The Gates

Cinder cone, Mt. LassenCanon Digital Rebel

Has anyone seen Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Gates yet?

Below are some links to other Christo pieces. I wish I had been around to see some of them in person.

Oil barrels
A gorgeous website of landscape art.
A collection of his work

“Swallow the stars until you are one with the universe, with all-pervading universal life.”
– Soen Nakagawa

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  1. stef

    Oh! How I wished I could be there to see them too – I’ve been reading about them and hearing about them and I’m waiting to hear from some friends in NY who are going to see them…
    aren’t they just beautiful and isn’t the whole idea of the art so so beautiful.
    art might just save this world!!!

  2. melissa

    I spent the afternoon at the park, walking through The Gates, watching people, noting the contrast of the beautiful orange art upon the February-ish drab of the park… What a wonderful gift to have given the City! I feel so honored to be here to experience The Gates (and also to watch Ossie Davis’ memorial service live on television today, which was incredible and beautiful in such abundance – find a clip on Wynton Marsalis’ performance if you can).
    I’ve posted a couple Gates pictures on my website.

  3. Caroline

    As it’s getting closer and closer to Valentine’s Day I’m getting more and more depressed. Any tips on getting an emergency date? I’ve never had the courage to ask anyone out…
    Being single is making me sad.

  4. Leonie

    Christo rocks my world.
    Forming new landscapes.
    Rejuvenating old.
    Embellishing existing.
    Maybe Christo and Paul Simon should combine talents. Hold a concert of 50 Ways to Leave your Lover and Wrap a Tree.
    I would really, really like that.
    Would be there will bells on actually 😉

  5. Leonie

    Hey Caroline ~
    Perhaps you could try Andrea’s trick and ask people out by giving them old pastries with your number on it 🙂
    and how bout having a romantic date with yourself?
    No small talk required 😀
    Just you and the honouring of your inner self.
    Just a thought 🙂
    Love and laughter,

  6. jack

    nope, but i will be going soon!
    hey, congrats on getting in JPG mag! my friend just bought me a copy of it (she’s a HUGE fan of your’s… as am i). great mag, i hope to be in it on day too!
    cant wait to see the gates! you should fly in for it!
    bklyn, ny

  7. James

    Thanks for the post Andrea, It is nice to read someone’s reaction to The Gates. You have some nice links there to.
    By the way, my friend just found this and it is really cool. What would you tell yourself, if you could send an email to yourself in the future?

  8. Susan

    Andrea, I visit often just to enjoy your photos and insights. Keep celebrating life. We’re right here with you.

  9. betsy

    a friend called yesterday from NYC to Minneapolis. He was at the gates, was amazed, needed to tell somebody.

  10. Kathleen

    Oh, I remember Christo’s umbrellas, those were phenomenal! A friend of mine in Europe sent me some photographs of the wrapped Reichtag in Berlin from when he went to visit.
    But funnily enough Christo came to give a talk while I was attending art school about 9 years ago. His wife ended up taking over after he initially introduced himself…she stepped up to the microphone and said “when you see Christo’s artwork, that’s just a name…it’s really Jeane-Claude & Christo, we are doing this together”.

  11. Anne

    I walked around on Thursday, watching them put the gates up and then, again, today with my daughter (2), a friend, and her boys (2 & 3). I can see how they will be, can be, meditative but on a glorious, sunny, cold Sunday afternoon, with three toddlers and thousands of New Yorkers, it was a delightful, fantastic festival. So cheering. On our way out, we stopped to admire two police officers on horseback. Behind them a sedan rolled up, lights flashing. A cyclist next to us began to applaud and I could see a bush of fiery hair inside the car: it was Christo and Jeanne-Claude. We and everyone around us began to clap as they drove slowly by. It brought tears to my eyes–I was so happy to have the chance to thank them!

  12. NY shygirl

    Andrea, I saw The Gates today and actually thought of you (since I read your blog entry sometime last night and went to the park this afternoon). You were there with me in spirit. It was quite the visual adventure — I wrote about it in my blog, but if you care to see more photos just write me and I’ll share my ofoto album. (I don’t know how to post multiple photos within a single entry in blogger.)
    Keep writing your entries. Never forget how wonderful you are.

  13. sara

    does any one know how long they’ll be up? i won’t be able to get to new york til next month…

  14. Jennifer

    I’m going next weekend and can’t wait!! There was a big article in Sunday’s New York Times. I was poking around on some NYC Tourism sites a couple of days ago, and apparantly the Metropolitan has some sort of rooftop or garden (or maybe rooftop garden) that is supposed to provide dramatic views of the exhibit.

  15. Rena

    they are very beautiful. the color shifts all day long. and seeing all the different kinds of people who came to the park was very fascinating and inspiring too. they will only be up for 16 days total! i have a few pictures on Flickr –

  16. Ryan Z

    Hi Andread! You seem to have been somehow involved in a mysterious act of fate that has recently materialized in my life.
    Last week while on vacation on Cape Cod I saw some old friends and for a night of silliness and boardgames (a tradition, but not as often since I moved to Connecticut). While playing Trivial pursuit pop culture edition, there was actually a question about Cristo to which I knew the answer because I’ve always been a fan.
    When I came home this past Sunday I actually caught a few minutes of sixty minutes and they were doing a piece on him and Jean-Claude, oddly enough; and the recent exhibition of the gates.
    Finally, Sunday evening I sat down to look at your updated blog (for the first time in about six days) and lo and behold, your most recent entry was about Cristo himself!
    This is all kind of random but I believe heavily in small miracles and synchronicity (like the chain of events that introduced your beautiful website into my life in the first place) so I’ve interpreted this as an invitation to go and view the gates next Monday.
    Like I said, it is all random, but I thought that I would let you know the part you played.

  17. Jenn

    Thank you so much for your site. I’ve been reading for ages and always appreciate the things you share. I just today started a blog… mostly to share pics with family but here is the link to my first entry… pictures of the gates!

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