Flash bulb necklace giveaway*

Shutter Sisters necklace, photo by Kate Inglis Canon Rebel Xti

If you’ve been over at Shutter Sisters lately, you may have seen the pretty new flash bulb necklace! The design was inspired by the flash of a vintage camera, and was created from a collaboration between Blue Poppy Jewelry and Shutter Sisters. It’s perfect for all you shutterbugs out there.

Giveaway Guidelines:
– You have until 9pm PST on Wednesday, December 10th to enter this giveaway.
– Just make a comment ON THIS POST to enter.
– One entry per person, please. (Just push “post” ONCE and wait a few seconds. The comment should appear)

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Hi, I’m Andrea

On this blog you’ll be learning with me how to use our voices, share our creative superpowers and live life in full color.

As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO — ‘cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. monica

    Gorgeous necklace! And shutter sisters is an inspiring site. I could use some flashbulb inspiration about now.

  2. tanaya

    I love the flashbulb necklace! I was debating on whether to buy this or a superhero necklace for myself for Christmas. If I win this, I can buy the other and have both! 🙂

  3. carolina

    what a beautiful necklace!

  4. lisa

    Wow, all of these December giveaways are so inspiring. There is so much generosity out there in this land of lovely ladies 😉

  5. Sarah

    Love it! I’m hoping that I get a superhero necklace for xmas, but this one would be great too!

  6. rowena

    I’m trying to get back into wearing jewelry after having kids. So many years of little hands yanking, I lost the habit. But I do love jewelry and this is lovely.

  7. Regina

    A lovely necklace!

  8. Julie

    *squeal!* Yes please!

  9. aimee c.

    lovely necklace! thanks so much for the opportunity. happy holidays!

  10. Sara

    Love it!

  11. B

    Love it! Hoping…

  12. Jo Nguyen

    OOhhhh….my daughter would LOVE this! Fingers crossed.

  13. Andrea de Haan

    Yes please!!!!

  14. robin

    what a way cool necklace..especially for the photo lover..love it!!!

  15. Kristen

    it is beautiful and symbolic and i love it! thanks for giving us this opportunity.

  16. jenn

    Absolutely love that necklace!!! And gorgeous picture too.

  17. Anita

    I have been eyeing this necklace as something to help remind me daily of what I am supposed to be heading towards. Would love love love to be able to wear this!

  18. Lynn


  19. Kirsten Michelle

    i’ve had my eye on that gorgeous creation for quite some time now…
    click 😉

  20. elaine

    ooo…i hope the universe (or random number generator) picks me. i am all about acquiring new jewelry these days…and this was on my christmas list!

  21. jenn

    Absolutely love the flashbulb necklace – and the photograph is gorgeous too!

  22. amanda

    it’s lovely!

  23. Alison

    Ooh, this is lovely. I’m a photographer (struggling/trying to find work at the moment), and I don’t wear much jewelry ever, but I think I’d wear this all the time.

  24. Bunny

    Oh goodness I would love this!

  25. vanessa

    Flash! click! Snap!
    gotta love the inspiration and the reminder to keep taking pictures with this lovely piece of jewelry!

  26. Melissa

    Thanks for being so thoughtful!

  27. Vanessa

    Ooh! It’s lovely! I know just the person I’d give it to…

  28. cjh

    I love this necklace and would be tempted to keep it for myself. But I really have been eyeing it for an old friend of mine…

  29. *mindi*

    it’s beautiful! i would love to have it 🙂

  30. jelisava

    Is there anything like that wonderful “POP” sound of an old flashbulb going off? I love how the design of the necklace recalls the early days of photography.

  31. Jen

    Beautiful photo. And beautiful necklace to point the light on some new inspiration!

  32. Sara

    In like Flynn.

  33. amanda o


  34. Lindsey

    *throwing my name in* I’d love it.

  35. Tatiana

    How purty! And belated happy birthday to Ben!

  36. Mandi

    Been eyeing that for awhile now…

  37. Tatiana

    So pretty! And happy belated birthday to Ben! *fingers crossed it works this time*

  38. Susan S.

    Beautiful necklace!

