Winner of the giveaway and other blessings*

self-portrait with hearts made of rain, Berkeley, Canon Digital Rebel XSi

The winner of the Brene Brown dvd is Sarah Beckley! Congratulations Sarah! For the rest of you, hop right over to Brene’s site to order your own copy. It is a life-changer for sure. (I love the idea of ordering a copy and having a viewing party with several friends. It would be an amazing conversation starter and a powerful gift for your dear ones)

One of the best things about being in the middle of a Mondo Beyondo course is that I am reminded to practice the principles daily. If I’m going to talk the Mondo Beyondo talk, I’ve got to walk the walk as well, right? My commitment to authenticity won’t let me off the hook on this one.

In the class, we practice strengthening our courage and being willing to be vulnerable. We practice following our intuition and leaning into trust. From what I’ve seen, if we are fully embracing and exploring our edge on these practices, we are pretty much unstoppable. We are jedi warriors of the most soulful kind and we become master manifesters… the world of possibilities just continues to expand.

You might remember that I declared a clearing a couple of months ago. I wasn’t sure what I was preparing for, but my intuition told me that i needed to clear out as much space as possible for new dreams to find me. In that space, we found a new home and moved, Ben went through some serious health issues (that I was so grateful I had freed myself up to address) and then the miracle of all miracles, I found out I am pregnant! I’ve been telling students that the clearing is about creating space for new dreams and unexpected delights to find you… and this is truly an unexpected delight!

I am continuing to listen to myself deeply, to trust myself and to know that my deepest truth (if I can get quiet enough to access it) will never steer me wrong.

Hold us in your hearts tomorrow as Ben has his MRI!

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Hi, I’m Andrea

On this blog you’ll be learning with me how to use our voices, share our creative superpowers and live life in full color.

As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO — ‘cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. whitney


  2. LobotoME

    Congratulations and best wishes with Ben’s MRI.

  3. Tonya

    oh my gosh. i am soooo happy for you. what great news. just want to let you in on little secret. two children are easier than one. all the time you spend entertaining ben now will significantly decrease when you have another child. he will want to spend his time with them much more than he will with you. not that you don’t love spending time with ben but you might have a little more “me time” when you have two children to occupy each others time.

  4. Jenny P

    I am sooo happy for you – to hear you are pregnant again !!!!. I discovered your Blog around the time you were pregnant with Ben and have loved coming back regularly to see what is happening in your life, and your family and friends. I must admit that I was wondering when and whether you might consider having another addition to your family. Best wishes as well with Ben – will be thinking of you all.
    love Jenny from South Africa

  5. Camilla

    Congrats on the pregnancy! I clearly remember all those posts on your struggle before you had Ben and so this seems like an extra special wonderful thing.

  6. m-c

    You are so power-full! I am in awe and all inspired by watching you grow!
    greetings from Paris! x

  7. AndreaD

    WOWWWWWWWEEE ZOWEEEEEEEE I am SOOOOOO excited for you!!!!!!! I’ve been struggling today and thank you for sharing this magic. I really needed to hear it. I’m going through my first break-up ever and it’s hard. I’m still keeping the faith that I’m on the right track and that good things will come from this! Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!

  8. robyn

    congrats on the pregnancy, and i’ll keep Ben in my thoughts for his MRI. i’ve loved following your journey these past few years, and this is yet another post that speaks to exactly where i’m at. hoping to sign up for a Mondo Beyondo class before the year is up, but am already learning to follow and trust my intuition.

  9. k

    So happy for you!!! Positive vibes to your little dude for the MRI.

  10. liz elayne

    so much goodness…congratulations dear girl!
    sending lots of love and light to all of you.

  11. Equipoise

    Congratulations on your new little blessing and best wishes on Ben’s MRI.

  12. Vanessa

    Oh what an exciting piece of news! congrats. we are also pregnant with our second, due in late Aug/early Sept.
    best wishes for Ben’s MRI.
    be well~

  13. Design Mom

    Andrea! So many wonderful things in your life. Especially excited for your new baby. I hope your pregnancy is a delight.

