The newlyones

Matt & Andrea, Nikon coolpix 4500

We’re gonna do it!
Keep us in your heart on Sunday, May 25th*

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Hi, I’m Andrea

On this blog you’ll be learning with me how to use our voices, share our creative superpowers and live life in full color.

As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO — ‘cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. josie

    my best wishes to you both. i can.t wait to see photo.s

  2. liz

    Yea! Hooray!! Best wishes and big LOVE to you both!

  3. opiatewinfrey

    big beautiful love and luscious-wusciousness! xoxoxo

  4. Susan

    Best Wishes!

  5. jo anne

    congratulations! oddly enough, i am very happy for the wedding of two strangers i haven’t even exchanged words with!:) *smiles*:) you two are beautiful.

  6. melissa

    I hope your day (and your “new life together”) is filled with notable perfections and major beauty. Don’t let yourself give in to stress on the big day – this is a gathering of love and loved ones so just soak it up, woman!
    Sending you good tidings. Wedding/married life can be blissful.

  7. amy b.

    you two are beauties, inside and out. you two make me happy! blessings to you on May 25th! and forever more……………………………….ab

  8. Julia

    The richest of blessings to you both. And great happiness, joy and prosperity in your new lives, always…. (I can’t wait till you post a wedding photo or 2)

  9. Lisa

    Best wishes for the day that you’ve been dreaming of. I’m sure it will be fabulous, as only a superhero wedding can be! 🙂

  10. dawn

    i wish the best of everything for you lovebirds. 🙂 have a wonderful time celebrating your love this weekend and for the rest of your lives!

  11. Mary

    Wonderful photo! Best wishes for you both –

  12. stef

    happiness to you both, today, on Sunday and every day after. you guys look so happy together!

  13. Jennifer

    Hope the day is as wonderful as you are! Enjoy each other and your friends and family and may you have, as the saying goes, “Enough”

  14. Rachel

    Most assuredly, sweetie! I’m so happy for you both! Mazel tov to the nth power!

  15. anissa

    As it was predicted – you will live happily ever after!
    No clouds, no rain, no storm, but only sun-filled blue sky and many happy people!
    “To love and be loved is like the sun shining from both sides.”
    Mazal Tov, osher ve ahava tamid (special blessing)

  16. virginia

    andrea, I wish you and Matt all the very best. You are such a creative person, I can only imagine what a wonderful day you’ve got planned. Enjoy every second of it. It’s been a year for us, and I still remember every tiny detail of that day, and of every day since then. It doesn’t matter how long you are with someone, once you say those vows, the whole universe changes.
    Mazel Tov,

  17. brixton

    I’m wicked happy for the two of you. Have a brilliant day.

  18. Joe Brown

    I wish you both love, sweetness and a beautiful day! xo Joe

  19. Stefanie

    Congratulations! Happy days ahead!!
    Mucho love!

  20. Allison

    You make a gorgeous couple!! Congratulations. Wishing you much joy and much love.

  21. dayment

    Don’t forget to get one crazy, relaxed, totally goofy picture with your friends, even if it’s at the reception. I noticed that I have a lot of stuffy posed pictures, and one of my favorites is Sean and I in a blurry heap with our friends, drunk and laughing….

  22. Jennifer

    You two are beautiful together. Best wishes to you and lots of love on Sunday and every day after.

  23. Teresa

    First time to your site after reading about you in a SARK book! Bless you both on your joyous day and in your life together.

  24. Renee

    Congratulations! I’m sure your wedding will be magical, just like everything else you do 🙂

  25. fern

    Shine on!!!!!!!!!!.Fern

  26. chasmyn

    Wahoo! You’re in for the experience of a lifetime, enjoy the ride! Whee!

  27. James Tegeder

    Wow I can’t believe your day is finally here. You really deserve this.
    Congratulations Andy!
    love james

  28. David & Mandie

    You both look great together and oh sooooo HAPPY!!

  29. David & Mandie

    You both look great together and oh sooooo HAPPY!!

  30. David & Mandie

    You both look great together and oh sooooo HAPPY!!

  31. David & Mandie

    You both look great together and oh sooooo HAPPY!!

  32. David & Mandie

    You both look great together and oh sooooo HAPPY!!

  33. David & Mandie

    You both look great together and oh sooooo HAPPY!!

  34. David & Mandie

    You both look great together and oh sooooo HAPPY!!

  35. David & Mandie

    You both look great together and oh sooooo HAPPY!!

  36. David & Mandie

    You both look great together and oh sooooo HAPPY!!

  37. mitzi

    Married life is beautiful – we just did it a month ago – good luck and blessings! m

  38. sandy

    may you be as happy as my husband and i are..we’ve married for 16 years…and yes, happy marriages do still exist!! many blessings to you and yours

  39. Patricia

    CONGRATULATIONS. HOw WONDERFULLY splendid. Im soo excited for you:) Good luck BEST wishes and beautiful weather on your special day

  40. lisa

    Yay! I wish you both much joy and L-O-V-E!

  41. tammy

    Congratulations, and best wishes you can dream. What a sparkly glint you both have to your eyes. Best wishes.

  42. nicole bruni

    Congratulations and many blessings! You two are beautiful!

  43. Stephanie

    You will be long gone on your honeymoon before you read this, I’m sure, but I must tell you how beautiful & happy you both look in that picture. Joe & I just celebrated our 14th anniversary on May 20th and I still feel pretty darn lucky, hard work and all. I mean, LIFE is hard work, you might as well share it with a great man… I will certainly be thinking of you tomorrow. Love & happiness to you both!!

  44. anissa

    It’s about 7:29 in the morning in SF now…this is your day! I can almost see the excitement 🙂

  45. melissa

    Happy happy day. Just wanted you to know that we’re sending you love and energy from NYC today.

  46. josie

    Sending happy thoughts to you today…. I’m sure your day was/is full of magic and beauty… Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  47. Niklas Oberfeld

    Congratulations, and lots of hope, courage, and luck…
    And remember, THis day, how glorious, how wonderful, how many little catastrophes and cute surprises… this day is but the beginning. There’s still a whole lifetime of adventures to come….
    …. and to share
    Niklas & Maria
    (Married 08-10-2002)

  48. leesa

    i just stumlbed upon this today, but looks like i’m just in time to send my many many congratulations to you and yours. yay for you both. <3

  49. French Toast Girl

    Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and heaps of blessings!

  50. wendy

    CONGRATS!!!! I am soooooooo happy for you both!

  51. Mike D

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Two things:
    1) This is the only time in your life you’ll be newlyweds – enjoy it! And,
    2) You’re the only ones who get to say how long you’re newlyweds.

  52. hannah banana

    Wishing you loads of deliciousness and laughter as you grow old together.
    May you have many moments of quiet reflection about the beauty you create.
    Happy Marriage and Merry Wedding

  53. celisa

    love you andrea and matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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