Word of the Year*

Nico Boon, thriving at 10 weeks, Canon PowerShot S95

I’ve been contemplating my word of the year (inspired by Ali Edwards and her tradition of choosing a powerful word every New Year) and have decided on the word thrive. For me this means healthy, juicy and ALIVE. When I think of all the areas of my life: my relationships, my financial life, my body, my family… I want to be vibrating wtih life, thriving and not just surviving anymore.

It’s fitting that this word would come up for me just after having a new baby. It’s a word that doctors often use when the baby is eating, sleeping and growing well. They are thriving… It’s all we want for babies and now it’s what I want all over my life. Let’s thrive in 2011!

What is your word? (share in the comments below)

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Hi, I’m Andrea

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  1. Anna

    I have two words …
    fierce and known
    and a lovely necklace from bellawish … I decide each day which I am hoping to manifest

  2. Julie George

    Ny word for the year is Embrace……..
    I’m very excited about it!!

  3. christine

    My word is Love.

  4. Kat

    My word is WORTHY.
    I’d originally landed on “blossom”, for similar reasons that you chose “thrive”… but realised that very little would bloom in my arid soul garden, unless I really invested in nourishing myself i.e. believing that I am worthy.

  5. Em

    My word is Share.

  6. moyra

    its about choosing the right words, of focusing my meaning, its about beauty and rhythm and graceful movement. its about making the parts fit the whole. its about composition, crafting, creating something precise, truthful, insightful and beautiful, discarding the superfluous, keeping the essential and finding the quintessense of purpose and meaning.

  7. Miriam

    BRAVE is my word for this year. I want to have a courageous year with less fear and more action.

  8. Tisha

    My word this year is connect–so here I am posting and saying hello! I want to connect with my family and friends, new communities, my kiddos, my self.
    I just had a baby–Story Grace–on December 21st so its fun to read your posts and hear how you are transitioning as a mama in these first few weeks.
    I love your word and will look forward to seeing it come to life this year for you through your blog.

  9. Amelia from Flux Capacitating

    My word this year is Honor. I arrived at this in realizing that I wanted my New Year’s resolution to be asking myself in all things, Am I Honoring Myself/my goals/our family/our space/my body etc as I make choices on a day-to-day basis. So far so good. And Anna? I freaking love the word fierce! Go get it! 🙂

  10. Elizabeth

    Oh my, what a handsome little boy! Seeing this photo just makes me smile. You are one lucky lady.
    My word is ACCEPTANCE.

  11. Jennifer

    My word is live. I have so many things I have been waiting to do, so I decided this is the year I will do them and live the life I want.

  12. Veronica

    My word for the year is STEADY. I will no longer allow myself to be swayed from the path I know I want and the goals I have set for myself.

  13. bahiehk

    I have two words: SIMPLICITY and SERVICE.
    oh, and one resolution: sing more.

  14. Ramona

    my word is stretch.
    it holds a very real physical command. I literally need to do more stretching and I want to stretch myself creatively and emotionally – which is already happening as I parent my 15 almost 16 year old twins.

  15. marina

    I cannot stop watching this incredible shot of thriving Nico Boon! He’s so full of life and his eyes are so eager and wise and ironic. congratulations for having captured such an amazing shot of your wonderful child! and thankyou so much for sharing it!!!!
    and I cannot decide on a single word for this year, but my list includes mindful and wholehearted and lovingkindess.

  16. Allisone

    My word for the year is Produce.
    I’m not really worried about the quality of my work this year, just that I get off my duff and do it. The rest will come.
    I’m also trying to eat more veggies -so it works both ways.

  17. Pamela

    This is my 20th year of choosing a word. This year my word is COURAGE. I’m not sure why this word fits for me right now but its the one that sticks. I guess we’ll find out!

