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red puff ball, Canon Digital Rebel

I’ve been tagged by Mati to write five idiosyncrasies about myself. Here are 5 of the many!

1. I hold my right elbow parallel to the floor when I brush my teeth. I don’t know why or when I started doing this, but it feels strange to do it any other way. Matt always jokes that I have “good form” when I brush.

2. Whenever I see 2:52 on the clock, I get really, really happy. AM, PM, you name it, I get happy. I even like 2:52’s fraternal twin, 11:52. I call it my magic time… and when I catch the number I feel like everything is going exactly as it should, like everything is right with the world.

3. I color coordinate my food to go with my dishes. Did I mention this before? I also do this with beverages and get very excited when the turqoise fiesta ware cup is clean and I can pour that pretty caramel colored coffee into it.

4. I am an obsessive seatbelt user and bicycle helmet wearer but every once in a while I spontaneously make up a rule like, “If I don’t wear my seatbelt now and make the whole trip without dying, I will never die in a car accident.”

5. I usually don’t use an alarm clock, but simply tap my forehead a certain number of times indicating the time on the clock that I wish to wake up. For example, just as I rest my head on the pillow, I tap my forehead with two fingers and say out loud “1,2,3,4,5,6, 7” and then a tap with one finger “30.” My “clock” is now set for 7:30. I swear it totally works.

Now I tag you!

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Hi, I’m Andrea

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As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO — ‘cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. Nisa

    this is such a rad idea…I am totally going to do it on my blog!
    Also- it’s spooky how much I am so with you on several of these…I am positively giddy when I can use the cobalt blue bowl for my mac’n’cheese…so pretty together…(ok, it’s the little things in life…you know?)…and the wacky rule making up…and I have a tooth brushing thing, too…it’s a bit different… you can check out my blog if you’re curious…

  2. Wanda Tucker

    1. No toothbrush idiosyncracies…that I am aware of.
    2. I like 3:33.
    3. I have Fiesta ware, too! I love the deep rich colors, but my new favorite is tangerine. The tangerine and deep orange don’t work very well with spaghetti with marinara.
    4. I ride a motorcycle…in Oregon we have to wear helments.
    5. I love your alarm clock. I am going to try it.

  3. judith

    10:22 for me.

  4. Shelley Noble

    Tag!!! You’re CUTE!! xxo
    1. I’m right about everything, just ask everyone I tell.
    2. Up until I turned forty I always had it in the back of my mind I could always get myself out of money troubles by stripping. (Now the ladies are too too acrobatic for me to be popular plus my boobies aren’t pouting anymore, now they’re just having a tantrum down there by the bottom of my ribs!
    3. I have a giant rule that if I have done everything I should I will die right away because the truly good die, right?! So I always scan my day in a panic looking for what egregious thing is left undone. (PS I’m always safe!.)
    4. I obsess on my film project Halfland and yet the sun goes down each day without any progress actually being made on it, fifteen years and counting. (*see item 3.)
    5. I prefer people like Andrea, Jen Grey, Keri Smith, Danny Gregory, Trevor Romain, Allison scrumdidilyumptious, LoobyLu, etc. as my imaginary friends vs. having to talk to real people (except my best friend/husband.)

  5. stef

    I love the time 11:11 and when I see that on the clock I totally love it and know everything is as it should be!! 11 is my all time favorite number and Kadison was born on the 11th!
    I love the alarm thing ~ I don’t do the tapping but I do say to myself when I lay down in bed: 6:30am and I usually wake up around that time…weird how we are 🙂

