Pink skies + my new offering for you!

Happy holidays everyone!

I woke up yesterday morning a bit tender… it always feels that way on Christmas morning without my boys. But especially this year with the pandemic (that made any other plans impossible) and the fact that I’m going through a breakup as well. My heart has been achy and heavy.

But here’s what I want you to know.

I happened to chat with a dear friend right around sunrise and she gasped (from across the bay in San Francisco) and said, “Take a look outside!!!” We marveled together at the pink grapefruit skies and hung up the phone so we could run outside and take photos. I ended up driving around the empty streets of my neighborhood on Christmas morning, absolutely drunk on the beauty surrounding me. It was like swimming in pink clouds.

And then I realized something – wonder. 

This is how wonder lands us in the present moment. This is how the surprise delight of beauty can fill us up with pure wellbeing and joy. Only moments before, I was feeling blue and then this marvelous sky woke me up to what was right here in this moment, right outside my window.

And guess what? Feeling blue is important as well. We need to feel the full range our feelings all the way through. Touching our grief is vital to our wellbeing too.

But we also need to practice being present for the beauty and wonder that is right here too. We need to create habits that help us scan for the good. We don’t want to miss all the magic.

This is one reason I’m SO excited to bring you something brand new for 2021 – a monthly membership program called Wonder Lab! 

Every month, we will explore a theme together… manifesting, self-compassion, wild creativity, courage, telling our stories, and more… to make sure that you are nourished this year with beauty, joy, creativity and wonder. 

Every month you will get:

  1. A Wonder Workbook filled with activities, journal prompts and inspiration to ground you in the month’s theme. 
  2. Videos from Andrea talking about the theme, sharing personal stories and initiating a juicy conversation in the classroom.
  3. Interviews with other Wonder-Makers
  4. A cozy classroom experience with other kindred spirits sharing + connecting.

It will be a place for us to gather inspiration, cultivate more joy and feel more vibrant in our lives. 

I call it the Wonder Lab because it is a place to be curious, experiment, try on new perspectives and practice living inside the juiciest questions. Like, how do we create the best conditions for magic and joy to arise? Where am I afraid to use my voice in my life and take up space? How can I be kinder to myself (hustle less) and still achieve my goals? What would it look like to find my sparkle again?

The Wonder Lab is for you if:

  • You want to feel more vibrant + hopeful in 2021.
  • You want to surround yourself with a community of creative and heart-centered spirits.
  • You want to be more present and feel more daily gratitude.
  • Want to feel more delight and joy no matter what is happening in the world.
  • You are craving ease and simplicity.

And because YOU are on my list, you get first access to the membership and the founding member’s rate! Available until December 31st, 2020!

$22/month: Founding members rate
When you are a founding member, you get a special rate that is locked in as long as you continue your membership. (You can cancel at any time of course)

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