Brent’s outfit at the wedding, Berkeley, CA, Canon Digital Rebel

A conversation with my husband:

Me: Honey, do you keep shrinking my underwear in the dryer?
Matt: (not knowing the correct answer) Uh… no?
Me: (furrowed brow) Because they keep getting smaller.

It literally took me the last month to admit to myself that my underwear are in fact not getting smaller, but my ass is getting bigger. I went out and bought large underwear in orange and purple and red and turqouise and feel so much better now. Color heals all! The above pic is my proof. Don’t you love his wedding outfit?

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  1. stef


  2. Tamera

    That is the best wedding outfit I have ever seen! Who says weddings require “formal” wear? Love it:)

  3. Rochelle

    The thing most people forget to tell you is the fact that your body changes forever. But the love of your child is worth it.

  4. scoutj

    Rochelle said exactly what I was going to say. Get used to it sister! 🙂

  5. robyn

    see, now i’ve had to go buy new undies in the last month or so for the same reason. but it’s not cuz i’m pregnant, it’s cuz my ass is just getting bigger. apparently turning 30 soon is causing my ass to get depressed, eat too much ice cream, and gain 10 pounds.
    maybe i should just say i’m pregnant. maybe that will make my ass feel better about all the new weight it’s acquiring.
    cuz telling it to get on a treadmill has only resulted in plots against my life … something i thought only my cats were capable of after i’ve clipped their nails!
    btw … i love boy cut shorties too!!!

  6. blackbird

    I think that losing our shape is the very first way that motherhood proves her power over us…

  7. Trasi

    Unless you are one of those skinny women whose body refuses to keep any weight with a baby (one of the 11 women like that in the world!) you will have a different shape when you are done, and your underwear won’t fit exactly right again! I had the same trauma, with the underwear, going up a size when pregnant. I went back down to the regular size post-pregnancy, but things just ain’t where they were before that baby done ripped a new one out of my guts. 🙂

  8. Lucille

    Oh Andrea, honey! Just wait.. Wait!! 🙂
    I do love that you went out and bought the new ones in all different bright happy colors. You are the best!

  9. Rochelle

    I agree, I agree…. There is a look that girls take on when they become women – also there is another look that women get when they become mothers (and I mean apart from frazzled!!!!:)

  10. chrissy

    that is so funny! i went home to texas from california last christmas, and enjoyed all of the fried chicken, biscuits, pies my family had to offer. i was convinced my mom’s dryer was too hot and was shrinking my clothes! i asked her about it and she eyed the fried drumstick in my hand and drawled, “Honey, it ain’t the dryer!”

  11. littlepurplecow

    Yes, that’s a great outfit and no one would ever know that the sleeves of the jacket are a tad too short. Enjoyed your session at BlogHer. Love your color.

  12. Sarah

    I so dearly love this photo, Andrea! Oh, does it make me happy – what a fantastic wedding outfit! 🙂

  13. faery

    yeah I named our local laundromat owner the ‘archnemisis’ while I was pregnant cos I was sure he was shrinking all my clothes. anyway I now buy cute unders for all my pregnant freinds as a congrats present after my experience.
    ps I’m back to my pre-pregnant undies all thanks to good ol breatfeeding (who knew you could lose weight sitting around?) so it is possible…

  14. Heather

    Yep, know what you mean, a few months ago I said to my husband “I think I need to get some Pregnancy underwear soon” he said, “Isn’t that just just extra large regular underwear” 🙁

  15. jen

    my ass is getting bigger too.
    but i can only blame it on the pasta
    ive been eating every night.
    i say we should celebrate our big butts.
    makes horseback riding much more comfortable.

  16. Michele

    Cute undies. Your conversation made me laugh, as I remember a similar conversaiton with a good friend who said to me, while pregnant, “I can’t believe my ass is getting so big”…then she would swirl around and show me. It was too funny! After she had her baby her ass shrunk smaller than it originally was in the beginning, so there you go!

  17. katrin Stehle

    Hi again,
    you made me smile because I was thinking my underwear is shriking, too (blamed the material) ;-)… I think I will go out and buy some colourful underwear tomorrow, sounds like a really good thing to do (still 3 months to go and who knows who long it will take afterwards till it maybe fits again…)
    x Katrin

  18. Shelley Noble

    Matt does the laundry?!!!??!!!!!!?

  19. laura

    *Sigh*. I’ll be in trouble so if I ever find myself pregnant. I already have a large rear end. It’s been large all my life. Even in childhood. When I was skinny. Skinny with a large ass. It’s already a chore. (my lard ass). It makes clothes very difficult to buy. Cos, clothes expect you to have a straight ass. Not a round one.

  20. Christine

    hehe. i love it. what a sexy package.

  21. Jennifer

    But the important thing is that you celebrated it! Gosh, I remember being in denial when I was pregnant too. You just need to do whatever makes you feel the best right now. Hurrah for the new undies! Happiness and health always. 🙂

  22. Jen

    I’m am completely in love with this photo.
    And your ass, I’m sure looks great. You are a super hot, beautiful pregnant momma.
    Embrace the growing ass. Curves are fabulous. Your growing buns together probably equal one of my buttcheeks. ;o)
    How are your ankles?