  6. Andrea

    1. Pictures must be hung slightly below eye level. MY eye level. I stand 5’10”, so everyone should get their homes in order, in case I ever come over, so I don’t have to be irritated. (My sister & I got into a HEATED argument about this right after my first kid was born – my sister was kind enough to help me unpack – we moved when my daughter was 10 days old, and I was rude enough to accuse her of trying to hang the Goodnight Moon picture too high in my daughter’s room…She stormed off into the laundry room of our apartment building & I sat grumbling on our Ikea foam couch about how irrational SHE was! I’m sure raging hormones didn’t have anything to do with THAT argument. :/ We laugh about it now. 😉
    2. I LOVE to pick at my hangnails. And it’s 10 times better when one has healed & the skin is dry and will peel off like a layer of onionskin.
    3. I wear my watch on my right hand. Too buggy on the left.
    4. I must correct all typos, even in the stupidest e-mail exchange, and I don’t just place the cursor at the correction point…NO, NO, NO! I must induce repetitive stress injuries by backspacing all the way to the error, then retyping everything after that.
    5. I can’t stand for my workspace to be bland…it must be colorful & very busy – loaded with momentos & crap! Cubicle life damn near killed me!
    Geez…I seem to be getting awfully “idiosyncratic” (aka “eccentric”) in my not-so-old age! This list could go on, ad infinitum! The older I get, the more rules & regulations I seem to be adding! If I keep going like this, I’m going to be alone in my old age, wearing a maroon, velour sweatsuit, sharing my home with 14 cats!!! Oh well, I guess that’s the life of an artiste! 🙂

  7. linus

    I find this time thing very interesting – I thought it was just me! I always seem to look at the clock when it’s 11.11 and it makes me feel a bit creeped out. I don’t have a particular, favourite time though – maybe I ought to find one.

  8. jenn

    I was told by a friend in 4th grade that if the clock is 11:11 you make a wish, so you get two wishes a day. I’ve never forgot that and now I look for 11:11 on the clock.
    Your system of waking yourself up is quite interesting…. I am going to have to try it.
    Here’s my five idiosyncrasies…
    1. I always put toothpaste on my toothbrush and then just hold the toothbrush in my mouth while walking around the house. I seem to do this for about five minutes then I actually brush my teeth. Connie says I take longer to brush my teeth than anyone she’s ever met.
    2. I can not sit at my computer without turning music on. No matter how long I am going to be sitting, I turn my radio on. Even if I sit for two minutes.
    3. I can not get onto any exercise machine at my gym no matter what machine or where it is located at the gym from the left. I have to get on, or off from the right.
    4. I hate, hate, hate to drive if someone else is in the car with me, even Connie.
    5. I have to subscribe to our local paper but I never read it. Not ever.

  9. Eva

    22:08 works for me. When I look at the watch and see this time I know it is a sign everything is OK 🙂

  10. jenny vorwaller

    1. i sleep with my toes totally inward, on my tummy, with arms neatly folded under me.
    2. i like to stay in on saturday night, get i jammies at an early hour and clean, bake, then read or watch a great film. always saturday night.
    3. i dispise the idea of drinking cow’s milk, but i will eat ice cream every once and while and love it.
    4. i cannot stand the color maroon.
    5. i type and blog with no caps. i like lowercase lots.

  11. Gayla

    I can certainly understand colour coordinating food and dishes.
    1:23 is my time. I even say it as 1, 2, 3. I also like 11:11 but not as much. It doesn’t make me feel safe, it just seems special.

  12. Carrie

    Awesome stuff, Andrea! Love reading random things about people like that. I’ll have to think on my own odd habits… I’m sure there are plenty!

  13. Marilyn

    I’m totally trying #5. And my time is 11:11…and it’s weird how many times I spontaneously look up and there it is. 🙂

  14. jes

    1. i cannot have TV or radio volumes set to 4, 14, or 24. 34 would be okay, though, if it weren’t so loud.
    2. i will not press touch-sensitive screens with my fingertips. i have to push the buttons with my knuckles.
    3. i visit my regular web haunts in a specific order. superhero journal is the 7th on the list.
    4. i am a phase eater. i eat one type of food at a time, e.g. if there are carrots and chicken and pasta, i eat the carrots, then the chicken, then the pasta. unless it is rice! rice fills in the little gaps between bites.
    5. if i am startled or if i suddenly remember something (“my book! it’s still on the train!”), i will do a panicky little hopping dance.
    andrea, it is because of you that i was inspired to start my own little bindery. one of the items i offer is the final evolution of the wish book i sent you. many thanks for the courage!

  15. Tommy Boy

    My wife has to coordinate her coffee cup with what she is wearing…this way she always remembers which one is her’s.
    Me? I have to let my Dunkin Donut’s coffee sit for exactly 10 minutes before I take the first sip…then it is the perfect temperature.
    My understanding is any time with consecutive numbers, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, you are provided a wish. Notice, the hours of 6, 7, 8, & 9 do not afford wishes and should be avoided, both am and pm…this may be the time when you actually get work done.
    I eat all my vegetables first, that way I can enjoy the rest of the meal.

