After the party

Jacques, the day after, Canon A1

When you’re about to get married, people always say, “This will be the best day of your life!” and of course, I would always cringe and think, “What if it isn’t?”

Well it was! And it blew our freaking minds.

Because we had the best photographer in the entire world, (we love you Rikka!) and are waiting for the photos to be printed, I will take you on a virtual tour of some snapshots in my mind’s eye…

Morning of the big day. Eating breakfast with my sister. Me, shoving bacon nervously into my mouth, my sister, beaming, grinning harder than I have ever seen.

Sneaking over to the ranch, hours before the pre-ception (cocktail party before the ceremony) to see the decorations. “Take the aromatherapy tour!” said Jacques, as he led me through the delicious garden dripping with colorful leis hanging from the trees, brightly colored flowers in the mouths of wooden tikis, hibiscus and ginger and succulents everywhere, Balinese umbrellas, wine glasses waiting to be filled, and the smell of plumeria and tuberose in the air.

The taste of cool white wine as my sister and friend Laura and I waited, nervously for the time to put the dress on.

The laughter that ensued when, as my ladies and I were taking our formal photos, I realized I had stepped in poop!

“Porta fortuna!” my italian friend Stefano assured me.

The dreamy light we woke up to that day. Initially disappointed there was no sun, then realizing the gift of this balmy, shadowless, still, white afternoon.

My 3-year-old ring bearer cousin Josh, who got nervous and instead of handing the rings to us, hurled the rings as hard as he could. We watched them sail across the chuppah and land at Matt’s feet. Brilliant!

Matt’s black and white pin striped suit, tangerine colored tie, and blue eyes that filled with tears when he saw me for the first time that day.

The cacophany of sound that emanated from our family & friends as we processed down the aisle with our parents. Every single person at the wedding had a musical instrument, a drum, a shaker, or a shout of joy for us. It was loud, raucous, celebratory, and I’m certain it shook the earth that day.

Thank you all for your wishes.
We felt em’.

Photos to come!

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  1. Jennifer

    It sounds simply perfect. What a lovely wedding! I am anxious to see the pictures! I wish you all the best, and a HUGE whopping CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Kathleen

    Your ring-bearer story is really cute. It reminded me of my little brother at my sister’s wedding. He was only three at the time. It was a huge Catholic wedding… where he also was the ringbearer. During the ceremony he began to scream “there’s a bug in the juice!” over and over again in his slurry three-year old voice. The whole bridal party turned to see the commotion, of what turned out to be a fly circling the wine chalice. We all broke into laughter.

  3. anissa

    A superhero story as superhero as can be indeed! You had a Chuppah, now how beautiful is that?
    You’re blessed for ever and ever 🙂

  4. melissa

    Thank you for sharing such beautiul details! My husband got tears in his eyes at our wedding, and in a day of blissful perfection, filled with incredible love all around, I remember it as the most spontatneous, sincere moment. Kind of like “Wow, here we go, and it’s going to be amazing”. And it is amazing.
    Congratulations, Mrs.

  5. Stef

    It sounds so amazing and I can “see” your day through your virtual tour! Thank you – I’ve been checking in every day to see when you write and put another pic up! How wonderful and colorful and beautiful!!!
    Mucho love!

  6. Julia

    Thank you for sharing, in such glorious detail, your wonderful, magical, and special day. I can almost “see” the cloud of love and joy enveloping all who were fortunate enough to witness your beautiful ceremony. Thanks for sharing it with all of us who “check in” to read about your love story, and follow your “adventures” as you travel through this life….continued blessings and good wishes. SUPERHEROS ROCK!!!!!

  7. DH.

    That whole concept of your wedding being the “best day of your life” I think is totally baloney. Like high school is supposed to be the “best years of your life”. Cripes, I hope that’s not true! If that were true, it would imply that the rest of your life is all downhill.
    And it’s not! At least, it hasn’t been for me. When my sister-in-law got married last summer, my wife put together a toast based on the idea that she hoped that the wedding day would be the WORST day of the rest of their lives. Not that she wished them to have a terrible day– on the contrary– but she was wishing them a life ever happier than the day they got married.
    I love that notion, and I love my wife for being the kind of person who can see through and challenge the everyday comments that we throw around.
    So anyway, it sounds like you had a fabulous day, but I truly hope that it will be the worst day of your marriage.

  8. me

    i too was checking every so often to hear about your wonderful celebration. it sounds beautiful and full of many wonderful people who took part in your day.
    love your stories…they make me smile.

  9. Rachel

    Khosn-Kale, Mazel Tov!
    I’ve been dying to know how it went! Thanks for letting us know!
    Much love and bestie-best wishes to you both!

  10. Jennifer (the other one)

    What a beautiful day!! And I sounds like you had a beautiful getaway as well. Big Sur must have been absolutely wonderful!

  11. brixton

    Sounds wonderful. My wedding was exquisite but also very painful and sad at times. I’m glad you had the day of your dreams.

  12. allison

    Congratulations….I can only hope that one day I find what you have 🙂

  13. peter

    may your love and beautiful
    words and designs fill the

  14. pj

    may your love and beautiful
    words and designs continue
    to bless this world and people
    like me…pj

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