  14. nicole

    so so so happy for you andrea. you so deserve it with the first one being a long road. good luck with the mri. ben is strong just like his mom and dad. how could it turn out any other way? much love!

  15. Elizabeth

    So very happy for you!

  16. Katie Mayfield

    Many congratulations to you and your family, Andrea. What a wonderful blessing.

  17. Heather

    Oh Andrea! So happy for you *squeals*
    That clearing stuff is powerful and I love seeing how it is working in your life, yah! Sending you much love for tomorrow.

  18. cjm

    I quietly gasped here at work. YEA! Yea! yea! 🙂 Good luck to you all tomorrow. And I’d love to hear more about your new home.

  19. Monica

    Aw, that made me smile. Congratulations!! 🙂

  20. Lisa

    How wonderful! Congratulations. And, I will be thinking of you and your family today, and tomorrow. 😉 Holding you very very close.

  21. Paula

    Andrea, I am so thrilled for you! What wonderful news to buoy you as you continue on the journey of figuring out what’s going on with Ben. I hope all goes smoothly tomorrow with the MRI, and that this tough time for Ben is on its way out. All the best to your family.

  22. ABCcreativity

    oh congrats andrea! what fantastic news.
    it’s so beautiful the way life works…

  23. Heather

    What wonderful news, congratulations!!

  24. Anna

    You and your lovely family are always in my heart!
    Congratulations! I am so excited that another beautiful baby will have the blessing of joining your family!

  25. Shannon

    Congratulations Andrea on your newest blessing and best wishes for Ben’s appointment tomorrow!

  26. Justina

    Congrats on your good news! And sending positive vibes your way for tomorrow!

  27. Sandra

    Wow! What an unexpected delight. Be well.

  28. emma

    yip yip.
    So happy for you all!
    And of course, sending good energy to ben for his MRI!

  29. Irene

    congratulations Andrea!
    I’m so happy for you.
    and I’m keeping you and Ben in my thoughts and prayers. as a mama one of the hardest things is not knowing. I hope you get answers, support and hope.

  30. Sara

    how wonderful! congratulations and good luck tomorrow.

  31. beastmomma

    Congratulations on your blessings!! Also, best wishes with Ben’s MRI!!!

  32. Braidwood

    Oh! Congratulations!

  33. kristine

    Oh my goodness woman! Congratulations sweet pregnant one! You are amazing! My prayers go out to your sweet family and to little Ben.

  34. Marianne

    Oh Andrea, congratulations! What wonderful news. That clearing really is powerful stuff.
    I’ll be thinking of you and Ben tomorrow.

  35. Stephanie

    Congratulations! And we will be sending good thoughts your way for Ben…

  36. Krista

    Congratulations! That is wonderful news!
    I went on a nice Spring walk with my husband today and decided on the space that I need to clear. You are an inspiration! 🙂 I hope such unexpected delights are soon on their way into my life as well!

  37. suzy

    Congratulations on the pregnancy! That is wonderful news. And I hope all goes well with Ben tomorrow and you get some answers.
    It is so reassuring when you realise you can trust your intuition!

  38. Chana

    I don’t know quite why yet (tho I have my suspicions), but I’ve also been clearing space lately. Thanks for the reminder to have faith in the process.
    Yay for the little one!! It will find a wonderfully welcoming place here, I am sure.

  39. chrissy

    mazel tov!!!! congratualtions and blesisng to you.

  40. Jennifer Gandin Le

    Congratulations!! What a terrific new dream to fill the space you cleared! And I send many many good thoughts for Ben’s MRI tomorow.

  41. Jennifer

    oh my goodness I just shouted in pure joy. It just came out. I could not contain myself. I am so happy for you and your family. Congratulations my dear andrea.
    I keeping you guys in my heart as your little one goes in for his MRI. There will be many angels watching over you.
    Sending you an enormous hug!!

  42. Kelly

    Oh my god…I just had a dream that you were going to have another baby. I thought, with all that is going on, they wouldn’t go through all that stuff again, would they? Shows what I know!