  18. Nicole

    my word is MINDFUL.
    When I’m more mindful of 1) what’s coming out of my mouth, 2) my actions, 3) people’s motivations, I make better decisions. It’s all part of growing up and turning 35 this year. Time to put the sarcastic smart-ass to bed ( :
    Also, I foresee that mindfulness is the path to patience . . . something that infuriates my triple-aries brain.

  19. Diane Pinchbeck

    Healing – emotional, physical, financial, spiritual. First year I’ve decided to have a word for the year. I usually just have a list of goals as a benchmark for the year.

  20. Tara

    Can I borrow your word? 🙂
    Goshdarnit, you make cute babies!!

  21. Jet Harrington

    My word is FOCUS.
    This applies locally to my photography – i want to play more, make more, take more, experiment more, give this more room in my life.
    It also applies more globally – i want to notice what i focus on, what i give my attention to. I want to practice giving attention to myself.
    Your Nico is lovely. As is your joy with him and with Ben.

  22. Beth

    What a cuuutie…..
    Nest! That’s my word.
    I have been picking a word for a few years and it really works for me. I am not phrase kind of gal, one word with big ideas behind it.

  23. cath

    Great great choice, Andrea. No doubt you’ll do it well and with radiance.
    I was just about to head over to my own blog and write up what will become a weekly thing… word of the week. Tricky. But maybe not as tricky as figuring out my word for the year. Last year’s was “Calm”. I might need to extend that into 2011 to get a better hang of it!

  24. Barbara Parkhurst

    My word this year is experience. I decided I need to fully experience more in life. So many times I just go through the motions unaware – like the drive in to work passing all those strip malls but not being able to name more than one store in any of them. I am opening my eyes and my ears and taking it all in. I am keeping a journal of what I experience each day. My goal is to try to write at least one line each day about something new I experienced. Experience 2011. It will be interesting to look back on.

  25. Jamie


  26. kolleen

    SIMPLIFY baby…..in every area!!!!
    Nico is too cute for words!!
    Cheers to Thriving in 2011

  27. cath

    p.s. How could I neglect to comment on that Nico FACE?! Shame on me. He really does have a sparkling thrill in his eyes and that little grin, doesn’t he?

  28. Sarah

    Similar to THRIVE, my word is VITAL, because it speaks to feelings of potential, readiness, energy, and drive that I want to rebuild into my life.

  29. jodimichelle

    The last year my family has embarked on quite the journey and I’m learning to remove expectations and revel in the present. We’re being fluid. Going with the flow. Where ever the wind blows us.

  30. ness

    my word is bliss. Moments of bliss come when you may not be expecting them. Yesterday in Cornwall the sky was so choc-full of stars that was bliss

  31. cheryl


  32. Chana

    What a beautiful baby 🙂
    My word: ENLARGE.
    Though previous words are still guiding me: connect and embody.

  33. sharon

    this is the year of “sacred courage”

  34. Tina

    My word for the year is CREATE.
    Last year I cleared the space for pursuing more passion-based projects by leaving full time employment. Did I progress any of them? Nope! Lots of great ideas, but for a number of reasons was unable to progress them.
    This is the year of bringing my ideas into tangible form.

  35. Sara

    Oh my, little Nico is such a ray of light! He is thriving & shining!
    My word for this year is PURSUE.

  36. KathyB


  37. Jenn

    My word is nourishment. Nourishment for my body, mind, spirit, partner, friends and family. I want to nourish myself but everyone I love and care for too.

  38. Jenn

    I swear Nico looks like a wise and happy old man. He is precious!

  39. Kimberly

    my word is {simple}
    it both scares and excites me 🙂

  40. mamie

    2011 has a word for me and it is MOVE. In quite a literal sense …. starting with my body and the idea of pursuing yoga teacher training. then onward to a possible actual physical move. It is such an exciting word for me right now.
    And the thriving Nico is beyond words, what a love.

  41. Jennifer

    What a great word. I love it. My word for 2011 is “love” I felt vulnerable putting it out there, but I am really glad I did. The universe is filled with such magic.

