Joy Spread the Word Giveaway*

Myriam and the moon, Oregon coast, Canon Rebel Xti

Over at Shutter Sisters (the fabulous collaborative photoblog where I post photo challenges twice a month) they are doing a giveaway a day for the entire month of December! This sounds like so much fun and I got inspired to do some of our own holiday fun over here as well. I’ll be doing a giveaway each week for the month of December!

Let’s kick things off with the amazing Myriam from Joy Spread the Word. (I couldn’t resist re-posting this photo of her from the oregon coast last summer) She designs the yummiest t-shirts EVER made from bamboo and organic cotton. Each one has the word joy, humility, courage or compassion on it… one simple word to inspire everyone who sees it. I know that when Ben wears his compassion tee I am reminded to be a bit more gentle as I move about the world.

joy spread the word.jpg

All tees are currently on sale for 34 dollars!

Giveaway Guidelines:
– You have until 9pm PST on Thursday, December 4th to enter this giveaway.
– Just make a comment ON THIS POST to enter.
– One entry per person, please. (Just push “post” ONCE and wait a few seconds. The comment should appear)

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  1. Jackie Callaghan

    Love the JOY tshirt!

  2. Nadine

    Such an awesome picture with a great T.

  3. DadaMama

    Love that picture. 🙂

  4. Steph

    What a reminder the joy shirt is to pause and appreciate the simplicity of joy as we experienced it as a child or in any moment of sheer excitment of just being and feeling alive. We all need reminders now and again to sit back, breath, and just smile. I just love these shirts!

  5. Erin

    What great messages these t-shirts send! I can picture my little explorer in a courage tee, celebrating his first steps and gently reminding me, too, to step outside my comfort zone a little bit every day.

  6. Heidi Renee

    Miriam & the Moon – sounds like the title of a beautiful childrens book!

  7. deezee

    love that top photo! and a little spreading of good messages..always a good thing

  8. Candice LaSalle

    How sweet those t-shirts are. At first I thought they were for adults and I was trying to think which one would be best for me, harder decision than thinking of which one best embodies my two little ones…somehow they seem to fit all of them. Thanks for the chance to win one! Happy Holidays!

  9. Nicole

    I saw the t-shirt Compassion and it spoke to me. I find myself giving a lot of it away right now and needing it myself. Beautiful photo Andrea, as usual!

  10. Robyn

    I can almost smell the coast when I look at that picture!

  11. Tania

    As scrumtious as a kid slurping a popcicle on a hot summer day, what JOY it is to lap up our sweet children with love everyday of the year!

  12. Lucia Figueiredo

    The shirts are SO beautiful, I wouldn’t know wich to pick!

  13. stacia

    Joy is such a powerful word. Thanks for the give away!

  14. Jennifer

    Sign me up!

  15. krista

    Oh, what a great idea.
    wishin and a hopin~

  16. Elizabeth

    Compassion is my life word.

  17. Heather

    Ooooo… I want one of those shirts!

  18. Erin

    What a great, simple idea for a tshirt! Thanks!

  19. Brianna

    those tees are so cute!

  20. amy

    Such a good idea!

  21. Jena

    Throw my name in that thar hat.

  22. Andrea de Haan

    A JOY t-shirt would go perfectly with the Superhero JOY necklace that arrived in the mail yesterday!!!! Thank you Andrea – I love it!

  23. ange


  24. ange


  25. Rhi

    Very cute!

  26. amanda o

    lovely andrea!

  27. Robyn

    Thanks for another giveaway!
    Happy Holidays!

  28. Jummy

    That young guy is adorable!

  29. abbersnail

    I would love one of these tees. They are beautiful!

  30. Catherine

    I would LOVE one of these t-shirts – they are delicious!

  31. megbrothers

    I am so glad you re-posted this picture. I absolutely love it. I would love, love, love to win, please enter me! Thanks for another fantastic giveaway!

  32. Brenda

    Being that the picture was taken on the Oregon coast…. near me…..I should have one of these. Also as a good reminder.

  33. Jen

    Love the Joy shirt – perfect for the Christmas season.

  34. Kai

    Joy! 🙂

  35. stacey.

    thanks for sharing the love!

  36. Jennifer

    sigh swoon sigh. (yes, please!)

  37. stacey.

    thanks for sharing the love!