  16. Veronica

    Oh, I have too many idiosyncrasies to think about, but here are a couple:
    1. I say, “Is everyone ready?” everytime I get in a car. It doesn’t matter if I’m by myself or with others.
    2. I rub the side of my camera before I start taking pictures. I believe if I don’t do this then the camera will not perform correctly.

  17. Jodi

    You inspired me to ask this question on my blog. Here are my answers:
    1. I don’t step on handicap signs on the ground and I time my steps in between squares when I’m walking. I never step on lines.
    2. I have to see my food. I cannot eat in the dark.
    3. I never drink after anyone except my kids/husband.
    4. The last thing I must do before falling asleep is put on lip balm. If I’ve already put it on once, I have to put it on again right before I turn out the light.

  18. kristin

    the alarm clock thing is hilarious! how in the world does that work? did you ever watch that seinfeld episode where kramer tries using his internal alarm clock to wake up in time for a marathon (i think that’s what it was)? of course, he doesn’t wake up in time and comedy ensues.

  19. espana

    that was fun :). Thank you! I posted mine on my blog—-it was good to admit how many times I have watched Charlie’s Angels 😉 .

  20. carrster

    I’m sure I have more than I can think of but….here are the ones that jump to mind:
    1) I do not walk on any grates or metal covers on sidewalks. I also don’t step over sewer grates (thanks, Stephen King).
    2) I have to wet my toothbrush after putting toothpaste on it.
    3) I can only get on my bike from the left side.
    4) I always wash silverware first when doing the dishes. Because I hate doing silverware and want to get it out of the way.
    5) I freak out (!) if the microwave is stopped at a random time – left (say 2:15) or if it’s blinking “end” or if the door is left open. Gah!!

  21. carrster

    Oh! And the waking up alarm clock thing works for me…only if I LOOk at the clock, say the time I want to wake up and I can only be napping on the couch. This unfortunately doesn’t work in my bed.

  22. Cindy

    Oh—-where to begin? 😉
    1- I eat in mulitples of three. i can never take one more bite. It is 3 more or nothing!
    2- I am absolutely paranoid about dairy products being unrefridgerated. Even on the drive home from the grocery store. I rush, rush, rush!
    3- My most exciting time of the day is 7:23. I was born on July 23rd. No real guess work there.
    4- I have to wet my toothbrush before i put any toothpaste on it.
    5- WOODEN STICKS make my teeth hurt. Toothpicks, popsicle sticks, etc. Can’t even think about them without shivering. Have no idea when or why this gem originated.
    Hooray for our individualism!

  23. shelly

    Andrea,I have been doing #5 since I was a teenager. It really does work.
    Since 9/11 whenever I see that time on the clock I always stop and pray for the people we loss that day.
    Whenever things are going bad Not only do I pray to God. But I also ask my loved ones that have passed on to pull some strings up there and help me out.
    I have had this one same dream off and on since I was 5yrs old.
    I bought this picture of this lady from the 20’sor30’s. I have had it for 20yrs. for some reason if I don’t have her hanging in my house I think my luck will change. crazy hUh?

  24. shelly

    Andrea,I have been doing #5 since I was a teenager. It really does work.
    Since 9/11 whenever I see that time on the clock I always stop and pray for the people we loss that day.
    Whenever things are going bad Not only do I pray to God. But I also ask my loved ones that have passed on to pull some strings up there and help me out.
    I have had this one same dream off and on since I was 5yrs old.
    I bought this picture of this lady from the 20’sor30’s. I have had it for 20yrs. for some reason if I don’t have her hanging in my house I think my luck will change. crazy hUh?

  25. mati

    Thanks for playing:) I really love the tapping your forehead trick!

  26. shelly

    sorry for the double post.

  27. Pamela

    I found it difficult to narrow mine down! I have so many oddities! At any rate, mine are over at, as they really are too long-winded to clog up your comments.
    Andrea, the parallel arm thing, I find myself walking down the street with this posture :-).

