. Faith

    This has been one of my ETSY favorites for a while, and really all of her work is amazing!! Thanks so much for your honest, inspiring blog.

  132. Jennifer

    I’ve been looking at her work for awhile now. Love it!

  133. Moira

    Oh my goodness, I love the gorgeous symmetry of the paired animals and their wise wise eyes. Thank you for posting this!!

  134. Lesley

    this would look so lovely in my living room!

  135. Sam

    Love Mati’s work.

  136. Katrina

    Love this print! The colors are awesome–have a great time at the party on Friday!

  137. Cynthia

    Love love love it:)

  138. Megan

    I really want this…please:)

  139. Julie

    Yay! Mati’s work is wonderful!

  140. karla

    pick me! pick me!

  141. Susie

    I have decided that I am going to fill my home with stuff I love – and I love Mati’s prints. I am constantly thinking that we are going to move soon and so my house feels half lived in. It has been that way for 15 years! My moving plan unfortunately involves some found money (lottery? long lost auntie?) that hasn’t materialized yet!

  142. Maribel

    I really like these. Thanks for the chance!

  143. Kelly

    Pick me, pick me!
    Lovely prints!

  144. Lindsay

    Those are the most fabulously striped peacocks I have ever seen. They would find happiness on my bedroom wall. <3

  145. yael

    love the happy painting! and we were looking for something original to put on my Nina’s wall!

  146. Annette Q

    What an enchanting piece! I’m sooo drawn to all those wonderful colours! Just beautiful…

  147. Natalie

    way cool!

  148. Sharon

    love it!

  149. chrissy

    lucky duckie! ahoy, mati! what talent!

  150. christine

    it is like a colorful quirky animal world , reminiscent of childhood daydreams. i could get lost in those prints!

  151. qmama

    beautiful, vibrant foursome…thank you for this generous offering.

  152. rowena

    I have Mati’s little Lucky Elephant and I love it. This one is gorgeous too.

  153. Anna-Marie Still

    we’d love a “Mati masterpiece” in our home!

  154. robin

    love the wonderful colors and the whimsical designs!!

  155. Cheryl

    I too am re-decorating my home ad on the look-out for great artwork. This Mati print would be perfect !

  156. Cheryl

    I too am re-decorating my home. I’d love a Mati print for my wall !

  157. Shannon

    I have a bare wall just waiting for a lovely, cheery, happy print like this. Here’s hoping!

  158. Jennifer

    I love the print, the colors are gorgeous and it’s so whimsical.

  159. Annette

    So lovely…it makes me smile to look at it.

  160. hippittee

    love the style and winning anything* from you would be a boon!!
    *willing to bet your paperclip holder has more style than most!

  161. Sarah Rose

    Decorative poultry scares me (a lot).

  162. Nathalie

    Yeepee! (would be my word if I get that kind of art work on my wall) xx

  163. Laura

    my sis would like that print. she’s in thailand right now and on my mind a lot!

  164. katrina

    hooray for mati and her beautiful work and the show this friday too.

  165. kristin

    oh i am a huge fan of mati’s art! this is a dream of a giveaway! those sweet elephants of hers have always made me smile.
    here’s hoping 🙂

  166. katie

    what whimsical artwork! thanks for the opportunity and for introducing such a great artist into my world:)

  167. katie

    what whimsical artwork! thanks for the opportunity and for introducing such a great artist into my world:)

  168. katie

    what whimsical artwork – thanks for introducing so much color into my day!

  169. Kate

    My daughter would love this print! So magical and just the color we need here in ALaska during the long winters!

  170. maggiedoyne

    magical peacocks

  171. katherine

    What a coincidence! I have a thing for stripes and psychodelic colors too! What beautiful work. Thanks for bringing it into my world.

  172. Elizabeth

    The joyful imagery and cheerful colors of this print are sure to bring happiness and renewed hope to each day.

  173. joan

    i love mati’s work- i find it so fresh, inspiring and happy. I would love to own one.

  174. Debra in Seattle

    Delightful! Thanks for doing this – someone will be blessed with it and that is good.

  175. Sam

    I’m starting to figure out what I like for art in my house, and Mati Rose is someone I definitely like! It would be a joy to have a piece of hers in my home!

  176. christie

    love it, love it, love it.
    i have just the spot…what a wonderful, whimsical piece.

  177. laura

    Oh, pick me, I need some pretty, pretty art in my apartment.

  178. jackie b

    ooh! i love the peacocks! i have always loved them…they would just run around freely at the zoo when i would go as a child, and my mom had a pair of earrings that looked like peacock feathers.

  179. Jennifer Herbert

    Just love it! Would like to add it to my collection of beautiful art!! Mati is great & so inspiring!!!

  180. stella

    What a great print….I want it!

  181. Paige

    Beautiful – I would love to have this in my house!

  182. Ilene

    This picture makes me give thanks to Mother Nature!

  183. candace

    Oh wow…I JUST printed her small draw for my daughter to color (and one for me to color, too) she loved it!

  184. Samantha B.

    I love Mati’s work – it’s magic!

  185. Heather

    I love Mati’s work as well!!! Etsy is such a wonderful place to discover unique artwork – believe me I have a ton of it hanging on my walls as well 🙂

  186. nina

    My wish list is growing…and my heart is smiling!

  187. Tamera

    Totally dig these colors!

  188. Eliza

    I love the deer! They are so darling. I’ve also been trying to decorate my walls recently, but I’m not doing nearly as good of a job as you must be.

  189. Jo

    What a mind-blowingly colourful creation! It reminds me of different cultures intertwining or drinking in a new one!
    Love it badly!

  190. Annie

    I’ve been looking for something beautiful for the wall above my couch. This would do it.

  191. celeste

    i love deer!
    and need to get some decorating done.

  192. celeste

    love deer!
    and need to do some decorating.

  193. april

    the mati rose print looks wonderful. our house is almost without pictures at the moment. it would be great to change the white walls into colorful walls. wish you a happy weekend*

  194. marina

    it would be a wonderful gift for a very dear friend.

  195. Leslie

    What a beautiful happy and colourful piece of art. It would look fabulous and cheery in my otherwise beige home :>). Having this hanging on my wall would make me as happy as wearing my colourful Superhero beads.

  196. Kelsie

    That’s some happy magic I’d love to have on my wall.

  197. zahavah

    i am excited to start collecting art for my one year old, and to
    make my home beautiful with mati’s artwork!!

  198. Anne

    Pure exhilaration ….dharmakaya!

  199. Amy

    What a beautiful painting….I have a 3 week old daughter and I am in the process of decorating her room and this would be a perfect focal point.
    Love the site by the way!!!

  200. Karen

    I love her style and palette!
    Want. Please.

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