  38. Jeanine

    Boy can I ever feel the love with all these giveaways. Such a lovely way to open us all up to the spirit of giving.

  39. Regina

    Love the picture of Myriam and the moon. My theme this holiday season is simple, Joy!

  40. Beth

    If those tees are anything like the “Burst of joy” necklace I bought from you, sign me up!

  41. rowena

    How wonderful. A good reminder.

  42. megan

    I need some joy

  43. sara curtis

    I’m listening to a Curtis Mayfield song on this sunny day in San Francisco drinking some lemongrass tea and watching the green hummingbird outside of my window. I would be so thrilled to receive a t-shirt with an affirmation that reflects this moment and reminds me to cultivate this type of experience often! muchas gracias….

  44. Bonnie

    The photo is truly beautiful. You are so generous to do a giveaway…how sweet!

  45. melanie

    Does that child come with the shirt? 🙂

  46. Tiffany

    Wow. Lovely photos. And thanks for doing a giveaway. 🙂

  47. Erin

    yay! pretty!

  48. Camilla

    Sounds fantastic.

  49. Vanessa

    hurray for giveaway month and beautiful t-shirts!

  50. Lizzie

    My first comment on your blog! I made my way over here via Boho Girl among others and have a strange feeling that we would probably get along 🙂 My boyfriend is a singer-songwriter who met Jonatha some years ago and was also friends with Jennifer Kimball. Contemporary Kerrville folkies. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to post and I figured what better opportunity than to also be considered for the giveaway. All the best…

  51. Misha

    OH! My new theme in life is JOY. This is so serendipitous. How beautiful!

  52. Sharon

    Great photograph. Thanks for doing the giveaways!

  53. Christiane

    I would love to see my little boy wear one of these… Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  54. sizzle

    What fantastic shirts. I love the whole concept!

  55. sperlygirl

    what joy – thank you for the opportunity!

  56. karla

    humility! i’d like the humili-tee!

  57. jamie

    Ah! I love it!
    A T-shirt that says, “Patience” for my little man would be a gentle reminder of how I should remain with a two year old! I love it!

  58. nina beana

    these are amazing! drool!

  59. marcy

    Thank you for your generosity, it reminds us all about the spirit of the season. One of my favorite words is “juicy” it sums up what life is about for me.

  60. Ann

    Love those t-shirts! And your photography is just beautiful. You can really tell that you connect well with your subjects.

  61. Michelle

    I love these shirts–what a brilliant idea!

  62. Kelsie

    Love it!

  63. cathy

    love the t-shirts!

  64. AppelTree

    Great picture, great shirt.

  65. wen

    Great tees! Love them! Great idea for a contest! Love it! 🙂

  66. Jennifer

    Yes, what an adorable shirt, and adorable boy!

  67. Anna

    Hoorah! Giveaway fun! 🙂 I’m currently ice-cold and shivery in the UK but your photos put a warm glow in my heart as always Andrea – they make me feel connected with the world.

  68. nicole

    love these shirts! 😉

  69. Serena Berry

    These shirts are such a great reminder to live life in a more pure way. Simple. Perfect.

  70. shelli

    I love these shirts! Thank you for the opportunity.

  71. Susan S.

    Lovely shirts! Joy!

  72. Jessica

    couldnt we all show off a bit more compassion?

  73. Mindi Bartell

    love it 🙂
    it looks so soft and cozy!

  74. devan

    love these tees!

  75. MamaChristy

    Fun, fun, fun!

  76. Jen Diamond

    Oh I would so love to have one of these!!
    Thank you!
    Love to you and the boys!
    Jen D

  77. elaine

    wonderful tees…
    (and i got my superhero necklaces yesterday-beautiful!)

  78. megg

    Yes, please! Count me in!!

  79. Juliana

    Wow first on that photo of Myriam and Moon! I hadn’t caught that one before.
    And second, I would love to participate in the running for this wonderful tee–thanks!

  80. JMK

    Coolness . . . love the Joy Tee like I love my Joy necklace!
    Jenna from NYC

  81. Ashlea

    How i heart these tee’s……

  82. emily lyles

    ooooooh i want one! i want one! i want one!

  83. jill scripps

    the tees are beautiful.
    and i LOVE that picture of myriam. i want to feel that way.

  84. k

    nice! i wanna win!!

