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My new favorite find is called I Used to Believe, the childhood beliefs website. You will find stories like this:

“When I was about six I was in a wedding. The other flower girl said she was from Pennsylvania, which scared me because I thought she was a Vampire. I kept trying to get a good look at her teeth to see if they really were long. I tried to be polite about it all, because I knew it wasn’t her fault she was born a vampire!”


There is also one about vomit that is really really good, but you’ll have to find it for yourself.

Personally, I never understood the expression “the straw that broke the camel’s back” because I would imagine a drinking straw and it just made no sense at all. It took until college for me to realize they were referring to straw, not a straw.

Any of you got any?

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  1. ginger

    I used to send the tooth fairy money. Because I used to believe that one day she was sure to run out of money and not have enough left for anyone else. Everyone talks about the tooth fairy giving money away, but nowhere in the story does it say, “Every Friday she got paid.” That’s what I used to belive. (And still do, because I think it’s important to support those who promote goodness without a paycheck…)

  2. Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

    my brother told me that if i saved my money it would grow. so i put a dime on top of my dresser and looked at it every day to see if it had grown overnight.

  3. jen

    i used to whisper really nice things to the devil ~ via the manhole cover near our house (which was the gateway to hell). i believed if i was kind to him, he might consider becoming friends with god again, and then we would have world peace.

  4. erika

    I used to believe there were sharks in the deep end of our pool and I didn’t know how to swim. One day I was riding my bigwheel around the pool, the back tire fell in, and I fell in after it. My dad jumped in, swam after me, and I felt his hand try to grab my foot. I kicked my foot out of the way because I thought he was a shark.
    I knew how to swim from that point on at least.

  5. gertrude hildagard the fourth

    okay, this is kinda hard to explain, but you know when you’re sitting on the pot and you look down into the bowl, and there’s a reflection of your butt and the rim of the toilet. Well if you move your butt back and forth, the reflection looks like a big mouth talking to you. I used to talk to my potty mouth every time i peed or crapped. and it would talk back to me, by me moving back and forth. I would get totally lost in this little secret relationship i had with my reflection of my butt, to the point where I really believed this magic talking toilet thing would always be there for me, I just had to go to the toilet and there it would be, even if it was dark.

  6. meesh

    when i was 5 or 6, i believed if i swallowed watermelon seeds, watermelons would grow inside my stomach. and if i drank coffee my legs would turn blue.

  7. Heather

    Remember the good ol’ music group ABBA? One of their songs has a line that says “does your mother know that you’re out.” I would dance around the living room to that song, using the handle of a jump rope as a microphone…only I thought they were saying “dancin’ on a Monackarock.” I always wondered what that was.

  8. Eva

    When I was a child I was told if I smell red-weed flower and put it very near my eyes I would go blind. And I still believe that. Never smell those flowers, even I like them .. just in case 🙂

  9. penelope

    When I was in first grade I asked teacher for permission to go to the ladies room. And she said, “Yes, and go for me while you’re at it.” I was so confused and scared. I had no idea what to do and thought I’d get in trouble for not going for her. So, I felt really guilty when I came back to class….cause I only went once.
    That saying still makes me crazy.

  10. jackie

    My cousin told me that when a light bulb blew out, a ghost was released from the light bulb into that room. Had me scared silly.

  11. mipmup

    i used to think that soap operas were called “soap boperas” because of how my sisters said it. i also used to think there was an alligator in the drain of my mom’s shower. i would stand in there and talk to it – not really sure what i hoped to accomplish, but there it is. finally, here is a fitting story for this site. i thought i was wonder woman when i was about three (probably because i had the whole getup from ww bathing suit to red rubber boots) and so i ate the poisonous mushrooms growing in our backyard. luckily, nothing happened to me thanks to my mom’s sharp vision (“i didn’t give her a snack!”) and a healthy dose of syrup of ipecac. i still love wonder woman to this day even after that experience.

  12. Karen Winters

    I used to believe that if you dreamed that you fell from a building and hit the ground you’d really die … that sea monkeys were really miniature dried up monkeys that would come back to life in water … that thunder was angels bowling …

  13. Sheryl

    I believed that if I ate my bread crusts my hair would curl. Well that’s what my nana told me. Sadly we mostly ate tortillas.
    I believed that if I wished upon a star, ‘starlight,star bright, first star I see tonight,’ my wishes would come true.
    I believed that there were monsters in the closet and under the bed but that if I didn’t let my hands or feet hang over the edge I would be safe.

  14. Julia

    I used to believe all the “old wives tales” and superstitious things my Jewish grandma told me. It seemed like she had a odd explanation for nearly every bodily sensation we kids would have. For example, she’d say that when you had an itch on your feet, it meant you were going to travel on strange ground. And if you had an itch on your hands it meant you were going to get some money. And when you get a shiver up your spine, that means someone is walking on your grave. (This one really used to trouble me.) But I used to believe all of these things as a child, just because my grandma said them.

  15. jill

    My grandad used to always say that if you Sang or hummed at the dinner table your hair would fall out. One day as I got a little older I called him on it and all he did was point up to the ceiling… sure enough right there in the dining room was a bunch of “hair” dangling… Again as I got older I realized that is wasn’t “hair” but Cobwebs! To this day, I still sort of growl when I hear people sing at the table…

  16. niecie

    My Grandmother was such a “lady” she would never use common terms. I went to stay with her when I was about 5 and she would ask me everytime I went to the bathroom if my bowels had moved.Finally I came out and said “Ma, I pooped, come see if my bowels moved”. She was mortified!

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