  43. blackbird

    Sending my thoughts to you and yours from over here…

  44. Annie Lewis

    oh andrea! such lovely news! I will never forget the train platform serenade I received as I left Santa Barbara nearly 11 years ago from you Chris, Jacques and others. Remember, I said I was going home to make a baby and you all gave me your blessings? Now that thriving 10 year old is singing to herself in the shower and she is up to my chin. When my second child was on the way, I didn’t think it was possible to love any more, and the wonderful thing is that each child brings 100% more love into our lives.
    Congratulations. I look forward to following your journey.
    xo annie

  45. Annie Lewis

    P.S. also keeping you, ben and matt in my thoughts and prayers as you discover what is going on with ben. He will be okay!

  46. Life in Eden

    glad for your good news. hoping all is good news for Ben tomorrow too.

  47. Sarah

    Congratulations!! I have followed your path to motherhood for a long time and it has given me so much hope. I will hold your news close to my heart and hope the very very best for you.

  48. Tinniegirl

    Totally holding you in my heart wonderful woman. Thanks for the mini dose of Mondo Beyondo today. It’s just what I needed.

  49. pixiemama

    Your whole family is in my heart.

  50. Erin Wilson

    Aaaaack! You must be totally over the moon! Praying over your little clan…

  51. Erin Wilson

    Aaaaack! You must be totally over the moon! Praying over your little clan…

  52. Sam

    Oh! Tears in my eyes! I know what a blessing this is for you and your precious family. I will definitely hold Ben in my heart and send him my love tomorrow!

  53. nina

    Oh! My! Goodness! Congratulations…and sweet thoughts for Ben. xo

  54. carey

    What wonderful news! congratulations, enjoy!

  55. Lisa on Maui

    Aloha Andrea and Ohana~
    Just did a happy dance for you! What a wonderful blessing. We’ve been struggling with getting pregs and you are such an inspiration to me to stay positive and make space. :o)
    Sending our warm Maui Aloha to your family for Ben’s successful MRI tomorrow.
    Me Ke Aloha Pumehana (with love)

  56. Laura

    Oh my goodness! That’s so cool- well, you sure made yourself open to receiving miracles and blessings, right? This is about as cool as it gets– Congratulations to you and your family 🙂

  57. Dr. S

    CONGRATULATIONS, ANDREA!!! And good luck with Ben and his MRI.

  58. michelle

    Big love to you! Thinking of you manana – information is GOOD! All is well….So proud of you. My favorite little shoes are on their way to you – still FULL of sand! 🙂

  59. Lynn

    Such wonderful news—congratulations! Hoping the MRI goes well for little Ben, and hoping the results answer some of your questions.

  60. mamie

    the second i read ‘clearing’ i knew. and what a wonderful thing to know. i became a parent of two by default, but, oh, what a wonderful thing it is to see your children become with each other. much blessings to you and bebe and ben. so so excited for you and the family. 🙂 hug hug kiss kiss. amiee

  61. ami

    glory be! that’s fantastic, andrea. this makes me want to take your course even more (not because i want more kids, two is more than i can handle most days, but b/c i love how you know to work with the universe instead of against it…)

  62. alison

    loves to you and ben 🙂

  63. simone

    whoa! I’m so happy for you! I’ve followed your blog since before Ben and I can see–you are working that magic! Wonderful!

  64. Marly

    Congrats and thanks for the concept of leaning into trust. That makes it seem a little easier to handle. I don’t have to fall into it…just learn to lean a little.

  65. vivienne

    what beautiful news! i’m sooo excited for you!
    and i’m really hoping all went well today for ben!

  66. Marina

    Oh, Andrea, congratulations! It’s heartwarming to have followed your blog from the darkest time before being pregnant with Ben up to to this; yes, with desires fulfilled come all kinds of responsibility, and I cross my fingers for Ben and you guys – but I’m sure everything will be smooth and you’ll be able to fully enjoy this incredible news. Love.

  67. Faith

    Oh my goodness, your posts always make me want to cry! Congratulations on your pregnancy, what wonderful news! Holding your family in my heart with the MRI, hoping for continuing good news.