  39. stacia

    What a wonderful inspiration for a necklace.

  40. Juliana

    A fair creative friend would love this one…thanks for sharing!

  41. fromthepines

    Very nice!

  42. Sue at nobaddays

    Oh, yes. Please. LOVE the necklace! And the lovely whimsical picture

  43. Laurie

    Wonderful necklace and a great way to inspire people to keep plugging away with their cameras – I try more and more things because of what I have read here. Thanks!

  44. nicole

    That necklace reminds me of a pinpoint of light much needed in my life right now. I’d love to have it.

  45. Frizz

    Count me in! Love it!!

  46. Tricialynn

    I ordered the Starburst already. Wouldn’t the two of them worn together be lovely. Oh, I would so love to win this. But if not……..I still can’t wait to get the Starburst and experience “joy” it will bring me. Love all of the work. Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Puanani

    Oh, I want one! I have been trying to do the twilight challenge, but always seems I am chained to the stove conjuring up supper at that time. I was driving on the freeway on Saturday and the twilight was amazing, but my camera was in the trunk. I seriously thought of asking my child to pull down the seat, climb in the trunk and retrieve my camera. Luckily, there will be another chance today. I have my fingers crossed!

  48. alison

    lovely. great picture too!

  49. QueenAlpo


  50. maggie ann.

    I would like this necklace very much. Please.

  51. Katie

    Oh my, everyone is exciting about this, including myself.

  52. Katie

    Oh my, everyone is exciting about this, including myself. Say Cheese!

  53. Beth

    This is lovely…as are your site and jewelry.

  54. Katie

    Oh my, everyone is exciting about this, including myself. Say Cheese!

  55. Sharon

    This is a terrific necklace. Please count in for the drawing. Thanks for sharing.

  56. JulieKP

    What a beautiful necklace. It would be a great talisman to remind me to take more pictures.

  57. Jessica

    This necklace is really stunning! What a great Christmas gift!!

  58. Amy

    .tibbaR .tibbaR
    There, that ought to do it:) Thanks for the chance!

  59. lisa

    So lovely! Thanks for the giveaway. My fingers are crossed!

  60. 'becca nimrod

    beautiful photo, beautiful necklace ~

  61. gen

    i’m indeed excited as well! i would love to win this necklace – it is absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

  62. nina beana

    swoon! me likie!

  63. marcy

    CLICK I hope I’m it…

  64. Sharon

    I love this necklace. Please include me in the drawing and thanks for sharing.

  65. Heather

    Love the necklace! Pick me, pick me!

  66. Sunny

    Maybe this necklace will give me the power to take beautiful pictures on my first SLR camera!

  67. Robyn

    I would so love that! (My background in professional photography is making me sign up for this giveway!)
    Thanks Andrea!
    Has Ben turned 2 yet? If not, very soon, right? I know he’s just a few weeks older than Sean but they’re both December (and Sean turns 2 on the 28th!) Gosh, can you believe they’re turning 2??!!

  68. Ann

    What a gorgeous necklace! I hope I win! 🙂

  69. Micheline

    I’m feeling lucky so I’ll give it a try. Thursday is my birthday and this beautiful necklace would make a for a great birthday treat.

  70. Adrienne

    I am pregnant and at almost 17 weeks still struggling with being sick a lot. I would love that necklace as a talisman against feeling like I am slogging through the day, barely making it. When you have a beautiful necklace on it makes you feel pretty- at least for me.

  71. Adrienne

    I am pregnant and at almost 17 weeks still struggling with being sick a lot. I would love that necklace as a talisman against feeling like I am slogging through the day, barely making it. When you have a beautiful necklace on it makes you feel pretty- at least for me.

  72. christine

    Love it. If I could be so lucky…

  73. Baraka

    Love the slightly faded sweep of the photo!

  74. Desiree

    So lovely! I have the perfect photographer in mind to offer this beauty to if I would be so lucky to win.

  75. rachel

    you are so generous to be giving these things away! thank you for the chance to share in magical things from your world!

