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A fantastic article came out in the SF Weekly a few weeks ago about my husband Matt Passmore, his collaborator John Bela and their art collective called Rebar. They were the feature article and pictured on the cover, and I must say that passing by those kiosks and seeing their faces staring up at me filled me with so much excitement and joy. (I made Matt pose in above pic as if he was simply reading the paper, all nonchalant like.)

You can view the archived version online here.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who donated to Rebar in the past few months. They are cooking up some incredible projects this year and you are helping to make that possible!

Thank you:

Susan Brook
Erin Corcoran
Jennifer Davis
Liz Elayne
Michele Goldstein
Jennifer Higgins
Meg Keene
Carsten Kroon
Denise Andrade Kroon
Christine Miller
Sarah Sykes
Christina Vogelsang
Anna Kuperberg

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  1. Tiana

    I actually read about the PARK(ing)project a while back…I don’t really remember on what site (probably but I can’t be sure. I ahowed all my coworkers and everyone was impressed.
    Nice to see the more such things are being worked on!

  2. bohemiangirl

    look at him, all chillin’…even though he’s a star. 😉
    bravo for all that Rebar stands for. we are really stoked about it.
    lots of love to you two cuties!

  3. cathy

    Rebar is very interesting! I especially loved the PARK(ing) concept. Totally cool. A little temporary park in the middle of the city.

  4. muck

    WOW!!!!!! i so love this concept!!! this ROCKS!!!!!
    i would LOVE to do something like this here in ol’ conservative dc. please do tell matt he’s got a new fan and to send me a rebar kit!

  5. Beastmomma

    How good.

  6. kristine

    Yeah ! Yay for you two! I am excited about this! I love the parking project and just the way that these ‘happenings’ change the way we think.

  7. kristine

    Yeah ! Yay for you two! I am excited about this! I love the parking project and just the way that these ‘happenings’ change the way we think.

  8. surcie

    Y’all sound like so much fun.

  9. surcie

    Y’all sound like so much fun.

  10. surcie

    Y’all sound like so much fun.

  11. Emily

    I second Muck’s cry for Rebar to grow a branch here in DC! I’ll definitely join the team, and, as a filmmaker, I’d naturally be sure to film the whole ordeal! HOORAY for Rebar!

  12. Swirly

    LOVE the photo! Matt is now Mr. Fancy in my book. 😉

  13. Jenn

    I am so happy for Matt and Rebar Group. I am more than happy to have been blessed enough to help Rebar out and will continue to do so every chance I get. I love the article and Matt looks handsome as always.
    I can’t wait to see the pics of the summer “install.”

  14. christina

    Horay for getting recognition where it’s due! What a great project. And I love how proud you are of him–and how you made him take this picture. Too cute.

  15. Felicity

    Hey Andrea,
    I felt glad to be able to help out–but please note that I’ve taken down/blocked my weblog–it’s begun to cause me far too much aggravation.

  16. Meg

    Yay for Rebar. I wish I could help out more. Y’all just make magic happen.
    I’ve been looking around at the wonderful spring colors and thinking… hummmmm… these are superhero colors.

  17. Christina V.

    Very well written article with lots of good, inspiring background information.
    I am really curious how the Hidden Agenda will turn out, all my best wishes to Rebar!

  18. Carole

    Inspiring, intelligent, incredible! Thanks are due to you, Andrea, and to Rebar for helping to keep us all Awake as we walk through Life, especially in the city! So clever…and isn’t it amazing how the risk of artists to bring a concept to reality can have such an important impact?!! Awesome!!

  19. tiffany

    Too cool! I might just have to stop by the Cabinet library next time I’m in Las Cruces. 🙂

  20. kristyk

    The kids and I went to Cabinet Library last year and they STILL talk about it all the time and ask to go back. Just last week we had to drive to Deming for a track meet and they were so upset that I didn’t stop. I loved one of the questions my daughter asked the first time we went: “You mean grown ups get to do art projects, too?” My answer? ABSOLUTELY!!!
    Congratulations on the article, Matt!

  21. Meg

    I know I already commented, but I just went to the Rebar site, and I was reading about how the bottom drawer of the Liberary is a snack bar, and I just started laughing histerically. And said I needed to donate more. Such joy. I love it.

  22. Bek

    So, SO SSSOOOOOO brilliant. Made me cry – the photo’s of PARK(ing) on the Rebar site -particularly the “in context” one. You and your hubby (and other Conspirators’{wink}) are doing wonderful inspiring acts of love for this beautiful world of ours. Keep doing. And thank you. So much.

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