  42. Lene

    Discover, will be my word for the year, as my husband and I set out on the journey of being parents for the first time in may!
    I sure hope, we will be blessed with a baby just as cute as Nico 🙂

  43. Liz

    My word is LAUNCH! I feel like I’ve been dreaming for a long time, and this is the year to finally put those dreams into action, so – launch!

  44. Gabi

    He is adorable! What a little happy man. I love your word, Andrea.
    My word is FOCUS. I need to focus more on finishing things before starting new ones, also I want to learn more about photography this year. So this word seemed perfect.

  45. Alison

    I pick SHINE.

  46. Elaine

    EXPLORE … we pick one for the whole family and it is always fun to look back in December and see the results.
    Welcome baby Nico and into a new role big brother Ben.

  47. Amy Komar

    Thrive is one of my favorite words! I love how using it makes me feel. Yes! Let’s THRIVE and vibrate with life!!
    My word for 2011 is BALANCE….sweet, even keeled balance. Welcoming it in!

  48. Lisa

    I wrote a post a few days ago on “thrive” in reference to the tragedy we are recovering from here in Tucson. It’s about loving each more and better so we can all thrive. peace, Lisa

  49. Beth

    My word is Serenity

  50. nina


  51. Moe

    I love Nico’s expression and his little mouth. Just divine!
    My word is yummy — 2011 is my year of yummy. Woohoo…
    I’m excited to see how you thrive.

  52. michelle

    ADORABLE! No, wait that’s not my word of the year but that is for Nico – he is adorable. My word is NOURISH. I want to slow down, take care and Nourish – myself, and all the things that are important to me.

  53. Heather

    I like all these words but I think I have to start with Worthy. Can’t get to Thrive without worthy.

  54. Tom Mohan


  55. jehara

    Risk. Taking the big ones to reap the big rewards. The risks that make me feel like I am living the life I have envisioned.

  56. Angela DiGiovanni | life * photos * art

    My word is ‘blossom’, inspired by the famous Anais Nin quote:
    “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
    This year, I’m letting it all hang out!

  57. heidi

    A few years ago I wrote four lists. Each one started with, “When does ____ thrive.” Then I listed every situation, internal and external, where each of us thrived (my husband, myself and our two boys). For the first time we had a very personal kind of road map for happiness, clarity really. I like your word of the year 🙂

  58. Grace

    My word for the year is “excel” or “exceed.” I really want to push myself this year–to try new things and to be the person I want to be both personally and professionally. So far, it’s going well!

  59. Katherine Pike

    I think your lot in life is to be surrounded by gorgeous men. You have a beautiful family.

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  61. Claude

    My word is NOW.
    Just to remind myself to be and live in the moment (now!) and not always thinking about things to come.
    Inspired by Penelope’s post on her blog

  62. HeidiRenee

    Thrive was my word for 2009 – it was a great year 🙂
    This year is STRETCH – both in body and in action – time to put mondo beyondo into action!

  63. Lori

    Last year picking my word seemed to come easier than this year {last year it was authenticity}. Truthfully, I haven’t taken the time to pick one this year.

  64. Michelle

    Last year’s word was PEACE, and I am happy to report I found it. This year’s word is HAPPY…so far that one’s been a successful keeper too. Good luck with THRIVE…I think I may borrow FIERCE for next year…as long as it goes neatly with my PEACE and HAPPY. Words of the year should compound each new year I think. 🙂

  65. Andi

    What a great word to choose! Your baby is beyond precious. Congrats!!! 🙂

  66. Ann

    My word is CHANGE. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.
    If I want different results, I need to change and I am going to do it!