  23. holly bechiri

    a song came to my head as i read your post:
    i like big butts and i cannot lie
    all you other fellas just deny….
    i’ve had a curvy figure (minus the big boobs, lucky me) ever since puberty hit me hard. growing up in a white community, it was a struggle….now i live in a predominantly african american community, where i get comments like “man, you sure are Stacked for a white girl! i mean, i don’t mean no disrespect, but you got some nice curves!” this from a stranger at the corner store. i wasn’t sure how to take that comment (which is exactly what i told the stranger) but oh, how my body image has improved living in this neighborhood!
    enjoy it! and thanks for, as always, blessing me today!

  24. umber

    just look at your ass in the mirror and say, “I am juicy and fine!” over and over. Why are we into little butts? (I’m an obsessive runner, It’s not that I’m above it — or I ran until I got pregnant now I’m growing in every direction). Your post made me laugh out loud because yesterday I went in for my 20 week sonogram and I put on my comfy pre-pregnancy undies and when the doc lifted up my skirt I was mortified to realize that while comfy, they no longer covered much.
    It must be fun for a husband to see his wife’s body change and become not only a sacred thing (the mother and life support of his child) but also a new, differently sexy, shapey woman. It’s like letting him have an affair, but with you!
    I hope you enjoy it tons!

  25. Boho Girly

    you know me.
    i love curves.
    *shake that ass*

  26. jean_christophe

    I like very much the atmosphere of your photos.
    They are magnificent.
    It’s always a big pleasure to see your images and to come here. You’re very talented
    (Sorry for my english )

  27. Rough Olive

    I wonder if I could get my husband into that outfit. I would love that!
    About your undies, I wouldn’t worry about it because you look like a happy healthy mother to be. My suggestion to you is to open all your windows, at night, play the most happy dance music you have, and put on those granny panties then dance through the house.
    Celebrate your body.

  28. jenn

    I remember going swim suit shopping with a friend who was in her 8th month and refused to try on a maternity suits because she still believed she didn’t need one. Two piece suits made her feel big and once piece suits just wouldn’t fit over her “peanut” yet she just refused to find a maternity suit.
    I think the entire nine months is such an interesting journey for women to go through. I love that you share the fun stuff with us like cravings and “large” underwear. It brings a smile to my face every single time.

  29. Savannah

    I was flying out to NY for a family reunion this past weekend. Upon arriving, several of my family members were discussing ‘Andrea’, one of their six and a half month pregnant daughters.
    My ears: *perk*
    They kept going on about this girl until I was convinced it was you. And when she arrived…. your spitting image.
    I quickly inquired where she lived -Tampa, FL.
    Ahh, well… perhaps it was too much of a coincidence to hope for.

  30. Gooseberried

    That picture is fabulous! Yay for large undies! 🙂

  31. tracey

    No wonder you love him.

  32. claude

    Thanks for sharing this story! I’m in my 32nd week, and I definitly need some new undies. but until now I ignored this fact. sigh. I love my big belly though — so let’s go for some bright, colorful new underware! yay! 🙂

  33. claude

    Thanks for sharing this story! I’m in my 32nd week, and I definitly need some new undies. but until now I ignored this fact. sigh. I love my big belly though — so let’s go for some bright, colorful new underware! yay! 🙂

  34. Kristen

    Dude, “granny panties” my ass. When I clicked on the link, I was forced to hate you YET AGAIN. Hip huggers from urban outfitters hardly qualify as “large” underwear an elderly grandmother would wear. I don’t think I could get one ass cheek in those bad boys right now. Meanwhile, Ethan toddled past me and smacked my ass (my actual ass) as I sat at the dinner table in my maternity thong underwear the other day. THAT’S when you know your ass is too big. Or that you should wear clothing around your small child.

  35. Lori

    OK, I confess… I still have (and occasionally wear) my maternity underwear from the Gap. Some days, you just need a little extra room!

  36. Regina Clare Jane

    Hubby and I were rather informal as well at our wedding. He got married in a purple shirt and black suspenders and I was Laura Ashley petticoats all the way. I love that picture- especially the rose in his pocket! Now, what did you wear?
    PS- again, so glad to have found you, a.

  37. amy

    I got some big ass undies and they were great. I had to wear them afterward too because I had a c-section and they were the most comfy. I asked my husband to hand me a pair one morning after we were home and he grabbed a bassinette fitted sheet instead and said, “are these your big underwear or?” We both laughed really hard because they were very similar in size!

  38. aili

    Love the new undies! Early on the hubby said to me “are you supposed to be getting a bump in the front and in the back?”. But he loves both bumps, so I can’t complain. And (at 33 weeks) I am loving my large old navy bikini panties. No wide elastic to poke my belly!

  39. Warsaw apartments

    Love the new undies! Early on the hubby said to me “are you supposed to be getting a bump in the front and in the back?”. But he loves both bumps, so I can’t complain. And (at 33 weeks) I am loving my large old navy bikini panties. No wide elastic to poke my belly! I disagree go to

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