  76. Jummy

    I like the simplicity of the necklace.

  77. Shelba

    I love that necklace!!!! Soooo beautiful!!!!

  78. Regina

    The necklace is stunning! As a photographer who uses mainly digital these days, I love what it represents.

  79. lucy

    If you don’t ask for inspiration you don’t get it, so here I am, asking for something beautiful..

  80. Auntly H

    I love it! I would feel very lucky to win, but I suspect I’ll own some Blue Poppy Jewelry within the next year no matter what. Thanks for another artist to add to my wish list.

  81. Angelique

    Such beautiful work. I would be honoured to wear it!

  82. Erin

    Beautiful necklace! I’ve been trying to talk myself into posting on Shutter Sisters, and this might just be the insipration I need!

  83. karin

    oh.my.gosh!!!!! I am a total reluctant digi convert (only been about 12 months if you can even imagine!) so that flashbulb is ME all wrapped into a wee beautiful silver charm! wowzers …. the giveaway is wonderful! I’d so love to be the luckiest one to receive this~! 🙂

  84. Jess

    So beautiful!

  85. Connie


  86. Erin

    What a great idea for a necklace!

  87. orsi

    i keep on trying. 🙂 never give up. pick me please, its beautiful

  88. jess

    i love it!!

  89. Lunarmusings

    Its so exciting that this is the season of the great giveaways! Pick me! 🙂

  90. Vanessa

    i’m in… and eager!

  91. Jennifer

    Crossing my fingers! (And toes!) What an adorable necklace.

  92. Christianne

    What a beautiful necklace! Thanks for offering yet another giveaway. Your generosity astounds me.

  93. mistress meeyee

    Cute,count me in too!

  94. Misha

    so sweet!

  95. Krista Lynch

    This is a way cool necklace. Just lovin all the goodness your sight brings. Thanks & Happy Birthday to that boy that brings such happiness to you.

  96. Andrea

    love the necklace! For me — an inspiration to actually say the words “I am a photographer” as opposed to a mealy-mouthed…”well, I dabble and like to take photos from time to time”. I AM. Thanks Andrea!

  97. Jennie

    Oooh…I love the flashbulb necklace!

  98. nicole

    i’m loving this necklace! what a clever design. i hope i win!

  99. tawnya

    This. Is. Perfect.

  100. Kate

    It’s sooooo cute!

  101. jennie

    oh. my.
    i love this necklace!!!

  102. Marianne

    What a picture.
    Beautiful all around.

  103. jen maiser

    I think this would go perfectly when worn with my SH necklace …

  104. Megan

    I’ve been lusting over this at Shutter Sisters for a while now. It’s so clean and simple. Love it!

  105. anna

    beautiful — needing a little more light!

  106. Patti

    What a lovely necklace! (and thank you for all of these fun giveaways)

  107. stef

    I’ve loved this necklace since I first saw it, I so need the inspiration and beauty right now 🙂

  108. muck

    a photographer….. XOXO

  109. Abby

    What a lovely necklace and thanks for doing all these giveaways!

  110. Christiane

    and another great giveaway. love this, thank you.

  111. Kimi

    I totally heart this!

  112. Tammy

    Thank you.

  113. andrea

    something about this necklace really speaks to me.xo

  114. Jennifer

    Such a lovely necklace, and an incredible group of women. Thank you.

  115. heather

    Such a perfect gift for BOTH of my photograhper friends. What a beautiful and unique idea for a necklace!

  116. mamie

    i could really use a flash to light up my life a bit right now.

  117. Monica

    Crossing my fingers and toes.

  118. Sarah

    that is stellarly gorgeous- who couldn’t use a reminder to get out there and take more photos?
    i might have to go take some right now…

  119. HeatherJ

    What a gorgeous photo: the necklace is so pretty and Kate’s layered beauty is so rich.

  120. Cathy

    Oh, how very pretty!

  121. Cathy

    Oh, how very pretty!

  122. HeatherJ

    The photo is so beautiful it’s almost tactile, the necklace so pretty, Kate’s inner and outer beauty so layered and rich.

