Summer Giveaway: All About Cute


We have another giveaway folks! And it’s a good one… Especially if you are an Orla Kiely fan like me. The stylish online boutique All About Cute is offering up an Orla Kiely handbag to one lucky winner! (pictured above) If you are in the mood for a girly treat, All About Cute is the place to shop. The owner, Juli, has the most exquisite taste and her love of of color and pattern always inspires me.

More good news:

All About Cute has offered a secret coupon code to all superhero readers:
Just enter the code “summer” to get 40% off any item in the store!

A big thank you to Juli from All About Cute for being so generous!

Giveaway Guidelines:
– You have until 9pm PST on Friday, June 26th to enter this giveaway.
– Just make a comment ON THIS POST to enter.
– One entry per person, please. (Just push “post” ONCE and wait a few seconds. The comment should appear)

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  1. Mich

    So cute! Pick me please!

  2. Jackie

    Love that bag!!!

  3. Erin

    nice, i love orla kiely! sooo cute (:

  4. emily lyles

    oooh i just REALLY want this so badly.
    *crossing my fingerS* please let me win!

  5. Patricia

    good morning Andrea – I always check in with your blog over morning coffee – and what a treat today. You have certainly developed a lovely (and generous) web family. Please add my name to the list of those wishing for an Orla Kiely bag.

  6. Beth

    Wow…this is fantastic. As is your site and your necklaces. And I’d say don’t be so hard on yourself…you’ve always got fantastic things afoot. Including a precious little guy!
    Best to you and yours!

  7. laurie

    Too cute! My current bag is also cute, but it is last year’s model.

  8. Elise

    So lovely, it would definitely help chase away the rainy June blues I’ve been having over here on the East Coast.

  9. monica

    Lovely! Giveaways rock…

  10. MaryT

    i am not usually about cute- as i have gotten older i could almost be considered anti-fashion.
    45, tattoos and a mohawk are my MO- spending most of my “free” money on my eight year old daughter’s irrepressible fashion “sweet tooth”. But i have to say- that IS one cute bag!!! It looks like a vintage wallpaper pattern- totally awesome! Love love love the colors! Peace & Namaste – MaryT

  11. Tricia

    If I win this bag, I will give it away to my best friend Kelly, because she LOVES Orla Kiely!!

  12. Kathleen

    Such a cute bag, what a treat!

  13. nicole

    orla kiely inspired me to be the designer I am today. i have always coveted her bags.

  14. Braidwood

    Yay! I definitely need some more cute in my life.

  15. Kristen Fischer

    I want that bag,
    It’s adorable, absolute,
    I’d like to get it,
    From All About Cute.
    Andrea’s the bomb,
    For offering us fun prizes,
    Stay tuned for more,
    Fun poems and surprises:)

  16. Jill

    Oooh, yes please! I LOVE orla kiely!

  17. Lauren

    Having this would cheer anyone up.

  18. Tabitha


  19. jessica

    I went right away and checked out her site, You are right exudes cuteness.. To many to look at cuteness overload. Have a great, grand and glorious day Andrea- I have been reading your site for six years now and this is my first comment..You already have something cute to carry around-BEN.

  20. Tabitha


  21. Gabrielle

    A sassy new bag would be a GREAT way to start the summer! 🙂

  22. Stacey

    Yay! Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. Mina B.

    LOVE it. The pattern reminds me of little dragonflies all lined up in a row.

  24. Julie

    The bag is adorable!

  25. Allison

    I love it — and I need a new handbag!!

  26. gizi

    a really pretty bag indeed.
    just lost my purse in the loo of a restaurant, and by the time i realized i was in another country (really, we were on holiday, driving back home and we only stopped to have dinner…)
    anyways, please pick me, please…

  27. the1stdaughter

    Such cute things! Thanks for the chance and the discount code.
    PS…Hope you’re feeling better!

  28. Lu

    Insane cute. Love it.

  29. Lynn

    Yay! This is fun, however, I feel silly writing in your comments section for the first time in this manner! I’ve been reading your journal for quite some time now and am always inspired! Thanks for this giveaway …. 🙂

  30. Moose

    I desperately need a new purse (I tend to love my things and use them until they disintegrate at the supermarket), and that one’s perfect!

  31. Lauren

    So cute! Please pick me!!!!

  32. Rhi

    Oh, it is darling.

