to paint is the thing

Andrea, photo by Matt Passmore, Golden Gate Park, Canon Digital Rebel

This is me, Christmas Day, after a few too many chocolates.

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday and THANK YOU for posting your Mondo Beyondo lists. They are so inspiring and because of you, my own lists are growing and changing. If you haven’t read the lists that are up there, I highly recommend it.

“People often ask, “If you had your life to live all over again would you do this or that?” Meaning- would you repeat the same mistakes? As for les amours I cannot answer, but as for les aquarelles, oui! One of the important things I learned in making watercolors was not to worry, not to care too much. I think it was Picasso who said, “Not every picture has to be a masterpiece.” Precisely. To paint is the thing. To paint each day.”
– Henry Miller, Sextet

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Hi, I’m Andrea

On this blog you’ll be learning with me how to use our voices, share our creative superpowers and live life in full color.

As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO — ‘cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. Emily

    you are one of my favorite people i know—
    ive been making plans for next summer and the big move out to Cali, i cant wait to see you out there and have wonderful cafe and pirate store afventures!!

  2. jenn

    merry christmas.
    i so get this. i have really been feeling this these past few weeks. i used to hold everything inside afraid i would say the wrong thing, or it might be the wrong time. i don’t believe that any more. i think it’s better to live, to speak, to paint than to do nothing at all. i would live my life again. all of it. the pain the oh no’s. all of it. i get it. it’s all a lesson and it’s taken me here. i am so greatful and thankful for all of it. each and every day.

  3. weina

    hey andrea!
    I’ve been reading your journal for a while now but I haven’t left a comment yet.but now I just have to say this photo is really’s so full of energy and cheerfulness.I think no matter how depressed you are,if you see this photo,you won’t have any other choice than smiling with has the same effect like lying in the grass,feeling the sun shining on your face and eating heaps of chocolate..
    merry christmas from bejing.
    and thank you,your words are always so inspiring.

  4. monicalee

    Look at you and that weather! Ahhh, sunny California. Check out the picture of my deck-covered with snow. We always want what we can’t have. My husband and I made Mondo lists, loved doing it. Might have to add a winter cottage in the Keys to mine. Shoveling snow today, painting with reckless abandon tomorrow.

  5. Jennifer

    Love this picture!! Do you remember those things we used to do as kids? Like riding your bike like a maniac or running around like crazy? That’s what this photo reminds me of – you’re just having fun and not worrying about it.
    Does anyone remember that episode of ‘Friends’ where Phoebe and Rachel go jogging together? Phoebe runs like a little kid does, embaresses the s$%& out of Rachel but doesn’t care because she just feels so good doing it. Rachel learns to do it too, and does enjoy it. (Okay, I’m a ‘Friends’ fanatic. So sue me…)

  6. azura

    LOVE this pix. Brilliant. Just brilliant!

  7. paisley

    i adore your thoughts 🙂
    im making a list in my head
    which i will post 🙂

  8. Dawne

    This picture makes me grin from ear to ear! Yahoo! 🙂

  9. shelly

    A flying Andrea, I love It!

  10. Christian Kiefer

    Hey Andrea:
    That bookstore is amazing; so amazing, in fact, that I’m going to drive to San Francisco to see it. That’s something.
    You look happy. That’s a good thing.
    Christian (Jeff’s friend)

  11. Julia

    I agree. Art, like life, is often times a “happy accident. I added to my mondo beyondo list the intention to just create, enjoy, and go with the flow….and not to worry about the outcome. (this is a biggee for me) Also, I love the the photo here. Look at you, jumping for joy in your beautiful,wild, colorful skirt!! Love it!! Hope you had the best of holidays. 🙂

  12. ali

    This photo totally makes me smile too!!!! Merry, merry Andrea :).

  13. m

    you are an inspiration and such a beautiful spirit, you shine golden.
    have a beautiful mello new years eve in florida, i am from there and wish i were kissing the sea at midnight!
    reading your journal has inspired me to go inside, to think, dream and create.
    thank you and may your dreams come true…
    happy new year from aix-en provence france

  14. Lawn

    I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful blog. Sometimes like today when I’m feeling dry and bored, and uneventful you remind me that there are so many wonderful, fascinating things in life–and I just have to remember to step outside of myself. Thank you. You are a true inspiration.

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