why matt and I have a lot to learn

cassidy and dylan, Canon Digital Rebel

Matt and I were outside a popular restaurant the other night waiting for a table and were watching the folks around us. There was a family near us, a mom and dad with three kids ranging in age from about 4-8 years old. We weren’t sure who was deaf and who was hearing in the family, but they were all quietly signing to each other.

At some point Matt and I glanced over at the 6-year-old boy who was signing to his sister. He was sticking his index finger in his mouth and then motioning to his butt while doing a funny little dance. Then he would stick the other finger in his mouth and point to the his butt again.

We found this completely hilarious and charming. (It was so much better in sign language!) And then wondered what kind of parents we’re going to be. Are we going to inadvertently be encouraging this behavior? Look out world…

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Hi, I’m Andrea

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  1. Amy

    I want to be that kind of mother. 😉

  2. amy

    My boyfriend and I always talk about that. Our sense of humor can be less-than-appropriate at times, and we have visions of our children being less-than-appropriate at horridly innappropriate times. Oh well!
    You two will be fabulous parents!

  3. Chookooloonks

    You’re going to be the BEST kind of parents. I know this.
    It’s Love Thursday over at my place. And I’ve decided that this photograph is your submission — what a beautiful shot.
    Happy Love Thursday, friend. May your new family be filled with love.

  4. jo

    if you infuse as much joy into your little one as you have into the peeps that frequent this blog, grand parents you will be indeed!

  5. faery

    yeah we are ‘that’ kind of parents and it’s so fun. When our one year old farts even he laughs now!

  6. Kage

    I am the first one to initiate potty humor with my daughters. I figure somewhere along the line it will make them cooler if they are up on their fart noises and sticking things up the nose tricks.

  7. Tiff

    The joy of children is so infectious!

  8. shaun

    i stumbled across your archives when searching for ‘maxfield parrish clouds’ and i’m happy i did. your photos are lovely. i hope you don’t mind if i put a link to your journal on my (very new) blog, so i can remember to come back.

  9. muck

    *grinning* yeah american sign language rocks! there are moments when i’m glad i’m signing rather than using my voice – sometimes some things are best un-vocalized. 😉
    if you didn’t hear any of them speaking at all – my guess is that the whole family is deaf.
    by the way, there are ASL books to teach babies how to sign – since they can’t speak quite early yet so ASL is a great way to communicate w them. i can give you names of books to get if you want.
    even though i don’t know you well, i think you and matt will be great parents. 🙂

  10. danielle

    Andrea! I vist often and you seems so truly happy lately. I am thrilled for you. I can’t wait to read about your adventures as a parent.

  11. Shelley Noble

    What kind?…The BEST kind!!! Don’t you spent a nano second worrying bout that. You know it, you’re just putting us on, right?
    I could go on and on and tell you WHY you and Matt will be wonderful parents, if you want…

  12. blackbird

    …and so, your baby will arrive, tiny and spongelike – to absorb all that you have to give.
    I am slightly more interested in the child you will have (who will be marvelous and remarkable) than the parent you will be (which will change all the time).

  13. my pink sky

    maybe no one in the family was deaf…when owen was a baby we taught him (and ourselves) to sign so he could communitcate with us before he could speak. i was sceptical about this at first, but decided to give it a try. at nine months he signed his first word “milk”. it was truly amazing! his little hands caught on and his little mind was filled with language even though there was no speach…who knew?? and even now in a loud mall or across a crowded room, we can sign to each other and be heard! i feel like this early commmunication tool was one of the best gifts we gave to our babe. he has always had so much to say!

  14. Jen D

    The world needs more silly loving parents!!!!!!!
    Bring it on, you guys!
    You never know what your new family is going to be like until you are in the moment with your little one. Its crazy how it all evolves.
    So excited to read of your parenting adventure when the babe arrives. You are so lucky to have so much support… of all parenting tools, I have found that love and support from family, friends, and admirers is absolutely the best thing you can have.
    Have a beautiful day!!!

  15. Anna

    Ha! I worked as a nanny for years and always have trouble keeping a straight face at times when I “shouldn’t” laugh. Kids can be so impossibly funny~ my 19-month-old nephew is currently the absolute funniest person I know…

  16. Debra

    Oh, I hope you guys are going to consciously encouraging this behavior, and all the fun that it promotes! You know of all people that life is too short. Trust yourself to be the best, most funnest mom and dad in the world!!!! I can hear the giggles coming from your little one now…and the joy in your hearts infecting others to let go and lighten up…sheesh….

  17. jus

    Ya know everyday I ask myself what kind of parent I am suppose to be. Its like I have to wear a different hat of ‘parent’ for specific situations. But ultimately it comes down to LOVE. That everything can happen out of love. Even the bad times.
    I love my daughter, she is hilarious and bright and stubborn and creative and imaginative and a delight. I’ve just learned to cherish every single second I have with her. Kisses, hugs, and laughter.
    You will definately have a blast!

  18. estea

    the world needs more parents who can lighten up. thank ye gods i married a 7 year old in a 37 year old body. he keeps me from being a stick in the mud and shows my kids silly is good, silly is life, silly is wondrous.
    you might be the silly-maker in your family, or it might be your husband – or perhaps the both of you will do the honors. Whichever, every clan needs some healthy giddy goodness…

  19. whitney

    no, it’s awesome! never lose that!

  20. maile

    you’ll be the best kind!

  21. rama

    mischief is great in my opinion. it will keep us on our toes.

  22. rama

    (when i taught kindergarten, for example, i taught all of my students to say “you big palooka” instead of please. you’d think their parents would be mad but everyone who mentioned it thought it was hilarious.)

  23. aola

    My sons, 19 and 14, have always respected the fact that their Mom is the burp and fart Queen around here. We watch the “rude & crude” movies together and roll with laughter but I am also a pretty strict disciplinarian… it takes balance.

  24. plavix

    Your message is very popular.

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