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On this blog you’ll be learning with me how to use our voices, share our creative superpowers and live life in full color.

As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO — ‘cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. Brittany

    haha, that was fantastic. adorable. i volunteer at a preschool, and one of my most favourite things in the world is getting the kids to sing me the ‘abc’ song and grinning at their silly variations. and then singing it back with them correctly. they are so happy and proud of themselves and it is just perfect.

  2. Ruth Armitage

    How absolutely sweet! I love how into music kids are 🙂 What an adorable spark to my morning.

  3. Ruth Armitage

    How absolutely sweet! I love how into music kids are 🙂 What an adorable spark to my morning.

  4. iHanna

    Isn’t that a lot of letters for one kid to remember? He did a great job with them! 🙂

  5. meesh

    ben, you’re killing me! i want to eat you up. you are so adorable!
    can i book you for my studio party?
    something cute flying your way soon andrea. i got a little swamped and behind for a bit. you are a the rad momma of a rad little rocker!

  6. Leslie

    Oh how cute is that video!! When my guy was little he played and danced to Bruce Springstein’s “Pink Cadilac”, we bought the “45” for him…gosh there were records back then, and now my guy is all grown up he has been to Bruce’s concert…some 20+ years later.

  7. celisa

    adorable. awesome. amazing.
    how ridiculously cute are his abcs’… cute!

  8. stef

    OMG – that is so utterly beautiful! love it!!
    you have to tell me where you got the guitars…kadison is dying for one too!

  9. Jen

    I doesn’t get cuter than this, now does it? : )

  10. Lauren

    A-stinking-dorable! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Alesia

    That’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in…. I can’t remember when!
    I think I see some real talent.

  12. Heather Espana

    I like Ben’s lyrics better than the real ones :).

  13. Shelley Noble

    Oh. God.
    That was ADORABLE!

  14. Carole

    AWESOME!! I love it that you were able to capture on film such an awesome moment(which is usually when I smack my mama forehead and say – Man!! I wish I had the camera!!)! Thanks, Ben! I’ll be sharing your music with my kiddos!

  15. Trish

    Sweetness and light….pure Benjamin

  16. Puanani

    Oh, my. Oh, me, oh my. Lucky you. Lucky Ben.

  17. Jennifer

    Oh what a cutie. I think it is so great that you capture such wonderful things on video. When he is older I can picture you guys sitting down, looking back, and smiling over the cuteness and the good times. How marvelous!

  18. Caroline

    O my – THAT was adorable! What a doll!

  19. Julie


  20. Toni

    Oh for the love of all that is good. I just added this to the “If you need a smile” bookmark file 🙂
    What a little world changer you have there.

  21. W. Lotus

    *applause* Marvelous! Oh, he is ADORABLE! I can hardly believe he’s so big already!

  22. donab

    He has some pro strumming style! And oh my goodness those ears. So sweet.

  23. blackbird

    We had a two-year-old guitar strummer…just as tiny and cute. He’s 18 now and plays a Fender pretty well. Drums too. Still cute.
    It’s a real treat for me to watch Ben play.

  24. Nina

    Seeing this made my morning! I loved how he switched guitars, just like the big guys. And his hat — my silly kids would never wear hats! The toddler years are definitely my favorite time, the time when they show the world who they *really* are, before they start adding all those masks. Ben is pure sweetness!

  25. Beth

    What a sweetie-boy! And that’s a hit single if I ever heard one! ;^)

  26. Lori

    Just what I needed, thanks so much for sharing his sweet little abc song.
    I love how he switched guitars, Ben you have made my morning!

  27. mccabe

    oh my god..
    so freaking cute.
    love his little voice!!!
    i want to put it in a bottle and keep it.

  28. helena

    Awesome! And just think- the little dude already has all of us groupies!

  29. helena

    Awesome! And just think- the little dude already has all of us groupies!

  30. jamie

    What a natural! I love the way Ben handles that guitar!

  31. Robyn

    He is too cute Andrea! Love the alphabet song!! Too cute.

  32. lauren

    oh… ps, I quasi-tagged you (you don’t have to actually do anything, I just thought you would like to know I mentioned you on your blog!)

  33. lauren

    oh… ps, I quasi-tagged you (you don’t have to actually do anything, I just thought you would like to know I mentioned you on your blog!)

  34. lauren

    oh… ps, I quasi-tagged you (you don’t have to actually do anything, I just thought you would like to know I mentioned you on your blog!)

  35. claire


  36. ollka

    SO CUTE!
    I have a thing about hearing people’s voices I’d been reading about. Ben is one of the people I was most excited to hear! And so were you:)

  37. marilee pittman

    one of my all time favourite songs. done so adorably.

  38. Brené

    makes me happy.

  39. ~moe~

    To quote us upper midwesterners – “oh, fer, cuuu-it!”

  40. pamela

    Ben’s a little rock star he is!

  41. Marianne

    My dear friend Gemma is a ukulele star and she recently explained to me the cardinal rule of performing – “if you don’t know the words, KEEP SINGING” she then proceeded to demonstrate using almost the exact same technique Ben uses here (i.e. replicate the general rhythm and sound of the words). That child is a ukulele prodigy!

  42. jen gray

    dear ben, may i please have your autograph?
    love jen

  43. Kate B.

    Oh my. So cute!
    I love both of your voices!

  44. Maria

    Thank you ! Very beautuful 🙂

  45. carolbrowne

    Yay Ben! That was awesome. Now you DO know your ABCs!

  46. Sunny

    Adorable! The boys and I loved watching this newest clip of him singing (we always do, lol). He is such an impressive combination of musical, intellectual, and cuteness.

  47. Jennifer

    Hi Andrea & Ben,
    Soren (my 21-month old son) and I love watching this video. He likes to watch it with his own little guitar in hand, but is usually so engrossed in Ben’s performance that he does not join him until the video is over. Thank you for sharing. And Soren says: Hi Cute Alphabet (Ben). xox, Jen

  48. Aunt Ellen

    I now decided that since Ben plays and sings at his age, I had better take more lessons on my guitar!!!
    Just wonderful…love that you tube for the capture of moments!
    Thanks, Aunt Ellen

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