  68. creativevoyage

    yes ! allowing ourselves the space to just be has its own rewards – thanks for reminding me as I am a terminal list maker
    Sending good vibes for the mri

  69. natalie

    Congratulations. What beautiful news. Best wishes to all!

  70. Tina

    I’m so so so happy for you!! That is so awesome, and congratulations!
    Sending good vibes for Ben.

  71. jo

    Congratulations to you and your sweet family. Also, please update as soon as possible about how Ben is doing.

  72. melissa

    you and your beautiful family are always in my heart. what joy. congratulations…wishing you a blissful journey.

  73. rachael

    Oh, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is wonderful news! 🙂
    Lots of good vibes for Ben tomorrow.

  74. JLC12118

    Oh my Goodness! Congrats and best of luck to you all! I love that thought!

  75. A

    Oh Andrea, your pregnancy news made me gasp and has just made my day! I’ll have a big smile on my face for the rest of today. Thank you for that.
    I’ve been thinking about you and Ben a lot lately but I’ll be sending special energy and light tomorrow for good results that help figure things out.
    Congratulations and best wishes for tomorrow

  76. Piper

    WONDERFUL!!! I am so happy for you and your family!!!

  77. Denise A.

    Wow! Congratulations! You and Kelly Rae together!
    And good luck to Ben on his MRI – I am sure all will be well.
    ~denise a.

  78. Julie

    Oh My God!!! Congrats on the baby!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good luck to your first born – Sending good vibes from Sacramento ~* ~* ~*

  79. Julia Jones

    Whoa, serious clearing! Congratulations – this is so exciting!

  80. chesapeake

    I’ve read your blog for years and years and years and have continually been inspired by you and your words. I read today and had to comment for the first time. I burst into tears of complete joy for you and your husband. Congratulations doesn’t seem to be strong enough. Happy thoughts being sent your way from my corner of the world for your darling little boy and the one on the way. 🙂

  81. Lori Paximadis

    Congratulations, Andrea! And lots of love and good wishes for young Mr. Ben.

  82. Leah

    Congratulations! What wonderful news!

  83. Anna-Marie Still

    OMG! That is beautiful news! Holding you tight today and celebrating your joyus news!

  84. Brené

    We’re so happy for you, Matt, and Ben! Prayers going up for the MRI!

  85. stef

    holding you in my heart today – ALL of you 🙂

  86. Elizabeth

    Congratulations, Andrea! How very exciting!

  87. jill

    Ohhh, such delightful news about your pregnancy!! What an amazing connection between the clearing and making room for more to love. Wow. I’m just sitting here shaking my head at the reality of that.
    Little Ben is just so sweet and you all will definitely be in my prayers!!

  88. Tea

    Love and joy and all best wishes—I’ve been holding you in my heart these past few weeks (tho silently). Sending big hugs and sunshine and everything good. For you all. xox

  89. Anja

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! How lovely! I am so happy for you – yet a little sad about Ben’s MRI. I hope it turns out well and that they take good care of you all meanwhile. Crossing my fingers for you.

  90. Megan

    Weeeee! Congratulations on you pregnancy! How thrilling!!! Hooray! Best of luck to Ben and with his MRI, he’s clearly a trooper and such a star!

  91. Caroline

    What the 89 people before me said…! 🙂
    Fingers firmly crossed for the MRI. x

  92. megan

    What a miracle! hooray for you and good luck to Ben!

  93. Micheline

    Walkin’ the walk and talkin’ the talk is something you’ve been doing for a while and doing very well. Your thoughts on this blog are always inspiring. More so because they are always backed up by experience. Congratulations on the move and the big news, and my thoughts are with you all today.

  94. Emily Perry

    OMG! There is something in the blog water!
    I am so happy for you, and wishing you well with the MRI! xoxo!

  95. Sarah

    Oh, wow, Andrea! 🙂 Such lovely news – congratulations on your new home and the new addition to your family! Sending best wishes, as well as healing prayers for Ben.

  96. Honey

    Oh Andrea! Cue the waterworks! I had an epiphany out in a mustard field in Calistoga where I literally could feel all the connections. Everything is conspiring to bring you here, now. I am keeping Ben and your growing family in my thoughts. Truly could not be happier for you!