  123. Tiffany

    WOW. I’d loveeeee this. 🙂

  124. HeatherJ

    (Gah, apologies for posting a comment twice, not intentional! I cancelled the first one before going on to make the second, but I obviously wasn’t quick enough).

  125. Heather Espana

    These are a little less permanent, and probably a zillion times prettier than the tattoo I was thinking about getting.

  126. Kelly

    Pick me! Pick me!
    This necklace looks cool. Thank you for the fun!

  127. Jill

    What an original idea!

  128. Amy Jo

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this lovely necklace!

  129. Kelly H.

    Wow! This is a cute necklace.
    Pick me! (Thanks for the fun Andrea!)

  130. Kelsie

    What a lovely necklace!

  131. sarai

    beautiful! beautiful!

  132. Alesia

    I love the necklace, the site, and the photo of Kate!

  133. jen

    I love it.

  134. Belinda

    I never win competitions or giveaways, but it doesn’t stop me trying. It is a beautiful necklace, and the photograph is by a beautiful soul as well.

  135. Lela

    It’s beautiful!

  136. Denise Minor

    Love it!
    Hmmm…maybe it would encourage me to take MORE photos…

  137. Beth

    lovely! further inspiration for me to continue with my photography!

  138. Kelly

    Beautiful – pick me 🙂 Merry Christmas ~Kelly

  139. Kara

    Smile! Click! Flash!

  140. Christa

    My friend, Shannon, would LOVE this. She’s a photographer 🙂

  141. Ali

    I think I’d score some major point with my boyfriend if I wore a flash bulb necklace. Just kidding…kind of.

  142. Lianne

    As someone who actually remembers being blinded by those flashbulb cameras, I think this necklace is inspired nostalgia!

  143. Danielle

    ….from capturing a picture to capturing attention…this necklace is truly inspired (and inspiring!) Bravo!

  144. Laura

    love it.

  145. Laura

    Oh, I love this necklace. Pick me, please!

  146. Laura

    Oh, I love this necklace. Pick me, please!

  147. jill s

    and happy belated birthday to ben!

  148. Lindsay

    So fun! Love it!

  149. Lulu

    So gorgeous! I would so love to win it!

  150. cindy

    Would love to be in the running for this necklace- such a pretty statement!

  151. Amy

    A beautiful way to remind us to search for inspiration around us!

  152. Sarah

    Love it!

  153. Erica

    that necklace is beautiful and would make an amazing gift for my sister!

  154. Helena

    I’m in the midst of some life changes. Wish me luck! Love the photo.

  155. Rebecca

    Gawjus! I’m an aspiring photobug and would love to own this necklace. Thanks for the opportunity!

  156. Page

    Love these giveaways and you always have such cool items. fun fun.

  157. stella

    ohh! Too cute.. hopefully it would make me be a fabulous photographer as well 😉

  158. gizella

    looks like the one that should have gone on my brownie hawkeye…pretty!

  159. FuR

    very pretty.

  160. krista

    wow! the perfect gift for my wonderful, always there for me photographer friend–it would suit her perfectly!

  161. Linnea

    Hi Andrea :o) Please enter me into the drawing!!
    Hope you’re having a good Tuesday!

  162. kat

    Lovely for a gift or for myself. 😉

  163. patricia

    oh — i really like that one —

  164. Jeanine

    i’ve been eyeing this necklace since the first time i saw it on shutter sisters. yummy!

  165. Rachel

    Ooh, I’ve been in love with this necklace since I first saw it, but just haven’t been able to work it into the budget yet…
    Happy holidays!

  166. Yolanda

    It would be an honor to wear this.

  167. Kristy

    Yes please…to have such luck.

  168. deezee

    here I am, getting in line. 🙂

  169. Jennifer

    I think these giveaways are a great way to get your readers interested in other Blogs! Sooooo smart! Well, I take that back – you’ve been really good over the whole last 3 or 4 years about letting people know about other sites and things you enjoy, and if it works out that we (your readers) get interested in those other places, then so much the better for us!! So thanks….

