Jeff Pitcher

Jeff Pitcher with Gaussian blur, Canon EOS

Jeff is one of the most beautiful and unusual people I know.

When Jeff and I met in 1996, it was during his one week stint as a bicycle messenger in San Francisco. He wandered into the clothing store where I worked and we immediately started to chat. Within minutes, we were
talking about our dreams, Spain, flamenco guitar and the joy of painting.

A few hours later he called me at home and said, “I know I’m supposed to play it cool and wait three days to call you, but I just wanted you to know that I am so excited we met.”

We’ve been friends ever since.

Jeff is brave, hilarious, talented and passionate. He lives FULLY, openly and with a an aliveness that is rare and beautiful. Jeff reminds me that there is no dream too big, too outrageous, or too colorful to believe in.
He has lived in a car, a tent and in a cave with gypsies.

He convinced one of the most famous latin american guitar players in the world to give him private lessons. (He left copious voicemails for him every day for weeks until he responded.)

He has written a novel, formed rock bands, painted dozens of paintings, been a professional bicycle racer and soccer player, and attended parties completely naked except for running shoes (mostly to prove to himself that if he had the courage to do this, he could quite literally, do anything he set his mind to)

Jeff has fruits tattooed on his arms – strawberries, kiwi, banana, grapes…

But my favorite act of creative genius is Jeff’s “ring of fire.” This is the most ABSURD and hilarious haircut in the history of the world. Imagine if you will: Jeff’s entire head shaved bald except for a band of hair a couple of inches wide on top. (where a headband would go) This “halo” of hair (about 3 inches long and sticking straight up) connects perfectly to a beard (also shaved strategically) that completes the circle around his face.

It is INSANELY good. Not handsome mind you, but brilliant. Take my word for it. He claims that he will do this 5 times in his life, so he has 4 more to go.

Jeff is currently planning to bicycle from San Francisco to Maine this summer. He and his friend Mike have a goal to write 100 letters each to companies they love, famous people they admire, like Thom Yorke, Jim Harrison and Ralph Nader (for lunch invitations along the way) and to the Yankees where Jeff hopes to sing the national anthem and throw out the first pitch.

So look out for the red spandex blur going by this summer, and because I feel like I just scratched the surface of his magic, please visit his website in the meantime. He will change your world.

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Hi, I’m Andrea

On this blog you’ll be learning with me how to use our voices, share our creative superpowers and live life in full color.

As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO — ‘cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. pt*:)

    Not only does he sound like the kind of people I hope to meet in my lifetime, the picture of him is beautiful.

  2. keri

    The “ring of fire” is killing me! I can’t stop giggling when I think of it, that takes guts. As does the nude party going. And to think I pride myself on trying new things (dance classes, singing lessons, persimmons), I have a lot to learn from this person, reach further. Reading his journal made me feel good, (like I belong to his world, I often feel out of place in the grand scheme of things.)
    Thank-you for sharing his story.

  3. keri

    My favourite line is:
    “One cannot do much shopping when walking through the woods.”
    Well said.

  4. wendy

    Andrea, Thanks for writing about Jeff. I’m still laughing from the “ring of fire”. What a character! I loved reading his journal…thanks for the link. I do have a question for you: How do you get your digial images to look as though the are 35mm full-frame images (black border)?

  5. Jennifer

    Thank you so much for writing about your friend, Jeff!! He sounds wonderful!! And what a joy…

  6. abs

    I wish i could be as brave and self-trusting as Jeff is, he is truely inspiring
    abs x

  7. Charles Windsor

    Jeff Pitcher is awesome! He is the best Flash designer I know and he has two wonderful Corgies who will follow him to the ends of the earth.
    What I most admire about Jeff is that, despite his limitless talents, he teaches little children about science.
    Thank God for Jeff!

  8. Amparo

    What an inspiring and exciting human being! It’s always nice to hear about such people.

  9. Annisa

    Hi there. Loved reading your Journal, it made my day. I was just searching for something through “Google” and your Blog poped up somehow, but thank you for making my day! Now I don’t know who Jeff is but I really enjoyed reading his journal also.

  10. Lois Theroux

    I am Jeffs Aunt Lois. I hadn’t seen Jeff for many years until October 2003 at our family reunion. My whole family was amazed at him. He has grown into a very good looking young man and very intelligent. I am very proud to have him as a nephew. I wish him luck in all that he does.
    Love you Jeff,
    Aunt Lois T.

  11. soren

    i wish i knew someone like that. and i like seeing Keri’s comment about him.

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