  97. Sheri

    congrats in the biggest way, andrea! hooray. and sending good thoughts on the mri front too.

  98. jenwcom

    Congratulations, Andrea! What a blessing.

  99. sara @

    Hip, hip, hooray! I am so happy for you and wishing you and your family the very best.

  100. Carole

    YES! Andrea, I am so happy for your family as you anticipate your next little Artist!
    I will be hoping for the very best tomorrow for the results of Ben’s MRI. As I write I’m picturing the scene in Sleeping Beauty when the bad guys are shooting arrows but the good fairies turn the arrows into flowers. May it be so.

  101. Jess

    I had to read your post twice! Congratulations on your pregnancy!! What a miracle and blessing for you and your family. A prayer has been sent out for your Ben.

  102. linda

    Oh Andrea. I’m holding you in my heart . . .
    And happy-congratulating you over & over!

  103. Melissa

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Wow! I’m expecting right now as well & it was a bit of a surprise… I first found your blog when we were trying to conceive our first child about 4 years ago.
    I wish the best for Ben & am sending happy, healthy, strong thoughts your way.

  104. Gwen

    From my heart I wish you so much love and congratulations on your news. I am thinking of you today…

  105. Cheryl Mattis

    Congratulations, what wonderful news. Will be keeping your family in my thoughts as you find answers with Ben’s MRI.

  106. michelle

    Congratulations and GOOD LUCK to Ben tomorrow

  107. Catherine

    oh my gosh andrea!!!!!!!
    I’ve been actually wondering to myself whether or not you wanted more kids and now I know!
    I am so HAPPY FOR YOU !!!!!!!!
    What a lucky baby to have you as a mama.
    And I’ve been thinking about you all day today and holding you in my heart.

  108. Suzette

    That’s wonderful news amidst all kinds of chaos.

  109. Sarah Beckley

    Wow! First, good luck for Ben and the MRI tomorrow. (Note, if it’s a closed MRI, tell him to keep his eyes closed the whole time like he’s taking a nap. Also, the noise _changes_ each time it stops and starts–I was not prepared for that.)
    Second, CONGRATS on the latest edition!
    Third, I have to tell you that I didn’t even really read what the DVD was about when I entered. I’ve been reading your blog for years and I’ve been working on my self esteem for an order of magnitude longer than that. So I was just happy to post my affirmation–and trusted that whatever _you_ would give away would be great.
    After I won, I went to the web site and laughed out loud when I read about Brene. It’s exactly what I need right now and I can’t even express to you how cosmically appropriate that this DVD is coming my way right now.
    Thank you and thanks to the Universe that takes such good care of me!

  110. K. Hamm

    In the spirit of the day: You and yours and yours to be have all of my ripest luck.

  111. kolleen

    you are in my heart right there with that sweet sweet baby boy of yours.
    sending you love, goodness and hugs upon hugs.

  112. Kat

    WOW! Congratulations, lovely one! That is truly delightful, magnificent news.
    Much love to you, especially as you face tomorrow’s trial with little Ben. As always, you will overcome with grace and wisdom… and the love and support of the special tribe you have worked so hard to cultivate.

  113. jane

    i am joining the queue to surround you with congratulations and welcome the little spark that chose you into this wonderful world

  114. pom.

    sending you heaps of love.
    what an exciting surprise!!
    hope you get some answers with the MRI. we’re all thinking of you!!

  115. christie

    congratulations, andrea!
    love, light and the best possible wishes for you and your family.

  116. Mindy

    Wow! Congratulations to you and your family! How wonderful 🙂

  117. Jamie

    WOW! What truly wonderful news….Congratulations!
    Thank you for your words….and know that the course is making a difference in my life. Sharing your knowledge and thoughts is powerful!

  118. Katherine

    Congratulations on the wee bebe on the way! <3

  119. Lexi

    Congratulations on the little one! I’m so happy for you! I’m sending good thoughts and well wishes for little Ben. He is such a sweet boy, I’m sure his little brother or sister will be just as sweet!