  28. Joy

    I fingerspell the street names as I’m walking.

  29. Bea

    1. I bought a magazine for sewing childrens clothing because of instructions for sewing your own diapers -although I don?t have children yet… Must have inherited this from my mom, who bought a bowl for a dog three years before we got one, who bought batteries before buying the radio…
    2. Sometimes I?m so excited about an idea that pops into my mind, I do strange things… like once, I had this idea of needing to go to a nearby park and pick a few leaves of a gingko tree, because I wanted to press them. I darted off and when I stood in front of the tree I burst into laughter… there was not a single leaf on the tree, as it was the middle of january…
    3. When I made my soul map collage, I was so happy when I finished it, that I put it up at the foot of my sweetie?s side of the bed (he was on a business trip at the time), so I could look at it immediately when I woke up and for as long as I needed to fall asleep.
    4. I sometimes like to startle other people. My last victims were a few 13 year old boys. One of them ran, rammed a gate on purpose and play-acted like he had hurt his belly…and I said in an all serious tone: “That?s what I always do! E-ve-ry-day! Now that?s why my tummy always hurts! I really should stop doing that…” They looked at me in a real strange way and ran off…
    5. The tip of my nose moves when I speak (like that of a bunny)! (Does this count as an idiosyncrasy?)

  30. morgan

    how fun! I can only think of one right now..
    1. I close my left eye whenever I look into a reflective surface (mirror, glass, water..)

  31. Vivienne

    OH my did I enjoy this today!
    My clock time is 1:01, it reminds me of Depeche Mode and makes me laugh about those days
    I must put cold water on my toothbrush before and after the toothpaste. I once had a partner who brushed her teeth in the shower isn’t that weird?
    I must put the utensils in the dishrack facing up so the bottoms don’t get germs on them.
    I must hit snooze at least 3 times in the morning and it drives my BF cra-ZY
    I can’t park when other people are in my car

  32. nina

    This is so much fun!
    1. I wet my toothbrush before the toothpaste goes on it (I thought everyone did that). My husband brushes his teeth in the shower.
    2. I have to wash the can opener in the dishwasher every time I use it, even an electric one if I have to take it apart to do it, etc. My husband is the one who noticed this one, so maybe it’s normal?
    3. My time is 3:33 and I seem to see it a lot. Everytime I see it on the clock, I bless my kids. I never stopped to wonder why I do this, but now I’m guessing it’s because I have three kids. I say a small prayer when I see the time 9:11 and if I was having a negative thought right before seeing that time, it’s a reminder for me to transform my thought into a positive one.
    4. Whenever a black cat crosses my path, I make three Xs on my windhsield real fast to cancel any bad luck. If I’m walking, I make the Xs in the air.
    5. I can’t look at the night sky without wishing on the first star I see.
    I’m trying the alarm clock idea. Thanks!

  33. Lisa

    Okay here goes…
    1. I collect sentences…not quotes necessarily but sentences that especially delight me. When I read a book and a sentence goes straight to my heart, I write it down. Here is one of my absolute favorites: “Every spring she gave herself home permanents that were an advertisement against them: her steely gray hair reminded me of Brillo pads, minus the thrill of the hidden soap.”
    2. Every night just before I drop off to sleep I have a flashback–it could be from my childhood or from last week…but it’s always so clear.
    3. I have an extraordinary memory when it comes to people’s names. I can barely remember my own phone number, but if I saw a picture of the kids in my first grade class, I could tell you all their names.
    4. My favorite souvenirs when I travel are rocks. A lot of people go shopping while on vacation–I keep my eye out for the best rock. I often carry my vacation stones in my pockets–they help calm me down if I get stressed and they remind me to go gently.
    5. I can do amazing things with bubble gum…I can blow a bubble inside a bubble inside a bubble inside another bubble…I can blow HUGE bubbles–bigger than my head…I can blow five or six small bubbles at different angles outta my mouth.