  170. mary

    Wow…that is cool.

  171. lauren

    I never seem to win these, but here is another shot…
    This is a gorgeous piece. I just have to tell you, that about 4 years ago I bought one of your necklaces right after my divorce. It has a lot of symbolism to me, I love it, so much in fact, that I don’t recall having ever taken it off. So, thanks… for creating something that has become so meaningful to me and also, something that is so versatile that I never feel like I need to take it off.

  172. Michelle

    Amazing! Beautifully done… whoever wins will be lucky indeed!

  173. Jenny Rebecca

    I love this necklace!

  174. MamaChristy

    Wowza. So pretty.

  175. aveleigh

    I adore this necklace. I think every piece of jewelry a woman owns should have special significance, and what could be better than a piece that reminds her of a connection to women who share her passion?

  176. Kelly Schulz

    Being a fellow lover of photography myself, I would love to wear this amazing necklace!

  177. jenn

    beautiful. This jewel inspires me to pick up my camera. I love it!

  178. pen*

    pretty please?

  179. Morgan

    oh! I love love love this necklace!!!!

  180. Brianna

    That necklace is fantastic!

  181. Melissa

    I’d love to say that if I won I’d give this as a gift, but let’s be honest…it’s so pretty I’d keep it for myself and wear it everyday.

  182. Melissa

    I’d love to say that if I won I’d give this as a gift, but let’s be honest…it’s so pretty I’d keep it for myself and wear it everyday.

  183. kristine

    Such a great necklace! I have been so inspired by shutter sisters and your blog was one of the first photo blogs I ever visited.
    I wore my superhero beaded necklace today. I find myself wearing it on days when I need to be particularly brave!

  184. kb

    A flash to help light my way. I need that. Often.

  185. Honey

    A flash of insight this necklace no?

  186. amy

    This is my perfect time to win! I’d love a new fun necklace! The perfect way to give myself a present without spending a dime. Thank you, Andrea, for being so generous with your words, creations and life!

  187. jag

    Truly a flash of genius! As is your web site… and happy belated to Ben, from a fellow December Baby!!
    jag xox

  188. Toni

    What a “flash” idea… te te he he he
    I so love the design.
    Happy Belated Birthday Ben!
    love Toni

  189. Ana

    That beautiful necklace would be a perfect Christmas gift for myself. Tres cute!!

  190. Jennifer

    I have the perfect person for this necklace!

  191. Lisa


  192. Laura

    very cool design idea- looks great

  193. wk

    What a beautiful necklace and great idea!

  194. Jolie

    Fingers crossed!
    Happy Birthday Ben!

  195. Jeanette

    A beautiful necklace on the ever beautiful kate. I want in 🙂

  196. Grey Street Girl

    This is so pretty. This is a great picture too.

  197. ~moe~

    Wow! This is almost as pretty as your necklaces! 🙂 Love it!

  198. Erika

    I read you everyday for creativity, inspiration and honesty. I hope the blog fairies send me a win!

  199. candace

    Love the photo AND the necklace!!

  200. Nicole

    The vintage flash bulb brings back many joyful childhood memories that have become the nexus of my interest in photography. Thank you for the opportunity to wear such a beautiful treasure so close to my heart.

  201. Sue

    Love the necklace!

  202. Laura

    I would love this necklace. Last year, my wonderful husband got me a beautiful new camera for Christmas, and this would go perfectly with it!
    Happy Holidays to everyone!

  203. maureen

    i’m flashing you.

  204. deir

    just the inspiration I am in need of…

  205. melanie jennifer

    Beautiful necklace! I can see myslef wearing it back in the 50’s; tulle skirt on, martini in hand, husband’s slippers in the other….

  206. Shannon

    Omg, I’ve been DROOLING over that necklace.

  207. Jennifer

    I adore this knecklace. It is so inspiring!!

  208. Abigail

    pretty! pretty!
    And I loved your letter to Ben. I have been composing mental love notes to my new baby, but I am inspired to get them down in writing…

  209. simone

    Shiny! Inspiring! Fingers crossed!

