sky watching

5pm Friday, November 7th, San Francisco, Nikon Coolpix 4500

I’ll be 32 on Sunday.
I’m still learning how to love my life and be kind to myself.
I’m getting better and better.

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Hi, I’m Andrea

On this blog you’ll be learning with me how to use our voices, share our creative superpowers and live life in full color.

As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO — ‘cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. jenn

    i would NEVER have guessed 32! i’ve been a fan of your jewelry/blog for some time, and my guess would have been 24, maybe 25 tops! i’m actually very surprised to learn that!

  2. jenn

    you have such a childlike spirit…free and inquisitive and wonderful…i guess that’s why

  3. jo anne

    yup! me too! i would have guessed you’re more like 23 to 25 really. keep the life energy going and growing. 🙂

  4. ginger

    well, well, well…
    I hope you have a fabulous birthday!!!
    I will be in DC on Sunday, so from one city to another, I hope you have a grand time celebrating!!

  5. azura

    happy birthday in advance. i read your blog aaaalll the time (and I’ll be 32 in Jan)

  6. pt*:)

    Ah, I miss 32!*;) Always always be kind to yourself…wish I had learned that sooner, that someone told me…To carry around such unnecessary burdens…You are wise to know this…
    I know, by nature, I am just someone who struggles more than necessary, but I do know the value of what I speak*:) It’s why I never skip meals!!!

  7. pt*:)

    Oh, and Andrea: I think you know of what I speak when I say thank you*:) Brightened up my day and made me “click” my heels…
    If I don’t get a chance
    Hauoli La Hanau! Happy Birthday!

  8. Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

    i am so utterly happy you were born!
    i think of you in your 32nd year as a traveling lantern of self love. i see you with a collage of wonders all around you. may you be completely filled by things not material…
    may you experience your inner stillness in new and surprising ways…. may you be lifted out of old tracks and set down in a brand new, unknown path… may your creative spirit be voluminuously and effervescently touched by grace and serendipity. i give you these words; resplendent, ambrosia, vespertine, arcadia, liminal, brigadoon… i love you

  9. Claudia

    Happy birthday! You an ispiration. Many blessings for this and the coming year ahead. Enjoy!

  10. Kathleen

    How sweet…you have the same birthday as my husband. Happy Birthday!
    (a scorpio!)

  11. Nova

    Happy Early Birthday fellow Scorpio!! I just turned 25 on the 5th. Hope you have a wonderful year.

  12. Julia

    Andrea, have the happiest of bithdays…and know that you are such a gift to so many of us, who love your honesty and creativity and zest for life. I wish you many rich blessings on your birthday, and always.

  13. Stephanie

    Happy Birthday Andrea,
    The 30’s are great, and I know you will shine on your day, and onwards! My son Ethan just turned 9 on the 7th. You both are wonderful, playful sprites with “old” souls who know something about bringing magic into your lives (and the lives of those around you as well !)
    Looking forward to seeing you soon,

  14. m

    happy happy birthday Andrea!!!
    I hope that your next year is f a b u l o u s !!

  15. wendy cook

    In the words of ee cummings, “you shall above all things be glad and young”.
    Many happy returns of the day, Andrea!

  16. Michele

    Happy B-day, Andrea. You are a blessing!

  17. amy b.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! dearie, have a grrrrreat day and know that you are celebrated all over ze vorld, each and every day. whoooo hoooooo!
    thanks for sharing your self and your world with all of us! iheartyouxoxoxab

  18. Shannon

    A very happy birthday !! May the wishes deep within your heart forever come true!
    A quote from Gilda Radner that always reminds me to be kinder to myself.
    “I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned the hard way that some poems dont rhyme, and some stories dont have a clear begining middle and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the most of it without knowing whats going to happen next.”
    – Gilda Radner

  19. mademoiselle a.

    oh, it’s sunday right now! tanti auguri a te, tanti auguri a te, tanti auguri, cara andrea…tanti auguri a te! buon compleanno!!

  20. melissa

    Happiest 32, Andrea. You bring joy, light, and beauty into so many lives, and you deserve the very best.
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I’m singing a grand operatic happy birthday in your honor right now.

  21. Georgy

    Happy Birthday!
    I am so glad you were born.
    You touch our hearts and make the world look a lot better. You are a blessing. I hope your natal day is marvelous and the days afterwards are even better.