  34. Caroline

    Oh, I didn’t realize I had so many till I read about everyone else’s!
    1. I am a toothbrushing freak. I have to wet the brush (with HOT water), then put the toothpaste on, more hot water, then I walk around the house with it in my mouth like Jenn, till it starts to foam. Then I brush around the house for a good five minutes, going back to the sink (it has to be the bathroom sink, not the kitchen sink) every 30 seconds or so to spit, and rinse the brush with more hot water. THEN after all the toothpaste is off the brush I rinse it, and set it on the side of the sink with a towel over it (after it’s dry I put it in the medicine cabinet). Then I have to use mouthwash. I won’t even get into that one.
    2. I will only drink bottled water or water from the kitchen sink with ice. I can tell if it’s water from another sink. My mom got a kick out of this for YEARS and would continually try to trick me into drinking bathroom water before bed.
    3. I hate milk, unless it’s in cereal. I love other dairy products though.
    4. If I make a handwritten mistake on a piece of paper I can’t use white out or erase it, I have to write it over again on another piece of paper. All of my college notes are written in one notebook, then transferred to another notebook when I get home, so I use less paper.
    5. I stay up or set my alarm to get up at 4:00 on Saturday mornings just so I can watch Jamie Oliver.
    6. Okay, one extra one. I’m absolutely terrified of chickens and deer. I have no idea why.
    Oh, I could go on…

  35. Kim

    Eek! How long do these amazing flowers last?!
    I will be in SF on 08/20 and will be sad if they are all gone….
    1. I cannot let my food touch on my plate….God help me if there is gravy
    2. I cannot walk over sidewalk grates. As much as I tell myself ‘It will be okay, just do it’, I get to the edge and end up going around anyhow.
    3. My special clock time is 1:11 or 11:11.

  36. Georgy

    1. I love banannas – but they have to be “just right” – no spots – I will not eat bananna in anything – No Bananna Bread, Ice Cream . . .
    2. I need to stand in a special way in order to open the mailbox – the key doesn’t seem to turn unless I posture exactly right.
    3. No matter how my hair is cut, I blow dry and it looks the same as always.
    4. I cannot go to work without my Superhero Bracelet.
    5. My school work has pictures, stuff, cutouts, flowers, jewels – my teacher was surprised – I get good grades, so my system works – but he says my world view is unusual. (WE all know it’s because I’m Californian.)

  37. Kerstin

    1. I am totally scared of getting stuck in an elevator and only take them if I have to go higher than 8 levels. It’s a challenge in hotels and I often have to walk up and down dimly lit fire escape staircases.
    2. On the same note I am paranoid about getting stuck in a public toilet and I will try the lock at least three times before closing the door. If I suspect that a lock or door handle might not work properly I won’t close the door or not use the toilet. Although I am uncomfortable with the lack of privacy in cubicles with large gaps above and below the doors I prefer those as I could get out by climbing over them.
    3. I am obsessed with reading weblogs and comments.
    4. I keeps leaving things behind, like sunglasses in dressing rooms, keys on restaurant tables, rings next to the basin, stuff I put into a hotel room drawer. My husband always checks after me and prevents me from losing all my possessions.
    5. Wherever I travel I must find a cafe with internet access. You can locate me at Starbucks all over the world, with my iBook and a large cafe latte, feeling happy and connected.
    Yes, I am a neurotic and manic obsessive airhead!

  38. Loony Lindsey

    1- I never set my alarm clock for “typical”numbers. Nothing that ends in zeros or fives will do. If I want to wake up at 6:30, I set my alarm for 6:32. Just because.
    2- I never wake up the same time more than two days in a row. If yesterday (and or the day before) my alarm was set at 6:32, then today it is going to be set at 6:29.
    3- I have been known to eat around the chocolate chips in chocolate chip cookies. (Are they still chocolate chip cookies when I pick out the chocolate chips???)
    4- I dance down the street when I run and the song ‘Hey Ya’ comes on. Only when there are no cars, of course.
    5- I still eat black olives off my fingers.