  33. Stacy

    What a cute bag!
    (I promise to only click once on “Post”; I got a bit overzealous last time I left a comment 🙂

  34. Erin

    What a great summer bag!

  35. Jennifer

    I love it! I was looking at Orla Kiely bags just the other day but decided they were outside of my price range at the moment 🙂

  36. j myers k

    Super cute — just like that previous picture of Ben. Seriously? One of the cutest kids in the whole wide world. Love that nose!

  37. michelle y,

    Just looking at that Orla Kiely handbag is making me feel cheery.
    What a great giveaway Andrea! thank you!

  38. Kelley

    oooh, so cute! that would make me very happy!

  39. mary


  40. Megan

    Oh, Orla, you brutal mistress! I searched high and low for your home goods at four different Targets this spring, but the hipsters must have snatched you up.
    I tried to put you out of my mind, but here you are again, teasing me with your glossiness and your colors that call to mind the best vintage shop buys of my teenage years. And you look gooood, mama. Real good. But I’m not getting my hopes up this time; no. You and your stem print always hurt me.
    What’s that? You want me back? Well, this time you have to come to me. (And maybe bring the Rebe Kendall Tunic with you, m’kay?)

  41. tonya

    i guess if it’s gotta go to someone i can take it off your hands. someone’s gotta do it.

  42. Sam


  43. Cassia

    I love it! I’m currently using a canvas tote bag, so I’m in desperate need of a bag makeover. Fingers crossed.

  44. tonya

    if it’s gotta someone i guess i can take it off your hands. someones gotta do it.

  45. Andrea

    Yes, please!!!!

  46. Aki

    yes please – and thanks for the super-secret code to the shop too. I’ll definitely check it out!

  47. Jen

    That bag is the perfect summer tote:) I would love to give it a good home!!!

  48. heather murphy

    ohhhh!! I love this bag. I was just at Target and the person ahead of me in line had this bad and I was totally drooling over it. Thanks Andrea + All About Cute, great give away!

  49. Jill

    love that bag! so cute.
    thanks for this generous giveaway. 🙂

  50. jenny d

    super duper extra cute!!!!!

  51. Arin

    Oooh, I want that bag. Pleeeaaasse pick me!

  52. Tawnya

    Love it so much!

  53. Frizz

    Oooohhh – I’m in dire need of a new bag and this would fit the bill!! Count me in!!

  54. Abbie

    What a cute bag! =)

  55. Honey

    Are you kidding me with the cuteness of this sweet bag? Sigh…I promise to take it out for walks and fresh air daily and give it a very loving home.

  56. Erin

    Cutest bag ever! I’d love one!

  57. Cindy Goodrich

    REALLY need a new summer bag and this is darling! Thanks!

  58. Jummy

    What a seriously cute bag!

  59. elaine

    i love bags and i love orla kelly.
    crossing my fingers….

  60. olya

    oh, I’ve admired OK’s bags from distance for a while… Maybe I will have some luck here just in time for my birthday (June 27th 🙂 as I am tired of carrying my same old Marmot daypack everywhere…

  61. elaine

    i love bags and i love orla kiely.
    crossing my fingers….

  62. shannon

    Super cute!! Hope I wiiiiin!! Thanks for the chance!

  63. Sandra

    My handbag just broke – so this would be perfect timing. Thanks for the offer!

  64. Kate

    I LOVE this bag! Pick me, please!

  65. candace

    oh! Love this bag and love your blog!

  66. tessarh

    i would love to have me an orla!

  67. Jennifer Lavelle

    Officially the BEST giveaway. Would love to win it!

  68. Jennifer Lavelle

    Officially the BEST giveaway. Would love to win it!

  69. Jodi

    Oh my, I love love LOVE this bag! I hope you pick my name. Pretty please with whip cream and a cherry on top?

  70. Jennifer Lavelle

    Officially the BEST giveaway. Would love to win it!

  71. Megan

    *salivate* She’s adorable.

  72. deezee

    I’m in!

  73. abbersnail

    This is the EXACT bag that I’ve been craving! Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  74. Jeanne M

    Cute bag, fun giveaway!

  75. Erin

    sweet and sassy all in one!

  76. jenna

    I love the colors in this bag! If I win, I promise to take it to as many wonderful places as possible.

  77. Belinda

    That bag is absolutely lovely. I don’t usually comment on these giveaway posts, but the bag moved me to do so this time!

  78. Thillysings

    Fabu bag! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  79. sonrie

    A perfect summer bag!

