Happy Birthday Ben!

Ben, Berkeley, Canon Rebel Xti

Dear Ben,

You are two years old today! and what a gorgeous boy you are inside and out. I’m amazed at what you learn each day and the magic you bring to our lives. Just this morning you pointed to the corner of one of my paintings, to an indistinguishable smoosh of blue and yellow and orange, and said decidedly, “Buddha.”

We had a little party for you yesterday and even though you didn’t eat any birthday cake, you managed to find someone’s espresso cup and you shot it as fast you could. Most of it landed on your shirt (thank goodness) but the rest went down the hatch and you were pleased and punch. The taste of the elusive coffee mystery solved! You are an explorer.

You are all fire trucks and trains, airplanes and hot wheels these days. All boy through and through. The other day I let you sit in the driver’s seat of my friend’s minivan and you shouted gleefully, “On a plane! On a plane!” You also carry a key with you all the time. It’s a key to our house with a green rubber ring on it and you will scream if anyone tries to wrench it from you. You even sleep with it clenched in your tiny fist.

As I write this I wonder what kinds of things you would want to know about yourself if you read this 20 years from now. You are kind (doling out chips to everyone at the party) you are energetic (even without a shot of espresso) and you love the pretty ladies (but your current approach of tackling them and sitting down on them needs help). Nevertheless, you are incredibly charming and can work a room in seconds flat. You are also gentle.There’s a way you so kindly tell me to stop if I am bothering you or tickling you too much. You put your hand on mine, look me in the eyes and say, “Bye mama” and wave your little hand.

You just recently started to get opinionated about what you wear. Much to your parent’s dismay, your favorite onesie is a turquoise tie dye number with a big plasticized Harley Davidson logo on the front in orange. You LOVE this shirt and recently just said your first complete sentence after a long tantrum while trying to get you dressed. We couldn’t figure out if you were in pain or what you were so upset about, but at some point you led us to the washing machine, pointed to the Harley shirt and sputtered through exasperated tears, “This is the one!!!”

Ben, in your perfect world you’d have a key to every fire truck, car and minivan so you could sit in the cockpit and dream of flight (wearing your Harley shirt of course). For now, you have the key to our house, and dare I say it? our hearts.

As my friend Jen said so well, you’re the key holder.

Happy Birthday sweet Ben. We love you.

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  1. Leia

    As usual you have sent tears streaming down my face!! Ben is ADORABLE!! Happy, Happy 2nd Birthday little one! Our son turned two last month on your (Dear Andrea) same birthday 11/9/06 is when our little bet entered our hearts. So much of what you said about Ben resonates w/ me about our little one (who also has the name Ben as his middle name–love that name!) excepting for the Harley shirt and the house key–that’s really funny! For our guy it’s his choo-choo train shirt and now I am off to my blog to write my baby boy’s 2nd B’day message because I feel very guilty that I missed the boat on writing such sweet things down but at the same time so grateful that your beautiful message to your beautiful little boy is inspiring me to write my thoughts for this your in a letter to my son, as well. Thank you and Happy, Happy Birthday to Ben!! luv, L

  2. L

    correction! “our little boy!” I typo’d “our little bet”. UHG–it’s a typo (my eyes were filled w/ tears while I was typing. Yeesh. Boy, our little boy, is what I meant to say–LOL! Oh and speaking of him he’s up from his nap:) Beautiful letter Andrea. Ben will treasure these someday!!

  3. Sam

    Note to self: keep any and all Harley shirts out of the house! 🙂
    Wishing Ben a happy, key-filled birthday – he sounds incredibly magical, and wise, and entirely lovable, of course.

  4. jen

    What a gorgeous birthday post for a gorgeous boy. I can’t believe it’s two years already. Where did that time go? Happy birthday Ben.

  5. Jummy

    Wow: two years old already! Happy Birthday, Ben! I love seeing pictures of you!

  6. Puanani

    I cant’ believe he is already two and talking. It feels like just yesterday our family was constantly coming to your blog to see the cutest baby on his first days on this planet. Now he has the keys and is in the driver’s seat. Happy birthday, Ben and happy BIRTH DAY, Andrea!

  7. Yolanda

    Happy birthday, Ben. It’s lovely watching you grow.

  8. amy

    so lovely. happy birthday, Ben!

  9. jill

    What I find so lovely about the words you write about your boy is that the love just pours out so genuinely onto the page. Tagging along in your journey from the beginning of his life has been such a joy! Thank you so much for sharing him wish us!
    He’s something special, just like you!!

  10. shelly

    Happy Birthday!

  11. Terri

    Happy Birthday Ben!
    I forgot that you and my son share a birthday. He turned 11 today.

  12. Kristy

    Happy Birthday Ben!

  13. Kirsten Michelle

    BIRTHday blessings to you and your boy 😉

  14. blackbird

    Happy birthday, beautiful boy!

  15. Shelley Noble

    A loverly letter, Andrea. Ben’s is a wonderful little person indeed. One can see the person already in there.

  16. ianimaru

    hi Ben, Happy Birthday to you 🙂

  17. jen

    well you know it makes me might proud that ben digs harley in any format…. that’s my boy! ill start looking for his first pair of leathers….

  18. Michelle

    Happy Birthday Cutie Patootie! We Ladies over in Santa Cruz LUV YOU!!!!
    Enjoy every minute my dear friend, Andrea!!! Love you, too!

