Another transmission from the universe*

sand dollar, Limantaur beach, Point Reyes, Canon Rebel Xti

just as you are.
And you don’t need to look outside of yourself
for validation anymore….
you are held and known and treasured
for ALL that you are
not just the good parts.
Let that truth
remind you to be compassionate
with your own heart.
to extend to yourself, the
compassion you give to others.
There is nothing to fix.
Because who you are
however human
is always enough
to be loved
right now.

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Hi, I’m Andrea

On this blog you’ll be learning with me how to use our voices, share our creative superpowers and live life in full color.

As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO — ‘cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. Kate

    I needed that! My husband and I are going through a very rough time and I am feeling very unloved and inadequate. I need reminders that I am enough. No matter what. Thank you!

  2. Amy

    This was absolutely lovely and what I needed to hear 🙂

  3. Sheryl

    Thanks for this. I am currently having a crisis of confidence and this is exactly what I needed to hear.

  4. mccabe

    i love the sand-dollar….
    i am constantly looking for them on the beach,
    and when i find one~
    it is a like a confirmed messenger of magic.
    you are doing important work
    and sharing it with us…
    what a gift.
    mccabe xx

  5. Anna

    Dear, sweet, wonderful Andrea…
    how you know just what is needed and when is truly amazing…
    thanks… I am writing this down and putting it in my pocket right now and I am going to look at it whenever the gremlins start up

  6. celisa


  7. emily

    my heart is swelling with gratitude for you and your words…and i’m sending the sentiment right back atcha 🙂

  8. mamie

    it was good to read this on a day when the mourning of a passing of a friend’s child has made loving seem all that much more needed. as i was reading this a song was playing on my laptop entitled ‘held’. it is how the universe seems to work, when we need it, we find it. or it finds us.

  9. Anja

    And this you posted on my birthday.

  10. Bek Vavic

    Beautiful words, thank you for sharing.
    Perfect as you are.

  11. Paula

    This was wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. CG

    Thank you for these kind words today. I’m feeling quite low these days so reading your words is exactly what I needed.

  13. Mariella

    So powerful. So true. Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing this. xoxo, ~ M.

  14. kristina

    Thank you. I needed to hear these words.

  15. Puanani

    Right back out you, sister friend!

  16. vivienne

    yes, yes, yes. this one is going right onto a piece of paper to go up on my wall. i think i should be reading these words daily!

  17. Steve

    transmission received, thank you to the messenger, lovely !!

  18. stef

    amen! ~ much love, stef

  19. michelle

    So weird…I was at the beach today and was thinking about starting a wish to find a sand dollar so I could show my girls…! 🙂

  20. Inez

    That’s exactly what I needed today. Thank you so much!

  21. Lori D

    “Something happened, something broke, when I was in Grandma’s tummy,” I tried to explain to my nine-year-old son. “So now I’m just trying to fix it.”
    “There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re not broke,” he said as he compassionately stepped up to gently stroke my cheek. “And you don’t need fixing. You’re fine…just the way you are.”
    Your beautiful poem reminded me of just that day!

  22. jolene

    this message is so very appreciated today, andrea.

  23. Kathleen

    Right back atcha Andrea….!

  24. nicole

    this is lovely. once, a few years ago, i went to limantour very early in the morning for a run through the fog with my friend and there were so many sand dollars scattered on the sand it was like a small miracle; i have never seen so many — and so many that were still completely whole — before or since. but i took it as a very good omen 🙂

  25. Carla

    Here, here!

  26. Anna

    This is EXACTLY what I’m practicing believing right now. Thank you so much.

  27. Emme Amble

    thank you. I am struggling with doubting these words these days.

  28. Marina

    The reason I am up so late is that I just finished making Valentine cards for the kids in my class – 31 of them. I wrote in them “You are loved.” I almost added “just the way you are.” Really! Now I can pretend I was quoting you.

  29. Marina

    The reason I am up so late is that I just finished making Valentine cards for the kids in my class – 31 of them. I wrote in them “You are loved.” I almost added “just the way you are.” Really! Now I can pretend I was quoting you.

  30. Kolleen

    I absolutely loved this – how beautifully put. I think we all feel broken at times but need to remember how loved we all truly are. Thank you!

  31. Jane

    thank you :*)

  32. sonrie

    Thank you. Yesterday was an awful day and this certainly helps cheer me up.

  33. s

    i truly needed this. thank you.

  34. jenifer

    lovely. truly. thank you.

  35. no doi

    I just read this today, and happened to notice the date it was posted. My world crashed down around me on Feb 1st for reasons of my own doing that stem from the problem I have accepting this idea. Thank you for the reminder. I am working on it.

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