  210. lisa marie

    may this gift (and all of us) find our best place in the Universe this holiday season…

  211. wen

    makes me want to pick up a vintage camera and go on walkabout. 🙂

  212. wen

    makes me want to pick up a vintage camera and go on walkabout. 🙂

  213. Angie

    ooohhhh!!! I love this!

  214. amy wuthrich

    me! me! pick me!

  215. Tracy

    That is a lovely necklace!! I’ve been following your blog and I love it 🙂 I really enjoy looking at other photographer’s photos… it’s inspiring. Thanks for the chance to win something, oh please oh please oh please…

  216. Sarah

    Yes, please! Such a beautiful design

  217. DonnaG

    I’ve been drooling over this necklace for months. And dare I mention that Thursday is my birthday??

  218. liza

    Oooh, yes!

  219. Beth


  220. chris

    That is so wonderful! I have overlooked it each time I’ve been on the site…until now!

  221. christie

    love it, love it, love it.

  222. sizzle

    That’s a beautiful necklace.

  223. Sheri

    Lovely. Thanks!

  224. Brittany

    i am eeentering. here’s hoping! have a gorgeous day! 🙂

  225. Jean-Ann

    so pretty!

  226. Belinda

    Beautiful photo!

  227. Thien-Kim

    I love the photos from the birthday party on Shutter Sisters.

  228. Anshu

    a could use some inspiration! i used to love taking pictures and i just don’t feel the love anymore….i want to get out of this rut now!!!!

  229. kacey

    gorgeous. can’t think of a better way to display my heart on the outside. thanks! (and thank you andrea for being such an inspiration to me. – a fellow mama, shutter junkie, bead freak from stumptown who has been a wallflower on your site for months)

  230. bridge

    These are so pretty!

  231. Jennifer

    Happy Shiny Holidays to all! 🙂

  232. Eva

    Mysterious bulb 🙂 Love it 🙂

  233. Leia

    I love it! A flash of light frozen in time and a reminder to let creativity flow.

  234. Charis

    Very, very pretty… And I wish I could make nice pictures like you shutter sisters 😉

  235. Nicole

    Wow what a cute necklace!!

  236. Nicole

    Wow what a cute necklace!!

  237. Gloria King

    I love te pretty necklace. You did a great job with it. I love love the picture….Thank you…Gloria

  238. Gloria King

    I love te pretty necklace. You did a great job with it. I love love the picture….Thank you…Gloria

  239. Gloria King

    I love te pretty necklace. You did a great job with it. I love love the picture….Thank you…Gloria

  240. Gloria King

    I love te pretty necklace. You did a great job with it. I love love the picture….Thank you…Gloria

  241. Esther

    Love the shot above – and the necklace of course!

  242. Julie

    count me in, please. peace.
    🙂 julie in chicagoland

  243. cheryn

    love this necklace!

  244. Katrin

    That’s a beautiful necklace. And yes, I would love to win one!

  245. Stacy

    Just found you today via Kelly Rae and I’m so happy I did. I would love a chance to win this gorgeous necklace.
    Thank you!

  246. Heidi Renee

    late as always…

  247. Christine

    oooh…. that’s beautiful!

  248. busymomma66

    Oh beautiful! I’m definitely in!!

  249. Amanda Susan

    What a beautiful necklace!

  250. Angela

    a lovely necklace, and a lovely model photo too! here’s my entry!

  251. Megan

    Beauty! I have been looking for a new necklace!

  252. Heather

    Any everything changed in a flash…

  253. Lee Ann

    I stumbled across you early this morning! Great website. Love the necklace! I have an old Brownie camera sitting on my desk with one of those crazy flashes….great inspiration!

  254. Heather

    then everything changed in a flash…

  255. Shaun

    I love the necklace! Perhaps it would inspire me to bring along my camera more often. Thanks for your fun giveaways!

  256. Kelly

    Beautiful jewelry and photography, two of my loves rolled into one! And how inspirational to wear a flash of light!

  257. Jennifer

    How beautiful!