  80. Aine

    Ooooh, count me in!

  81. Jennifer

    So cute. I just bought some Orla Kiely glasses at Target and they are adorable.

  82. Juliana

    Can I be cute too?!

  83. Marianne

    Looks super sweet!

  84. Brooke

    So cute!

  85. mac

    i simply adore orla kiely!

  86. Pam

    My Colors! Really, you should see my house! Beautiful!

  87. Pam

    My Colors! Really, you should see my house! Beautiful!

  88. Chookooloonks

    Awesome bag. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  89. katy


  90. melody

    Loving it! Thanks for the opportunity.

  91. Catherine

    Oh God is that is CUTE bag. I would LOVE to stroll down the street with my baby in one hand and that bag in the other!
    Thank you for the opportunity!
    Catherine Seiner

  92. Vanessa

    ooh that is CUTE and what a great discount for the summer!
    thanks for having such a great giveaway.

  93. whitney


  94. wk

    Ooooh, I like cute bags! Thanks for doing this.

  95. Mariella

    Hooray for giveaways!! Lovely bag! I could really use some help in the style department!! xoxo, ~ M.

  96. Tammy

    Send some magic my way!

  97. Lara

    Oh goodness! That pattern is so delightful, and the grey w/ the citron green is perfect!

  98. Why Lean

    Orla Kiely is the swellest! Bestest? Cutesyest? All of the above.

  99. Jolie

    I’m a sucker for a cute bag. My fingers are crossed!

  100. Xtina

    This cutie put a smile on my face just looking at it! 🙂 I wish Canada had a Target store!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. trish

    Love it!!

  102. ladyloo

    That is one adorable handbag!

  103. Elizabeth Greene

    Orla Kiely is good for the planet through the use of sustainable materials AND by adding beauty to the world. I honor that.

  104. Amy Jo

    Thanks for the great bag giveaway!

  105. Andrea

    ooo, nice. please put me in the running

  106. Brianna

    That bag is simply delicious!

  107. Brianna

    That bag is simply delicious!

  108. D

    I love this bag almost as much as I love your blog Andrea.

  109. Anshu

    just yummy!

  110. Jessie

    I’m learning Swahili this summer so I’ll say: Ninataka kuupokea mkoba huu! Ni urembo sana!

  111. Denise

    oh, please – pick me!

  112. Nina

    It’s all about Orla.
    Great Bag. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  113. Cindy

    Holy Cuteness! I’m in!

  114. Annie Lewis

    Super summer cute! Love it!

  115. Thien-Kim

    I would be one cute prego mama with that bag!

  116. Sarah

    This is amazing! I would love to take it to Europe with me this summer =)

  117. Robyn

    It’s so lovely! I would love to fill this bag with all of my little treasures.

  118. Nathalie

    I would be the most fashionable teacher of the school!

  119. catie


  120. HeidiRenee

    “ONCE” ha, ha – just kidding! 😀

  121. Stephanie

    Very cute! I’d love to carry that bag!

  122. loriz

    mmmm, super cute bag!

  123. KellyA

    Pick Me, Pick Me!

  124. feva

    OMG!! I love this bag, so cool 🙂

  125. devan

    sweet bag!! 🙂

  126. Mie

    Would love a new bag…and a super cute one at that!~

  127. Laura

    I think it’s adorable.

  128. Laura G.

    Pretty darn cute.

  129. jakki

    That is GORGEOUS!

  130. kb

    Oh, how I need a new bag. And such a cute, stylish one would be a treat to say the least!

  131. Gabie

    Love it.

  132. LobotoME

    an adorable bag for summer fun!

  133. skona

    ack! too cute. i love orla kiely but don’t own any of her pieces. *fingers crossed*

  134. Susan


  135. Laura

    Count me among the Orla Kiely fans! I love this bag.

  136. Laura

    With 4 sons, I am always up for a bit of cute!! Thank you for the chance to win, and the chance to shop!!
    : D

  137. jen

    le sigh- i am in love…

  138. Kathleen

    It is puts the “C” in cute!! I could use a “present” from the universe right now!

  139. Amy

    Yay! I’m in some serious need for “cute” in my life!

  140. Beth H


  141. Beth H


  142. Karen


  143. Carolina

    Love it!!

  144. Esther

    That bag IS cute! And I love your giveaways, too!

  145. Serena

    Orla Kiely rocks!

  146. olga

    Wow, this is so cute! I wonder if foreigners may play. If we may, please count me in!