  22. Sharyn

    Happy Birthday! Hope you’ve been having an excellent day of celebration.

  23. angela

    you are just a most inspirational person. i like to come here, just to find the colour, remember things to feel good about.
    and i hope sunday was a beautiful day for you. i always think of birthdays to be new chapters in our own little books called life. and the whole story lies before you, and you decide on which words you right.
    you’re a beautiful person, a lovely soul. and i hope it was a wonderful birthday. [and my 33 is just around the corner. i have high hopes for this one.]

  24. opiatewinfrey

    on the completion of your 32nd trip around the sun, here is another e.e. cummings poem for you….it takes one a long time to become oneself!
    giant and tiny love to you, may you experience and receive all of the inspiration you have given to others!love, opiatewinfrey

  25. keri

    Things I have learned from Andrea…
    …send beautiful things out into the world regularly
    …surround yourself with lots of color!
    …surround yourself with other talented and courageous people
    …share your dark moments
    …your life is your art!
    thank you
    Happy Birthday!
    love k.

  26. Christian Kiefer

    As a fellow 32 year old, I wish I could say that my 32nd year on this planet is the best and brightest but it just isn’t so. It’s OK, indeed, and things are certainly looking up, but to be quite honest I hate being a grown-up and all the things that such status includes. Nostalgic dreams of being 16 and saving up my hard earned cash for a ride cymbal for the drum set. Playing an occasional party. And so few limitations on my time (all of which, it seemed, was MY time).
    Things are different now, and much of it is, indeed, positive. I have 2 sons–1 a beautiful nine year old and another a mere 6 week old–and a lovely wife who keeps me from the mental hospital. These are good things, to be sure, but it sure ain’t like being 16.
    Oh and thanks for the kind words about Jefferson, who we share as a dear friend.

  27. Jennifer

    I think we’re all still learning to love ourselves!! I find it interesting that there are people out there – those that we think are pulled together and totally cool – that still question and wonder. I find it a wonderful relief that people are willing to admit their fears…

  28. stef

    Happy Birthday Sweet Soul – you bright up all of our lives w/your presence!

  29. christine

    dear, beautiful, amazing andrea.
    you’re an inspiration, you’re the kick in the pants, the full-bellied laughter, the double-arc rainbow, the magic in every single day. thank you for sharing that with me and with the world.
    and thanks to your parents for sharing you with the world! xx, c.

  30. erika

    Happy Birthday! I wish you the best birthday wishes. It’s your first birthday as a wife, oo la la 🙂 lol!

  31. abs

    i hope your birthday was good : )
    abs x

  32. Dawn

    i’ve been reading your site for a LONG time now, and i love your pretty words and pictures … now i find out we have the same birthday too. i just turned 21 … happy birthday to you!

  33. paisley

    i am # 33 to comment 🙂
    i know whatcha mean about learning to love yourself/your life!
    keep on growing mama!!

  34. michael anderson

    hey my girlfriend just sent me this link to your blog…HAPPY BRITHDAY!!! i turned 32 last month on Oct 2nd your photography is awesome the sky over SF wow!! reminds me of Tahoe. it’s not easy being nice to ones self is it. i recently had to start taking prescription pharamcuticals because no matter what i tried i just had a hard time being good to me ..i am so much happier now!!!
    Michael Anderson
    San Mateo CA

  35. evina

    Happy birthday Andrea! Such a long celebration, waw 😀

  36. Matthew

    Well, I could be wrong (I don’t think I am)- in a review of the Burning Man in ArtForum’s new issue, there is a picture of a couple- a happy handsome man in a loin cloth and a beautiful gal in a slip and boots- could this be Matt and you?

  37. Jennifer

    I was looking thru some of the above comments, and I must admit, as a 36 year old, if someone mistook me for a 24 or 25 year old, I would actually be insulted.
    We all learn from our own experiences and from the experiences of others, and the older we get, the more we learn. That’s a good thing…
    My mother once told me that her 40s were the start of the best time of her life (she’s 63 now). She’d finally had a good handle on who she was, her children were teenagers and her career was on the go.
    Anyone who says that getting older in America isn’t the way to go is just ridiculously stupid…

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