  258. Joanna N.

    It is just lovely and would make a prefect gift to give myself! 🙂

  259. Annette

    Beautiful necklace!

  260. krista

    want it!!

  261. alexis

    i would love to wear this ‘flashy’ necklace.

  262. sara

    it’s lovely! and who wouldn’t appreciate a little extra light these days…

  263. i see beauty

    generosity of your heart
    flash of de-light

  264. Lesley

    I heart this necklace!

  265. karla

    pick me!

  266. Jennie

    How adorable! Something to light up my day, even on days when I’m not holding my camera!

  267. Robyn

    I was admiring this necklace the other day at shutter sisters… gorgeous!

  268. Christi Cameron

    Love the necklace but my partner would love it more…what a great Christmas present it would be!

  269. kathygrace

    a very dear and courageous friend of mine has just taken a huge leap of faith and quit her day job to begin her own photography business. this necklace would be perfect for her on her new journey. i hope i can win it for her!

  270. Carissa T

    such a beautiful necklace!
    and a great xmas present to myself! 😉

  271. Cynthia

    Pretty, pretty, pretty!

  272. janet

    Gorgeous. Such a beautifully classic piece….anyone would love this for a lifetime.

  273. Jen

    Oooh… I love this!

  274. Sara Ellen

    How simple and sophisticated! Love it.

  275. Trace Geworsky

    oooohh la la..I Love it!!!

  276. Tina


  277. sarah

    that is perhaps the most beautiful thing santa could deliver.

  278. kelly

    oh i adore this necklace, vintage cameras and flashes. the shapes just make me drool

  279. Nicole

    I have this necklace on my Christmas List. It’s absolutely beautiful and inspiring.

  280. Susan

    Awesome! I love vintage cameras…I have two of them!

  281. kim

    How sweet! Love my sister and the charm…
    Happy Day!

  282. LynnY

    I Love IT. Beautiful!

  283. Patricia

    I still use my old cameras and love the whole ritual of “seeing” photographs that vintage way. I would be thrilled to wear this necklace… please add my name to the list.

  284. Susan

    Oh my, but I’d be lucky if you chose me to win this. (Choose me? Please?)

  285. greta

    love this! but my mom is the real shutterbug in our family, so i’d have to give it to her. 🙂

  286. Shannon

    This would keep me inspired to take pictures every day! Count me in!

  287. sharon

    I love your bead necklace and your star necklace.

  288. sharon

    I love your bead necklace and your star necklace.

  289. Anngela

    Oh so lovely.

  290. Lynn

    I love this necklace! Wearing it will be inspiring I am sure!

  291. Megan

    Happy holidays! This necklace is gorgeous.

  292. Tracy

    lovely, lovely necklace

  293. erika

    this necklace is beautiful and this shot is sublime!

  294. Judy Grubbs

    The necklace is beautiful. Your blog is an inspiration.

  295. Samantha B.

    I’ve been coveting this necklace…and December 11th is my birthday – would love to win it!

  296. Samantha B.

    I’ve been coveting this necklace…and December 11th is my birthday – would love to win it!

  297. Annie

    To me, this necklace is a perfect bit of inspiration and a reminder of how to view the world artistically and boldly. I would dearly love to win this necklace! Thank you, Andrea.

  298. jennifer

    maybe 300 will be the charm

  299. DadaMama

    That sure is pretty!

  300. DadaMama

    That sure is pretty!

  301. Javacurls

    Beautiful necklace!

  302. amanda

    i love it!

  303. devan


  304. Jamie

    Wow! This is a very popular giveaway. *fingers crossed*

  305. Anja

    Too cute to resist 🙂

  306. joy

    awesome. so gorgeous!

  307. Chasinash

    Beautiful! I’d love it!

  308. Brenda

    Beautiful simple necklace. I love it!

  309. melanie

    such a lovely necklace! pick me! :o) *crossing my fingers*

  310. Keeley

    I love it!