  39. Maya

    I can now feel so much less freakish when I tell you I:
    1. I sing “Eidelweiss” whenever I feel nauseous. I’ve done this since I was about 8 years old, so that’s 25 years. It has worked well for me, and if I’m extra nauseous, I count the letters of the alphabet over and over again with my fingers.
    2. I always touch the right side of the plane door with my right hand when I’m boarding. Even if the flight attendant is asking me if I need help finding my seat (why do they do this, anyway? It’s not like it’s THAT difficult in such a small venue to locate your assigned seat…) or there is a large and unwieldy stroller situation behind me or I’m impatient to get on because I have to go pee. I still do it every time.
    3. My sister and I, when we were younger and had adjoining bedrooms, would have a little routine before we went to sleep. She had to say “Goodnight Maya” and then I had to say “Goodnight Mikhal” and then she said “Goodnight” and then I said “Goodnight.” When we talk about it now, she says it made her feel safe, especially that part about me saying things last. That it cushioned her somehow. And I loved…the responsibility of it. I’m the younger sister, and so anytime I had a chance to play “big,” I was honored.
    4. I had a minor obsession with “Ernie” as in Bert & Ernie from Sesame Street. For many years, I collected Ernie whenever I could. My mom got me a giant Ernie plush doll when I was (ooh, this is embarrassing…) 15 or 16, and I loved it so. One time even cut his hair because it was starting to look…messy. I never dressed him in anything other than what he came with, but once in awhile I’d make corrections to the haircut. Needless to say, after a year, he looked like he was about to join the military.
    5. I cannot eat runny eggs. There must a very certain consistency to scrambled eggs or I’m completely grossed out. They’re so…mucus-like, really otherwise. Going out to breakfast rarely gets me perfect eggs. I must specify to the server to have them “well-cooked, please.” By extension, I have always been a little suspicious when anyone other than a member of my family offers to make me eggs for the first time. It’s been a precarious moment with dates and new lovers. The previous night’s eagerness in bed followed by a slight hesitation when so-and-so says…”You stay in bed…I’ll go make us some scrambled eggs.” What a see-sawing moment THAT is for an egg snob like me.

  40. Jennifer

    I’ve heard about the color coordination of the food/dish thing – I think that is a particular habit of fiesta ware folks…and I had my own personal alarm clock thing as a kid. My mom told me that if you say the time you want to wake up, say 7:30, until you can’t say it anymore, then that’s what time you’ll wake up…
    It’s nice to hear that everyone has their idiosyncracies, and it’s especially nice that I share a lot of them…

  41. Deanna

    1. I foam at the mouth when I brush, not sure how this happens, but I always use a kleenex to wipe my mouth afterwards to avoid the toothpaste smile on the towel.
    2. My Fav number is 11, and always will be, not sure why.
    3. I always sleep with 4 pillows and two teddy bears, one pillow at my back, two under my head with one bear and one pillow under my knees, the other bear is under my arm. Sleeping alone this is easy, not so much when someone wants to be one of those pillows or bears.
    4. I walk the same route no matter where I am going, store, gym, friends place, work. I was once told I could be easily stalked.
    5. I wash my hair every Friday-good way to start the weekend and Monday-great way to start the week.

  42. kerry

    Often when I’m nervous or anxious (quite too often really) I think the phrase “and I threw up 13 times” over and over, because really nothing would be worse than that.

  43. Steph

    My magical time is 2:42! I never knew anyone else had a time like this (and so close to my own). I get giddy when I see those numbers on a digital clock.
    Have a wonderful week!

  44. mikaelah

    Brand new hot off the press idiosyncrasy is wanting to get a “baby spot” kiss every night.
    I told my son that the little spot on his forehead where his skin is darker is where I kissed him all the time when he was a baby. He found a freckle on my forehead and calls it my “baby spot” and so we give each other kisses every night on our baby spots. (and during the day as needed). I find this to be so comforting. I love getting and giving baby spot kisses.
    love this post and reading all the other idiosyncrasies.

  45. natala

    1. if eating a piece of pie, i eat the crust first. (turn it upside down and all)
    2. i walk through revolving doors at least 2 times…
    3. i write notes to the wait staff at any place we eat – even if it’s bad service, i write long notes, of random things, with the intent of making someone smile, or think that i’m really weird.
    4. sometimes i start at the end of a book.
    5. i can not drink water from the bathroom sink, i have to bring it up from the kitchen.
    thanks 🙂

  46. sarah

    1. I have to have at least three pillows when I sleep, one has to be flat, one pouffy, and one feather..and they have to be cool material, nothing too fuzzy.
    2. I set my clock for 5:55 am it’s my magic number
    3. I always eat around the middle of the apple first then the sides. When I see people take bites of an apple willy nilly…I want to scream at them. he he
    4. I can’t stand to say goodbye to people. I will go out of my way to avoid it…it may mean that I seem rude, but it breaks my heart to say goodbye…it’s too final
    5. almost all foods can be ‘dreggy’ in other words…dregs… my bf teases me and says as soon as a package of food is opened it becomes dreggy..ha! if something is in the fridge for too’s dreggy, if bread is more than a few days’s dreggy. Some things are almost never dreggy..chocolate, candy are never dreggy..but ice cream can be…ick!