  85. mamie

    each and every word made me happy. hope to wear one soon.

  86. Jodini

    I’ve got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart! Please pick me.

  87. Heather

    Things seem to be looking up after a bit of a downturn… couldn’t hurt to try, eh?!

  88. Kelly

    What a beautiful and peaceful photo.

  89. judy wise

    Hi Andrea, I bought a Rebel Camera because I love your photos. And I love that JOY shirt too!! xo

  90. Lela

    Love those shirts!

  91. ors

    i know i am a superhero, and you made me realize that. thanks, andrea!
    anyway, i am planning to buy a necklace for my friend who has had her baby 2 months ago and is weary, and needs some spiritual uplifting.

  92. kathygrace

    i hope i win!

  93. Leia

    Oh Joy!!! Joy and compassion two of my favorite words:) I have a big sign hanging in my dining room that says LOVE and it reminds me to stop and feel . . . the LOVE!
    A joy or compassion t-shirt on my little one would be awesome!!

  94. B

    Hope my luck turns around!

  95. cindy

    Because really….I think we could all use a little more joy, humility, courage and compassion this holiday season! Thanks for hosting another yummy giveaway!

  96. Abby

    My daughter was diagnosed with a genetic disorder this year and I can’t tell you how badly I want the COURAGE one…and one for me too!!

  97. Puanani

    Oh, I want one! New wee ones coming into our family soon. Wish me luck!

  98. Brittany

    everyone could use some JOY!

  99. Mariella

    So much Beauty bursting out all over!! xoxo, ~ M.

  100. Andrea

    Love the shirts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the photo is luscious and calming.

  101. m-c

    i’m in!

  102. Amy

    Joy all around!

  103. amber

    sweet shirt…we could all use a little more joy, humility, courage and compassion

  104. stella

    ahhhhh I can feel it all just melt away when I look at that gorgeous pic! 🙂

  105. Lucille

    You are too cool! …and generous! COUNT ME IN!!

  106. Hannah

    How fabulous! Hurrah!

  107. angie

    Angie wants to win!

  108. Kate B.

    these are great!

  109. deir

    how joyful!

  110. Wanda

    I love this shot! What a beautiful person…and a terrific photo.

  111. Erin

    That shot makes my heart hurt for the ocean… It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  112. kari

    love. love. love this…

  113. trish

    love the shirt!!!!

  114. Jessica F

    I love stuff like this, simple.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  115. sarai

    nothing says cozy like the feel of cotton-bamboo shirt… makes me feel all cozy inside just thinking about it.

  116. Katie K.

    Joy to the world! This tee would be a great gift this holiday season.

  117. Anna

    I can picture my nephew in that tshirt, me, too…

  118. melissa g

    Oh joy. I could do with a little of you right now.

  119. Liana

    I HAVE to get one of those JOY T-shirts for my friend’s daughter, Eva Joy, who sadly never met her grandmother, Joy.

  120. darlene

    oh my gosh, those tees are fabulous, just fabulous and that photo is one of the best portraits i have seen in a long time, beautiful!

  121. Mollie Hannon

    OMG, I love those shirts. Compassion would work so well for the lessons I’m teaching my daughter right now!

  122. kristin

    oh i remember seeing these tees awhile back, i would covet the compassion one for my sweet boy. he is filled with it. and then i might have to grab a joy for my littlest one for she is pure silly joy.

  123. Dorothy Ferreira

    Joy is the word I try to bring into every aspect of my life and let it overflow onto the others around me. May we all be filled with over flowing joy!

  124. nadine

    ooh, how I love a giveaway 🙂

  125. Dorothy Ferreira

    Joy is the word I try to bring into every aspect of my life and let it overflow onto the others around me. May we all be filled with over flowing joy!

  126. Tracy

    I would so love my little guy in one of those well made, well intentioned numbers! Words are so powerful and I love the idea of spreading a little message, all day long. Lovely.

  127. Laurie May Coyle

    wonderful, scrumptious — thanks for sharing these fabulous creations, Andrea!

  128. ~moe~

    Fabulous tees. Thanks Andrea.

  129. Samantha

    Giving and Receiving kindness are two equally great joys! Luckily, the universe offers us opportunities for both! It’s fun to think that “the universe doesn’t make mistakes” and that the right person will receive this gift at the right time.
    Be well.