  67. Enyasi

    My word is SWEEP. As in sweep away the clutter, negativity and things that are not working in my life. I am so happy you are sharing your journey with your new baby. I had a baby last year, she was under 4 pounds when she was born but is doing amazing now. To hear she was thriving was the best thing ever. Thrive is definitely a great word…

  68. KAS

    Last year was “fight”, because we had to fight so hard for everything and we had so many close calls with bad, negative situations. This year’s word is “improve”: myself, my parenting, my decision-making process, my reactions, and post all, our family. I think we can do it.
    Your children are amazingly adorable! I love them!

  69. Karen

    Mine is Fearlessness. I spent much time always being scared. No more, I want to be fearless in my movements ( not reckless) and start taking chances. I believe I am strong enough to catch myself now

  70. Yulia

    As always – thank you for your beautiful post 🙂
    The word I’m kicking around my brain and my heart for 2011 is BLOSSOM. Last year was all about waking up from slumber of numbness, and this year it’s about BLOSSOMING into and in all aspects of my life… parenting, career/livelihood, wellness.

  71. Jennifer

    I haven’t decided yet on what my word for the year will be, other than Action. There have been a lot of things I’ve wanted to do over the last 6 or 8 months that I haven’t moved forward on….this won’t make sense to anyone but me, and I’m not really willing to explain this yet, but my own personal D-Day (translation – Done Day) was June 23rd. Not in a bad way, but just a move forward day.
    And by the way Andrea, thank you so much for continuing with your Superhero Journal. Obviously, a lot of things have happened for you personally and professionaly over the last several years since you’ve started this blog, and I’m so glad I found it!! In a weird way, I’m glad to know all of us struggle with hard times or insecurities or whatever it is you want to call it. I know that we all want to put up a brave or confident “front” to the outside world, but it’s nice to know that despite whatever ups and downs we all go through, it’s all okay.

  72. Fatemeh

    My word is passion.
    I want to enjoy whatever I do.

  73. Christine

    I’ve been seeing posts all over the blogosphere about people’s word of the year. I don’t have one myself, but I am tackling themes all year in an effort to full round out my life, mostly in a spiritual way. So maybe if I think of it that way, my word would be explore. Myself, and who I am and what fuels my desires.
    Hope you and baby are doing well and settling into a thriving routine. 🙂

  74. Dreaming Bear

    Oh my goodness gracious…..little Nico just makes ya melt, I’m tellin’ ya!!! You need to ration out the cuteness so we are not so overwhelmed!!! My word of the year is DO. No more talking, wondering, wishing, hoping. I will be (and have been so far this year) DOING.

  75. Catherine Just

    I love this. Thank you for sharing it. Sorry for the last response! I’ve been distracted taking care of my father who had heart surgery 3 weeks ago and we are moving to salt Lake city at the end of Feb! Lots going on and I haven’t thought about a word for the year at all…The think on my mind with all the transition is to shift my attention from stress and fear to peace and love. I think LOVE has to be the word of the year for me because I get so caught up in why I don’t like the idea of moving or being stuck somewhere I didn’t plan on – etc….

  76. Michele


  77. Erica

    My #ThemeWord this year is FORWARD.
    I started with PASSION. But after holding that word for a month – it just didn’t feel right to me anymore.
    Last year my #ThemeWord was ADVENTURE – and I know now just by the very act of picking that word – I invited so much of what happened in 2010 into my life.
    This is such a powerful practice. I hope you THRIVE with fun & ease 😉

  78. meg

    What a beautiful word. I really love your choice. I wasn’t going to pick a word this year because they only word that would come to my mind was “heal”. And for some reason heal feels like something that I don’t have much control over, something that would just happen as I sit and wait. But I’m tired of sitting and waiting. I’m ready to go out and claim my life and happiness. Your word has sparked my thoughts though, so thank you!

  79. Shirley Sukhanil

    my word for the year is SUCCULENCE =)
    yes. living with juiciness. fullness of heart. contentment. fierceness. sumptuous. mysterious. feminine. razor edge sharp. thick fleshy skin. absorbent. Juicy =)

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