  47. Kim

    1…When my hair is long, I twirl it and brush the ends over my lips and eyelids and cheeks. I smell it too. I like the softness I suppose, and my shampoo. I often don’t realize I’m doing this.
    2…When I see a film that scares me (like Blair Witch) or I hear a scary noise (like coyotes howling in the middle of the night) my eyes tear up uncontrollably. I’m not crying mind you. It’s like a fear reflex or something. I have to wipe my eyes a lot.
    3…When I was about 6 or 7 I loved Wonder Woman (a true superhero from way back) and would often want to pretend I was her when I played. I wanted to wear her snazzy outfit but didn’t have anything that even remotely looked like what she wore soooo, I’d draw out her costume on paper (head band, arm cuffs, etc.), color it in, cut out the pieces, strip down to my undies and a pair of cowgirl boots, than tape the pieces to me or wrap them around me. Than I’d run outside and save the world!
    4…When I have to take various items out of the house to take with me in the car, I will always forget one item. I could have, say 5 things to take with me, and always forget one. I do this when I take off all my rings at night too. I more often than not forget to take off one ring.
    5…My man and I rarely have sex at home. Whenever we go away for a weekend say, I am interested but at home I could care less.Hmmm, I guess that’s why we’ve gone away more this year than ever…

  48. samantha

    1. i can’t eat leftovers. i feel like if it’s been in the fridge for more than five minutes, that it’s “gone bad.”
    2. i’m not picky about the food i will eat, but when and how i can eat it. for example, i like the tomato, but ONLY on sandwiches! any other context and it grosses me out.
    3. i always kiss the roof of my car when going through yellow lights.
    4. i OBSESSIVELY check my e-mail, and then am very disappointed when no one has written to me. (even though i check it every five minutes or so.)
    5. when making a mix cd or tape, it is imperative that the songs be in the “correct” order. i will listen to the last ten seconds of a song over and over again to figure out the perfect song to follow it mood wise. it will take me nearly three hours to make one cd or tape.

  49. Amy

    1. If I pass a homeless, instead of giving them money – I always say a quick blessing/prayer for them.
    2. I collect mugs and am very particular on how they are arranged on the kitchen shelf. Mainly, it is by color — my book shelf is also arranged by color…
    3. Dark meat chicken grosses me out. I will not revist a Chinese/Thai/Vietnamese restaurant if they use “mystery” chicken.
    4. Before I start a painting — I run my hands over the blank board and ask the canvas what it wants to be. Then I bless it and begin.
    5. I enjoy a good burger every now and again — but I will never make burgers to grill at home. Working the ground chuck with bare hands grosses me out to where I can’t stomach it.

  50. Harry

    1. I like to skip down the street. It makes me happy.
    2. Sometimes, without even realizing it, I would hum a song out loud (anytime, anyplace).
    3. I have a really active gag reflex, which makes it really hard for me to brush my teeth. I swear my neighbor thinks I’m bulimic.
    4. I feel guilty if I do not vary my dog-walking route. I’m afraid that he might get bored.
    5. In a hotel room, the only place I care about being clean is the bathroom. Everything else doesn’t really bother me.

  51. Barecca

    I have always found that the waking up thing works but I don’t tap my forehead. Instead I look at the time it is and I think about the time I need to wake up (for example, if it’s midnight when I go to sleep and I have to wake at 7). Then I close my eyes and breath the numbers in and out with a mind to how deeply asleep I want to be at a particular hour. For example shallow, light breath on 1 & 2, very deep REM breathing on 345, getting lighter and shallow again with 6. And then “awake” at 7!

  52. Misho

    Very nice

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