Bolinas Fairfax Road, Canon 300D

As you might imagine, a lot of car commercials are filmed on this road. There is something incredible about its curves, green hills, and skyline that quite literally make you want to scream with happiness. Jen and I took turns watching for cars while the other lay down on the pavement trying to get the best shots. I hadn’t laid down on the road in a long time. It felt good.


Random thought: It occurred to me yesterday that high school kids probably don’t pass notes to each other like we did in class. They probably text message each other? I have mixed feelings about that.

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  1. erika

    …at least there’s less of a chance your cell phone will get confiscated in class. I remember these girls in high school that were passing notes with some riskay subject matter and the teacher was so flustered and pissed that she took their notes.
    If that happened now, I doubt the teacher would even know how to get to the text messaging part of the phone. 😉

  2. nicole bruni

    Actually, if I were a teacher and saw a student with a mobile phone out during class, I would confiscate it. Of course you’d have to deal with the whiney parents afterwards, but gah! These kids and their mobile phones!

  3. chris

    Kids pass notes anymore? Try ALL THE TIME!!!! Whenever I take one from a kid is just leaves me speechless to read such poor writing – they can’t even spell the cuss words correctly. Oh well, one comforting thought for me, at least – they aren’t MY kids.

  4. gwen

    My girl doesn’t enter HS until the fall, but she and her friends pass plenty of old-fashioned paper notes and seem to favor this medium over their cell phones (which they all have). I know this because I find little scribbled scraps around of paper all over the house, and because she comes home at least once a week outraged that a note has been confiscated and read by a teacher, who has no right! I also get the detailed text listings on the phone bill, and they’re pretty minimal (20-30 a month max). Outside school, they seem to prefer, in this order: 3-way phone; one-on-one phone; group IMing; writing actual letters. Maybe it’ll change over the next few years but right now the cell messaging doesn’t seem to feed their need to express themselves as much as humanly possible. You know how it is at that age…

  5. andrea

    so glad to know that the art of the handwritten surreptitious note pass is not a thing of the past!
    I treasure some of the notes I saved from this time.

  6. shelly

    Andrea, I love those colored crayon Poppies! Glad to hear I am not the only one, who still has old school notes. I myself have Two Van shoe boxes full!!

  7. Jen

    I love how random your thought really is!! I loved passing notes in school. It was too much fun being sneaky behind the teacher’s back.
    It is crazy to see all these teens on cell phones. They seem to be hanging out with friends and even their friends are on the phone. Oh no – do I sound old now phrasing teenagers as “all these teens”. I feel like I sound like my mother!

  8. Julia

    Oh wow!!! I remember passing notes in high school. I miss those innocent days….Of course I was in HS in the late 70’s, long before the days when kids all had cell phones, pagers etc…I too, still have a shoe box from HS days filled with memories, including some secret & forbidden notes from my best girlfriends, and that 1 special guy….Thnaks for making me think of those wonderful old times! Also, I can just visualize you and Jen lying down on that beautiful stretch of highway snapping away with your cameras. Great photo!!

  9. rachael

    ah.. funny that shelly mentioned having two Van shoe boxes full of notes. I’ve got one Vans shoe box & a Doc Marten box full of notes. heh.
    My brother is a senior in high school & he wouldn’t write a handwritten note to save his life. He’s all about text messaging.

  10. jenn

    I love this picture. It is just so beautiful to look at. I’m going to make it my wallpaper here at work so it feels like I am outside.
    I can’t believe you and Jen actually laid down on the pavement. That sounds so interesting. I have never done that before.
    I love the picture Jen has of you on her website. Your hair is so long! It seems to grow fast.

  11. meg

    Honestly, at 24, I haven’t been out of high school that long… and my sister is alot younger, so she was really just in high school. And I have to say, alot of schools would never let you have a cell phone or anything in class… so there is still a fair amount of note/letter writing, I belive.
    Have faith!
    Remember the funny shapes you could fold the letters into?

  12. Amy

    I love the comments about writing and passing notes….I am a high school teacher and confiscate plenty of notes! I second the post about spelling!! I’m not an English teacher but somedays I sure feel like it!! And Erika, I’m young enough that I just might be able to figure out that text messaging function on those phones!! 🙂
    Our school must be very lenient on the cell phones….kids are allowed to have them but they aren’t supposed to use them (yeah right!!)!
    Beautiful pictures Andrea!!

  13. Ani

    I am graduating high school this year and I have to say that there is nothing like writing and receiving a real, tangible, wrinkled note to or from a friend.
    It would be one of the most shameful tragedies of our time if these kinds of notes were to be replaced with electronic messages.
    I remain hopeful though; because as much as we use and/or like email for its speed and efficiency, no one can deny that warm, fluttery comfort of finding a ReAL letter in his or her mailbox.
    p.s. andrea, your posts aLWAYS lift me up.

  14. dawn

    Wow! I had completely forgotten about note passing in highschool. I used to have boxes full of them too! I wonder what ever happened to them. 🙂
    Btw, that picture is amazing. It makes me want to run down the road and try to jump up and touch those big fluffly white clouds! 🙂

  15. Amy

    Wow! Beautiful, beautiful picture. I loved Jen’s as well. It looks like the 2 of you had a wonderful adventure.

  16. gasord

    yes, a really good pictureeeeeee
    amazing landscape in that road!!

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