  19. Stephanie

    Oh, my…How did that happen? How can he be two already??
    He is completely adorable.
    I love the story about the Harley shirt. My youngest, Ethan (now 14!) used to be devoted to a very garish LA Lakers sweatshirt he got as a hand-me-down. He wore it until it was in shreds.
    A very Happy Birthday to little Ben…

  20. GailNHB

    These two years have flown for us, your loyal readers and charmed followers of the adventures of dear, sweet Ben. Happy birthday to you, Mom, as well. You had a HUGE part to play in Ben’s arrival two years ago.
    Yeah for you all!!!

  21. Elizabeth Stark

    My nephew had a special key when he was a toddler. His first language was French, and he called it “Jolie cle.” Oh, he loved that key. Now he’s 18! What a whirlwind of love this time is–at least looking back. Happy Birthday to Ben!

  22. Miss Meep

    Aw, that’s made me cry. Happy Birthday Ben!

  23. christine

    oh my! has it really been two years already? how does the time go so fast? i still remember when he was just a wish in your heart. and now he’s this beautiful, bouncy, delightful two-year-old!

  24. christine

    btw, ben has mad style, mama!

  25. Chookooloonks

    Happy birthday, beautiful boy!

  26. am

    What a beautiful letter. I think your son will be thrilled to read this in 20 years. I can’t believe he’s 2.

  27. Susan

    Happy birthday Ben!!

  28. Trish

    Beautiful and bountiful blessings Ben!
    Thank you for enriching Mama Andrea’s life and by extension ours.
    We adore you.

  29. Trish

    Beautiful and bountiful blessings Ben!
    Thank you for enriching Mama Andrea’s life and by extension ours.
    We adore you.

  30. Trish

    Beautiful and bountiful blessings Ben!
    Thank you for enriching Mama Andrea’s life and by extension ours.
    We adore you.

  31. Robyn

    Happy Birthday Ben! You have turned 2! (Oy, that means that Sean’s turning 2 sooner!)
    Hope he had a great one!

  32. Teresa

    Happy Birthday to Ben!
    As much as I love, love, love your letter to Ben and your beautiful photography…I just have to see this Harley shirt!

  33. Wanda

    Happy birthday, Ben. My dad’s birthday is the 8th, too! You can say happy birthday to him at my place under the post “Happy Birthday, Dad!”
    Original, no?

  34. anna

    I cannot believe it is two years! what a wonderful ride!

  35. mamie

    so hard to believe i ‘met’ ben 2 years ago while literally lying in wait of my two little ones. i am so glad i did, he is an amazing little boy. wishing the bestest of birthday wishes ever for your key holder….he just shines.

  36. Jill

    Happy Birthday, Ben! And peace to you, Andrea! It’s not true what they say about the “twos”. Don’t believe it. It’s a year of FUN and laughter. Two-year olds are the BEST!!

  37. Nicole

    Happy Birthday! It’s my husband’s birthday, too. (Well, it was yesterday, when this was posted. Not today when I’m finally getting around to reading it.) What a superbly wonderful day to have a birthday!

  38. Alesia

    What a beautiful post — and such a sweet boy. My 2 1/2 year old also loves keys. And he sleeps with them, too! I bought him a little carabiner, and he wears them on his beltloop.

  39. Jennifer

    You know, when I started reading this post, I was secretly thinking that there should be a way for him to read this when he gets older – posts, comments and all.

  40. tiffany

    Happy birthday little Ben! It has been such fun watching you grow :).

  41. mccabe

    happy birthday ben!!!
    you are loved in deep and profound ways….
    and happy birthing day to you, a.
    lots of love,
    mccabe x

  42. Maya Laurent

    Happy Birthday Ben!!! I love that he led you to the washer to show you his favorite shirt! Could that be anymore adorable?

  43. lisa

    Happy Birthday, Ben! And Happy Birthday to you, Andrea!
    I love this idea of you writing to Ben. I’m sure it is something you all will cherish 20 years from now.
    And I have to tell you, as the mother of a 2 year old boy, just when you think you possibly couldn’t love anything more you do…everyday I fall deeper and deeper in love with my little man. Happy Birthday!

  44. chris

    Happy Birthday Ben! Can’t believe you are TWO already!! Wow!!!
    I am sure your fashion tastes will change, but I suspect you will always be an explorer and a charmer.

  45. muck

    aww such a sweet note. happy birthday ben!

  46. darlene

    you know, i started reading your blog about the time you were pregnant with ben, i cannot believe that its been two years since his birth 🙂 he is so beautiful!! happy birthday ben!

  47. Brené

    happy birthday ben! so joyful.

  48. Pamela

    I had to read the post THREE times to convince myself that it has, indeed, been two years since Ben arrived. I could have sworn he emerged a mere 12 months ago. I began reading here several years ago, BB (before Ben). So to share in your reflection to Ben is very inspiring. I’m happy that this amazing child came to you … he oozes personality and sounds like he has many Saggitarian qualities. The kindness, the charm, the ENERGY!
    Congratulations to both of you, and if I don’t post between now and the end of the year, happy holidays to you and your spectacular family.

  49. marilee pittman

    and so do we who follow your journey through Momma’s eyes!

  50. Marilyn

    Can hardly believe two got here so quickly for Ben…but then two years ago in some ways feels like multiple lifetimes ago… 😉 Wishing your sweet Ben Happy Birthday…may the years continue to bring you great joy. xo

  51. Sue

    Two years already???!!??? How can that be??? If the time seems to be going quickly for me, I can only imagine what it’s like for you and your partner.
    Happy Birthday wishes for Ben and peace to you all.

  52. AscenderRisesAbove

    adorble! and that photo below; doubly adorable.

  53. crissy

    and happy two years to you andrea, of being a mom! ^_^ what a joy your ben is. best wishes! *c

  54. katherine

    I loved reading your words and stories about your little Ben. I too have a beautiful little Ben he is three and a half, our bens sound similar in nature.

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