buddhist temple, 21st and Capp St., Canon Digital Rebel

These are the doors of the new Buddhist Temple in the neighborhood. My friend Kim, her 2 year old son Liam, and I wandered in one day to take a peek. There were monks in orange robes all seated in meditation in front of the most enormous Buddha we had ever seen {outside of Bangkok that is}. There were offerings placed at the foot of the statue: orchids, cakes, oranges, brilliantly colored flowers. It was a beautiful sight.

Liam surprised the woman who showed us the room by saying with enormous eyes, “Big buddha!”


“The nature of the mind of beings is like a big pearl that falls into the water. The water is muddy so the pearl becomes hidden. When the water is pure, the pearl is revealed.”
– The Nirvana Sutra

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Hi, I’m Andrea

On this blog you’ll be learning with me how to use our voices, share our creative superpowers and live life in full color.

As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO — ‘cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. Eamon

    What did the Buddhist say to the guy at the hot dog stand?
    “Make me one with everything.”

  2. mati

    isn’t this place neat? i took a pic of the “big buddha” at nite a bit ago, but i don’t have a rockin’ camera like you, OR the eyes!

  3. alessandra de souza

    I’m working in Australia now, but I’m from San Fran as well. It’s great to check your postings from here and feel close to home. I am enjoying the Mission pics! And i loved the “pearl quote”.
    Thank you for the daily inspiration.

  4. Kate

    Andrea, I just got back from Green Gulch Zen Center in Marin county….oh, it was so wonderful. I think you would enjoy it. They have a guest retreat program that lets you do a mix of meditation and personal time. It’s really, really lovely.

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