  147. Ilana

    A deliciously cute treat!

  148. Ilana

    A deliciously cute treat!

  149. Laurel A.

    love that print!

  150. April

    So cute! Great giveaway 🙂

  151. Gumbomum

    Very cute! Would love to have that bag!

  152. Caroline

    I love that bag! What a great birthday present that would be 🙂

  153. Katie

    Oh, how fun and lovely! I love Orla Kiely – was just looking for some of her home textiles the other day.

  154. Amy

    Oh my goodness—that bag is gorgeous! I love it! I sure hope I win!

  155. Liza

    I love Orla handbags! I sure hope I win. 🙂

  156. Aviva

    I so very, very, very adore Orla Kiely and her ultra cool, oober cute bags!

  157. Aviva

    I so very, very, very adore Orla Kiely and her ultra cool, oober cute bags!

  158. Tara

    What gal wouldn’t love a little piece of cute?
    Lovely stuff. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  159. Allison Plass

    so retro and so me. I hope I win, and ,if not, I’ll probably buy it anyway!

  160. Jen

    Oooh… that is just gorgeous! What a fun summer purse. Yes, All About Cute IS all about cute. Love it there.
    Thanks for the giveaway! (fingers crossed!)

  161. sheri


  162. shazza


  163. Ashley

    What a perfect summer bag!

  164. Dr. S

    I’ve had a hankering for an Orla Kiely bag, and this one’s the best I’ve seen yet. Thanks for having the giveaway, Andrea! (I hope it can hold books!)

  165. Amber

    uber-cute! count me in!

  166. Vikki M

    Happy Wednesday Evening!:)(And the bag is cute too. 🙂

  167. Leta

    I love, love, love Orla! Yes, please!

  168. Hazel Turner

    LOVE the bag – it sure would make studying for the FL Bar seem better 😉

  169. natalie

    A-dorable bag! Sign me up!

  170. Kristin

    That bag is super cute!!

  171. Laura

    Count me in as an Orla Kiely fan. Love that bag.

  172. Sara*P

    Oh my goodness, yes please!! I love Orla and this handbag is so great – thanks so much for the chance!!

  173. Abigail

    Oh, how I covet a sweet little handbag…

  174. gonzomama

    oh, i am in need of a girly treat for myself!

  175. Laura Brown

    Oh gosh, I’ve been wanting one of these for so long! Pick me!

  176. Auntly H

    I could use a little dose of cute to carry around….
    thanks Juli!

  177. erika

    I love that bag! Thank you All About Cute for being so generous!

  178. Michelle

    Super cute!

  179. suzy

    Oh my, that bag is gorgeous. And just what I need. Fingers crossed!

  180. Shawna

    I love, love, love it. Crossing my fingers. 🙂

  181. Lillian

    way too cute!

  182. cjh

    I heart Orla Kiely. And All About Cute. And this totally reminds me that I ordered a cute sundress from them last year that I can pull out again now that it’s hot!

  183. cynthia

    Oh my super-cuteness! Pretty please pick me?

  184. quinn

    Please? With a cheery on top?

  185. Heather

    I ♥ Orla Kiely but I never have the funds to spend on myself what with three teenagers in the house draining my pocketbook. I would love to have a new bag:) *pick me! pick me!*

  186. Heather

    I ♥ Orla Kiely but I never have the funds to spend on myself what with three teenagers in the house draining my pocketbook. I would love to have a new bag:) *pick me! pick me!*

  187. Heather

    Oops! Sorry about the duplicate 😛

  188. greta

    add my name to the list – i love orla, and can’t usually afford her stuff!

  189. Jennifer

    Love this bag, love the color and LOVE Orla Kiely. Please pick me! PPPlease!

  190. heathre

    ooh, what an adorable bag.

  191. Candice

    Sigh…I would feel so grown-up with this bag, so put together. No one would be able to see my ziploc full of wipes and snack-traps, they could be hidden away in something glorious! Fingers crossed 🙂

  192. Sarah

    That bag is definitely “all about cute”! 🙂

  193. Michelle

    It’s cold here in New Zealand, and that bag is so summery looking!! Please count me in!

  194. Melissa

    So gorgeous. Include me please.

  195. maria

    adorable! what darling design!

