sexy flower, Rancho Monte Alegre, Canon 300D

One of my favorite bands from the 90’s, is called Lush, my favorite soap, “Karma” comes from Lush Canada, I named one of the necklaces in my line Lush, and one of my favorite places in the world can only be described as LUSH. It is my friend’s ranch in Santa Barbara where I photographed this flower.

We spent the weekend celebrating and saying goodbye to the ranch (said friends are moving to Hawaii) It is a sacred place that I have enjoyed for many years and where Matt and I got married last May.

We will miss their tree swing that looks like a magic carpet (it has a persian rug on it) the hibiscus, red ginger, succulents and dragon trees in the yard. We will miss sleeping out on the “lanai” under the stars and hearing the raccoons come in for a snack of cat food. We will miss the hikes up to Indian Rock with musical instruments in hand under the full moon. We will miss the tropical bird sounds coming from the trees (there are tiny speakers everywhere!) and the outrageous costume parties that ensued after nearly every dinner.

We will miss all of these things, but the spirit of the ranch is still in the hearts of my friends Chris and Jacques. I have a feeling when we visit them in Maui, it will feel like the ranch simply floated across the ocean.

A fun tidbit:
Write a letter to the future…Future Me via Christine

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  1. JC

    Lush is a great word– noun, verb, and adjective. Your wedding looks like it was much. It’s almost your anniversary 🙂 My parents recently moved out of the house I grew up in and they are putting it on the market. I am having pangs at saying goodbye to that space.

  2. Emily

    thank you, andrea!!! i woke up no more than 10 minutes ago and already my day has gone terribly. i got a terribly sour comment posted anmonymously to my livejournal saying that i was “fake, lazy and unoriginal. Good luck – you’ll need it with those qualities”. then i checked my e-mail and had a reply about an internship oportunity that would have been able to change my life (as well as get me out to the bay area for the summer). it said that they were unable to facilitate interns at this time. and to make the morning worse, my monthly visitor came…
    and then i came to your site and saw the beautiful photo for today and my heart grew two sizes larger. and i read your post and i find the strength to be positive in today’s situations. today does not have to be a bad day!!!
    thank you andrea!!! thank you!
    (sorry for the length of this comment)

  3. nicole bruni

    Married a year already!
    Where does the time go…
    Lovely photo…very sensual, really.

  4. stef

    You brighten my day!
    thank you from the bottom of my heart to the top.

  5. jenn

    beautiful entry. just perfectly beautiful. you have always talked about the ranch with such warm words. I am sure it will be missed. However, I agree with you. I think your friends made that ranch as magical as it was. How exciting to know there will be a magical place in Hawaii waiting for you.

  6. Jen

    I love your wedding photos. You look so beautiful!! You look a lot like my friend Christina Montoya. The ranch sounds really amazing and magical!! You describe it really well that I felt like I was actually there myself.

  7. Lori

    Loved your wedding photos.
    In the one that was in Sarks new book.. you reminded me of someone and i couldnt place it.
    and now i have.. you look like my aunt Ruth..
    in her wedding pictures from the 40’s.
    yes, it’s a compliment.
    Who owns the place now? Maybe you can still visit and not only have your friends in Maui but new ones as well!

  8. jill

    Your wedding photo’s are gorgeous… But then again I wouldn’t have expected anything less! It truly looked like an awesome day was had by all. Sort of cool to think that me and my hubby were getting married on that very same day half way across the US. 5-25-03 woo hoo!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures… Glad you got one last visit with the Ranch and your friends!

  9. katherine

    gorgeous! and I’m a big Lush Karma fan too . . . give me Lush and your earrings and I’m justa cruising in yumluscious style 🙂

  10. Andrea

    You were such a beautiful bride! The photos are wonderful, but the memories must be even greater! Cherish them forever!
    And I love the Future Me site! Writing a letter to myself in the future made me realize that I really do think I can achieve my goals for a great life and great happiness. Thanks for sharing that!

  11. Donavan Freberg

    The flower photo is amazing, so magicsexy!
    And I love the idea of writing a letter to myself in the future, though I think maybe I would prefer receiving a letter from myself in the future.

  12. kat

    I love the word (and the band) Lush, and I love that flower photo. The life and energy from it pop through the computer screen…it’s amazing.
    Sweetness and light.

  13. Julia

    Wow! this flower is so awesome, erotic and beautifully exotic. I loved your shared memories of the ranch. It sounds like a truly magical place. It must be hard to say goodbye to such an oasis of fond memories and beauty….

  14. Bianca

    Your wedding photos are amazing! You look so beautiful and happy!
    Thanks for sharing!
    I love the photo of this red flower! How exotic and interesting!

  15. Jennifer

    Funny you should mention Lush – I love that place! And Karma bath bombs and bath melts are two of my favorites. I went into one of their stores once when traveling abroad, and just about went crazy!! They’ve opened up 5 or 6 stores in the United States, one of which is in San Fransisco. I’m sure you could find the address on their website…

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