Now I know what Ben would look like as a girl*

Ben and his pal Sayana, iphone

Or if he went through a princess phase. This photo has provided me with endless giggles.

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  1. Anshu

    that is so adorable. absolutely precious!

  2. Anshu

    that is so adorable. absolutely precious!

  3. Anshu

    that is so adorable. absolutely precious!

  4. Maya

    oh my. hilarious and totally adorable. makes me want to see what I’d look like as a princess…

  5. Rebecca in Switzerland

    and holding hands!
    I didn’t see that at first.
    Oh. My. Goodness.

  6. Grey Street Girl

    That is really to cute! What a great capture!

  7. Annie

    Oh I love it! I have pictures similar to that of my son playing dress up with his big sister. So sweet.

  8. Annie

    Oh I love it! I have pictures similar to that of my son playing dress up with his big sister. So sweet.

  9. Sandra

    oh my gosh, he looks so sweet. I wonder what our world would look like if we all had access to our three-year-old, holding hands- sweetness. Or if boys were allowed to feel like they could keep on being such an easy part of girls’ worlds if they wanted to.

  10. Crystine

    I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time…I think you’re just great. So easy to read and understand, like I’m listening to a good friend. I appreciate your honesty and humor. All rather refreshing and real.
    Thank you and may your New Year be filled exactly as it should be.

  11. Amy

    Boy or Girl or Princess or whatever….that is one adorable kid!

  12. Mariella

    how cute is this?!! Made me giggle too! Oh the joy kids bring to us!!

  13. marilee pittman

    Ben is so in touch with his feminine side! He is adorable !

  14. new teens

    I think You need think about it also. Despite the emails, the overwhelming evidence showing global warming is happening hasn’t changed.

  15. Alesia

    They’re beautiful!

  16. Alesia

    They’re beautiful!

  17. tricia

    oh that is the sweetest photo! too cute:)

  18. celisa

    hehehehehe. i giggled and giggled when i saw this. i live with a married couple who has an almost 3 year old boy, and his 2 girl cousins live next door and dress him up like this too. so funny.

  19. denise

    um. i think in about 10 years he’s going to be very mad at you. however, i love how you’ve styled his hair nicely into an enviable set of bangs.

  20. stef

    so awesome and hilarious!! love this!!

  21. 6512 and growing

    I love how seamlessly kids can cross gender lines.
    My son loves to clunk around the house on princess heels, and then zip some rubber bands from his DIY shooter.

  22. kolleen

    you know this could be used as blackmail on his wedding day or 21st birthday…etc!!!!
    love it!

  23. Michelle Shopped

    i could show you pix of my son — nylons, nail polish, the works when he was that age — love it! (ben makes a darling girl — benita?) (then i actually had a girl and people cracked up at how much they look alike — mondo bizarro — cookie cutter kids they called them — even tho temperamentally they’re very different)

  24. Michelle Shopped

    so much like my son at that age — in nylons, nail polish, aprons, the works, i loved it all and do i have pix — (ben makes a darling girl)…

  25. bahiehk

    Whatever he wears that kid is beautiful!
    And yes, mondo bizarro!

  26. Kat

    Oh dear lord! That is soooo sweet.
    The thing is, the whole ensemble really suits him.
    What a treasure.

  27. Wanda

    Cute either way.

  28. Emily Perry

    well, he is beautiful! happy new year to you!

  29. blackbird

    He’s pretty!
    I told you so at BlogHer. (In a nice way, not stalker-ish at all, I promise.)

  30. nina

    He looks amazing in pink! And princess clothes are way more fun than prince clothes!

  31. linda

    It will also provide his jr. high school pals with endless giggles!

  32. Katrina

    Never throw this one out!

  33. Belinda

    I love this photo! My son (3 1/2) has two older sisters, so he is very comfortable wearing girly dressup. He was Tinkerbell for Hallowe’en this year!

  34. Puanani

    Be. Still. My. Heart.

  35. Kiki

    He looks pretty!…like a friend who was often wearing girls stuffs as a child and is now gay.
    He is my best friend.

  36. GailNHB

    I have photos of my now 13-year-old son in a curly blonde wig, in a purple tutu and matching beret, and many other lovely girly outfits. He and his older sister used to LOVE dress up when he was little. It was tough not to laugh really hard when I saw him all dolled up, but wonderful to see them so happy together. Even he laughs when he sees the photos nowadays.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Also – my word for 2010 is “pilgrimage.” Going on a journey, many journeys, I hope. I really like the image of you in a cafe with your journal and pen, sketching and writing and making lists. Such a lovely vision. Miss you.

  37. crissy

    sooooo sweet!!! i am told that when my husband was little, he went through a time when he wanted to wear a dress, so his parents got him a red velvet dress that he loved and wore a lot. i love that his parents did that for him.

  38. emma

    Very pretty, indeed.

  39. pixiemama

    I have three boys and one girl. Their favorite Saturday morning game? Dressing up in princess and tutu attire. I love it!

  40. Faith

    So cute! My 5 year old son’s best friends are girls and there are often dressing up as princesses, with his long blond hair he makes a pretty girl. I’ve got lots of photos like this one!

  41. Jennifer

    Love this! Jacob (age 8) has long hair right now. I often look at him and imagine what a little girl might look like. Ben looks precious.

  42. Catherine

    I can’t stop laughing.
    At first I was wondering what you meant because I didn’t SEE that it was BEN. I thought I was looking at two girls!

  43. A

    I love that you can enjoy that moment! Do you realize how many parents would never let their sons play and dress up that way? Really. What an awesome parent you are!

  44. A

    I love that you can enjoy that moment! Do you realize how many parents would never let their sons play and dress up that way? Really. What an awesome parent you are!

  45. amy Komar

    erupting in giggles up here!
    LOVE this –

  46. sara

    I love how they have their hands clasped together!

  47. ann

    this photo is making me so crazy! i cant take the cuteness…

  48. mamasontherun

    Aw…he’s so cute! 😉

  49. mamasontherun

    Aw…he’s so cute! 😉

  50. wendy

    bosom buddies!
    so cute.

  51. natalie

    Adorable! I love that they are holding hands. And the shoes! I love ’em.

  52. cath

    I cannot even get over this…. canNOT.
    Holy geez, this is such incredible goodness.

  53. Gretchen Schock

    Hilarious!! My 2 boys are often in my closet trying on my high heeled shoes. Pretty funny stuff.

  54. Leslie

    this is such a happy picture and very precious

  55. Sarah

    He is a beautiful child, no matter how he dresses!

  56. elizabeth

    now I am giggling too .. love it.

  57. David

    Andrea, this is layers and layers of cool.

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