Seattle scenes*

Ben pointing to his fave animal, the orca, Seattle, WA, Canon Digital Rebel XSi

Just got back from Seattle where I got to see family, one of my favorite people in the world, and met up with a new friend to see the Luminaria around Green Lake. The only thing I missed that I have to do next time for sure is eat at Delancey’s. (I have been reading Homemade Life and loved the idea of going to her wonderful restaurant.)

The highlight for Ben was meeting Bella, Kelly Rae’s dog. Ben played “Baby Bella” which involved stripping down naked, following her around and imitating her every move. We were almost hyperventilating with laughter when we looked under the dinner table and saw that Ben’s “paws” matched Bella’s perfectly. Seriously Ben, could you be any cuter?


Luminaria night, Green Lake, Seattle, WA, Canon Digital Rebel XSi

This is a shot of Green Lake on the night of the luminaria. So happy Tara Weaver told us about it… it was magic to walk around the lake. (Fits in beautifully with her incredible project called Stalking Wonder)

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  1. Jen Diamond

    Oh Bummer. I’m sorry I missed you on your visit. It sounds like you had a lovely time. Happy Holidays!

  2. Trude

    That is sooo funny! Love that photo of the lake too. 🙂

  3. emma

    That shot of Green Lake is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Wow. How did you develop it?

  4. emma

    That shot of Green Lake is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Wow. How did you develop it?

  5. Michele

    I miss Seattle so! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. I’ve been a regular reader of your blog since 2003. Blessings to you!

  6. misti

    I recently played with some long exposures in D.C. A great alternative to what I normally do!
    Love the way both you and Kelly made your photos come out, but in their own ways.

  7. amber

    Wow I love how things like books can connect people over the net. I have A Homemade Life and met Molly at a book signing at a local bookstore. She’s the real deal and from Oklahoma which makes it all the more better since that’s where I live. She read the 1st chapter of her book and I was in tears it was so beautiful. Anyway I just had to share that with you! And BTW the doggie photo of Ben is PRECIOUS!

  8. Martini Mom

    Yay! I love when people come to “my” city and find it beautiful. Hope you’ll find an excuse to visit again soon.

  9. christine

    Love the pictures…Am curious like other people how you did the night shot?

  10. Puanani

    I left my heart in Seattle…We lived on Green Lake when my boy was 3. Lots of walks around the lake and playing in the park. Sweetness squared, please tell me you took a ferry ride!

  11. Katie @ cakes, tea and dreams

    I loved A Homemade Life and hope to eat at Delancey one day. And what a great photo of Ben and Bella!

  12. ab

    I love the picture of Ben and Bella. Super cute!

  13. andrea

    Oh! It was a long exposure of about a minute or so…
    I rested the camera on a wooden post so that the camera
    wouldn’t move, set the dial on “TV” and adjusted the time.
    It was really fun to experiment with that!

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  15. Bahiehk

    Great post!
    I think Ben is the main reason of your blog’s success! He’s just awesome. 🙂
    On another topic. I just had a major insight tonight while reading your blog:

  16. barb jensen

    Great, great photos. Ben + Bella= darling!

  17. sanne

    aaah soo cute! oh your blogs/photos are so wonderful!!

  18. sanne

    aaah soo cute! oh your blogs/photos are so wonderful!!

  19. ecZex

    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  20. Amy

    what a lovely photo of the lake at luminaria. i would love to have a bed and breakfast weekend in seattle. thanks for sharing.

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