  120. amy c

    Congratulations, Andrea! It’s so great to read good things like this after knowing you and your family through this blog. Please give us an update on Ben’s MRI when you have the chance. Rest up!

  121. Jennifer

    Dear Andrea,
    Many many congratulations! That is such wonderful news about your pregnancy.
    My second child, Felix, had to have an MRI at 4 months of age, and he will have a follow-up next year. All of this took place in Paris, where we live at the moment and in french, which is not my native tongue. The nurses and doctors were wonderful. I sat with him in the room and even with my earplugs it sounded like a rave. They practically mummified Felix to protect his ears and keep his sleeping body still. My husband stayed with our older son, so we were alone together in the room. I hope that everything went well for Ben and for you and that the MRI helps you understand what he needs. Much love from afar.
    PS You made my mother, who has Alzheimers, a Joy necklace last year for Christmas and she wears it every day.

  122. marilyn

    sending love and light for ben and the baby in the belly. congratulations!

  123. Meg

    Oh, Andrea. How amazing. This feels a billion times different than last time, with the shot of the ultrasound on the screen, and me breaking into tears at my desk, and it being the culmination of so many hopes and wishes and prayers. This time it feels like… one wonderful thing in the middle of many wonderful things. And that’s different, but equally great, no?
    And yay for siblings! And new wee ones! And grace for all of you for the MRI.
    Now i’ll be thinking about leaning into trust.

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  127. jennifer buckley

    oh andrea! i smiled so big at your news. i have been following your blog forever and am so happy for you. congratulations! ben is going to be alright. no matter what the MRI reads. he has you and matt as parents. you will get through this. hang in there and be good to your self. thanks for always making me aware i should be thankful for the blessings i have. I am reminded every time i visit your blog. it is such a nice place to visit.

  128. Jacki

    Consider your family wrapped in prayer…many congratulations to you!

  129. Wanda

    Wanna know something weird? First I saw the picture. Didn’t read the caption or anything. I thought, “She’s pregnant,” but I didn’t know it was you. I thought it might be Alex or someone else. WooHoo! Congratulations–on the new house, the new family member, and so happy to hear that Ben is doing better. Hugs of happiness.

  130. Mariella

    holy monoly!! How wonderful!!! Lots of love to you and your family…hope that sweet little Ben did well w/the MRI. xoxo, ~ M.

  131. Jene

    Congratulations on the pregnancy! I’d imagine that news is a little extra-special given the struggle the last time around.
    Will be holding Ben and your family in my prayers. Like many of your readers, I’d imagine, you don’t know me, but you bring some light into my life, and I feel affection for you and your family. I hope the doctors will be at their best and that Ben and you and your husband will be at your most peaceful and courageous through the diagnostic process.

  132. Maggie Mason

    Take photos of your feet while ye may. Hooray for you.

  133. rani

    Andrea!!! So very happy for you! I love your writing! It is amazing what a good clearing can do!!!! COngrats to you and yours and this new adventure you are embarking upon!!!!! Many goddess blessings your way!!!

  134. Jennifer

    PREGNANT AGAIN!!! Did I miss something in a recent post or something? That’s totally awesome!! Many, many congratulations for that and many congrats too for listening to that intuition. Isn’t that incredible?
    Let us all know how far along you are, if you think about it….
    And yes, I understand that strengthening your courage means willing to be vulnerable, but can I be honest here? I’m not willing to be vulnerable for some reason. That sounds horrible, but there it is….

  135. Tiffany C.

    Congrats!! Many blessings of happiness to you.

  136. Michelle Shopped

    too sweet for words! prayers and light to ben!

  137. KellyW

    Thinking of Ben and you and your husband. Experienced one with my youngest when he was 5 weeks old.
    Congratulations on your baby news. What a slice of happiness today!

  138. Elizabeth from Toronto

    I could not be more thrilled for you family’s baby news!
    Thinking of you all with Ben’s MRI.
    Lots of love

  139. tricia

    Congratulations!!!!! So happy for you:) Hope the MRI goes well, it can be a little scary, but doesn’t take too long…positive thoughts floating your way:)

  140. Diana Frey

    Sending you blessings and love on the news of your pregnancy! That is wonderful news! Sweet Ben will have a little brother or sister to play with. I so enjoy your blog as you have a way of wriitng the things my heart needs to hear. Thank you for sharing your authentic self and wisdom. I pray that Ben’s MRI reports good news. I look forward to reading about how he is doing.