  130. mary

    JOY to the world!

  131. Samantha

    Giving and Receiving kindness are two equally great joys! Luckily, the universe offers us opportunities for both! It’s fun to think that “the universe doesn’t make mistakes” and that the right person will receive this gift at the right time.
    Be well.

  132. Samantha

    Giving and Receiving kindness are two equally great joys! Luckily, the universe offers us opportunities for both! It’s fun to think that “the universe doesn’t make mistakes” and that the right person will receive this gift at the right time.
    Be well.

  133. Rebecca F.

    Wow. I’d love a tshirt for my little girl. Thanks for participating!!

  134. Auntly H

    Joy, humility, courage, compassion… YES! please.

  135. Julia

    Such lovely words. What a great message tee’s these are!

  136. Marti

    The shirts are beautiful! Thanks for offering a giveaway, Andrea!

  137. candace

    Awww…love these shirts! my daughter’s middle name is joy, couldn’t resist this one.

  138. Dawn

    Lovely shirts!

  139. Michelle

    I’d love one of these sweet t’s for my son Jonah! I could be reminded to be a little more courageous and forge my own way each and every day! Thanks for the giveaway.

  140. Monica Gruber

    Beautiful t-shirts.

  141. Sarah

    How awesome! I just love organic tees!

  142. Sarah

    Bring on the joy!

  143. Jolie

    What a fun idea! Thanks Andrea!

  144. Corinne

    Four of my favorite words . . . beautiful!

  145. celeste

    joy is creating — picking the 3 choicest photos of our little man and writing the poetry of our “baby’s first christmas” photo cards.
    would love to have one of these shirts for him too.

  146. amy b.

    just read your post on growing…. wow.
    love to win this one 😉

  147. beastmomma

    Thanks for the chance to win. The shirts look great.

  148. Eric

    Of course I have to throw my hat in the ring. Every day in one way or another…

  149. Silvia

    There can never be too much joy in the world! Beautiful shirts.

  150. Adrienne Conner

    I am “joy”fully awaiting my name to be picked..oh I hope I win!!

  151. Keri

    Who doesn’t need a little bit of compassion in this crazy beautiful life? And who doesn’t love a contest?

  152. Elizabeth Stark

    That–joy–is the perfect label for my little guys and what they bring to me, but there might be moments when a readily visible reminder would come in handy . . . and we’ve got two to clothe, so gifts from the universe are always welcome!

  153. Stephanie

    I feel quite sure I ought to wear a compassion shirt every day, particularly the days I am home all day with my children.

  154. simone

    The shirts are so very hopeful and happy!

  155. Toni

    Everyone needs a little “courage” sometimes

  156. shona

    oh superjoy! what lovely tees! thanks for sharing, as always. your generosity and openness is a gift to many. : )

  157. Erica

    what beautiful & inspiration t-shirts!

  158. Christiane

    hhhmmm – I would love to see my little boy in this…

  159. Christiane

    I’d love to see this on my little boy …

  160. christine

    i think i could use a little courage these days.

  161. alisa joy


  162. Megan

    Wow, it’s hard to decide which of these themes to work on first!

  163. Christina

    This is my first time visiting your blog. It was linked from wonderingsandwanderings. I like your photos. I love that they make the shirts in children sizes!

  164. BeckyBizzaro

    Joy to the world!

  165. Joanna

    I love the idea of the t-shirt being a reminder to proceed with gentleness.

  166. Jen Lee

    Seeing this photo again made me so happy. I’d love for one of my girls to wear a piece of Myriam’s spirit…

  167. Samantha D.

    Joy! I LOVE this photo, and the t-shirts are beautiful as well!!

  168. Piper

    Hi Andrea!
    Please enter my name in the drawing! I could really use the “courage” shirt as a reminder to myself and all of my loved ones. Thank you!! 🙂

  169. holly bechiri

    oh, lovely.
    joy: we could use more reminders of that!

  170. lizzy

    thank you for sharing the link to those t-shirts. i love the simplicity and thoughtfulness of the designs.

  171. Lesley

    Love the T-shirts – thank you for the opportunity to win one ~ Lesley

  172. Jennefur

    I could use a little joy or compassion!

  173. muck

    i could use this to spread the joy in dc…

  174. Alesia

    Joy Humility Courage Compassion
    What a wonderful message to bring the world!