  196. Beth

    I never win…
    but this summer has me feeling really lucky for some reason…I’m trying that whole visualization thing and it’s working most of the time…
    so far it’s only been javier bardem NOT showing up to make me breakfast in bed that has failed….hee hee

  197. Julia

    Too cute! Way too cute! I love Orla’s designs!

  198. Beth

    I never win…
    but this summer has me feeling really lucky for some reason…I’m trying that whole visualization thing and it’s working most of the time…
    so far it’s only been javier bardem NOT showing up to make me breakfast in bed that has failed….hee hee

  199. Beth

    I never win…
    but this summer has me feeling really lucky for some reason…I’m trying that whole visualization thing and it’s working most of the time…
    so far it’s only been javier bardem NOT showing up to make me breakfast in bed that has failed….hee hee

  200. Beth

    I never win…
    but this summer has me feeling really lucky for some reason…I’m trying that whole visualization thing and it’s working most of the time…
    so far it’s only been javier bardem NOT showing up to make me breakfast in bed that has failed….hee hee

  201. emma

    Orla! Orla Kiely! Your cute designs! They make me squealy!

  202. beth

    so sorry about the computer goof and multiple entries….
    cripes, how awful !

  203. cathye

    one can never have too many cute bags!

  204. Sharyn

    What a lovely bag!!! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  205. Alison

    me me me!

  206. Julian

    Looks like portable butterfly wings to me and you can never have enough of those! I love it! Thank you SO MUCH!! Julian

  207. moe

    i love this bag!

  208. Trude

    I can’t get enough of that pattern! And the purse is in such a cute style. Thanks for the discount! 🙂

  209. Amy C.

    A new bag would cheer this girl up!

  210. regina

    OoooohhHhh! Super super cute! I don’t think I own a single thing that stylish!

  211. regan

    yay for Orla!

  212. Holly A.

    So cute! Count me in please! 🙂

  213. stephanita

    What a great giveaway! Love Orla Kiely!

  214. jen maiser

    Thanks for hosting this, A!

  215. stephanita

    What a great giveaway!

  216. Piper

    Ooh!! I LOVE that bag! Please throw my name in the drawing!! XO

  217. vivienne

    wow. wow. wow. what a generous giveaway!

  218. amy b.

    great bag!

  219. joyce

    such a great bag!

  220. Alison

    Oh how lovely! I would love a new handbag…I’m playing the poverty card here, but I literally can’t remember the last time I toted around a new bag…it’s been at least 10 years. I’ve actually taken to carrying stuff around in those reusable shopping bags from the supermarket when I can’t jam what I need to carry in my pockets. Easy and cheap? Yes. Stylish? NOT SO MUCH.

  221. emdot

    yea! giveaways!! so generous! thanks for the opportunity, andrea. 🙂

  222. shiny

    Now that is cute alright!! x

  223. Lynn

    I love Orla Kiely–pick me, please!

  224. Simone

    Ooh! Lucky me? Me lucky?

  225. Melissa

    I Love it! Very pretty. Thanks for doing the give-away.

  226. Erin

    I love Orla!

  227. JustinV


  228. Mira

    Such a sweet bag! what a pick me up for mama. chic!
    I’d be most delighted and honored to carry this.

  229. heather

    The perfect summer bag for an urban mama like me! Would be thrilled to tote it around NYC.

  230. Dana

    Love it! Fingers crossed, pick me….

  231. qmama

    beautiful handbag…thank you for the offering. and for your exquisite, inspiring blog.

  232. Dana

    Love it! Fingers crossed, pick me….

  233. StephanieAA

    Woo hoo! Love the handbag. I’ll have to check out their shop. Can’t wait to see what else they have. What a great discount. Thanks!

  234. amy

    so much cuteness, i could use a new bag, can’t everyone use a new bag?

  235. shaun

    I only have one bag, from target, and it’s falling apart! I definitely could use something cute!

  236. Samilja

    Oh, Orla Kiely. You really are cute. All about it, really.

  237. Chana

    the odds are against me, but what the heck, it doesn’t hurt to try 🙂

  238. COLiz

    Love it! memememememememe!

  239. Vanessa

    i have been coveting orla kiely bags for way too long. could this be my chance? here’s hoping…

  240. Laura

    What a fabulous bag! Momma needs a new bag 😉

  241. Jodie

    Please pick me!

  242. ErnaHB

    I could sooo use a girly cute treat:)

  243. Ilene

    It is things like cute handbags that make me wish I was more aesthetic with my life (and less utilitarian). I have really been trying!