  141. french toast girl

    An abundance of blessings, indeed! Wonderful news!

  142. theresa

    congratulations andrea! i don’t comment often, but have followed your blog since you were newly engaged. sending much strength & bravery to you and ben for tomorrow & the months to follow.

  143. Robin in Boston

    Yippee!!!! I haven’t checked your blog in a while and right before I did I thought to myself, “I hope Andrea is pregnant.” Wow– what good timing! I’m sooooo happy for you. Sending good thoughts your way. You are so inspiring and just what I need to read when life gets me down and I’m feeling like I’m not doing enough (whatever that is!). Best of luck! Robin

  144. Leah

    God bless you and yours and especially Ben.

  145. soraya nulliah

    Congrats on your pregnancy and best of luck with the MRI. I was just reading your post on worthiness and can totally relate. It is part of the human experience but particulary so with us women it seems. Thanks for sharing your story with us and being vulnerable in the telling.

  146. soraya nulliah

    Congrats on your pregnancy and best of luck with the MRI. I was just reading your post on worthiness and can totally relate. It is part of the human experience but particulary so with us women it seems. Thanks for sharing your story with us and being vulnerable in the telling.

  147. nicole h.

    Wonderful news Andrea. Sending love and good thoughts your way. xo nicole

  148. sara

    dear andrea, big congratulations to you and your family!

  149. Yolanda

    I have been expecting this news. I have no idea why, but I have. Very excited for you and the year ahead. And hoping the news from Ben’s MRI is reassuring.

  150. Linni

    Thinking of you and especially Ben in this time xx

  151. suganthi

    Yes, I have you all in my heart now and will be thinking of Ben tomorrow.
    Good luck Ben.
    And in my speed reading, I didn’t catch the BIG NEWS…
    CONGRATULATIONS! SO happy for you!

  152. suganthi

    Yes, I have you all in my heart now and will be thinking of Ben tomorrow.
    Good luck Ben.
    And in my speed reading, I didn’t catch the BIG NEWS…
    CONGRATULATIONS! SO happy for you!

  153. miep

    *fingers crossed for Ben*

  154. Andrea

    Oh my gosh that’s so exciting about your pregnancy!
    And all of you will be in my thoughts for Ben’s MRI…sending lots of love & white light!

  155. Teresa

    WOW congratulations!!!
    Sending you good energy…

  156. Marly

    Love those shoes!!

  157. Natalia

    Dear Andrea, congratulations on the new baby, so exciting! As for Ben, he is going to be wonderful, just look at the pictures of that face, wonderful, nothing else! He will be fine!
    Great hug from my family to your family!

  158. Tina

    What a beautiful surprise! I’m thrilled for you and a teeny bit jealous. Enjoy!

  159. Tori@OpenBook

    Just delurking to Cheer for your amazing wonderful news! A new little one, what a beautiful thing to create space for. Congratulations 😀
    ps. I am sending healthy thoughts and affirmations to Ben, all the way from here in Canada, I hope he gets them 🙂

  160. pippin

    Fantastic news! I look forward to taking your class this spring.
    Warm wishes-

  161. Mads

    I am so very, very happy for you. I’ve been following your story since 2005, and was jubilant with the news of your first baby after everything you’ve been through, and I cannot be more pleased that you have been blessed with another. Much love and good luck with the pregnancy.

  162. Mads

    I am so very, very happy for you. I’ve been following your story since 2005, and was jubilant with the news of your first baby after everything you’ve been through, and I cannot be more pleased that you have been blessed with another. Much love and good luck with the pregnancy.

  163. pixie

    getting caught up here and so delighted to hear your news!
    i must mondo with you very soon!
    and so happy to hear ben is doing better. we’ve been through the allergy test ringer here lately, as well, so i’m feeling you, sister.
    so so excited for you, matt and ben!
    xoxo pix

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