  175. Shannon

    Oh, I love the idea of a shirt with a beautiful, simple message like that right on it, to see all day long. Lovely!

  176. jenn

    these are so perfect. A friend of mine is pregnant with her first. I think these would be a lovely present for her new baby.

  177. Rebecca Field

    my daughter’s yumminess would completely increase with this t-shirt! Thanks!

  178. Michelle

    Gorgeous shirts!

  179. Michelle

    JOY ~ what I feel every time I look into my little girl’s eyes!

  180. gayle

    Gorgeous but simple shirts that make it so easy to put forth such positive energy around us.

  181. Imanitsud

    Rock on!

  182. Maura

    Love. it. And love your blog! Thanks!

  183. Kokochi

    So simple yet perfect 🙂

  184. jenny d

    oh what fun!!!!!!!

  185. Page

    YIPPEEEE – love it.

  186. Heidi

    Love the inspiration every time you post — thank you!

  187. polly

    absoulutely beautiful!

  188. Javacurls

    Adorable tee!! Perfect for the holidays. And what a cute little boy too. Happy holidays!

  189. chris

    i’d love a tee!

  190. Sharon

    Your picture of Myriam is so beautiful I can barely take my eyes away from it. It is perfection on every level.

  191. kim

    and boy he had some mighty fine wine, sing it now, joy, to the world….!

  192. heathre

    love the JOY shirts!

  193. stef

    i love these t’s – JOY was my word for 2008 so it would be great to bookend the year with a JOY or any of the t’s 🙂
    love the idea of december as a give away month.
    much love,

  194. Jen

    Love this idea for a T. So simple and yet so to the point!

  195. Jen

    Love this idea for a T. So simple and yet so to the point!

  196. Jen

    Love this idea for a T. So simple and yet so to the point!

  197. Liz

    JOY to the world … it is already on my thumb ring and my necklace … how perfect to have it on an organic cotton tee, too!

  198. Sandra

    Love these T’s (the colour especially). And made of bamboo! I’d like to feel that 🙂 Thank you.

  199. Maggie

    Love the pics!

  200. Jennifer T

    I love the “courage” one. I would love for my daughter to have that. It takes a lot of courage to be a woman in this world, to be what a woman is truly supposed to be – beautiful AND strong.

  201. krista

    fantastic–such great inspiration!

  202. krista

    fantastic–such great inspiration!

  203. jackie

    we’re all in need of some joy right now!! 🙂 what a good way to spread it.

  204. phyllis

    ooh, i would love to win one of those…

  205. tiffany

    Ooh, pick me superhero! What wonderful shirts!

  206. Zoe

    You know what brought me joy this evening? Looking at the photo you took of Jesse and my (pregnant) bellies. Now the twins are out in the world, and it’s amazing how much joy they bring to others…
    Thank you!

  207. Jenny Rebecca

    Yay for giveaways!!

  208. Julian

    I just met my superhero nephew. He’s three and a half. I traveled all the way to Seattle from Nashville to meet him. How I would love to gift him with such a lovely prize! Thanks!

  209. Tina

    What a beautiful idea. The t-shirts sound gorgeous as well. Bamboo is such a luscious fabric.

  210. jen maiser

    I have plenty of darlings in my life who would look great in this t-shirt.
    Thanks, A!

  211. katherine

    just read your most recent post and, moving backwards, am catching up on your blog. you are beautiful, even in your awkward, growing phase. hang in there. something amazing is sprouting. xo

  212. crystine

    when i think of my life, when i think then of my childs brand new one, i think “joy”.
    it is the first thing i wish him in the morning and the last at night.
    with joy the whole world spills open and reveals its’ glittering contents..

  213. Monica

    Everytime I read your blog I am lifted up. Thank you for bringing me joy.

  214. Dana F

    I would love one of these for my little girl. Joy for her. And if I can dream – I really would like one for her momma. I am in need of a little more compassion in my life. Just Sayin’.
    Thank you!

  215. tawnya

    So. Cute.

  216. Jill

    Oh I lOVE these t’s. Love them! Thanks for the give-away.

  217. Shelly

    crossing my fingers.thanks

  218. Steve

    When joy thought she was cracked open, it was courage who led her with humility back to compassion and so it begins again… joy is never ending… thought is ephemeral… love (you)

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