  244. Laura

    Oh gosh, they have such cute, cute bags, but I can’t afford new purses right now, so please, please pick me!

  245. nova

    That bag is brilliant.

  246. Cristi

    Wow, beautiful bag! It looks perfect for a busy mom like myself!

  247. Kelly

    Oh how I would love to have and to hold this amazing bag!

  248. cheryn

    ooooooo i love it!! i’ve had my eye on these orla kiely bags ever since seeing the link on your page for all about cute!
    i’m so in need of a new bag!
    and way in the mood for a girly treat!
    so so generous, thanks for the chance!

  249. susannah

    i hope i win, pick me pick me. thank you.

  250. sarai

    So. Freakin’. Adorable. love it!

  251. Megan

    Oooh, CUTE!! I love it!

  252. Buzzy

    I think Orla Kiely may take over the world. She seems awfully nice, so I think it’s OK with me. xo

  253. Sara

    How lovely! Thank you!!

  254. Shannon

    It’s so adorable, I think it might be able to distract me from my toddler’s never-ending bedtime rebellion, which is just about to kill me.

  255. Anna-Marie Still

    umm…yeah…I’m a sucker for a new bag….and this one is like whoa! so sweet! *loves*

  256. Jennifer

    count me in! they are all so lovely.

  257. Karen Lee

    what a fantastic bag!
    I LOVE orla kiely!

  258. Jes

    Shoot, that is cute.

  259. Andrea M

    cute indeed!

  260. Robyn

    I love that bag!!! It’s so cute. Thanks for the giveaway!

  261. Nancy

    Oh, how I hope I am the winner, please with cherries on top.
    Love your blog – thanks! 😀

  262. Beverly

    I would love this purse!

  263. Beverly

    I would love to own this purse!

  264. Elizabeth

    I’m swooning over it!

  265. natalie

    I love Orla! Please oh please!

  266. Brooke

    Its the perfect summer bag. Perfect.

  267. Adrienne

    Such an adorable bag! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  268. mary

    Oh sweet little tiny baby Jesus…I would love one of those.

  269. myla kent

    What a wonderful idea, thank you for doing this! I totally adore Orla’s artistry and would love to win this bag — I’ve been super good this year.

  270. myla kent

    What a wonderful idea, thank you for doing this! I totally adore Orla’s artistry and would love to win this bag — I’ve been super good this year.

  271. myla kent

    What a wonderful idea, thank you for doing this! I totally adore Orla’s artistry and would love to win this bag — I’ve been super good this year.

  272. Ann

    I was just looking at this bag online. I think I need it! 🙂

  273. Sarah

    That bag is the cutest! It’s definitely perfect for both the summer, and reminding myself of more summery times once the dark depths of winter roll around.

  274. Erika Eklund

    THIS IS FATE. The first time I saw an Orla Kiely bag was on a woman at Target two years ago. I never ask people where they got their cool stuff but I did then. She told me the name, but in the midst of bagging my goods and wrangling the children, I promptly forgot the designer’s name. I spent hours googling names trying to bring it back: Kiely Orlan. Orlo Kilan. Orlan Kiler. When I finally did, and found out how much they didn’t fit the budget, I gave up.
    Can I have that bag?

  275. Nikki

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  276. Brandon

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  277. Brandon

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  278. Brandon

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  281. kari

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  289. Mary

    Oh . . . I’ve just got a new job working downtown after much too long unemployed and I have been envying all the beautiful bags I see women carrying. A new bag is way down on the list after lots of things that the family needs . . . what a treat that would be! Sigh . . . thanks for letting me admire one more anyway . . what a beauty!

  290. Jackie B.

    oh i am so in need of a cute new bag! i’m a poor starving grad student now…must save all money for food- not shopping! haha. plus it’s all rainy and sad here. this would cheer me up!!

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    Abs x

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    Do adorable purses count? LOL
    Have a fabulous day!

  312. Lesley

    I signed up for Notes From the Universe a week ago. My note today was ask for anything I want.
    Do adorable purses count? LOL
    Have a fabulous day!

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    Such a gorgeous bag!
    – m

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    your treasures in some girly cute. 🙂

  320. VL


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  344. heather

    Just found your blog and jewelry today, it’s so cute! Love the bag please enter me in the giveaway. Cheers~

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  358. krista

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  385. donna

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  390. Amna

    I HEART Orla Keily so, so much. Great, unique designs that look like nothing else.

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