  311. Jennifer


  312. Sweta


  313. jennifer

    What a beautiful necklace. It makes me think of putting a string on your finger to help you remember something important. Here it is a flash bulb close to your heart to remind you to capture, in photos, the moments that matter…

  314. jennifer

    What a beautiful necklace. It makes me think of putting a string on your finger to help you remember something important. Here it is a flash bulb close to your heart to remind you to capture, in photos, the moments that matter…

  315. Jillian

    I would love to win this necklace for a very close friend, who has had a very tough year……

  316. Robyn

    say Cheese!
    This necklace is fabulous.

  317. Serena

    I’d be honored!

  318. Mirela

    Greetings from Germany! I like the necklace’s simplicity and beauty.

  319. Catherine Masi

    Oh boy … How neat! Last time I won something I was 9 years old and was presented with a lovely Cabbage Patch doll after entering a drawing with my saved up house chores money (25 cents a week! No kidding!). Her name is Tricia Ardella and I still have her ~ and she STILL smells like baby powder. (Have I just pronounced myself a loser?)
    Good luck to everyone … this is a lovely lovely necklace.

  320. karen

    Very pretty! Thank you for the opportunity!

  321. chris

    I love seeing the giving spirit of the holidays at work. I am old enough to remember cameras with flash bulbs and the blue afterglow that appeared everywhere you looked for minutes after the photo was snapped – looked like blue clown noses.

  322. Keith

    My wife loves your stuff! This will make a great present!

  323. nedra

    your sight warmed my heart. thanks for being here.

  324. Tamara

    Comment. Haha! No really, it’s a beautiful necklace.

  325. jennifer

    oh me oh MY (as in my my my). okay..that was selfish. but i put this baby on my WHISHHHHH list last week when i discovered it…and i’ve never wanted to win a give-away MORE. i’m squinting my eyes and hope hope hoping it finds me.

  326. Karen

    Hey – I’m a shutterbug! Great necklace.

  327. e

    fingers crossed! it’s beautiful!

  328. christina

    merry christmas to me!

  329. Emily

    That is such a beautiful beautiful necklace!

  330. Jen Lee

    I’ve been admiring this necklace for awhile, and after falling in love with a Diana+ camera in a store yesterday, I think I’m becoming a full-blown photo girl. (analog, even!)

  331. marlis

    just beautiful. i love it and this blog:)

  332. Jennifer/The Word Cellar

    I’ve been admiring this necklace from afar for quite some time now…

  333. victoria winters

    Oh, please pick me! I just had thyroid cancer surgery and soooo could use this to cheer me up!

  334. victoria winters

    Oh, please pick me! I just had thyroid cancer surgery and soooo could use this to cheer me up!

  335. Sam

    So pretty! If I win, I will consider it a 30th birthday present from the Universe!

  336. Leslie

    lovely objects…as always

  337. jessica

    Different and beautiful!

  338. Abby


  339. jackie

    i hope i am making the deadline cuz honestly i don’t remember if you are behind or ahead of the east coast in time…but…here goes nothing. 🙂

  340. jessica

    oooooh…andrea. i *love* this necklace.

  341. Jewels

    Yes! I love it!

  342. Jewels

    Yes! I love it!

  343. darlene

    what a fabulous giveaway !! i am wearing my beautiful flash bulb necklace as i type this so, of course, if i won, i would totally gift it to one of my shutterbug friends 🙂 xo

  344. Christine

    Your generosity travels further than you know.

  345. Lisa

    Beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win!

  346. Brandie

    I’m in love with a shutterbug who deserves to wear this badge & every other sweet & lush thing this life has to give. If I win, I will have the deep pleasure of gifting it to her. XX

  347. Juliette

    Love the necklace. Such a great idea. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  348. Juliette

    Love the necklace. Such a great idea. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  349. snickety

    Love this necklace! It is already on my wish list. Sure hope I win!

  350. megbrothers

    wow, beautiful. absolutely gorgeous. hoping, hoping!!!

  351. Nan

    Thank you for sharing – it’s lovely!

  352. Leta

    Very nice.

  353. Clarice G.

    Oh, darnit.
    Missed the deadline by 22 minutes. >.<

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