The Venice Biennale

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If you’re anywhere near Venice Italy this year, go to the Biennale! Not only will you be in the most gorgeous city in all the world but you will see SO much incredible art that your creative well will be full for the next two years (when of course, there will another Biennial art show).

The above piece was one of my favorites although I can’t remember who did it…

Another show we loved wasn’t part of the Biennale, but was at a beautiful Cafe called Imagina. It was a photography show entitled “Ghetto” by Adam Broomburg and Oliver Chanarin.

They chose 12 rare communities, from a prison in South Africa to a retirement home in California and a gypsy ghetto in Macedonia. They spent a month in each place, methodically photographing and asking the same questions: “Who is in power here? Where do you go to be alone, to make love, to be with friends? What are your hopes and dreams?”

The publisher’s web site gives this example:

The answers they received to their questions were both revealing and absurd, but with the powerful and dramatic truths that they found, for instance, with Rafael, a patient in the mental asylum in Cuba:”What are you scared of Rafael?”
“I’m afraid of the outside.”
“Because Rafael is there and I don’t want to see him.”
“But you are Rafael.”
“Now you understand what I’m scared of.”

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  1. Kathleen

    I could imagine having a whole ceiling full of those hand-blown glass orbs, reflecting the sunshine. Wouldn’t that be beautiful?!

  2. fredrik

    The “Village Voice” appears to disagree with you on the quality of the show: “The 50th Venice Biennale is an unmitigated disaster, an incoherent mess.” But what do they know?!

  3. James

    Is it just me or does that picture make you feel really thirsty too?
    They really look like raindrops
    oh–wop–. That gave me a great idea
    burningman is getting close and that was the last confusing bit to work out
    .thanks andrea

  4. brixton

    that photo is gorgeous. imagine that in a baby room!

  5. Andrea

    Re: the unmitigated disaster of the Biennale
    This could be true, yes. But there was so much to see and to choose to enjoy, I guess I just chose to remember what pieces I really liked.
    Couple that with the fact that it was about 100 degrees outside, (it was delightfully air conditioned inside the show) and I was on my honeymoon in Italy, and you could have showed me someone who shat on a canvas and I might have liked it.

  6. Peppermint Tina*:)

    I can hear them tinkling! Those remind me of the glass balls that my grandpa would bring home after finding them floating in the ocean…(I think the balls came from Japan…)

  7. anissa

    I wish I could just drive all the way down to Venice; I could be there in some hours. It’s nice to see the various reactions of fellow readers, by the by 🙂 It’s interesting to hear about the headline of Village Voice – I wonder if they realized this year’s motto? Thank you for this beautiful picture!

  8. Julia

    I love, love, love this photo!!! I am imagining great giant soap bubbles and spring raindrops, and angel tears from heaven, and dew-drops on wet grass… These beautiful glass orbs would make such an amazing mobile or suncatcher, or chandelier. Once again your pictures inspire me. Thanks again for sharing.

  9. h

    im somewhat of a tourist here, i only pop my head up from time to time, but read your journal all the time. guess im just a scaredy cat 😛
    congratulations on the wedding. the pictures are absolutely magical and im soo jealous!
    Kathleen’s idea to hang the beautiful glass orbs around the ceiling is excellant! i may go on a quest to try and find something simmilar with that in mind!
    On another note, (i hope this is not too cheaky! i feel aweful for doing this!) im starting a little project of my own, but need people’s help to pull it off. i dont have a website of my own so i have to resort to posting in guestbooks and so on in desperation! im looking for passport photos to make collages and other crafty-nesses out of (if youve seen the film ‘amelie’ youll know where this idea’s come from). It doenst matter what they have in them, the more embarassing mistakes the better! if anyones interested in sending me a strip/swapping some with some of mine, could you drop me an email and ill send you my snailmail address! sorry to be so cheeky! id love a picture of you, all glowing and gorgeous in post-wedding bliss!! xxXxx

  10. Jackie

    ooh! i am near Venice and the picture makes the trip seem worthwhile in itself. might have to go.

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